Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 279

Chapter 279: Later Stage of Qi Nucleation Realm

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An unknown amount of time slowly passed in the dim, gray space.

Mo Wen sat cross-legged on the cattail hassock as a gentle gold, black, and green radiance flickered on his body.

For an ordinary ancient martial art practitioner, having different types of Inner Qi appearing in one body would be very weird and uncoordinated, and the different types of Qi would even possibly conflict with one another. However, when they appeared on Mo Wen, they were harmonious, interdependent, and integrated into one another. Everything was so natural.

After an unknown period of time, the multi-colored radiance gradually disappeared and integrated into Mo Wen’s body. Almost at the same time, Mo Wen abruptly opened his eyes, and the multi-colored, resplendent radiance suddenly flashed in them. The three colors were vying with one another for splendor and were filled with a brilliant yet threatening aura.

A terrifying aura surged and frantically rose in Mo Wen’s body. Waves of pressure formed gusts of strong wind that were blowing constantly within the gray space.

Finally, I’ve broken through to the later stage of the Qi Nucleation realm.

Mo Wen gradually stood up while the multi-colored, resplendent radiance gradually disappeared from his eyes. The terrifying aura on his body also gradually dispersed, and the power that was seen before no longer existed. He simply looked like a normal person who had not learned ancient martial arts.

He felt the rushing Inner Qi in his body. The strength of the Inner Qi had almost doubled, and the degree of its profoundness was at least equal to Invisible Sabre Demon’s. If he were to fight with her again, he would win effortlessly.

The longer one studied the ancient martial arts, the more difficult it was to break through to new levels of Cultivation. Getting from the intermediate stage of the Qi Nucleation realm to the later stage of the Qi Nucleation realm had taken a lot of Mo Wen’s time and effort. Furthermore, to a certain degree it had the accumulated effects of the Yin Yang Combined Cultivation he had practiced previously with Demoness Gong. Otherwise, based on his individual practice alone, it would have been impossible for him to have another breakthrough so quickly.

It was already so difficult to break through from the intermediate stage of the Qi Nucleation realm to the later stage, so the next step of breaking through from the later stage to the pinnacle would be even more difficult.

According to the normal path, it was impossible to accomplish in less than a few years. It had nothing to do with talent. Even a genius would need constant accumulation to achieve that kind of breakthrough.

However, Mo Wen did not have the time to practice slowly and wait several years only to break through to a level within his current realm. He needed to increase his strength as quickly as possible.

Therefore, his future path of practice couldn’t be the normal path. The method that could let him break through constantly within a short period of time, other than serendipitous encounters, would be those panaceas and miraculous medicines that could increase Cultivation.

For ordinary ancient martial art practitioners, getting those panaceas and miraculous medicines that could increase a practitioner’s realm directly would be more difficult than having those serendipitous encounters. Such pills were very rare, as there wasn’t a way to sell them, even though they were of great value. Consequently, it was impossible for those who had such precious pills to sell them to others.

However, it was different for Mo Wen. He was an alchemist who had been in the Immortal Cultivation Sect. Although he had only been an Alchemist boy, that experience was more than sufficient when applied to ancient martial arts.

However, the only problem was that while Mo Wen had the alchemic skills, he didn’t have a sufficient supply of medicinal herbs to concoct pills. One couldn’t make bricks without straw, so without the correct materials, even the best Alchemist couldn’t concoct the pills from nothing.

Mo Wen scratched his head over the problem of medicinal herbs, as this had always been his weakness. He couldn’t even obtain the normal precious medicinal herbs, not to mention those precious spiritual herbs and spiritual medicines.

As for making a trip alone to the deep mountains and virgin forests to find the medicinal herbs, the probability of success was too low. It was too difficult to determine if the herbs could be found.

After all, the ancient martial arts sects had some knowledge of medicinal skills, so they could recognize some precious medicinal herbs, especially those used to make spiritual medicines. While identifying those herbs was relatively easy for those with experience, it was extremely difficult for those without medicinal skills.

Therefore, once the spiritual medicines grew in the mountains, they would most likely be picked by nearby ancient martial arts sects, so there wouldn’t be any left for Mo Wen to pick. As for those spiritual medicines that were not picked, they were either hidden too well, or nobody had discovered the other places where they grew.

During his trip to Changbai Mountain, if he had not been lucky enough to meet Xu Qianqian, find the Blood Mushroom, and lure the elderly man in black—who subsequently revealed the whereabouts of the Flame Flower—it would have been impossible for Mo Wen to have made such big gains.

If he tried to repeat this type of serendipitous incident, he might not be so lucky.

When Mo Wen walked out of the Qi Circulation Main Hall, he realized that the Contribution Credits on his Vermilion Bird ring had quietly been reduced by 3,000. So, he had already been practicing in the Qi Circulation Main Hall for three days.

He walked out and recalled the Huatian Palace Redemption Main Hall. That was a structure found on the map of Huatian Palace. The Identity ring of every Huatian Palace Executor recorded some of Huatian Palace’s main structures. It was very easy to find different locations with the help of the structural images in the Vermilion Bird ring.

Mo Wen didn’t know this before because Mo Qingtian hadn’t told him. After he asked for Pei Fengwu’s help in looking for the Practice Main Hall, Pei Fengwu told him that he could find the respective location through the structural images in the Vermilion Bird ring.

