Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 271

Chapter 271: Extreme Yin Extreme Cold

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Chen Zi had chills running down her spine. It was only her first time in the exchange of blows, and not only had she not created the pace of fighting, but she had also fallen into the pace of the opponent. She was so experienced, yet it was her first time having such an encounter.

The invisible force, what exactly was it? It was just too weird!

It was the first time that she had encountered such weird martial art skills, ones that attacked without any signs. However, to her, those martial arts that she could avoid were not frightening. She had great experiences in evading those powerful martial arts, but facing those martial arts that she almost couldn’t evade, she had absolutely no solution.

The fight that she had with Wang Yinru the last time had completely defeated her. This was because she had encountered the Cold Ice Domain. Since it couldn’t be evaded, once she had fallen into the Cold Ice Domain, it meant her complete and utter defeat.

The moment her body had lost its balance, Chen Zi knew that the next thing that followed would be the opponent’s frenzied counterattack. Then, she had brandished her dagger immediately to prepare her defence. The light of the dagger had flashed, and the next moment, dozens of streaks of dagger lights were gathered in front of her, attempting to form a blockage to avoid Mo Wen’s next counterattack.

Mo Wen curled his lips into a smile. This woman’s fighting experience was really rich, but unfortunately, her cultivation was too low. He didn’t even look at the shield of dense dagger lights before extending his hand. His glistening golden arm, which looked like it was made of pure gold, was inserted into the dense dagger lights effortlessly.

Ding Ding Ding!

The next moment, a series of metal collision sounds reverberated in the air. Those Qi of daggers hit onto Mo Wen’s hand, giving out weird, crisp, clinking sounds.


The dense dagger lights in front of Chen Zi gradually reduced and dispersed, little by little. However, Mo Wen’s pure golden arm directly penetrated through the dense dagger light area, then gripped towards Chen Zi’s body.

That golden arm penetrated the layer of daggers’ Qi without a scratch. Upon seeing this, Chen Zi was in great shock.

What kind of martial arts was this?

She was very clear in her heart how sharp her daggers’ Qi would be. Even steel would be cut into half by it. Yet, with so much Qi of daggers gathered together, they were actually unable to break through Mo Wen’s defence. In fact, it almost had no effect at all!

Without hesitation, she moved to retreat. The fight had just started, yet she already knew that she was no match for this youngster. Her fighting pace was absolutely useless against him. Once she had lost this best advantage, she wouldn’t have any advantage at all.

Unfortunately, now that she intended to retreat, there was no way of doing it. The weird golden-black vortex had suddenly appeared behind Chen Zi. Instantly, she was being pulled into it, like a black hole was completely sucking her in, leaving her without the ability to move her body at all!

“You’ve lost.”

Mo Wen looked relaxed, as he walked out of the Qi of daggers, which were flying around. The wild wind was blowing and his clothing was fluttering, but he was unaffected.

Looking at Mo Wen, who was in front of her, a tinge of decadence flashed in Chen Zi’s eyes. He was able to defeat Wang Yinru, so she didn’t think she was a match for him in the beginning, much less ever thought of winning.

The reason for her to look at him was to find the pressure during the fight, then use it to comprehend her Daggers Technique. But, unfortunately, when she was facing him, she realized that she was not eligible to find the pressure with him, as she was basically on a different level from him.

“Let me leave. I am not defeated yet. Basically, I have not used my martial arts just now.”

Chen Zi bit her lips and glared at Mo Wen fiercely. She intended to struggle out of the Great Yin Yang Swirls, but with her ability, she had no idea how it would be possible for her to escape their confinement.

She was discontent, as they had just began to exchange blows, yet she was already defeated. She couldn’t make heads or tails of it. There were many martial arts and trump card techniques that were yet to be used! She was only attacking to test the waters, yet had already lost the whole fight. So, of course she was discontent!

At that time, she was willing to run the risk of wasting 10,000 Contribution Credits to challenge on that stage, just to have a chance to fight with Mo Wen with all her might. However, the result had left her so sulky, she felt like she would vomit blood.

“If this is a fight of life and death, who would wait for you to use all your martial arts before defeating you?”

Mo Wen said, amused. She lost the fight herself, yet blamed others for not giving her the chance to use her skills, this logic was just too childish!

“You let me out, and then we’ll fight again! After all, I am not your match and wouldn’t be a threat to you. You are a big man, so you should let me go and not be so petty.”

Chen Zi attempted to persuade Mo Wen into giving her another chance later. If she had another chance, she definitely wouldn’t test the waters first, but would surely use all her strength at the very beginning.

“Even if we met again later, the result would be the same.”

Mo Wen shook his head, as he knew Chen Zi’s purpose. With all the discussion below the challenge ring, it was naturally impossible for him not to know it. Unfortunately, she had used the wrong method to attempt to get her way. She thought that she would have had the proper pressure when challenging the strong one, so she took the chance to break through her barrier in the martial arts.

However, she hadn’t known that the level of pressure was dependant upon the heart. She had mistakenly thought that others, who were stronger, would be able to give her their pressure.


