Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 276

Chapter 276: Horrifying Looks

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The reason for Mo Wen’s being in a daze was not that the face was too beautiful, but that it was too ugly! It was so ugly, even the kids wouldn’t stop crying! In fact, her hideous face would even shock people when she walked outside during the night.

Dozens of scars from knife wounds were densely packed on the face of Invisible Sabre Demon, almost covered its entirety. Every scar was black and purple in color, looking grim and terrifying. Mo Wen couldn’t help but gasp in shock.

What’s the situation? This woman’s face has so many scars from knife wounds. Furthermore, these scars were obviously not normal cutting wounds, or else she should have been able to heal them with her cultivation.

No wonder she always wears a bamboo hat and covers her face with a layer of veil. With such an ugly face, nobody would be willing to go near her otherwise!


Invisible Sabre Demon glared at Mo Wen fiercely, then lifted her trembling hand to touch her face. After realizing that her veil was missing, anger and shock dawned upon her. One of her hands covered half of her face, while she kept staring furiously at Mo Wen.

“That, I didn’t do it intentionally…”

Mo Wen smiled faintly. He couldn’t have exposed her scars intentionally, as he didn’t know about them beforehand. If he had known, he would definitely not have pulled the veil down.

Mo Wen stuffed a pill into Invisible Sabre Demon’s mouth, then immediately put the veil back onto her face before looking around carefully. Unfortunately, his covering up her face seemed to be too late, as the shocked sounds from the spectators had already started to reverberate below the challenge ring.

Many people had already seen Invisible Sabre Demon’s face, causing them to gasp aloud and completely distracting their attention from Mo Wen’s victory.

Before that moment, Invisible Sabre Demon’s looks had been an unknown to many people, as they had not seen her face. It seemed like she had always put on independent and unique attire in order to avoid this.

Many people believed that she was simply being a little eccentric. However, they now understood what the real situation was!

“Too Ugly! Simply shocking!”

A woman touched her own face subconsciously, swallowing her saliva hard, as she was afraid that her face had somehow become as grim and terrifying as Invisible Sabre Demon’s.

“No wonder she covers her face every day. It’s simply unpresentable. Although she is strong, her look is really undesirable!”

A woman with quite good looks expressed her surprise, while looking at Invisible Sabre Demon, who was in the challenge ring.

“God is indeed fair, as He has given her a talent in practice, but robs her of good looks.”

“Tsk Tsk, so terrifying and horrifying…”

“Serves her right, as I reckon that she is a psychopath, which is why she can be so strong in her practice. She has earned quite a lot of Contribution Credits in the Challenge main hall, too.”


Below the challenge ring, the discussion was simply chaotic, with different kinds of opinions and speeches whirling around. Almost all of these comments were about the looks of Invisible Sabre Demon.

Some of them, who had spoken out of jealousy and wouldn’t allow anyone to be better than themselves,were even gesticulating wildly, mocking and ridiculing her with all sorts of pomp and circumstance.

“Invisible Sabre Demon actually looks like that! No wonder she’s always covering herself up.”

Wang Xiaoyuan covered her mouth with her hand, her eyes wide with fear.

If I were also to look so grim and terrifying, I might not have the courage to go on living!

“Serves her right for making life difficult for our Fengwu team every day. I think that, because of her problem with her looks, her thinking is distorted, which has caused her to become psychopathic…”

Liu Shanshan’s words were harsh, not letting her off easy, as Invisible Sabre Demon was the Fengwu team’s enemy. She had always picked on the Fengwu team in the Challenge main hall, as well as having treated Liu as an eyesore. Now, Liu instantly had a great sense of satisfaction, when she knew Invisible Sabre Demon had such a great flaw.

“Shut up!”

Pei Fengwu’s brows were slightly furrowed, while she stared at the two young girls. Wang Xiaoyuan and Liu Shanshan had a shock, but didn’t know why Pei Fengwu was so angry. They quietly stuck their tongues out, but didn’t dare to utter another word.

“Others matter, so stop these ugly comments.”

Pei Fengwu sighed deeply and said, mixed feelings flashing in her eyes. The real reason that Invisible Sabre Demon had become this way was in fact related to the Fengwu team.

The incident happened many years ago, and it caused quite a huge stir during that time. However, only those Executors who had remained in the Huatian Palace for a long time would know about it. As for those Executors who were in the first and second level of Challenge main hall, they had newly joined the Huatian Palace, so many of them would not know anything about it.

That year, Invisible Sabre Demon was a famous beauty in the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall. Unfortunately, there was an accident in one of the missions, which involved the Fengwu team. This accident was the very one that led to her complete disfigurement…

“Go away…”

Invisible Sabre Demon pushed Mo Wen away, spitting out the pill that would heal her wound. She then turned around and staggered off the challenge ring, turning a deaf ear to those awful sneers and ridicules. Soldiering on, she lowered her head and walked out of the Challenge main hall.