Redemption Main Hall, as the name implied, was a place to redeem Contribution Credits.

The Executors of the Huatian Palace worked hard to earn Contribution Credits. Other than using them in the Practice Main Hall, they were generally used in the Redemption Main Hall to redeem practice items. The Redemption Main Hall attracted unlimited numbers of ancient martial art practitioners.

It was said that in the Redemption Main Hall, there would be things one couldn’t imagine, and there was never a thing that one couldn’t redeem. As long as one had sufficient Contribution Credits, one could redeem anything.

Mo Qingtian hadn’t brought Mo Wen to the Redemption Main Hall because Mo Wen hadn’t had any Contribution Credits at that time. He was afraid that if Mo Wen were to want something, Mo Qingtian might be the one footing the bill, so he might as well not bring Mo Wen there.

Mo Wen naturally couldn’t do anything except secretly scold Mo Qingtian for being stingy.

Mo Wen didn’t know how to get the Redemption Main Hall by himself. However, with Pei Fengwu’s guidance and a large amount of Contribution Credits at hand, he could go to the Redemption Main Hall to have a look.

If he could redeem a few stalks of spiritual herbs and spiritual medicines, it would be a pleasant surprise. However, that possibility was slim. Huatian Palace was filled with ancient martial art practitioners, but very few of them were able to concoct pills. Even if there were people who could concoct pills, they would probably be normal Alchemists who could only concoct some normal medicines.

For them to use the spiritual medicines to concoct pills would be simply a waste of resources. Because Huatian Palace had a background with the Immortal Cultivators, the palace naturally wouldn’t give out such precious spiritual medicines to be wasted.

Therefore, Mo Wen didn’t have much hope of finding what he wanted. However, he figured it wouldn’t hurt to take a look and see what the Redemption Main Hall had to offer.

The Redemption Main Hall was situated at Yuheng Peak. In fact, the Redemption Main Hall, Mission Main Hall, and a few other main halls were on top of Yuheng Peak. The four Executor Palace Halls of Huatian Palace were also located at the peak, which happened to be the only intersection among the Executor Palace Halls.

Following the directions on the map, Mo Wen quickly found the Redemption Main Hall. People were bustling in and out, so Mo Wen’s presence was not noticed. As the Redemption Main Hall was a place shared by the four Executor Palace Halls, the presence of both males and females was a normal thing.

The Redemption Main Hall had a magnificent view and was just as big as the enormous Mission Main Hall. Rather than referring to the area as a main hall, it would be better described as a group of interconnected halls with different functions.

Mo Wen wandered around the Redemption Main Hall and discovered that there was a system of different levels that were clearly separated.

For instance, the Three stars Executors had an exclusive Three stars Executors’ Redemption Main Hall to redeem items in. The Four stars Executors had an exclusive Four stars Executors’ Redemption Main Hall, and the Five stars Executors had an exclusive Five stars Executors’ Redemption Main Hall to redeem items in…

Every level of Executors would have a different Redemption Main Hall. The lower-level Executors couldn’t go to the higher-level Executor’s Redemption Main Halls, but the higher-level Executors could go to the lower-level Redemption Main Halls to redeem items.

The clear separation of levels and authorities could encourage the Executors of Huatian Palace to work harder in their practice in order to become Executors of a higher level.

In actual fact, even if those lower-level Executors could go to the higher-level Redemption Main Halls, they probably would not to be able to redeem anything. This was because the prices of the items in the higher-level Redemption Main Halls would definitely be very high, so they were probably something that the lower-level Executors couldn’t afford.

Mo Wen walked into the Four stars Executors’ Redemption Main Hall to discover that it was huge. The surrounding walls had scrolling lines of words on them. They were all the names of the items with an explanation of their function and the price required to redeem them.

Mo Wen walked forward to take a careful look at those items. After reading line after line, he started to be disappointed. In the Redemption Main Hall, most of the items were normal things that Four stars Executors would use. However, to Mo Wen, the items were like food that had no flavor. They were of little value and interest to him, yet it would be a pity to throw them away.

For instance, there was a precious pill on the list that had an 80 percent possibility of increasing a level for an ancient martial art practitioner in the Sea of Qi realm, but the same pill only had a 30 percent chance of increasing the level of an ancient martial art practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm.

In terms of efficacy, it was way lower than Mo Wen’s Vigor Consolidating Pill. After all, the Vigor Consolidating Pill was able to allow an ancient martial art practitioner in the Sea of Qi realm a 100 percent possibility of breaking through to a higher level. If they had good aptitude, they had the possibility of breaking through two levels consecutively.

The efficacy was so strong for an ancient martial art practitioner in the Sea of Qi realm, so its efficacy was naturally not too bad when it was used by an ancient martial art practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm. If it was used by an ancient martial art practitioner in the extreme of the Qi Nucleation realm who was at the verge of breaking through, the success rate could be increased by 50 percent. Therefore, the pill offered in the Redemption Main Hall was basically useless for Mo Wen.

However, when placed in the Four stars Executors’ Redemption Main Hall, the pill was considered a very precious item. The price was exceptionally high, requiring 60,000 Contribution Credits.

To an Executor in the Qi Nucleation realm, 60,000 Contribution Credits was a relatively huge fortune. One might not be able to earn this amount, even if he were to perform missions consecutively for half a year. The price required to buy a pill was definitely not a small one.