Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 278

Chapter 278: You Are the One Who Likes Mo Wen

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Not only were Wang Xiaoyuan and company stupefied, but everyone below the challenge ring was also stupefied. It was rare for this kind of situation to happen in the challenge ring, especially in the tenth match with the highest reward. It was even possible that Chen Zi had done an unprecedented thing.

“Could that Chen Zi be interested in Mo Wen? How could she do this kind of thing? That is 60,000 Contribution Credits. She could be spending a huge amount to get the attention of a guy!”

“She is most probably interested in Mo Wen. Don’t you see that Mo Wen is young and capable, has relatively good looks, and has an outstanding disposition? Moreover, he is young with limitless prospects in the future. Even I am also a little tempted. That Chen Zi is really detestable.”

“You being tempted is useless, as he might not even look at you.”

“You say it as if he would look at you. The pot is calling the kettle black.”

“You say another word, I will tear your mouth apart.”

“I will say another hundred words, what can you do? I am not afraid of you.”

The area below the challenge ring was chaotic with different kinds of rumors. Women naturally gossiped, especially when they gathered together.

“A group of lunatics.” Wang Xiaoyuan glanced at those women whose discussions revolved around Mo Wen. She twitched her lips, and her eyes were full of disdain.

“Wang Xiaoyuan, are you interested in Mo Wen, too? You sound pretty sour,” Liu Shanshan teased and smiled.

“Nonsense, only ghosts will be interested in Mo Wen. I don’t like a man who’s younger than I am. You better stop talking nonsense.” Wang Xiaoyuan stared at Liu Shanshan fiercely like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

“Why are you so excited? You mean I have guessed correctly?” Liu Shanshan blinked and pretended to look like a truth had dawned upon her.

“Open that dirty mouth of yours again, and I will break off our friendship,” Wang Xiaoyuan said helplessly. She was never Liu Shanshan’s match when it came to bickering.

“Both of you better be careful. I think both of you have some interest in Mo Wen, or else your discussions wouldn’t always revolve around him. What’s good about that Mo Wen? He has a character like Mo Qingtian, unfaithful and heartless, fickle and flirtatious, discarding people after use. Those who are like him will definitely not have a good ending. Both of you better not be enthralled by his façade. A person who is mixing around with Mo Qingtian, how good can that person be?”

When Wang Xiaoyuan and Liu Shanshan were discussing Mo Wen, Shangguan Qingyou couldn’t help but to immediately put on a, “big sister trying to educate little sisters” look. She educated them not to be led astray, or they might end up harming themselves.

“I know!”

“I know!”

Wang Xiaoyuan and Liu Shanshan rolled their eyes simultaneously and answered in unison. They agreed quickly on the lips, but they had murmurs in their hearts. This crazy woman, Shangguan Qingyou, is here again. It’s the same every time. Could it be that her menopause has arrived in advance?

After completing ten matches of challenges, Mo Wen had gone through the ring challenge completely. The challenge consisted of only ten continual matches. They couldn’t continue after ten matches unless one intended to start from the first match again.

Being able to fight until the end was not surprising for Mo Wen, but he had too many unexpected things happening in the process of the challenge. Someone who would challenge in the ring like he did was rare in the entire history of Huatian Palace.

Wrapped in a mass of blue lights, Mo Wen’s figure appeared below the challenge ring.

In the meantime, his Vermilion Bird ring’s screen suddenly showed an increase of 168,000 Contribution Credits.

“Mo Wen, Congratulations.” Pei Fengwu walked to Mo Wen and said smiling, “Thank you for making the Fengwu team proud. Today, our team finally can hold our heads high.”

“I was only doing it for myself.” Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders without any intention of taking any credit. He went to the ring to fight, not for the sake of making Fengwu team proud, but merely to get Contribution Credits. There was no need for Pei Fengwu to be thankful to him.

Wang Xiaoyuan interrupted. “But you have made the Fengwu team proud, and that is a fact. Mo Wen, you don’t have to be modest. Just now Sister Fengwu was talking about rewarding you. Don’t you want the reward?”

Mo Wen being able to defeat Invisible Sabre Demon had enabled all the Four stars Executors of the Fengwu team to walk with their heads held high for once, so Mo Wen looked quite pleasing to her eyes now.

Mo Wen blinked. “There’s a reward? What reward?” Once he heard of a reward, the little bit of modesty and courtesy he had disappeared instantly. It’s a no-brainer not to reject things that would give you benefits. Furthermore, if it was Pei Fengwu’s reward, it would definitely be a good one.

“As for what reward, I haven’t thought of it yet.” Pei Fengwu spread out her hands with a look that showed she didn’t know what to give to Mo Wen. She looked at Mo Wen with a faint smile.

Mo Wen rolled his eyes, as his interest dwindled by half. He couldn’t be bothered talking about the reward any further.

After chit chatting with Pei Fengwu and company for a bit, Mo Wen walked out of the Challenge Main Hall without any intention of continuing with the challenge. The 168,000 Contribution Credits in his hands would be enough to last him for a while, so there was no need to waste time.

Today, he was definitely the center of attention. Many people had been watching him since the beginning and knew that his figure had disappeared from the Challenge Main Hall. Not long after, many people in the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall would know the name “Mo Wen.” The birth of a young expert who was a male would undoubtedly be a piece of very sensational news.

Wang Yinru glimpsed Mo Wen’s back and curled her lips into a smile before following him stealthily.

