Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 283

Chapter 283: Adoptive Mother

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Once he reached the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation Realm, stepping into the Embryonic Breathing Realm would just be a matter of time.

In the end, when Mo Wen had just walked to the Teleportation Main Hall and was preparing to be teleported out of the area where the Huatian Palace was, he accidentally bumped into someone.

Perhaps it wasn’t an accident at all, and the person had bumped into him intentionally.

“Mo Wen, we meet again.” Wang Yinru smiled and walked up to Mo Wen, unapologetically blocking his path. This little b*stard had ditched her last time. This time around she had caught him.

“I am not interested in your problems!” Mo Wen felt a headache coming on. This woman was truly lingering around him, bothering him to no end. There were so many experts in the Huatian Palace. He did not believe that he held any advantage that would make him the best person to deal with her problems.

Wang Yinru laughed and said, “You don’t even know what the problem is. How do you know you won’t be interested?” She had no intention of letting Mo Wen go. In order to catch Mo Wen, she had waited in the Teleportation Main Hall for four days.

“I am very busy,” Mo Wen said somewhat helplessly.

Wang Yinru threw a charming wink at Mo Wen. “Let us look for a place to talk, then you can make your decision. How’s that? Can we?” Her voice sounded more delicate, and she was acting coquettishly, as though she was with her lover. Wang Yinru silently felt sinful in her heart seducing a youth that was young enough to be her son. However, to get Mo Wen on board, she threw caution to the wind.

Wasn’t it said that all youths had something of an Oedipus complex? Since she displayed her charm as a mature woman, it was impossible to not have any effect on him, right?

“What exactly is it?” Mo Wen rolled his eyes and murmured “crazy” to himself. Do I look like someone who could be seduced?

“Follow me.” Wang Yinru grabbed Mo Wen by the arm and stepped into the teleporting stratagem. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared from the Huatian Palace. With many people passing by, the Teleportation Main Hall was naturally not a suitable place for discussion.

Mo Wen and Wang Yinru stood on the pinnacle of a snowy mountain peak. There were still snowy mountains outside of the Huatian Palace. Everything within view was white. The surroundings were quiet, with snow falling gently from the sky.

“Say it. What is your goal?” Mo Wen said, staring at Wang Yinru. This woman had pestered him a few times. He was rather curious as to what was up her sleeve.

After hesitating for a moment, Wang Yinru said, “Please do me a favor. I can give you a reward that will be enough to satisfy you.”

“Why me?” Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. He didn’t ask what the favor was. Instead, he went straight to the crux of the matter.

If she said that she fancied his ability, he surely would not believe it. There were so many capable people in the Huatian Palace, anyone else could be chosen if she was looking at their abilities.

Wang Yinru blinked at Mo Wen, and her mouth curled into a smile. “That is because you are young enough. Your age is very suitable to be my son.”

Young enough to be her son!

Upon hearing this, Mo Wen’s mouth twitched. A thought surfaced in Mo Wen’s mind. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry thinking about it. What kind of reason is this? It couldn’t be that she has taken a liking to me, and wants to take me as an adopted son?

Wang Yinru continued, “Of course, it is also because your ability is strong enough. Although the Huatian Palace has many experts who are strong, those who are both young and have strong ability are hard to find. Up ’til now, you are the most suitable one I’ve found.”

Her interest in Mo Wen naturally was for a reason, and apparently it was because Mo Wen suited her criteria the best.

Mo Wen laughed dryly and said, “Wait, my age is very suitable to be your son? You can’t be…”

Wang Yinru’s words just now were weird no matter how he heard it.

Wang Yinru examined Mo Wen’s face. “Yes. If you would impersonate my son, it would be perfect.” Her eyes welled up with a gentleness that was rarely seen and could not be faked.

“You sure you are not joking?” Mo Wen was momentarily speechless. He had heard of impersonating husbands, boyfriends, and parents, but he had never heard of impersonating sons…

“Of course. Can’t you just agree? I promise I will be very gentle, always being a qualified mother.” Wang Yinru grabbed onto Mo Wen’s hand, acting coquettishly as she said, “If you feel embarrassed about impersonating my son, you can acknowledge me as your adoptive mother. Then we can officially be mother and son in the future.”

Mo Wen pulled his hand away from Wang Yinru’s grasp, saying adamantly, “I won’t.” Be her son? What a joke! Pestering people and asking them to be her son… this person is too eccentric!

Could it be that this woman lost her son many years ago, and longing for her son, kidnapped people of suitable age to replace him? She hasn’t gone completely mad, has she?

“If you refuse, I will spread false rumors in the Huatian Palace. I will say that you are my long lost son, but that you are cold and heartless, and don’t want to acknowledge me as your mother.”

Wang Yinru was worthy of being a woman. Very quickly she had unleashed the woman’s skill of pestering and blackmailing. Whether it was creating right and wrong, gossip, scandalous news, or what not, none were better at it than they were.

