Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 285

Chapter 285: One-Month Agreement

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“There are only three in the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm? Are you hiding something?”

Surprise flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes as he thought that a big sect like the Dafang Sect should at least have an expert in the intermediate stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm. If there were only three in the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm, that was not much of a threat to him.

Wang Yinru curled her lips and chuckled. “Don’t worry. I will not hide anything. I won’t be harming my own son. I want to make sure somebody will take care of me when I am old.”

“This is only an impersonation. You’d better get that straight,” Mo Wen clarified seriously.

“Isn’t an impersonated son still a son? Good son, mother will not harm you.” The corners of Wang Yinru’s mouth curled into a satisfied smile as she finally could walk with her head held high for once. She could only blame this young guy for being so mean to the core.

“We need to discuss a serious matter. When will the selection of the Dafang Sect’s leader begin? Let me forewarn you, just in case things don’t work out, if the Jiang Clan’s power is beyond estimation, I will immediately walk away and won’t meddle with this matter,” Mo Wen said stoically. It was only a deal between Wang Yinru and him, and he wouldn’t risk his life for a deal.

Wang Yinru nodded slightly. “Okay. If things don’t work out, I naturally won’t force you into it. Furthermore, if you perform well and are eminent during the competition for sect leader, I will have more confidence.”

The crux of the matter continued to be Mo Wen being able to win the position of Dafang Sect’s leader. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible to act without the proper status and authority. Of course, she almost had a 100 percent confidence in Mo Wen. Those who were vying for sect leader were all new talents selected from the young men of the Dafang Sect. Those people were at most in the Cultivation of the Qi Nucleation realm, but none were in the horrifying Embryonic Breathing realm.

Whereas, Mo Wen was a strong one who could counter an expert in the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm. It was an effortless matter for him to fight with those young strong ones from the Dafang Sect.

“How confident are you?”

Mo Wen looked at Wang Yinru curiously, as he couldn’t understand why under such circumstances she still was confident that just the two of them, loners without any backing, could defeat the clan that was controlling the Dafang Sect.

“At least 30 percent,” Wang Yinru answered after being silent for a moment. In actual fact, she knew that the chance of success was slim, as the Jiang Clan had been in control of the Dafang Sect for dozens of years. It would definitely be difficult.

Furthermore, the probability of 30 percent was based on the fact that she was able to break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm. If she was unable to break through, the probability of success was basically almost negligible.

“Within a month, it will be possible for me to break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm. By then, I will have at least 30 percent confidence.”

Mo Wen rolled his eyes. “It is only 30 percent after you have broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm?” How could it be so easy to break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm?

Moreover, she had to complete the breakthrough within a month. Although Wang Yinru’s Cultivation was equivalent to that old bastard of the Qin Clan’s, Mo Wen felt the probability of her breaking through to the Embryonic Breathing realm within a month was probably less than 30 percent.

Qin Clan’s old fellow had worked hard for more than 20 years and yet was unable to break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm.This showed the difficulty level in progressing to the Embryonic Breathing realm.

With Wang Yinru’s talent, there was a great possibility of breaking through to the Embryonic Breathing realm. However, to break through within a month was almost impossible unless there was a fortuitous encounter.

“Don’t worry. Since I dared to look for you, I naturally have confidence. If I am unable to break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm within a month, this matter will be temporarily dropped, and I will still give you the practice method of the Cold Ice Domain. If I have progressed to the Embryonic Breathing realm successfully, you will make a trip to the Dafang Sect with me.”

Wang Yinru was quite confident, and her confidence was naturally not based on nothing. It was based on the success of years of hard work. For the past three to four years, she had been challenging in the Challenge Main Hall with the purpose of earning Contribution Credits. With her Cultivation and the power of the Cold Ice Domain, she was able to add a huge sum of Contribution Credits to her own pockets every month.

After few years of hard work, she had accumulated a fortune of tens of millions of Contribution Credits. Using these Contribution Credits and some connections, she was able to find a Seven stars Executor in Huatian Palace to help her redeem a precious profundity panacea at the Redemption Main Hall for the Seven Stars Executors.

Profundity panacea was a high-level pill in the Huatian Palace which had a very strong effect on the ancient martial arts practitioner in the Golden Elixir realm. It was said that it would increase the success rate of breaking through to the Embryonic Breathing realm by 60 percent. Although a profundity panacea was worth more than 20,000,000 Contribution Credits, which was almost all of her savings, it was definitely worth it if it was possible to break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm.

Hence, Wang Yinru dared to say that she could break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm within a month.

“Alright.” Mo Wen nodded slightly. If Wang Yinru was able to break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm successfully, it would naturally change things. With Wang Yinru’s talent and the power of the Cold Ice Domain, once she broke through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, even those ordinary ancient martial art practitioners in the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm wouldn’t be her match, and she could immediately challenge those ancient martial art practitioners in the intermediate stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm.

Once they both realized the benefits to be had from the arrangement, they agreed that after one month, if Wang Yinru had successfully broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, they would go to the Dafang Sect to vie for the position of the sect leader.

