Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 269

Chapter 269: Continuing the Eighth Match

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Without waiting for Wang Yinru to react, Mo Wen’s attack completely surrounded her. With his attack, he had stirred up a storm.

In the blink of an eye, Mo Wen completely recovered his mobility. The next moment, his hands turned to pure gold.

“Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist!”

With a flash of golden light, his fist viciously clashed with Wang Yinru’s Mystic Yin Cold Soul Hand. The Nine Yang Divine Technique was originally the most Yang and unbending technique. Once it was combined with the Overlord Fist, its ferocity was unparalleled. Even the mountains could not block its edge.

The palm and fist collided. Wang Yinru’s body was sent flying directly, unable to withstand the intense punch. At the same time, Mo Wen’s silhouette flashed and escaped from the Cold Ice Domain, appearing above the challenge ring.

As for the Cold Ice Domain, it was cancelled out by the Great Yin Yang Swirls, slowly disappearing into the air. Wang Yinru was sent flying out a hundred meters. She did a flip, before landing on the ground less than a meter away from the edge of the ring, almost falling out of it.


A mouthful of blood sprayed out from her lips and her face turned pale. She had taken Mo Wen’s punch head on, and its fierce force directly rumbled her, causing her to sustain serious internal injuries. Her insides felt like they had been shuffled around entirely and the pain was excruciating.

“Little brother, you are so ruthless.”

Wang Yinru looked unpleasantly at Mo Wen. If the punch just now had been a little stronger, she would probably have died!

“Give up. You have already lost.”

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders. Wang Yinru was too strong, so he had to deal with her with his full strength. Once in battle, he completely exploded, not holding anything back.

“Humph. Later, I will still find you. I will not give up.”

Although she had lost to Mo Wen at the current moment, Wang Yinru did not look dispirited, but instead got more and more interested in Mo Wen.

“Suit yourself.”

Mo Wen said nonchalantly. He did not know whether this woman could find him later. Also, unless she asked for his help while offering benefits that could sway him, he would not waste his time!

“So young and already having such character. I like it.”

Wang Yinru flirtatiously threw Mo Wen a wink. Then, being enveloped by the blue light, she left the challenge ring, a charming smile on her face.

Mo Wen rolled his eyes. Wang Yinru’s age was not young, so it seemed silly and embarrassing for her to be acting like a little woman, as though she could still seduce anyone!

Outside the challenge ring, a passionate discussion was taking place, the subject of which was Wang Yinru’s having actually lost to that youth! Among those that hung around the Challenge Main Hall second level, those who did not know Wang Yinru were very few. As for why so many knew of her, it was because of her strong ability.

The rumors were that even some ordinary beginning stage Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioners could not handle battling against her. Also, her cultivation was of the Qi Nucleation realm. So, with her being placed in the second level of the Challenge Main Hall, it was hard to find an opponent for her.

Based on this advantage, Wang Yinru hung around the Challenge Main Hall all the time. This meant that she swept countless Contribution Credits away like a vulture! As such, the wealth in her hands was something even many Embryonic Breathing realm experts could not compete with.

But today, a youth that had never been heard of before had defeated Wang Yinru! Even after she used her trump card, Cold Ice Domain, she still lost to Mo Wen! The youth’s ability had once again exceeded everyone’s expectations.

“He is so strong, even Wang Yinru is no match for him. Also, his cultivation is only at the Qi Nucleation realm. I’m so envious of such skill…”

Within the Challenge Main Hall, the focus wasn’t on the higher cultivation, but instead the stronger ability. This was because no matter how high your cultivation was, there would only be people of the same realm within the Challenge Main Hall. Thus, your opponents could only be those of the same realm. So, even if you were a grandmaster of the Golden Elixir realm, it wasn’t certain that you could hang around and prosper in the Challenge Main Hall. Those who truly could dominate the Challenge Main Hall were forever the small group of people who were the strongest within their realm.

Wang Yinru was one of the small group of strongest of the Qi Nucleation realm. Now, among the small group, there was going to be an additional youth!

To be able to be among such a small group was the dream of almost everyone in the Challenge Main Hall. This was because having peerless combat ability among people of the same realm meant that one could sweep huge amounts of Contribution Credits in the Challenge Main Hall. Hence, one’s wealth could surge every day!

Compared to Executors, who went out to complete missions, they were filthy rich on a completely different level. So, those who could earn huge amounts of Contribution Credits in the Challenge Main Hall were the envy of all. They expended a minimal amount of effort, but could obtain rewards that were several times greater than others.

“This youth is too terrifying! Could it be that another King of the Ring has appeared on the second level?”

“Just now, I did not bet that the youth would win. Sob sob, I lost again. From now on, I must bet on him winning.”

“D*mn it! I lost again. If I had known earlier that he was so incredible, I would have bet my entire fortune on him.”