Mo Wen looked at Wang Yinru, speechless. A feeling of powerlessness welled up inside of him. There are actually people like this in the world?! “You also know that it is just a rumor…”

“Could it be you have not heard the saying that three men make a tiger? Once the number of people who have heard the rumor increases, it will naturally be considered to be true. Also, rumors that spread among women spread very fast. I dare guarantee that by the end of the day, everyone in the Huatian Palace will know that you are my son.”

Wang Yinru smiled as she said, “You had better consider carefully. If you offend me, the consequences will be severe.”

Mo Wen said helplessly, “Acknowledging you as my adoptive mother is impossible. You’d better get down to business.”

Wang Yinru was at most in her 40’s. His two lifetimes of memories combined would also be around 40 years of age. His mental age was not that of a youth. Also, he had a biological mother at home.

Wang Yinru smiled as she said, “Then you agree to impersonate my son?”

Although Mo Wen said it was impossible to acknowledge her as his adoptive mother, he did not say that it was impossible to impersonate her son. His tone clearly had signs of softening.

Mo Wen said plainly, “Tell me what the matter is first. If I cannot do it, then I can only say sorry. Also, I am a man of principle. If the reward is not enough to satisfy me, I will not do it.”

Wang Yinru laughed and said, “Uh hmm, so young and so utilitarian already. Not getting up early without benefits. That isn’t like an obedient youth. Did your mother not teach you that helping others is the fountain of happiness?”

Mo Wen replied, “If you are gonna talk nonsense, don’t blame me for walking away. I dare guarantee that you will absolutely not be able to catch me.”

Wang Yinru rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. “Okay, okay. Mother will give in a bit. You are not obedient at all.” He was not old, but he acted like a small old man. Who taught him to act that way?

Wang Yinru’s expression turned serious. “Do you know the Dafang Sect?” Once she mentioned the Dafang Sect, her eyes revealed complicated emotions.

A glint of surprise flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. “The Dafang Sect? I know a little about it.”

He would probably not know about other ancient martial art sects, but he surely knew about the Dafang Sect. That was because he had killed a Dafang Sect Qi Nucleation Realm elder, and hence, started a feud with the sect.

After that, the people from the Dafang Sect had seemingly come to Hua Xia University to find him, but Old Man Wei, who was guarding Hua Xia University, had blocked them and sent them off. After that, there had not been any news about the sect, so he did not know whether the sect was still seeking him for revenge or not.

Of course, even if the Dafang Sect was looking for him, they would probably have a hard time finding him.

“What if I told you that you could become the head of the Dafang Sect if you help me complete this task. Would you be willing?” Wang Yinru looked Mo Wen in the eyes, seeming as though she wanted to know what his true thoughts were.

Mo Wen gave Wang Yinru a surprised glance. “Head of the Dafang Sect?” How could she make him the head of the Dafang Sect?

Mo Wen sighed deeply, still shaking his head. “Not interested.” Right now, practicing was still his utmost priority. What use was becoming the head of the Dafang Sect? If he had Cultivation in the Golden Elixir realm, he could completely ignore the Dafang Sect.

“Not interested?” When she heard this, Wang Yinru rolled her eyes. He was uninterested in being the head of an entire sect. Then what exactly was he interested in?

Wang Yinru patiently explained to Mo Wen, “The Dafang Sect was one of the large sects in the ancient martial arts world. Their influence was not small, with 3,000 to 4,000 disciples under their banner. Although they cannot compare to the Ten Great Sects, the power of the Dafang Sect in the ancient martial arts world is first rate.”

There are actually people who are reluctant to become the head of a sect. What has become of the world? Why has a person like Mo Wen appeared?

Mo Wen still remained unmoved. “What does that have to do with me?” He personally had no concept of sects. Whether he became a sect leader or not, for him it was something that was of no consequence. In his eyes, becoming a sect leader just meant he had a little more influence in his hands, but what would he want the influence for? If an ancient martial art practitioner had high enough Cultivation, one person was enough to match a sect.

Wang Yinru looked at Mo Wen incredulously. She could only continue persuading him using a different perspective. “What have you been busting your a** earning Contribution Credits for?”

“For practice.” Mo Wen looked strangely at Wang Yinru. This question was too idiotic. Which Huatian Palace Executor wasn’t doing it for practice?

“Then let me tell you. If you become the sect leader, you basically do not need to earn Contribution Credits on your own. The Dafang Sect’s resources are enough for your practice. Also, every year, the amount of Contribution Credits the Dafang Sect earns from trade with the Huatian Palace is almost always more than 5,000,000. You could not earn as much alone even if you spent ten years of effort.”

Wang Yinru had given a very realistic example. In reality, if Mo Wen could become the head of the Dafang Sect, he essentially would not need to worry about resources for practice and would be able to solely focus on it. As the head of a sect, what could he not get? After all, the Dafang Sect was a large sect. The sect’s resources weren’t something that an individual person’s resources could compare with.

“Sounds about right.” Many people never had such a generous offer. However, now that she had placed such an offer in front of Mo Wen, he was still not completely convinced.

Only upon hearing this did Mo Wen suddenly understand. He had not considered this aspect before.

If he could claim the Dafang Sect’s resources as his own, it would be really good. It just so happened that he was lacking resources now. Otherwise, his Cultivation would have ascended to the next level.