After leaving Wang Yinru, Mo Wen returned to the capital that very day through the special access of Huatian Palace.

The day after Mo Wen had escaped from Envoy Guiluo, the Qin Clan’s door was completely closed. They refused any guests visitation and even completely blocked the spreading of the news of that day in which Mo Wen had found trouble with the Qin Clan and caused serious damage.

The Qin Clan rarely contacted those ancient martial art influences in the capital, and even refused to mention the political marriage with the Wang Clan. The Wang Clan sent their people to the Qin Clan to inquire about it, but they were constantly evaded. Sometimes, the person in charge at the Qin Clan was nowhere to be seen so that they could turn away those people from the Wang Clan.

After many attempts, the Wang Clan realized that the Qin Clan seemed to have changed their mind and was unwilling to have a political marriage with the Wang Clan.

In a fit of anger, the people of the Wang Clan completely annulled the political marriage with the Qin Clan and changed their attitude towards the Qin Clan from warm to cold.

However, the Qin Clan basically disregarded the Wang Clan’s attitude and continued to stick to their own course of doing something unknown.

At this moment, there were two people sitting cross-legged in a spacious room in a corner of the Qin Clan’s backyard. Both were elderly old men but their eyes were beaming with radiance and didn’t show any sign of aging.

The two persons were none other than the Qin Clan’s eldest great grandfather and the strong one of the Heretic Way, Envoy Guiluo, who had appeared weirdly in the Qin Clan.

Qin Clan’s eldest great grandfather held a cup of green tea in his hand while looking at Envoy Guiluo and asked, “Envoy Guiluo, the Qin Clan has done whatever you have requested. When will you help me to break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm?”

He was not interested in other matters. He also didn’t care about the risks involved for the Qin Clan helping the Heretic forces to do some secret things. He was only concerned whether he could break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm and attain his own dream realm of martial arts.

If there was sufficient strength, there wouldn’t be any fear regarding the rest of the matters.

“Old man Qin Guang, we want to work long term with the Qin Clan, so naturally we’ll fulfil our promise. You will break through in no time if Lord Malicious Spirit is to show his ability. However, this is not the time yet. Lord Malicious Spirit has more important things at hand and doesn’t have time to handle your matter. However, don’t you worry, as we will naturally get it done since we have promised you.”

Envoy Guiluo cast a look at the Qin Clan’s eldest great grandfather, Qin Guang. His eyes were full of reverence when he spoke about Lord Malicious Spirit.

“I hope so.”

Since the decision was already made, Qin Guang was on the path of no return and could only play it by ear as they dealt with the Heretic force.

However, he knew that this Heretic force was extremely strong to an extent that he couldn’t imagine. Over the past few days, he had met a few experts in the Embryonic Breathing realm, but these experts were only gang leaders in the Heretic force and seemingly had low positions.

In layman’s terms, they were just gofers.

Hence, Qin Guang trusted this Heretic force very much, as such a terrifying force would naturally not deceive him, a clan leader of a small clan.

“Oh yes, have you checked on the youngster’s background from the last time?”

Qin Guang seemed to have thought of something. He lifted his head up suddenly to look at Envoy Guiluo as radiance flashed in his eyes.

“It was very strange. We couldn’t find anything on this youngster’s background. He seemed like a normal youngster, and his experience was no difference from a normal person’s, but he is definitely not simple.”

Envoy Guiluo heard his words and puzzlement flashed in his eyes. A person with only the Cultivation of the Qi Nucleation realm, yet he could run away from me. How could he be simple?

However, when Envoy Guiluo was investigating that youngster, he was amazed to realize that he had found almost nothing. He only knew that he was Mo Wen with an unknown family background, who used to study in First High School in the capital and lost an advantage in the university entry examination. However, he still managed to get into Hua Xia University through some connections.

All his life experiences didn’t seem to have any strange areas and were the same as an ordinary person’s. However, the strange thing was that such a normal youngster could have such frightening strength. Not only was he at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm at such a young age, but he also had such shocking fighting power. Even he wouldn’t dare to say that he could do anything to that youngster.

The stranger thing was that with their intelligence system, they were unable to find out about the youngster’s status and background. Everything seemed to be an enigma with simply no trace or trails.

“He is Mo Wen and didn’t seem to study in primary school. When he was studying in the First High School in the capital, he was that kind of normal person who was bullied by his classmates. However, we couldn’t find anything about his status and background. Even if he were an orphan, we would be able to find out who his parents were, the kind of status and experiences he had, but we just couldn’t find any information about Mo Wen.”

Envoy Guiluo shook his head as this matter was too weird. Normally, the stranger a matter was, the less simple it would be. “How is that Qin Xiaoyou related to him?”

Qin Guang inhaled deeply, and a nuance flickered in his eyes when he heard the brief report and Envoy Guiluo’s question. Regarding Qin Xiaoyou’s matter, he had only heard about it after the incident. In actual fact, he had not been managing the Qin Clan’s matters for dozens of years now, so he didn’t know about the case of Qin Xiaoyou’s father.

However, it was already meaningless to talk about that matter.