Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 277

Chapter 277: An Unexpected Last Battle

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In the final blow that determined the victor, although Pei Fengwu did not know how Mo Wen did it, that level of attack was enough to threaten the life of a beginning stage Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioner. An ordinary beginning stage Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioner would not be able to take advantage of him.

In the challenge ring, after Mo Wen defeated Invisible Sabre Demon, he did not immediately get out of the challenge ring. Instead, he chose to continue battling.

There was still the tenth match. If he could complete the tenth match, his reward of Contribution Credits would double. Now it was 64,000. If he could win the tenth match, it would be a reward of a 128,000 Contribution Credits.

For Mo Wen, this was a huge sum. After all, he had previously only accumulated 3,000 Contribution Credits.

Although he had received some minor injuries during the battle with Invisible Sabre Demon, with his defense and recovery speed, it did not affect him much.

The only effect of the battle just now was that he had expended quite an amount of Inner Qi. Continuing on with the tenth match, if he encountered a strong opponent, would probably be strenuous. There was even the possibility he would lose.

Although continuing to challenge one more match brought huge benefits, it also brought the risk of leaving empty-handed.

When Mo Wen chose to continue the challenge, it again caused quite a stir outside the challenge ring. Defeating Invisible Sabre Demon in combat had made Mo Wen the focus of the Challenge Main Hall. His challenging the tenth match wasn’t anything special because of his ability. However, his challenging the tenth match now did surprise many people.

Logically speaking, the battle with Invisible Sabre Demon just now had been a clash of the strong. It was the kind of battle where one would kill 1,000 foes but injure 800 of one’s own. Although Mo Wen defeated Invisible Sabre Demon, the crowd could see that Mo Wen was injured as well. The fierce battle just now surely expended large amounts of Inner Qi and physical strength.

At this moment, continuing to challenge the tenth match was a huge risk. Maybe even a person who was not as strong as Invisible Sabre Demon could possibly defeat Mo Wen if they came on stage. After all, a person’s physical strength and energy was limited. It was impossible for him to continue battling at peak condition all the time.

Under normal circumstances, after Mo Wen defeated Invisible Sabre Demon, he should have immediately ended the challenge and claimed the reward of Contribution Credits. As for challenging the tenth match and challenging for the position of King of the Ring, there would naturally be opportunities in the future. There was absolutely no need to challenge when his current condition wasn’t good.

However, Mo Wen actually chose to continue to challenge the tenth match. Could it be that he was confident in winning again? Or was it that the all-out battle with Invisible Sabre Demon in reality had not affected him much?

The tenth challenge match involved more than 100,000 Contribution Credits. It was a strong temptation for anyone, and the strong would easily appear.

Many people believed that Mo Wen was taking to much of a risk.

“He actually chose to challenge the tenth match at this time. What situation is this? Isn’t that too cocky?”

“He could surely challenge again in the future. I believe that with the fame of defeating Invisible Sabre Demon, he will not face too many obstacles. But he just had an all-out battle with Invisible Sabre Demon. Now that he continued with the tenth challenge match, many people would most likely be tempted to take advantage of him.”

“I know, right? Invisible Sabre Demon and Wang Yinru are not the only Four stars experts here. There are still some others, and they have not yet fought. Each of them are brimming with energy. It’s hard to guarantee that they will not have thoughts of taking advantage of him. Also, Mo Wen has just defeated Invisible Sabre Demon. Many people are probably thinking of defeating him and gaining fame.”

“What is Mo Wen doing? With his current condition, how can he still battle?” Wang Xiaoyuan saw that Mo Wen was continuing to battle and immediately became anxious. How did he not know how to choose a time and place properly? He had not recovered from his injuries, yet he still dared to challenge.

People were afraid of being famous. Now many people probably had ideas about defeating Mo Wen. After all, Mo Wen had just defeated Invisible Sabre Demon. If they could defeat Mo Wen, wasn’t that like saying they could also defeat Invisible Sabre Demon?

Although this logic was unreasonable, fame was something that did not consider these things. Once there was an opportunity to defeat Mo Wen, then it would be a very good gimmick. Slightly hyping it up would immediately make one famous.

Liu Shanshan frowned. Now indeed was not the time to continue challenging the tenth match. She felt that Mo Wen was impatient. After all, a young heart was ambitious, aiming high and far.

“Such arrogance!” Shangguan Qingyou quietly snorted. Mo Wen continuing the challenge wasn’t something she strongly agreed with.

“It could be that he has a lot of self-confidence. Let’s see the results. You all have been speculating so much. When have you gotten it right?” Pei Fengwu laughed, rolling her eyes at the three members.

This Shangguan Qingyou was always involving unrelated people because of Mo Qingtian’s issue. Any person or matter related to Mo Qingtian would become a target for her attack.

Sometimes, she was very curious as to how Mo Qingtian embarrassed her for her to hold such a grudge. Based on her observations, Mo Qingtian did not seem to be a frivolous person and was very law-abiding, law-abiding to the point that he had never spoken bluntly towards the women of the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall.

With Mo Qingtian’s qualifications, he naturally would attract the attention of many women. However, she had never heard of any gossip of him with anyone else.

The only gossip was with Shangguan Qingyou, and it was also solely created by her.

Sometimes she had her doubts. A person like Mo Qingtian by right would not do such a thing.

However, it was someone else’s private affairs. It wasn’t her place to ask too much. She could not meddle anyway. So when Shangguan Qingyou found fault with Mo Qingtian on the team every day, she could only turn a blind eye and pretend she did not see anything.

In the challenge ring, after Mo Wen chose to continue the challenge, no challenger came forward immediately like the crowd expected. Instead, it became quiet. For a long while, no one dared to go up.

