Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 274

Chapter 274: An All-Out Battle

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“Invisible Sabre Demon’s Invisible Body Motion is reaching perfection. With her ability and talent, once she becomes an Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioner, it is possible that she could defeat an intermediate stage Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioner.”

Outside the challenge ring, Pei Fengwu’s eyes flashed a glint of admiration. Invisible Sabre Demon was indeed a genius. Otherwise, she couldn’t bring so much trouble to the Fengwu team. It was reckoned that she would gradually grow to be a strong opponent of the Fengwu team once she became an Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioner.

“She is indeed very strong.”

Staring at the Invisible Sabre Demon in the challenge ring, Shangguan Qingyou’s eyes flashed a glint of seriousness. She might have the ability to defeat Invisible Sabre Demon now, but once Invisible Sabre Demon broke through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, she was not so confident.

“I reckon that Invisible Sabre Demon will break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm soon. Her ability will then most likely far exceed what it was before. If Mo Wen can defeat her, I will definitely reward him handsomely,” Pei Fengwu said with a smile.

If Mo Wen could defeat Invisible Sabre Demon in the challenge ring, then he would have helped the Fengwu team to repair their image. It would indeed be inappropriate to not reward him.

“Reward him with what?”

Wang Xiaoyuan came closer, curious. A reward from Sister Fengwu would surely not be simple.

“What does it have to do with you?” Pei Fengwu rolled her eyes at Wang Xiaoyuan, amused.

“We can talk about this after he wins. The chances of him winning against Invisible Sabre Demon are slim,” Wang Xiaoyuan twitched her mouth and said sourly.

In the challenge ring, the tension was high. The whispering of the wind and the cries of cranes made the plants appear as though the enemy was about to attack. Every inch of the air was filled with killing intent.

A dull silhouette appeared above Mo Wen’s head without a sound. It seemed to appear out of nowhere, so it was impossible to dodge it.

Mo Wen stood still quietly, his clothes fluttering in the wind. He wore a cold expression, waiting silently for Invisible Sabre Demon to make the first move.

He knew a little about Invisible Sabre Demon’s style from his previous contact with her. She moved without a trace, and her sabre technique was forceful and ruthless. Her strong attack power was rarely seen.

She had the combination of speed and strength, making it hard to evade her attack. Her type of people all had formidable combat abilities.

Because of this, he didn’t make any moves, but instead simply focused on remaining calm. If the enemy didn’t move, he wouldn’t move either. So, when the attack came, he could naturally come up with a counter move.

“Invisible Sabre.”

A ghostly voice rang out. The next moment, the silhouette hovering over Mo Wen’s head disappeared again, as though it had never appeared at all.

Mo Wen seemed to be the only one left in the entire challenge ring. As for Invisible Sabre Demon, she seemed to have evaporated into thin air.

It was quiet, not even the sound of the wind was heard in the challenge ring. It was as though nothing had ever happened there. Only Mo Wen remained standing there, unmoving.

Mo Wen’s expression turned imposing in an instant, solemn like never before, as he felt a terrifying and dangerous aura approaching. Although he could not see anything, his perception of danger grew more and more intense.

He knew that Invisible Sabre Demon had already begun her attack, and that it was also an all-out fatal blow. They had barely begun, yet she had already gone all-out. She truly was a crazy woman!

Mo Wen took a deep breath. The next moment, a bright, golden light blazed forth from his body. It got more and more blinding and more and more intense, like a frenzied burning sun.

With a long roar, which was faintly followed by the roars of dragons and tigers, Mo Wen’s imposing manner expanded, multiplying non-stop every instant. The terrifying pressure it emitted was like waves, madly rolling and surging.

After awakening his memories, this was the first time that anyone had forced him into such a corner, causing him not to be able to hold back and having to go all out. Boiling Inner Qi enveloped the entire challenge ring, flooding every corner.

Even the guardian stratagem could not block that terrifying aura from penetrating the space. The crowd outside also could feel the terrifying surging energy wave in the challenge ring.

For a moment, many people had looks of surprise, then began to step back, one by one. They believed subconsciously that it was possible that the challenge ring guardian stratagem, which had never been broken before, could not protect them.

“Such a strong power! It is comparable to a beginning stage Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioner.”

Pei Fengwu’ eyes flashed a glint of amazement.

Mo Wen is so young, and yet he has such terrifying power! Also, his cultivation is still at the Qi Nucleation realm. Speaking of talent, he is a demon!

The difference between the Qi Nucleation realm and Embryonic Breathing realm was an insurmountable gap. With Qi Nucleation realm cultivation, Mo Wen already had great formidable power.

This power was far more formidable than a beginning stage Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioner. Once he broke through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, ordinary intermediate stage Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioners would no longer be his matches. He could only directly contend with people of the later stage Embryonic Breathing realm then.

Wang Xiaoyuan and Liu Shanshan breathed a breath of cold air. That Mo Wen, when he completely unleashed himself, actually had such a formidable power! It was terrifying! The difference between them and him was insurmountable.