The Gambling Area was in collective mourning. After two battles, very few people had bet on Mo Wen winning. That was because, in their eyes, the ones who would win would be those people in the Challenge Main Hall who were famous and had strong combat abilities. But, the results seemed to have defied their expectations entirely!

Wang Xiaoyuan let out a long sigh, looking up at the blue sky. Right now, she did not hold any more hopes of Mo Wen becoming her attendant.

“Truly, the people of the Mo clan are terrifying. That Mo Qingtian. Back then, he was the King of the Ring of the second level. Now, he has become Mo Wen. Why is it that those with the surname Mo are all so terrifying?”

Liu Shanshan exclaimed, thinking that it was no wonder that Mo Wen could hang around with Mo Qingtian. Now, it wasn’t within reason…

Zheng Fangyu stood in the crowd, looking with interested at Mo Wen, who was in the challenge ring. The battle had completely confirmed that she did not lose to him in vain.

She had the cultivation of the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm, so her ability was not bad. Plus, she could frequently earn quite a lot of Contribution Credits on the second level. But compared to Wang Yinru, the difference between them was too great.

She could, at most, aim for the first seven challenge matches, but Wang Yiru only joined the ninth and tenth challenge matches. People like Wang Yinru had a common name: King of the Ring Interceptor. This name meant that only by defeating them could one become the King of the Ring.

So, only someone who won ten matches consecutively in the challenge ring could become King of the Ring in the Challenge Main Hall. On the second level, a King of the Ring had not appeared for over half a month. Many wondered if today could bring the birth of a new King of the Ring.

However, Zheng Fangyu also knew that it would be difficult for Mo Wen to become the King of the Ring. This was because a terrifying crazy woman was rushing towards the Challenge Main Hall. She was the renowned Invisible Sabre Demon Liang Qiu, the previous King of the Ring of the second level and the Yeyuan team’s number one Four stars Executor. It was only by defeating her that Mo Wen could possibly become today’s King of the Ring.

Many people assumed that the reason Liang Qiu was so concerned about this battle was because of Zheng Fangyu. They said secretly that, because she had lost to Mo Wen and was indignant, she had called her teammate Invisible Sabre Demon over.

In reality, this issue had nothing to do with her. Instead, it was because someone had said that the youth was a member of the Fengwu team. Once the Invisible Sabre Demon knew that Mo Wen was a member of the Fengwu team and had also defeated Zheng Fangyu in the challenge ring, that was what provoked her to come.

Within the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall, everyone knew that the Fengwu team and the Yeyuan team were always at odds with each other, having been opposed to one another for many years. As for Invisible Sabre Demon, coincidentally her conflict with some of the members of the Fengwu team ran deep, almost to the point of being completely infinite.

So, after learning that a member of the Fengwu team defeated one of their Yeyuan team members, also dominating the challenge ring, she immediately headed towards the Challenge Main Hall.

“That youth has continued the challenge again! It is already the eighth match…”

“Of course, with his ability, winning the eighth match should be very easy. However, the situation has become complicated, as Wang Yinru has made her move and lost at the hands of the youth. Will the strong ones, who usually appear only in the ninth and tenth match, now appear in the eighth?”

“I don’t know about the others, but Invisible Sabre Demon is headed for the Challenge Main Hall, coming over specifically to target the youth. Just now, I heard someone else say that the youth was actually a member of the Fengwu team. No wonder he has provoked that crazy woman to come here. However, Invisible Sabre Demon’s fame is above Wang Yinru’s. Against such a strong opponent, the youth will probably be in a dangerous position.”

“I hope that the youth will create a miracle again. Just now, no one thought that the youth could win against Wang Yinru, but the results defied everyone’s expectations. I firmly support him. I hope he can become today’s King of the Ring. Only he is worthy of the title.”

“Fangirl, since you so firmly support him, when Invisible Sabre Demon arrives later, will you bet your whole fortune on the youth winning? That’s crazy. Even though I also hope that the youth can win, we need to face reality, understand?”

“You are the moron. Although Invisible Sabre Demon won against Wang Yinru once, the difference between the two of them is not too big. Since the youth could defeat Wang Yinru, the odds of him defeating Invisible Sabre Demon are around fifty-fifty. Why do think that he has no chance of winning? Later, I will bet 10,000 Contribution Credits on him. You better open your eyes and watch carefully.”

Outside the ring, a sea of discussion rose to the level of arguments. There were all sorts of voices raising a ruckus, most of whom were women. As they were experts at arguing, their mouths seemed to never give up! The Challenge Main Hall had not been so lively in a long time.

Mo Wen, on the other hand, stood in the challenge ring silently, waiting for his opponent to appear. He had just won against Wang Yinru in the seventh challenge match, so his Contribution Credits award had accumulated to 16,000. If he could win another match, it would become 32,000!

All he could think of was how very many Contribution Credits were at stake. He could only earn so much after completing ten missions! Now, having this opportunity, he naturally would not give up.

If he could win one more match, then he would. Although it was slightly risky, the benefits were worth it!