“Mo Wen, I shall remember you.”

When her figure disappeared from the main hall, a cold voice wafted behind her. Mo Wen laughed bitterly. The scene that had occurred just now was indeed not his intention.

After Invisible Sabre Demon left, everyone’s attention returned back to Mo Wen. At this time, it dawned upon them that Mo Wen had won. The youngster, whose name was not popular, had won! Not only had he defeated Wang Yinru, but he had also defeated Invisible Sabre Demon, who had been dominating the second level of Challenge main hall for what seemed like eons!

“He won? No way! That can’t be possible. Although Invisible Sabre Demon is ugly, her strength is definitely true, so how can it be possible that she was defeated?!”

“My goodness, my Contribution Credits! I bet 20,000 Contribution Credits on Invisible Sabre Demon, and it’s all lost. I am dead!”

“No way! How could the gods be so cruel! Why have they made me lose all my Contribution Credits?”

After everyone responded to Mo Wen’s victory, they immediately realized that Mo Wen’s winning the fight meant that they had lost their bets. For this fight, almost ninety percent of the people had bet their Contribution Credits on Invisible Sabre Demon. After all, Invisible Sabre Demon had been a famous expert for a long time and was definitely the arch enemy of the Fengwu team, so they were sure that she would never throw a fight on purpose.

However, the results had caused everyone to grieve, as that dark horse had prevailed!

Was he intending to win against all the Four stars strong ones in the Huatian Palace?

“Oh yeah! So awesome! I told you Mo Wen would win! All of you deserve it.”

Chen Zi jumped up uncontrollably, surprise in her eyes. He had won! He really had surprisingly won!

She had bet so many Contribution Credits on Mo Wen before. This was because on one hand, she disliked the fact that all of the people were betting on Invisible Sabre Demon to win. On the other hand, she wanted to thank Mo Wen for helping her.

But, in actual fact, her heart was like the rest of the people, having little confidence. After all, Invisible Sabre Demon had earned such great fame for her fighting prowess, which was the truth that had ultimately convinced everyone to bet on her.

However, this truth was broken today, so Chen Zi had hit the jackpot with pure luck! She felt that today was really her lucky day! Not only did she comprehend the century-old heirloom, Intentionless Daggers Technique, which nobody had ever managed to comprehend, but she had also won a huge gambling bet.

Everyone had bet their Contribution Credits on Invisible Sabre Demon, as the odds for Mo Wen’s winning was shockingly low, at the ratio of one to seven.

Ignoring this dismal outlook, she had bet 30,000 Contribution Credits on Mo Wen, which now meant that she had won 250,000 Contribution Credits! This figure was such a great huge sum, it had almost won back all the Contribution Credits that she had lost in the Challenge main hall!

From a certain aspect, she was actually the biggest winner today. The reward of the Challenge ring, even if one were to win all ten fights in a row and become the King of the ring, only would provide 120,000 thousand Contribution Credits. But, she had won more than 200,000 Contribution Credits, and all at one time!

“Mo Wen, this little guy seems to be grow adorable by the minute. Surely, you won’t let him go!”

Wang Yinru looked at Mo Wen now, her eyes sparkling like a big wolf that has seen a little white rabbit. She looked like she could simply eat Mo Wen up. This youngster, who had suddenly appeared in front of her, if he could help her, he would be simply too perfect.


“Mo Wen won! He actually won against that crazy woman!”

Wang Xiaoyuan gripped her fist tightly. At this moment, she finally realized that Mo Wen had actually defeated Invisible Sabre Demon, thus accomplishing something that the Four Stars Executors in the Fengwu team had never been able to do! It was a matter of great significance to the Fengwu team indeed.

“So cool. He is not that annoying after all!”

Liu Shanshan was full of excitement. As a Four stars Executor of the Fengwu team, she finally knew how it felt to be able to walk with her head held high.

“Hmmph, he just has some mediocre abilities.”

Shangguan Qingyou snorted coldly, not showing any expression and thinking to himself.

What’s the point of him being powerful? Wasn’t Mo Qingtian powerful, too? That year, he was also the King of the ring among the Four stars Executors, but his character was also just crap. Now, everyone thinks that Mo Wen is so outstanding and has the potential and strength to be a Four stars Executor. Bleh!

For some reason, she felt that Mo Wen was getting more similar to Mo Qingtian. She secretly figured that both persons must be relatives, as they were so alike in so many aspects. She reckoned that she shouldn’t be surprised that their characters would be similar, like creeps!

“Wonderful! I am afraid our Fengwu team will have another extraordinary person joining its ranks.”

Pei Fengwu curled her lips into a smile. Mo Wen’s performance had given her a great surprise. She knew that only a handful of people were able to reach this stage, especially using only the Cultivation of Qi Nucleation realm. Furthermore, Mo Wen was so young, and his potentials were way stronger than others, so his future achievements were limitless.