Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 284

Chapter 284: Wang Clans Murder Case

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It was no wonder that Mo Wen had not thought of it before, since he had always gone about things all alone. He had never been a sect leader before, so he hadn’t previously thought about things from a broader perspective.

“Has your heart been moved?” Wang Yinru’s lips curled up into a smile. She had been afraid that Mo Wen would not be moved and would not view the situation as anything important. Since he was moved, everything would be simple.

“I’m afraid it isn’t that simple right?” Mo Wen was indeed moved. However, he would not completely lose all logic. The Dafang Sect did not even have any relation to him. Hence, how could they ask him to become the sect leader? Moreover, since the Dafang Sect was such a major sect, their powers had to be rather strong.

From what he knew, there were at least a few ancient martial art practitioners in the Embryonic Breathing realm taking the lead in the Dafang Sect, so why would they get an unknown lad to become the sect leader?

“Smart!” Wang Yinru snapped her fingers and did not hold back her praise for Mo Wen. Being the sect leader of the Dafang Sect was not an easy task, indeed.

Wang Yinru smiled and said, “Whether or not you will be able to become the sect leader of the Dafang Sect still depends on your abilities. I can only provide you with the opportunity. However, with your abilities, it should not be too difficult. Don’t worry, since I’ve already come looking for you, you definitely have a very high chance.”

Mo Wen’s abilities were comparable to a master in the Embryonic Breathing realm’s. Competing for the position of sect leader of the Dafang Sect would not pose much of a problem.

“Just based on my abilities?” Mo Wen looked at Wang Yinru oddly. The Dafang Sect had a few masters in the Embryonic Breathing realm. If they were only ancient martial art practitioners in the beginning of the Embryonic Breathing realm, he would still be able to go against them. However, if they were ancient martial art practitioners in the intermediate stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm, he would not be able to emerge victorious.

Wang Yinru rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. “Of course, I’ve already told you that everything is possible with youthfulness. Why do you not have confidence in yourself?”

The Dafang Sect was a major sect and would not be won over so easily. Moreover, taking over someone else’s sect should be done by someone of a reasonable status. Otherwise, what right did he have to become the sect leader? Mo Wen said calmly, “You should really come clean. I won’t be blindly fool around with you.”

“Are you really still afraid that I will sell you out? Alright, take a seat and listen to me carefully.” Wang Yinru pulled Mo Wen aside to take a seat. She waved her arm, and a wave of cold air rushed over them. On the snowy ground, there were suddenly two hassocks that were made of ice. Mo Wen and Wang Yinru then proceeded to sit down.

When talking about her story, Wang Yinru was not as relaxed as she had been before. Her tone had become more solemn and no wonder; this was concerning a secret about the Dafang Sect that had happened a long time ago.

Hundreds of years ago, a total of five ancestral masters created the Dafang Sect. Back then, the five of them were masters in the Embryonic Breathing realm. Their Cultivation was amazing, and even in the world of ancient martial art practitioners, they were very impressive.

Hence, the five of them developed the Dafang Sect into a major sect within a short period of time, and their powers became stronger and stronger.

Since there were five people who had created the Dafang Sect, there were also five aristocratic families within the sect. Each was made up of the descendants of each founding ancestral master. The people in the five families took up half of all the Dafang Sect’s land. The sect leaders throughout history had always been chosen from within those five great families.

The sect leader of the Dafang Sect was different from other sect leaders. The position was always undertaken by a strong youth. As for the older generation of ancient martial art practitioners, they were focused on Cultivation and did not meddle with the miscellaneous affairs of the sect. Every generation sect leader of the Dafang Sect was younger than 50 years of age.

Hence, with every two decades that passed, the Dafang Sect would have a grand selection for the next sect leader. However, only outstanding candidates from the five great families had the right to participate in the selection. The most outstanding one out of the youths of the five great families would then become the new sect leader.

After taking over as sect leader, there would be a selection held every 20 years to select the new sect leader.

However, on a night 18 years ago, the Dafang Sect was faced with a mishap. A sect leader who had just taken over passed away in an accident. Moreover, out of the original five great families, they were suddenly short one and were only left with four. That was because one of the great families had completely disappeared from the face of the Earth.

The great family that had disappeared completely was the family of the sect leader who had died only months after becoming the sect leader.

“On that night 18 years ago, one of the great families of the Dafang Sect, the Wang Clan, died in an explosion. The clan included 187 people, and not a single one of them survived.”

Wang Yinru inhaled deeply, and a look of hatred flashed in her eyes.

Mo Wen looked at Wang Yinru. “A power struggle?” In normal circumstances, when there were multiple powers within a single sect, there was a usually power struggle that would result in murder cases.

Wang Yinru was silent as she nodded. If it were not for the power struggle, her family would not have been killed off completely. Back then, the sect leader of the Dafang Sect was her older brother. It was a pity that her older brother had only been the sect leader for a few months before being murdered, followed by the entire Wang Clan being massacred.

“Back then, I wasn’t in the sect, so fortunately, I escaped. However, the mastermind behind all that has not given up on hunting me down and killing me. Yet, my luck has been rather good. When I had nowhere else to run, I met a benefactor who brought me into Huatian Palace to become an Executor. That was how I managed to escape the mastermind.”