After all, Mo Wen’s performance before this had been seen by everyone. Such terrifying ability! Among the Four stars Executors, those who were qualified to compete with him were rare, even to the point one could count them with one hand.

Now that Invisible Sabre Demon lost to him, those who were stronger than Invisible Sabre Demon and could continue to stand out and challenge Mo Wen were almost non-existent.

Comparing combat strength, it was most likely that Invisible Sabre Demon was number one among the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall Four stars Executors. Now that number one was defeated, it meant Mo Wen was now number one among the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall Four stars Executors. How many people had confidence in defeating him?

After all, it wasn’t as though there was no cost for challenging. Now that it was the tenth match, the challenge fee was more than 60,000 Contribution Credits. Probably no one would risk so many Contribution Credits.

Mo Wen, on the other hand, was leisurely and happy. Coincidentally, he could use this time to recover some Inner Qi.

Wang Xiaoyuan blinked, sighing with relief as she said, “It seems like no one dares to go up and challenge him.” Since no one was going up, then she naturally did not need to worry about Mo Wen losing out in the tenth match. If he was defeated in the tenth match, it would be such a waste.

If they waited for more than 15 minutes for a challenger to appear, then the challenge ring system would automatically end the challenge. Mo Wen wanting to continue the challenge would be deemed invalid, and the final result would be set as nine matches won consecutively.

Time passed. Soon seven minutes passed, but no opponent appeared yet. Even Mo Wen frowned. Could it be that no one dared to come forward? He was not that terrifying, was he?

If he did not have the chance to challenge the tenth match, then it would be regrettable for him. After all, the final victory was right before his eyes.

“Since no one is entering the ring, then I’ll go.” Shangguan Qingyou said somewhat eagerly. She, on the other hand, really wanted to run up to beat Mo Wen out of the challenge ring, making him leave empty-handed and throwing the helve after the hatchet.

It was a pity that she was a Five stars Executor and could not participate in the Four stars Executor challenge ring challenge, unless the challenged himself agreed. So she could only imagine it. It was impossible for there to be a chance.

“Mischievous.” Pei Fengwu shot her a glare. Really, this Qingyou, her nonsense knew no bounds anymore. Also, why was she targeting Mo Wen? Could it be because Mo Wen’s surname was also Mo, like Mo Qingtian?

Shangguan Qingyou quietly snorted and did not dare to speak anymore.

Within the Fengwu team, Pei Fengwu had always had very high prestige. Even Shangguan Qingyou did not dare act presumptuously in front of her.

Time slowly passed and still no opponent appeared. Just when everyone thought that Mo Wen’s tenth match was about to be terminated, a blue light finally lit up in the challenge ring.

It was followed by a silhouette appearing in the challenge ring. When the crowd saw the silhouette clearly, their jaws dropped one by one in surprise, and their eyes were full of incomprehension and doubt…

Because the person in the ring was none other than Chen Zi, who had battled Mo Wen once before just now. Why did she run into the challenge ring again?

Could it be that she had too many Contribution Credits? Did she feel uncomfortable if she did not give some away?

The tenth challenge match had a challenge fee of 64,000 Contribution Credits. For a Four stars Executor, it was definitely not a small sum.

With Chen Zi’s ability, it was almost impossible for her to be Mo Wen’s opponent. Even if Mo Wen was injured, she did not have a chance.

After all, she only had later stage Qi Nucleation realm cultivation. The difference between the two of them was too great. Although Chen Zi managed to comprehend the Intentionless Dagger Technique just now, how could she master a martial arts teaching she had just comprehended?

Mo Wen was the person who defeated Invisible Sabre Demon. Her going up was serving him an easy dish. She would probably be sent out of the challenge ring in two or three hits.

“What are you doing?” Mo Wen looked unexpectedly at Chen Zi. Why had this woman run over here again? Could it be that he had not scared her off yet?

“Nothing, just wanted to give you a slash.” The words had just left her mouth, when Chen Zi instantly slashed out. A huge dagger Qi appeared from nowhere, fiercely cleaving towards Mo Wen.

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. The dagger Qi looked ferocious, but in reality, it was all just for show. It had almost no attack power.

He simply raised a finger and gently flicked it. The huge beam of dagger Qi instantly collapsed in front of him, disintegrating in the air.

“I’m not playing with you anymore.” Chen Zi rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. Then, sheathing her dagger, she actually jumped out of the challenge ring, directly admitting defeat.

“Thanks for today.” Chen Zi looked back at Mo Wen. Then, with jolly steps, she headed out of the Challenge Main Hall.

“Interesting.” Mo Wen curled the corner of his mouth. He never imagined that the tenth match would have such an ending.

“That’s it?” Wang Xiaoyuan widened her eyes in shock. She looked at Chen Zi, who had just jumped out of the challenge ring. A challenge ring challenge could actually be like this. Today was an eye-opener. This sort of thing that, if other people told her on a normal day, she probably would not believe, now had occurred right before her eyes!

Liu Shanshan looked speechlessly at the challenge ring. The solemn tenth challenge match, the challenge that determined the appearance of a King of the Ring, that involved tens of thousands of Contribution Credits, had such a ending. What had become of the world?!

“That girl has a good heart. She has a heart that knows gratitude.” A glint of praise flashed in Pei Fengwu’s eyes. Chen Zi going into the challenge ring was clearly not to challenge, but to intentionally give Mo Wen the Contribution Credits. She was a young woman who knew how to repay the kindness of others. To be able to unhesitantly give more than 60,000 Contribution Credits to another person also showed that her heart was generous.