Chen Zi bit her lips, her eyes filled with decadence.

Did I fail again?

“You dare to curse at me?” Mo Wen asked with a cold face.

“So what if I curse at you?”

Chen Zi originally already had grievances toward Mo Wen, so when he showed this attitude of not considering her feelings, it made her agitated. At that moment, she cast caution to the wind and started cursing back at him. She used almost all of the vocabulary that she could think of.

“You are digging your own grave!”

Mo Wen’s face turned gloomy the next moment. His terrifying grandeur suddenly burst out, uncontainable. The pressure, which was equivalent to the acme of Qi Nucleation realm, engulfed everything wildly. His figure swayed and his aura gradually surged, then, once again, it increased frantically to almost the level of the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm. However, there was a tyrannical Qi in that pressure that caused the people’s hearts to tremble.

Chen Zi was the first to withstand this frightening pressure. Her face suddenly paled, and her body subconsciously trembled slightly. However, since it was in the challenge ring, she didn’t panic, as she was certain that Mo Wen wouldn’t dare kill her. Those who killed someone in the challenge ring would be severely punished.

Being enveloped in the shocking aura had caused her to develop a sense of trepidation, which continued to grow deep inside her heart. Hers was a natural sense of trepidation, one that a living thing would have when facing an imminent danger. She tried to suppress the trepidation with her thoughts, but it didn’t seem to work.

“Since you dare to curse at me, you shall die.”

Mo Wen’s grandeur chilled much further again, and his eyes were full of killing intent. He paused at every word, while looking at Chen Zi, who was still trapped in the Great Yin Yang Swirls.

Chen Zi was finally frightened. From Mo Wen’s dark and fierce pupils, she really felt like he would dare to kill her on the spot! The next moment, something that caused her to be even more terrified happened…

Mo Wen waved his hand, and a patch of gloomily cold black light filled the challenge ring. That extremely abstruse black light was like an endless abyss, gradually enveloping the entire challenge ring. At the same time, the Yin Coldness, which sent a chill to the bones and froze the soul, surged from the ground, instantly causing a chilly wind to gush through the challenge ring.

The audience below the challenge ring could no longer see the scene on the challenge ring, as everything was covered by the black light. The space of the challenge ring had become as black as ink.

“What’s that? It’s so terrifying!”

“And so cold! Why do I feel so chilled, like I’m standing on an ice mountain?!”

“I feel the chill, too. Weird! The fight in the challenge ring shouldn’t be able to affect the outside. What’s going on?”

“Could the system in the Challenge main hall be out of order? Otherwise, why would it be so cold?”

“That’s not right. The temperature of the space outside remains unchanged, so the isolation function of the system is still effective. That chill was not due to the temperature, but was instead the chill we felt in our hearts. What exactly is going on? What exactly is that thing?”


“What a terrifying Cold Technique!”

Wang Yinru, who continued to stand below the challenge ring and didn’t leave, gasped, a deep sense of shock flashing in her eyes. She was an ancient martial arts practitioner, who practiced the Cold Techniques, so she naturally had a better understanding of the Cold Techniques than any ordinary person.

She always thought that Mystic Yin Technique was the best Cold Technique in the world. Among the ancient martial arts practitioners of Cold attributes, she should be considered as the outstanding one, as very few people in this area were above her.

However, she now understood that her horizon had always been too narrow. The real Cold Technique could actually be so terrifying, even the protective system of the Challenge main hall would be unable to resist it. Compared to such a Cold Technique, she simply paled in significance. In fact, she basically was not even worth mentioning.

“What kind of Cold Technique is he practicing? It’s too terrifying!”

A sense of bewilderment surged in Wang Yinru’s eyes. She could be certain that the person who had used this Cold Technique was Mo Wen and not Chen Zi, as she knew Chen Zi very well. Chen Zi was simply not a Cold Techniques practitioner.

That was the reason why he could break her Cold Ice Domain effortlessly! With such a terrifying Cold Technique, the harm that Cold Ice Domain could do to him had been reduced to a minimal amount.

Her interest in Mo Wen was gradually growing. If this youngster were to help her, he would be absolutely suitable!


On the challenge ring, many streaks of weird Qi of Sword were rushing forth. Every streak of Qi of Sword contained a terrifying amount of power, and the collective number of them seemed almost infinite.

Chen Zi was completely surrounded by the gloomy dark Qi of Sword, making her feel like there was almost no hope of survival.

“You can’t kill me. You will be punished severely by the Huatian Palace.”

The terror rose in Chen Zi’s eyes, so she finally began to act and blabber on, like a deranged woman. For the first time in her life, she felt that her life was truly threatened.

“Yeah, well, killing you will most probably be considered manslaughter, but even if it is punishable, the punishment won’t be too severe.”

Mo Wen curled his lips into a sardonic smile, his pupils totally cold. He looked as if he didn’t care about the punishment of the Huatian Palace at all. He pointed his finger, and immediately, those inexhaustible Tai Yin Swords dashed frantically towards Chen Zi.

Then, an austere atmosphere filled the heaven and the earth