Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 273

Chapter 273: Defeat the Enemy with a Stroke of Sabre?

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Mo Wen’s defeating Chen Zi did not surprise the audience one bit. After all, Mo Wen had defeated Wang Yinru beforehand, so his supreme ability had already been displayed before their eyes.

However, in the end, although it did not come as a shock to anyone, the process had surprised everyone. The scene that had happened in the challenge ring could basically be described as shocking, as an ordinary fight with a normal ancient martial art practitioner with the Qi Nucleation realm would not possibly be one of such ferocity and power! Moreover, many people had also witnessed how a single battle had allowed Chen Zi to grasp the legendary Invisible Sabre Demon, thus fulfilling her wish.

Also, Mo Wen’s previous actions were not done with the intention of killing Mo Wen. Instead, he was trying to help her secretly.

Many people were marveling at how this youth was indeed not simple. From his abilities to his disposition, all of his traits were extraordinary!

Mo Wen had chosen to fight again, as he welcomed his ninth round of battle. When he chose to continue battling on, the crowd fell silent.

This was because, with Mo Wen’s abilities, he had the qualifications to continue on. It was even possible for him to complete the tenth round and become the King of the ring for the day!

This time was slightly different from the last time. Basically, not long after Mo Wen had chosen to continue battling, there was a blue light shining on the challenge ring. Thus, there was no waiting time before someone had come up to challenge Mo Wen.

The person who volunteered was wearing a black shirt. She wore a bamboo hat on her head, and she held a long Sabre in her hand. She was a woman whose appearance could not be seen, as she was hidden completely beneath her clothes.

“You’re that lad from the Fengwu team?” she said.

The meaning in her words was clear. She had specifically come to go against the Fengwu team. She was not stunned by the fact that Mo Wen was a guy. That was because she had heard beforehand that a male member had appeared in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall. Not long after that, he had been taken by the Fengwu team.

“Since you’ve already come into the challenge ring, does it still matter whether I am or not?”

Mo Wen smiled. Since she had already come onto the challenge ring, she had no choice but to fight. Having only asked after getting into the challenge ring, the personality of this woman was clearly one, where she would rather make a mistake by killing the wrong target than let the target go free.

Her personality was very domineering! Moreover, from her words, he knew that this person had some enmity with the people of the Fengwu team.

“That’s right! Take that!”

The woman nodded slightly, refusing to continue spouting nonsense with Mo Wen. She simply attacked Mo Wen very decisively.

A light flashed like a tornado, hitting the Earth. Then, a remnant of the flash wavered. Her technique was just like the dagger in her hand, direct and sharp. When she approached, it was like the Qi of Sabre was inching closer.

It was as if she was not human, but rather, a sharp sabre!

“The Invisible Sabre Demon has indeed appeared!”

“I haven’t seen her in the Challenge Main Hall for a long time! It was said that she was constantly trying to break through into the Embryonic Breathing realm. However, from what can be seen, she did not succeed.”

“Back in those years, the Invisible Sabre Demon was the King of the rings of the second level. She had dominated the second level of the Challenge Main Hall after defeating her rivals. It is unclear if she was able to maintain her glory, even after meeting that scary youth.”

“The Invisible Sabre Demon was currently only missing the Embryonic Breathing realm by a meagre amount. She could be said to be the equivalent to half a master of the Embryonic Breathing realm. Her abilities have become a lot higher than they were before, so that youth might very possibly not be a match for her!”

“Indeed, after the Invisible Sabre Demon had gone through countless battles, there were significant improvements in its ability. Perhaps in the entire Huatian Palace, even with the other three Executor Main Halls, she would even be able to place in one of the top 10 positions.”

“Since that youth has joined the Fengwu Team and is also a Four stars Executor, it is fated for him to meet with the Invisible Sabre Demon. All these years, the Invisible Sabre Demon has been challenging countless Four stars Executors from the Fengwu Team. Previously, a couple of them, who had the capabilities to become the King of the ring, had been defeated under the blade of the Invisible Sabre Demon.”

“But, the Fengwu Team is not any worse than the Yeyuan Team. Although, in the battles of the Four stars Executors, the Fengwu Team is at a disadvantage because of the presence of the Invisible Sabre Demon, in very high-level battles, the Fengwu Team still maintained its huge advantage. In comparison, the Fengwu Team is not that far off from the Yeyuan Team.”

“Don’t talk about such useless things. What has that got to do with us, whether the Fengwu Team or Yeyuan Team is stronger? We should just focus on our own things. I dare say that the youth is not a match for the Invisible Sabre Demon. I previously got news that, not long ago, the Invisible Sabre Demon battled with someone at the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm. They were rather evenly matched, and neither one was significantly overpowered. That youth cannot be of the Embryonic Breathing realm, right?”

“What are you waiting for? We should hurry and place our bets. Later on, when the battle begins, we won’t be able to place them anymore. If you’re trying to buy time, it’s too risky.”

After a short pause, the crowd started to discuss matters again. The area was becoming more and more crowded, with many of the people speculating about the upcoming fight. All of the speculations were regarding the past enmities between the Fengwu Team and Yeyuan Team, the previous battle records of the Invisible Sabre Demon, and whether Mo Wen was the stronger or weaker party.

Of course, the most crowded area was still the gambling area. Hoards of people surrounded the gambling area, as if they were prepared to win a large sum from the outcome of this battle.

Most of the people had basically bet on the Invisible Sabre Demon’s winning. There was barely anyone who bet that Mo Wen would win.