As for Shangguan Qingyou, her facial expressions were not too good. She kept thinking that Mo Wen and Mo Qingtian were somehow related.

Either way, she did not like Mo Wen. Whenever she saw him, it was like looking at the jerk Mo Qingtian. Now that Mo Wen was so strong and had garnered some fame, she naturally was not happy inside.

In her subconscious, she truly believed that Mo Wen was not a good person. He was just like Mo Qingtian, two birds of a feather!

Now that Mo Wen had performed so exceptionally, standing out everywhere and attracting many gazes, in the future, within the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall, she believed that many girls would suffer from his scourge.

A place like the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall originally should not have men appearing in it. Now, they had broken the rules over and over again. It was infuriating to her.

In Shangguan Qingyou’s eyes, people like Mo Wen and Mo Qingtian appearing in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall was like a direct slap in the face to the women there.

She decided that she must find a way to stop this kind of thing from happening. She could not let others fall victim like she did!


On the other side, at the Gambling Area.

“You must win. Don’t you lose! I have bet 30,000 Contribution Credits! That’s a lot of money.”

Chen Zi clutched her fists tightly and kept on mumbling in her heart. She stared at the challenge ring without blinking. She knew that Invisible Sabre Demon was powerful, rarely encountering any opponent in the Challenge Main Hall that she could not defeat.

Usually, once she appeared, the rest had no chance of winning. But, for some reason, in her heart, she subconsciously believed that Mo Wen would not lose.

Following the blazing of the golden flames, Mo Wen’s skin started to change, as though it was coated with a layer of gold foil, shining with a metallic luster. Not long after, his entire body was as though it was made from pure gold, transforming him into a kind of golden man. No matter which part of his body it was, even his eyes, every part of him had turned the color of pure gold.

The Ming Cult’s Indestructible Body of Vajrapani was fully unleashed in this moment, and the astonishing scene was shocking. Almost everyone did not know what sort of martial arts method was used to create such a bizarre scene.

“Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist.”

Mo Wen shouted in a low voice. The muscles on his arms flexed like dragons, ferocious and fierce, symbolizing the beauty of his power.

His punches flew out, a pair of fists strongly clashing above his head. With a loud bang, two beams of golden light burst out, slamming into the sky above his head, fiercely and arrogantly.

The two golden pillars of light flew up, then suddenly solidified in the air, stopping shortly in the air for an instant. The next moment, banging sounds resounded in the challenge ring. The two pillars of golden light started to crack bizarrely, as though they had met with a collision. They slowly cracked, then bizarrely disintegrated in the air.

Mo Wen’s pupils narrowed. That move of the Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist did not seem to have been an obstacle to Invisible Sabre Demon, as the dangerous aura still approached without stopping. The surrounding air was full of panic, as though danger lurked everywhere.

All the while, a formless sharp blade was approaching, but he could not see it. But, his not being able to see it didn’t mean that he could not sense it.

Mo Wen could clearly sense the sabre qi approaching. He could determine the direction of the sabre qi, but the strange thing was that the sabre qi was always changing. It was not stationary in one spot, so even if he could sense its presence, he could not pinpoint its exact location.

An attack that could be seen was not scary. Things that could be sensed were also not terrifying. But, when even the senses were blurred, causing it to be very hard to discover anything, it became somewhat terrifying. No wonder this woman was called Invisible Sabre Demon, as she could demonstrate the use of invisibility to its fullest.

“Great Yin Yang Swirls.”

Mo Wen drew a circle with his hands, once again unleashing The Yin Yang Heaven and Earth Great Shift. Of all the martial arts teachings that he had mastered, The Yin Yang Heaven and Earth Great Shift was considered to be the strongest.

However, it was a pity that this martial arts teaching was too advanced. As such, he had only comprehended a fraction of it.

He decided that using the Great Yin Yang Swirls against the Invisible Sabre Demon right now was his most suitable option. This was because the air was flooded with large amounts of sabre qi, so any normal attacks would have very little effect. But, wide area attacks, like those rendered by the Great Yin Yang Swirls, were just right.

Black and gold Great Swirls slowly appeared in front of Mo Wen, then began to expand constantly. In the blink of an eye, it was ten feet in diameter, completely enveloping Mo Wen’s body within it.

With the appearance of the Great Yin Yang Swirls, the surrounding air seemed to be warped. Under the effects of the Great Yin Yang Swirls, it began to slowly spin as well.

Then, muffled sounds were heard, as though a large amount of objects were shattering in the swirl. The banging sounds were endless!


A cold snort sounded in the empty air, followed by a terrifying sabre light, plunging from the sky. The sabre light was finally no longer invisible. The naked eye could see the terrifying light slashing downwards, like a beam of skylight, huge beyond compare.


The sabre light clashed onto the Great Yin Yang Swirls, immediately unleashing a loud and terrible explosion. Next, the black and gold swirl started to collapse, forming gold and black flames. They danced in the air non-stop, then slowly dissipated in the air.

Then, the might of a single slash shattered the Great Yin Yang Swirls. The magnitude of its power even shocked Mo Wen somewhat.