Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 275

Chapter 275: Defeating the Enemy

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Invisible Sabre Demon was indeed incomparably strong and ferocious. She was basically akin to an ancient martial art practitioner in the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm. She was very similar to Envoy Guiluo of the heterodox people that Mo Wen had met before.

It was no wonder that she could become the King of the Ring of the second level in the Challenge Main Hall. Her abilities were so strong that they had basically surpassed all the ancient martial art practitioners in the Qi Nucleation realm.

However, although Invisible Sabre Demon’s one slash had penetrated Mo Wen’s Great Yin Yang Swirls, it had also immediately revealed her position. He laughed coldly and with a flash of his figure, he dashed forward towards Invisible Sabre Demon, who was levitating in mid-air.

“Humph, you’ve got a bit of skill. No wonder you could beat Wang Yinru.” Invisible Sabre Demon was a little embarrassed that her single slash had not defeated Mo Wen. She had never expected Mo Wen would be that strong.

This time after her long absence, she had only missed the Embryonic Breathing realm by a step. Her abilities had become far better than before. Hence, even while knowing that Mo wen was very strong, she still dared to state the crazy claim that she could defeat him with a single slash. However, it was proven in reality that she had ultimately still underestimated Mo Wen.

However, because of this, Mo Wen had the desire to beat her. He had even taken the initiative to attack. It was too absurd. Based on her current Cultivation, basically none of the ancient martial art practitioners in the Qi Nucleation realm were able to defeat her.

After all, she was on the verge of being promoted to the Embryonic Breathing realm. Moreover, she was also the King of the Ring among the Four stars Executors. Among people of the same Cultivation, it would not make sense for her to be defeated.

Hence, she decided not to hide anymore. Since Mo Wen had already identified her position, she would rather just step out with dignity.

“Not hiding anymore?” Mo wen smiled teasingly. With a flash, he appeared before Invisible Sabre Demon. His entire body was burning with golden flames, and he was bathed in the gold rays. It made him look just like Ares, the Greek god of war.

“I have underestimated you just now. However, in three moves, I will defeat you for sure.” Invisible Sabre Demon looked at Mo Wen expressionlessly. Although Mo Wen’s abilities had exceeded her expectations, she still had the confidence to defeat him in three moves. Just now, Mo Wen had defended against her blade. She gauged that he was already at his limit.

Invisible Sabre Demon was not to blame for underestimating Mo Wen. Instead, Mo Wen’s Cultivation was on display as being at most at the peak of the Qi Nucleation realm. Even then, it was already a stretch. He did not look like he was truly at the peak of the Qi Nucleation realm.

Based on Cultivation, he was still a far cry from where she was.

In truth, Invisible Sabre Demon currently could not be counted as an ancient martial art practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm. However, she was also not an ancient martial art practitioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm, either. Instead, she was hovering between the two categories. Battling with those in the Qi Nucleation realm could be described as a very predictable win for her. However, she did not care about that if she could obstruct those Four stars Executors from the Fengwu team.

“Strong people are indeed confident.” Mo Wen’s lips curled up into a smile. Then, he looked at Invisible Sabre Demon calmly and said, “One move.”

“Huh?” Invisible Sabre Demon looked at Mo Wen, not fully comprehending. Did he mean that she did not need three moves, and that just a single move would be enough for her to defeat him?

“Just one move to defeat you.” Mo Wen smiled and used Invisible Sabre Demon’s original words against her.

“You’re insane. You don’t know where you stand.” Invisible Sabre Demon was mildly stunned before she laughed from anger. She had always thought that she was insane enough. She did not think that she would meet someone even more insane than she was.

“Receive this attack then.” Mo Wen did not continue to blabber with Invisible Sabre Demon. Instead, he attacked immediately. One could only see his hand surrounded by a gold light followed by a black light. The two heated rays of light rose and emitted two vastly different auras.

Upon seeing that, Invisible Sabre Demon squinted a little. She could feel the cold and the heat of those two bundles of light. One Yin, one Yang. One cold, one hot. They actually had different strengths.

It was the first time that she had met someone who could Cultivate both the Cold Technique and Fire Technique simultaneously. Under normal circumstances, since the two were different and basically inhibited each other, it was impossible to Cultivate them at the same time. The youth before her had clearly gone against the usual logic.

Mo Wen’s expression suddenly became serious. He solemnly interlocked his hands, and then the two rays of black and gold started to oddly morph together. The color was changing constantly, becoming a darker shade and then a lighter shade. Finally, it formed two clumps of bright light that became completely transparent. It had no shape or color. It was like air.

Invisible Sabre Demon looked oddly at that. She furrowed her brows slightly. How could the two powers of hot and cold, Yin and Yang, be able to gel together? Internally, she felt that things were not in her favor. When things were out of the ordinary, it was not a good sign. At that moment, she did not dare drag things out anymore. She attacked immediately in order to exert dominance.

It was a pity, however, that the Yin and Yang gelled so quickly. Although she had the intention of stopping it, she was completely unable to.

In the next moment, Mo Wen’s figure flashed once again, and he appeared in front of Invisible Sabre Demon. Then, he extended a palm towards her, and there was an invisible power within it. It was the power of the Yin and Yang that had combined from before.

Invisible Sabre Demon did not dare delay her actions any longer. She slashed her blade down fiercely, aiming directly at Mo Wen’s palm. She seemed prepared to just chop Mo Wen’s palm off.

However, it was a pity that before her blade could come into contact with Mo Wen’s palm, it collided with that invisible ball of power first.