“What’s so good about that Invisible Sabre Demon? I’m betting that Mo Wen will win.”

With a slapping sound, someone had instantly placed 30,000 contribution credits to bet on Mo Wen’s winning. The better was none other than Chen Zi. She rolled her eyes at the surrounding people, as if she was sure that Mo Wen would win and was feeling pity for the people who bet on the Invisible Sabre Demon.

“Chen Zi, are you addicted to losing your contribution credits? That is quite a large sum of contribution credits. I’ve heard that you’re not doing very well financially…”

Chen Zi often battled in the Challenge Main Hall, and the opponents that she chose were all so powerful, there was essentially no chance of her winning. Hence, the contribution credits that she had earned from completing the missions were almost entirely spent in the Challenge Main Hall. And, those that she owned were used up the minute she earned them. Hence, she never had a lot at one time.

“Chen Zi, just now Mo Wen helped you, so congratulations on comprehending the Intentionless Dagger Technique! However, betting on such things have to be based on absolute logic. You can’t do it just to support your friend. Otherwise, you risk losing very badly. With just one glance, anyone can tell that you are inexperienced.”

“Back then, Chen Zi had sought out the Invisible Sabre Demon to battle, but the Invisible Sabre Demon had not cared about her. There is likely a grudge towards her in her heart. Her not betting on the win of the Invisible Sabre Demon is entirely based on her feelings. However, for a gambler, such a method is not good at all.”

“Don’t worry about Chen Zi. She’s very happy today, and she is willing to lose money. That’s her business. We just have to care about ourselves.”

Chen Zi’s bet did not garner the support of the others. Instead, it had attracted only scorn.

“She has eyes, but no clarity.”

Chen Zi could not be bothered with those people’s negativity. She minded her own business and left the gambling area, walking over to the spectators’ area.

“That Invisible Sabre Demon has appeared again! It’s too much!”

Wang Xiaoyuan clenched her little fist and said furiously. That Invisible Sabre Demon was basically going around, setting herself against the Fengwu Team. Because of her, the Four stars Executors of the Fengwu Team had often been blocked during their battles in the Challenge Main Hall. The moment their battle count went up, they would immediately fail and experience a great loss, and it was all because of her.


Liu Shanshan was filled with righteous indignation. Among the Four stars Executors, no one who could match up to the Invisible Sabre Demon. Hence, in the battle ring, with the obstruction of the Invisible Sabre Demon, they were at a huge disadvantage.

“If that Mo Wen can defeat the Invisible Sabre Demon, I will allow him to not return the contribution credits.”

Wang Xiaoyuan let out a light humph. Although the possibility was very low, she hoped with all her heart that Mo Wen would be able to defeat that Invisible Sabre Demon. If that happened, the Four stars Executors of the Fengwu Team would be able to redeem themselves.

“Your contribution credits are nothing to me.”

Liu Shanshan rolled her eyes at Wang Xiaoyuan. With Mo Wen’s current performance, the contribution credits were not even worth mentioning. She found it very odd that Mo Wen was so powerful, yet could be so poor as to borrow contribution credits from Wang Xiaoyuan.

“Stop being angry! When that Invisible Sabre Demon achieves the Embryonic Breathing Realm and can only battle from the third level onwards, you will know what you have brought upon yourselves.”

A laugh erupted not far from the two of them. Outside the main hall, there were two people walking over slowly.

“Sister Fengwu, Sister Qingyou.”

Wang Xiaoyuan recognized the pair with just one glance. Immediately, she became docile, no longer displaying her fierce sid.

Out of the two women, who were coming from the opposite side, the one leading was in a pink skirt. She looked exquisite. She was none other than Pei Fengwu.

The other person was someone Mo Wen recognized. She was Shangguan Qingyou, the woman that Mo Qingtian had shared a dubious relationship with!

The two of them had come together, even though they were both ancient martial art practitioners of the Embryonic Breathing realm. Them coming down to the second level could only mean that they were also here to witness Mo Wen’s challenge in the battle ring.

“That’s right! When that crazy woman has achieved the Embryonic Breathing realm, she will be faced with a lot of hardships in the third level!” Liu Shanshan said fiercely.

Although there were not many strong masters from the Fengwu Team among the Four stars Executors, they had many strong individuals in the Embryonic Breathing level. In the battle of the Embryonic Breathing realm, the Yeyuan Team had never been able to match up to the Fengwu Team.

When that Invisible Sabre Demon becomes a master within the Embryonic Breathing realm, she will no longer have such an easy time in the Challenge Main Hall. Based on battle abilities, the Yeyuan Team still fell behind the Fengwu Team rather significantly. Of all the official members of the Fengwu Team, there were at least 15 of them within the Embryonic Breathing realm.

In reality, people like Liu Shanshan and Wang Xiaoyuan were not official members. They were simply the preparatory members of the Fengwu Team. Only after they had broken through into the Embryonic Breathing realm and become Five stars Executors, would they be qualified to become official members of the Fengwu Team. As for Mo Wen, he was also only a preparatory member of the Fengwu Team.

“That Mo Wen has really surprised me.”

Pei Fengwu looked at Mo Wen, a little surprised. She had also just gotten news that Mo Wen had caused quite a ripple in the Challenge Main Hall.

“He isn’t even a Two stars Executor. Just now, when I checked, he clearly had the Four stars Executor badge. That Mo Qingtian is too much! He actually lied to us.”

Wang Xiaoyuan let out a light humph. Once again, her impression of Mo Qingtian had dropped a level.