Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 286

Chapter 286: Concocting Vigor Cultivating Pills

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“That Qin Xiaoyou seems to be Mo Wen’s girlfriend. That’s why I said that your Qin clan has offended a troublesome person.”

Envoy Guiluo looked deeply at Qin Guang. He had not told him that the day he chased Mo Wen to kill him, not only did he not succeed, but he had even came back injured. After an incident such as that, he naturally would not disgrace himself by telling him.

Although the youth’s cultivation was not high, he had a terrifying ability. Even if he were to directly confront him, he would not necessarily be able to get the upper hand.

“Also, we can’t do anything, even if we wanted. Ever since the day Qin Xiaoyou left the Qin clan, she has been cooped up in the school, almost never going out. Hua Xia University is under the protection of a special power. If we take liberties and enter it to capture her, we will surely arouse suspicions, which will be detrimental to our plans.”

That Qin Xiaoyou could not be caught now. Before this, he had sent people to try, but they discovered that the people in Hua Xia University seemed to have taken notice of her long ago, giving her special protection. Thus, they had no way of capturing the girl.

“Lord Guilio, why did you not kill the youth last time? With your ability, killing the youth shouldn’t be difficult.”

Qin Guang frowned, looking incredulously at Envoy Guiluo. That day, when he went off to chase and kill Mo Wen, he had returned to the Qin clan manor house not long after, with nothing to show for it.

Although he wasn’t an Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioner, he knew a bit of how strong the Embryonic Breathing realm was. Otherwise, he wouldn’t desire so much to become an Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioner. By right, it was almost impossible for an actual strong one of the Embryonic Breathing realm to not be able to kill a youth of the Qi Nucleation realm.

Could it be that Envoy Guiluo had intentionally held back, basically not having any intention of killing Mo Wen?

“That youth is skilled at Qinggong techniques, almost as good as an Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioner. I was careless and let him escape. However, you need not worry. Once you become one of the strong ones of the Embryonic Breathing realm, you can easily kill the youth. He will not be a threat to your Qin clan anymore.”

Envoy Guiluo looked plainly at Qin Guang, his tone somewhat bizarre as he spoke. He naturally would not tell Qin Guang the truth, but sharing that youth was well versed in Qinggong techniques was not a lie.

However, Qin Guang being able to easily kill the youth after being promoted to the Embryonic Breathing realm was indeed almost a dream. After just being promoted to the Embryonic Breathing realm, Qing Guang’s ability would most probably be below his.

“I hope that your cult can help me break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm soon.”

Qin Guang looked deeply at Envoy Guiluo, slightly nodding his head and saying no more. He thought that Envoy Guiluo’s reason for not killing Mo Wen was to exert pressure on the Qin clan. That way, he would urgently hope to break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm and wholeheartedly help the heretic forces carry out tasks.

“Rest assured, if you work for us wholeheartedly and complete your tasks perfectly,, we will help you break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm.”

Envoy Guiluo laughed sinisterly. “When that time comes, killing the youth will be a piece of cake.”

In the Hua Xia University, on the field in the afternoon, Mo Wen was lazily lying on the grass. There was a blade of straw in his mouth, as he looked at the active young students on the field.

After leaving the Huatian Palace, he had returned to the school on the same day. However, he had returned to study, as he would not attend classes anymore from now on.

With Old Man Wei’s promise, the school would not bother him about such things though. They would instead turn a blind eye, treating him as a special member and allowing him to still graduate when the time came.

The real reason why he had returned to the school was because there were two people in the school that he couldn’t leave alone. At a distance, a shadow came running over at a cheerful pace. The face was blushing and the eyebrows were like a painting. Her beauty was unparalleled. She was none other than Qin Xiaoyou.

“Mo Wen, you’ve finally returned.”

Qin Xiaoyou walked up to Mo Wen. Her arms were crossed in front of her. She stood there, looking slim, and her big eyes curled into a crescent.

Whenever Mo Wen left, he would disappear for a few days. Then, every time he returned, he would soon leave again in a hurry. To have time to spend by Mo Wen’s side, for her, was indeed precious time.

“Something came up.”

Mo Wen touched Qin Xiaoyou’s hair. He knew that most of the time he neglected her, but he really didn’t have that much time.

“I know you are a busy person.”

Qin Xiaoyou rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. She clung to him, sitting on the ground and hugging his elbow.

“These days, while I have been away, have you been obedient?” Mo Wen smiled as he said this.

“Of course. I haven’t stepped one foot out of the school, and every day I have been practicing diligently.” Qin Xiaoyou seemed to be proud of herself. She slightly raised her sharp chin, a smile beaming on her face.

