Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 272

Chapter 272: Invisible Sabre Demon

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“Don’t kill me. Someone save me!”

Chen Zi panicked. She could not help but scream out loud. This person really dared to kill her in the challenge ring. He could do anything.

What grudge did he have with her? She just scolded him with a few words! He was so quick to kill her. He was so aggressive.

Chen Zi could not stay calm anymore. Her entire being stood frozen to the spot, looking at the fast and furious, constantly oncoming sword Qi. For a moment, she was stunned, her mind going blank. She stared blankly at the sword Qi that was about to take her little life.

The Tai Yin Sword Qi came wave after wave, like a wave upon the sea. It surged forward, slowly forcing its way towards Chen Zi.

“I’ll take you on.”

Chen Zi finally could not withstand the extreme pressure and the atmosphere of impending death. In her mind, there was only one thought. Even if I die, I cannot be so useless. She subconsciously raised the dagger in her hand, exerting all of her strength as she slashed forwards.

She had not realized that the Great Yin Yang Swirls that had bound her had actually disappeared. Otherwise, how would she have the strength to swing the dagger in her hand?

A beam of blinding light flashed from the edge of her blade. Even the thick Tai Yin Qi could not block the beam of spiritual light. It immediately illuminated the entire challenge ring space, even illuminating Chen Zi’s silhouette.

The next moment, a beam of grayish dagger light flashed from the edge of her blade. The dagger light was slender and thin. Once it appeared, it dashed forward in a flash.

Not a beam of the surrounding Tai Yin Sword Qi could block the dagger light. It forged its way through, overcoming all obstacles as it moved forward directly at Mo Wen.

The frighteningly sharp edge forced open a path through the sky full of sword Qi like the dividing line between night and day, cleaving the world in half.

Mo Wen felt the light flash before his eyes. The next moment, a terrifying Dagger Qi appeared before him. The speed of the slash shocked him somewhat.

He dared not take it lightly. With a flick of his wrist, a formless swirl appeared in front of the Dagger Qi.

The Dagger Qi clashed against the swirl, stopping slightly. Then, seemingly unaffected, it tore apart the swirl with a flash and once again hurled towards Mo Wen.

However, the Dagger Qi had dimmed greatly after passing through the swirl. Its speed drastically dropped.

Mo Wen raised his eyebrow. To be able to break even his Heaven and Earth Great Shift’s defense truly was incredible!

However, after breaking through so many obstacles along the way, the Intentionless Dagger’s strength was drastically reduced.

Mo Wen sent out a punch. His punch instantly changed color into pure gold, radiating light like the sun.

When the punch and dagger light collided, a muffled thud resounded. The next moment, the pale dagger light quietly dissipated.

Mo Wen slowly retracted his fist. A drop of blood dripped from the edge of his fist, dropping to the ground with a splat. The fresh blood dyed the ground red.

“Intentionless Dagger. An impressive Intentionless Dagger. It truly is peerlessly sharp.”

Mo Wen looked at his fist, surprise filling his eyes again. On the edge of his fist was a two inch long, two millimeter deep wound oozing fresh blood.

When the white dagger light collided with his fist, it actually directly broke through his Indestructible Body of Vajrapani and inflicted damage on his hand.

Although it was just a minor external injury, to be able to break through his Indestructible Body of Vajrapani, one could imagine the sharpness of the dagger light.

Right now, all of the black light in the entire challenge ring had disappeared. As the darkness faded and light returned, the crowd’s vision was once again restored.

Chen Zi was kneeling on the challenge ring. Her clothes were drenched in a cold sweat. In her hand, she held a dagger. She was supporting herself on the ground, seemingly exhausted. Her figure was shaking, almost directly falling over onto the ground.

The slash just now almost used up all of her strength. She held nothing back, expending her physical strength and Inner Qi to the limit.

So now she had an exhausted look, like a person who had just been rescued out of the water.

However, although her body was completely exhausted, her eyes were full of excitement and fiery light. She was like a young woman with an unsatisfied desire seeing a handsome man. It was enough to make people shiver and subconsciously distance themselves from her.

“Success, I have finally succeeded. Haha! I finally succeeded in practicing the Intentionless Dagger. Woohoo…”

Chen Zi’s current excitement was beyond her control. She would cry for a bit, then laugh for a bit, completely ignoring the many eyes that were looking at her. After working so hard for so long, she finally succeeded. Her family heirloom, the Intentionless Dagger Technique, had not been successfully practiced by anyone for over 200 years. Today, she had finally done it!

“You are mad!”

Mo Wen looked at the woman acting all crazy. He rolled his eyes and shook his head, shaking the blood on his hand dry. Then, a golden flame emerged on the back of his hand. In an instant, it caused the wound to heal, leaving just a scar.

In reality, the scene just now was just Mo Wen purposefully scaring Chen Zi. He naturally would not get angry and kill a woman for just scolding him, especially not in the Huatian Palace challenge ring.

He was a bit interested in the Intentionless Dagger Technique that Chen Zi had been so persistent about, so he helped her out in passing. However, he had just been trying it out. As for whether or not it would succeed, he did not know. In the end, unintentionally, he had actually helped the woman to comprehend the Intentionless Dagger Technique.