In the next moment, a frightening explosion suddenly rang out. That huge explosion was earth-shattering, and the entire battle ring started to shake. There was a crazy power sweeping through, and it was as though they were at the epicenter of an explosion. That scarily crazy wind seemed as though it could blow one’s body apart into dust.

The guardian stratagems all around the battle ring started to shake continuously and teetered as though they were about to fall. They enclosed the blue light within the battle ring, glowing then dimming, as if the ring would shatter at any moment.

The spectating audience was scared out of their wits. They backed up without stopping and were all looking at battle ring in utter shock. They did not know just what had happened. How could there be such loud sounds and strong powers coming from a battle between two people?

The guardian stratagems of the Challenge Main Hall were fitted based on the different levels. That was because the guardian stratagems all had to expend their energy. The stronger the guardian stratagem, the more energy it had and the stronger it was. Hence, the guardian stratagems of the battle rings in the Challenge Main Hall were all allocated based on their suitability to each level.

For example, the guardian stratagem of the second level in the Challenge Main Hall had the strength to withstand all attacks from ancient martial art practitioners in the Qi Nucleation realm. Even some normal ancient martial art practitioners in the Embryonic Breathing realm would not be able to penetrate those guardian stratagems.

However, if it were those with a very high Cultivation such as the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm, as well as those at the peak of the Embryonic Breathing realm, they would be able to easily break through the guardian stratagems placed in the battle rings of the second level.

Hence, the guardian stratagems at the third level were far stronger than those at the second level. Otherwise, they would not be able to withstand the battles of those masters in the Embryonic Breathing realm.

Now they were faced with the situation of the second level battle ring guardian stratagem being on the verge of breaking. Just what did that mean? It meant that the two in the battle ring had an explosive energy comparable to that of people in the Embryonic Breathing realm. Moreover, it was not even just the battle ability of an average person in the Embryonic Breathing realm.

How could it be?

How could an ancient martial art practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm have such a frightening power?! Even that Invisible Sabre Demon, who was about to break through into the Embryonic Breathing realm, should not have been able to do that.

The audience below the battle ring was filled with a state of confusion and shock. Meanwhile, the battle ring was in chaos. It was as though the entire battle ring had been destroyed. The surroundings were flooded with all kinds of energy that had continuously formed windstorm after windstorm coming down upon them.

In the moment of the explosion, Mo Wen had basically flown out. The frightening force of the blast could not be resisted at all. He flew a couple of hundred meters and directly hit the blue protective rays around the circumference of the battle ring before sliding onto the ground.

With a cough, a mouthful of fresh blood sprayed out. Mo Wen’s face had paled significantly, and he had clearly sustained rather serious internal injuries.

That previous move could not be helped. He had not displayed that combination of Yin and Yang in a long time. With his current abilities, he was unable to withstand the strength of the Yin and Yang combination. It was a move that would hurt him with 80 percent of the strength that it hurt the enemy. He would not use it unless the situation was critical enough to call for it.

However, Invisible Sabre Demon’s ability was too strong. It was very difficult to defeat her with the usual methods. He could only do that if he wanted to win.

Mo Wen’s figure hovered a little before he crawled up from the ground. His face was pale, and there was a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth. However, his injuries were not serious and did not have a very great effect on him.

After all, he had long been mentally prepared. With the preparation and the various preventive Divine Techniques such as the Heaven and Earth Great Shift and the indestructible body of Vajrapani that had been used to its full potential, he had reduced the blow to himself by 90 percent, even though he had not been able to defend against it completely.

Invisible Sabre Demon was not as lucky as Mo Wen. She had been caught off guard and had been suddenly sent flying. Along the way, she had collided into the blue protective rays before sliding onto the ground. She could not get up for the longest time.

There was a pool of blood beneath her body, and it was as if she had sustained serious injuries. The cone-shaped bamboo hat on her head had exploded into pieces that had been blown all over the ring.

However, the woman was really odd. After the cone-shaped bamboo hat was gone, there was a veil covering her face. It was as though there was something embarrassing about her face that should not be revealed.

However, from her dull eyes, one could tell that her breath was shallow, and she was unable to stand due to her serious injuries.

Invisible Sabre Demon was famous for her attacks and speed. Defense was one of her weaknesses. She was already lucky that the frightening explosion from before had not killed her in a second.

Upon seeing that, Mo Wen furrowed his brows. After all, it was just a challenge and not a fight to the death. Hurting someone to that extent was truly a little unwarranted. However, Invisible Sabre Demon was just too strong. A fight between strong contenders did not have any space for giving chances. Even if he had wanted to give in, he was unable to.

However, it was fortunate that she was not dead. As long as she was not dead, there was the possibility of being treated.

“Please don’t blame me because battles are like that.” Mo Wen walked over to Invisible sabre Demon and sighed helplessly. He extended his hand and used a lot of strength to pull Invisible Sabre Demon up so that she hovered in front of him.

He grabbed her waist with one hand and reached for a medicine bottle with the other, retrieving a pill from within.

As an ancient martial art practitioner, nobody knew when one would die. Moreover, Mo Wen was a miracle physician, so he naturally had medication on hand. Hence, he did not have to concoct something on the spot.

The veil that was covering Invisible Sabre Demon’s face was hindering Mo Wen’s efforts to give her the medication. He hesitated for a moment before slowly taking the veil off of Invisible Sabre Demon’s face. Although it infringed on her privacy, he could not care less about such things at a critical time like this.

However, Mo Wen was stunned when he took off the veil. He suddenly inhaled a cold breath and looked at that face, unable to recover himself for a while.