Recalling the past, Wang Yinru’s face had become frighteningly dark.

“Do you know who did it?” Mo Wen asked.

“Of course I do. It was the Jiang Clan, who is also one of the five great families of the Dafang Sect. In reality, the Dafang Sect is currently in the hands of the Jiang Clan. The other three families are merely for display. If everything goes as planned, this year’s sect leader selection will also be won by a person from the Jiang Clan.”

With regards to the situation with the Dafang Sect, Wang Yinru was naturally very clear about it. After that night, not only had the Wang Clan been murdered, the other three great families had also lost their power in the sect, even though they had not been murdered.

He related it to what Wang Yinru had said before, and her asking him to pose as her son allowed Mo Wen to instantly guess her intentions. “You mean that you hope for me to represent your Wang Clan to go for the sect leader selection and take over the position?” Mo Wen rolled his eyes. How could the two of them affect an entire sect of people?

Only people in the five great families had the right to participate in that so-called sect leader selection. Although the Wang Clan had been wiped out many years before, and there were not many survivors, as long as Wang Yinru was still alive, the Wang Clan could continue to exist. However, just the two of them going against an entire sect made the possibility of winning close to zero.

Wang Yinru nodded and said, “That’s right, as long as you can achieve the position of leader of the Dafang Sect, you will be the rightful sect leader.”

“Don’t you think the possibility of it happening is too low?” Mo Wen looked at Wang Yinru incredulously. This woman was thinking too simply. If things were so easy, their Wang Clan would not have been murdered back then. Even with one of them as the sect leader, they had still been massacred. What use was it even if he were able to get the position as the sect leader?

Wang Yinru clenched her fist tightly. “Even if there is only a slim chance, I will not give up.” In the murder that had wiped out her clan, countless loved ones had died. How would she be able to forget the haunting hatred? She even wanted to take revenge in her dreams.

Mo Wen did not hold back in dousing Wang Yinru’s hopes. “To put it bluntly, you are just looking for death based on your abilities.” Within the Dafang Sect, there were definitely masters in the Embryonic Breathing realm taking the lead. It did not seem like there was just one, either. What waves could the two of them create? Wouldn’t forging ahead foolishly just be digging their own graves?

Internally, he was amazed at how there was indeed so much enmity in the world of ancient martial arts. There were murder cases everywhere, and there were a bunch of people dying every day.

“If I’m digging my own grave, then so be it.” Wang Yinru glared at Mo Wen fiercely. “Anyway, your ability is even better than that of ancient martial art practitioners in the Embryonic Breathing realm. By that time if things go awry, you can just run away directly. I believe nobody in the Dafang Sect would stop you.”

She could not give up no matter what. She had already waited 20 years, and she did not want to go on waiting. Moreover, it was not like she did not have any plans to ensure success. Naturally, she had her own reasons for choosing to strike during the sect leader selection.

“I don’t like doing meaningless things.” Mo Wen rolled his eyes. If he did something that he did not have confidence in, wasn’t it a waste of time?

She knew that she had to convince Mo Wen. Only then could this plan be executed. Wang Yinru inhaled deeply and looked at Mo Wen as she said, “I can compensate you. How can the things that you do not have any meaning? Even if you cannot become the sect leader of the Dafang Sect, I can compensate you in other aspects. For example, in terms of Contribution Credits, I have more than enough. I can even tell you the method of cultivating the Cold Ice Domain. I believe you should know how valuable the Cold Ice Domain is.”

“Cold Ice Domain?” Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. That had caught his attention. “I can consider.”

He had witnessed the strength of the Cold Ice Domain for himself. It was comparable to an Absolute Rank martial arts technique. Moreover, with his Yin Qi, the execution of the Cold Ice Domain would definitely be enhanced.

“I can teach you the Cold Ice Domain. What else is there to consider? Do you really want me to sell myself to you before you will agree?” Wang Yinru glared at Mo Wen fiercely. This little b*stard was sneaky, indeed. From what it appeared, it seemed as though he did not think it was enough. He was really a little b*stard…

Upon hearing that, Mo Wen hurriedly waved his hands in denial and was desperately shaking his head. “Don’t be like that. I wouldn’t want it even if you forced it onto me, and you still want to sell yourself to me…”

“You really want to anger me to death!” Wang Yinru’s face was dark, and she just wanted to stuff Mo Wen’s head into a toilet bowl for three days and three nights.

“How many ancient martial art practitioners in the Embryonic Breathing realm are there in the Dafang Sect?” Mo Wen suddenly had a solemn expression. As the saying went, if you understood yourself and your enemy, any battle could be won.

In reality, he was just trying to gauge the situation. Going ahead into the Dafang Sect was such a huge risk just for the Cold Ice Domain. It might not be worth it. If there were not many masters in the Dafang Sect, there was no harm in going in to make a few rounds. However, if there were too many masters, he was afraid that he would not agree to her proposition.

It was said that gentlemen would not stand by danger. He had always thought of himself as a gentleman, and if something was too risky, he would not be willing to do it.

“Three of them, but they are all just in the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm. They are not much threat to you.” Wang Yinru gave Mo Wen a side-glance. She could tell exactly what Mo Wen was thinking. How was he so unwilling to be taken advantage of even at such a young age?