“You’re the one who’s mad. And not slightly at that.”

Chen Zi seemed to have heard Mo Wen mumbling to himself. She slowly stood up, glaring fiercely at Mo Wen. Mo Wen’s actions just now nearly scared her to death. It was the first time she had tasted the fear of slowly heading towards death.

However, although her mouth did not give in, Chen Zi’s eyes welled up with deep gratitude. Right now, how could she not understand that Mo Wen just now appeared to want to kill her, but in reality he was secretly helping her. Otherwise, under the imprisonment of the swirl, she would not have been able to swing that dagger.

Also, not one beam of the seemingly terrifying dark Sword Qi surrounding her had attacked her. It was just for creating a scene to scare her. Otherwise, before the dark Sword Qi, how could she have had the time to comprehend the Intentionless Dagger? She would probably not even have had the time to swing her dagger. She would have been shred to pieces in an instant, becoming a pile of shredded corpse.

However, Chen Zi did not know. She thought too highly of Mo Wen. The scene just now was all just a bluff. In reality, every beam of Tai Yin Sword was just an illusion. It did not have any attack power. Simply put, it was just nice to look at and could only be used to scare people.

With Mo Wen’s current cultivation, how could he have the ability to release so many Tai Yin Swords? That was almost impossible. Probably only a Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner could achieve that level.

“You still dare to scold me?” Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. This woman was quite daring. Could it be that the scare just now had not taught her a lesson?

“Why wouldn’t I dare? Could it be that you would dare eat me up?”

Chen Zi snorted softly. After understanding that Mo Wen would not kill her, she immediately got bold, not fearing him anymore.

“You have already lost. Quickly get out.”

Mo Wen was too lazy to bicker with a woman. He directly waved his hand, waving Chen Zi off like he was waving away a fly.

“Fine, I’ll get out. What’s so great about you?”

Chen Zi also knew that currently she was not Mo Wen’s opponent. Also, she had expended all her Inner Qi, and she did not have any strength left to fight. She glared at Mo Wen fiercely before taking two steps backwards, contacting the challenge ring system, and directly admitting defeat.

Not long after, a bundle of blue light enveloped Chen Zi, slowly transferring her out of the challenge ring.

“You are a good person.”

In the moment before the blue light disappeared, Chen Zi looked back at Mo Wen and, though she rarely did so, issued him a nice-guy card.

In Chen Zi’s heart, Mo Wen was truly a hard-to-find good person. Usually, when she found those strong ones to challenge, they would either be dismissive and be lazy in dealing with her, or they would demand many unreasonable conditions.

In the past, she had been helpless. She could only head over to the Challenge Main Hall, spending large amounts of Contribution Credits to challenge the strong in the challenge ring. She hoped that with the pressure that they made her face, she could comprehend the essence of the Intentionless Dagger Technique.

Sadly, after she spent so many Contribution Credits, she still had no results. Many times, the battle would not be what she expected.

For instance, before when she was battling Mo Wen, she had barely begun when she already completely lost, as though she was an easy dish. Under such circumstances, how could she possibly comprehend the Intentionless Dagger Technique?

After so much effort and having thought out so many ways, she still had not succeeded.

Only now did she understand that her methods were wrong all along. Although the challenges in the challenge ring had pressure, she had not ever experienced the feeling of the moment before death, that most despairing, most helpless, most overwhelming feeling.

Only when her mind went blank could she unleash humanity’s most original instinct, stimulating the potential of the human body. The essence of the Intentionless Dagger was for the mind to have not a single stray thought, forging ahead always, not giving up even under despair, bravely swinging the dagger in the hand.

The Intentionless Dagger was a dagger of courage. With the courage to face everything, only then could the Intentionless Dagger be successfully practiced.

So Mo Wen was not just a good person, he was also a good teacher. If it was anyone else, even if they had wanted to help her, they probably couldn’t.

Many people had gathered outside the challenge ring. Almost everyone on the Challenge Main Hall’s second level had been drawn over to watch the battle.

Within the crowd, there was a woman wearing tight black clothing on her graceful figure. She wore a bamboo hat and looked simple and conservative, concealing her body under her clothing. She lifted her head slightly, and looked at the two people in the challenge ring through the veil in the front of her bamboo hat.

She had just arrived not long ago, but she happened to see the moment that Chen Zi had swung her dagger. The dagger light’s spirituality made her body stiffen up subconsciously.

“Such a sharp slash! That’s the famous Intentionless Dagger Technique? It is indeed very strong!”

Under the bamboo hat came a mumbling sound. She did not pay attention to Mo Wen. Instead, she was paying attention to Chen Zi with much interest.

“Rumor has it that the Intentionless Dagger Technique is one of the Absolute Rank dagger techniques that have rarely been seen. Its fame is far greater than the Invisible Sabre. If I have the chance, I would like to experience it myself to see whether the rumors are true.”

This person hugged a long sabre in her arms. It seemed to be her weapon of choice.