“Why was that Wang Yinru following Mo Wen?” Wang Xiaoyuan glimpsed Wang Yinru’s back quizzically. Although she didn’t say it aloud, she was murmuring in her heart. That Wang Yinru is more than 40 years old and is old enough to be Mo Wen’s mother. She can’t be interested in Mo Wen too, right?

“Wang Yinru obviously is ready to compete with you for Mo Wen. Aren’t you going to stop her? Otherwise, your Mo Wen will be snatched by another person.” Liu Shanshan teased and laughed. She also realized that Wang Yinru seemed to chase after Mo Wen.

“You’re talking nonsense. That was none of my business.” Wang Xiaoyuan stared at Liu Shanshan sternly.

“Both of you better practice hard and try to break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm sooner rather than later. Don’t mind others’ business all the time.”

Pei Fengwu laughed before turning around to leave the Challenge Main Hall.


As Mo Wen stepped out of the Challenge Main Hall, he immediately realized that someone was following him.

He raised his brows and closed his eyes to sense for a moment, then instantly he realized who was following him.

It was that woman again!

Mo Wen rolled his eyes. She was indeed in hot pursuit. He had already mentioned that he was not free to meddle with the other’s matter.

He looked around. Now he was back onto the massive altar and was surrounded by the six main halls.

Mo Wen’s eyes roved before he flashed into one of the main halls in the blink of an eye.

In the Practice Main Hall, everyone was in a respective cubicle to ensure that one wouldn’t be affected by another person’s practice.

Once in the Practice Main Hall, that Wang Yinru wouldn’t be able to follow him.

Indeed, when Wang Yinru realized that Mo Wen had disappeared from her eyes and quickly entered into the Practice Main Hall, she instantly stomped her foot, and with both hands on her waist said angrily, “That little son of a b*tch, avoiding me intentionally! Am I that frightening? You may run but you can’t hide. A monk may run away, but his temple remains. I will definitely catch you the next time.”

Wang Yinru stared at the Qi Circulation Hall in rage but could only reluctantly leave.

The dusky space in front of his eyes had dim lighting without much color. The emptiness in the surroundings seemed to be boundless and looked endless.

If a person were to walk in this space, he might never reach the end in his whole life.

In fact, this kind of space was an artificial virtual space and didn’t really exist. When one did something in it or walked for a long distance, in reality, he was in the same place, and his location had never changed.

This space in front of Mo Wen was a space in the Qi Circulation Hall. The Qi Circulation Hall would bring about a tremendous increase in the Inner Qi for the practitioners who practiced in it. The multiplied speed of the practice would allow the ancient martial art practitioner’s cultivation to advance at a tremendous pace.

Huatian Palace was able to have so many young experts to a great extent because it had the existence of the two main halls: the Qi Circulation Hall and the Wuxin Hall.

Only Huatian Palace had this kind of Immortal Cultivator’s tactic. It was almost impossible for normal ancient martial arts sects to have this condition.

Mo Wen had chosen the Qi Circulation Main Hall because during the fight previously, he had exhausted all his abilities and had fought to his fullest, which he had not done since awakening his memory. He had a moment of Qi Circulation sensation.

Being an ancient martial art practitioner in the Golden Elixir realm previously, Mo Wen naturally understood that little bit of Qi Circulation sensation was a sign of breaking through in Cultivation. Once it was being grasped, he would be able to progress to the next realm effortlessly. However, if he didn’t grasp it, he wouldn’t know when it would happen again.

Therefore, once Mo Wen got out of the Challenge Main Hall, he immediately went to the Qi Circulation Main Hall. With the help of the Qi Circulation Main Hall, he believed that he could break through to the later stage of the Qi Nucleation realm successfully.

In fact, although the degree of profoundness of Mo Wen’s Inner Qi was almost equivalent to the acme of the Qi Nucleation realm, the actual realm was only the intermediate stage of the Qi Nucleation realm. As he was practicing three different martial arts methods simultaneously, and all were rare divine techniques of this world, the Inner Qi of the three divine techniques had combined into one, so that’s how he had his present Cultivation.

Although practicing three martial arts methods simultaneously had quite a few advantages, the problem was that not everyone could do it. To most of the ancient martial art practitioners, practicing one martial art method was already very difficult, not to mention practicing three simultaneously.

Not only normal ancient martial art practitioners, but those prodigious geniuses also couldn’t possibly practice three martial arts methods simultaneously. Moreover, they were all exceptional divine techniques that were very difficult to practice.

Only Mo Wen, with two lifetimes of experiences, would dare to do such thing.

However, practicing three divine techniques simultaneously itself would be a challenge, and to him it was not an easy matter. The degree of difficulty for him to break through a level was way higher than those normal ancient martial art practitioners by dozens of degrees of magnitude.

If he were practicing one martial art method, Mo Wen could possibly have been in the Embryonic Breathing realm by now.

However, although practicing one martial art method could enable Mo Wen to break through the Cultivation rapidly, the potential was limited, as he was at most able to practice to the original level of Cultivation and would have difficulty progressing from there. Now, practicing three martial arts methods simultaneously, he would have the possibility of surpassing his original realm and could advance to higher levels.

Mo Wen sat on a cattail hassock and began to concentrate on his practice to find that Qi Circulation sensation. If he was able to find the sensation again, his Cultivation would probably advance to the next level.