“Soothing Pulse realm?”

Mo Wen was surprised. Just now, when Qin Xiaoyou said she had been practicing diligently, he had released some of his aura to check on her cultivation. He was surprised to find that her cultivation was already at the Soothing Pulse realm!

This discovery shocked Mo Wen. Just four or five days ago, she was just at the intermediate stage of the Regulated Breathing realm.

How could she be at the beginning stage of the Soothing Pulse realm in the blink of an eye?

Even he could not compare to her speed of cultivation. He even doubted whether he could be considered among the category of genius ancient martial art practitioners.

With his cognition, no matter how high a person’s talent was in practicing, it should not be terrifying to such an extent. After all, practice was a process of accumulation. It did not mean that the highly talented could improve by leaps and bounds without limits.

“That’s right. I’ve been practicing very seriously every day.”

Qin Xiaoyou was very satisfied with the results of her practice. She believed that her effort would definitely reap its rewards.

The days when Mo Wen wasn’t around, aside from her normal classes and studies, Qin Xiaoyou practically spent all of her time on her practice. Because of this, who knows how many times Wang Xiaofei had grumbled.

Every day after class, she would then coop herself up in her room, usually not coming out for the whole day. No one knew what she was doing. When Wang Xiaofei asked her out, she didn’t even respond. The same thing happened when she asked her to go shopping. This made Wang Xiaofei furious.


Mo Wen looked strangely at Qin Xiaoyou. Xiaoyou’s practicing speed was obviously too abnormal. This befuddled him.

However, the current situation was good. After all, it was probably impossible to find another ancient martial art practitioner that could practice in such a manner as Qin Xiaoyou in the entire ancient martial arts world.

For the next half a month, Mo Wen was almost always at the Hua Xia University, barely even stepping a foot outside of it. However, his time was still spent hard at practicing.

After all, after a month, he had promised Wang Yinru to head to the Dafang Sect to contest for the position of sect leader. Now that he still had a month’s worth of time, he naturally would double his efforts at practicing, trying as hard as he could to raise his ability to the next level. The stronger his ability on this journey to the Dafang Sect, the better his probability of success.

Of course, in his spare time, he would give pointers to Qin Xiaoyou about her practice, as well as passing on some general knowledge about the ancient martial arts world. In order to more conveniently guide Qin Xiaoyou, Mo Wen found Old Man Wei. Then, using his connections, he managed to get a teacher’s apartment on campus. For the next month, the two of them would be living together.

He discovered that, not only was Qin Xiaoyou very talented in practicing, she was also clever, being able to learn from analogy. Due to this ability, he almost never had to spend too much effort when guiding her. This gave him much more peace of mind.

In order to let Qin Xiaoyou have a solid cultivation foundation, Mo Wen did not give her any cultivation enhancing pills. After all, she was not Mo Wen. Having not spent a lifetime in practice, depending too much on external factors would easily be detrimental to her.

Also, her cultivation was still too low. Thus, it was not suitable for her to consume pills with such strong effects. This would easily cause her cultivation to skyrocket, causing her foundations to be unstable and resulting in her future practice to be increasingly difficult.

Hence, Mo Wen had not provided Qin Xiaoyou with cultivation enhancing pills all this while, instead teaching her step by step. After all, when her cultivation had broken through to the Sea of Qi realm, it would not be too late to consume the pills.

Aside from practice, if Mo Wen had free time, he would go over to Shen Jing’s for a bit. He would have a meal with her, chat, get a massage…

No, that’s not right. It should rather be said that he was teaching Shen Jing medical methods, personally guiding and offering his own body for Shen Jing to experiment on. It was hard work, and every time, it invited a wave of rolling eyes.

The Fruitless Flower that he had bought that day from the Huatian Palace’s Free Trade Zone, combined with the Blood Mushroom, could be used to concoct the Vigor Cultivating Pill that could reduce one’s time for cultivation by twenty years. Once Mo Wen had time, he would concoct the pill. After all the supplementary medicinal herbs had been purchased and were ready, only then would he concoct the Vigor Cultivating Pill for the first time.

Regrettably, his first batch of Vigor Cultivating Pills was unsuccessfully concocted. Thus, a perfectly good batch of pills was wasted.

After learning from this experience and carefully identifying the reasons for the failure, Mo Wen began to concoct the second batch of Vigor Cultivating Pills. However, he had still failed.

Although the Vigor Cultivating Pill was not panacea, in the Immortal Cultivation world, it was still a highly ranked normal pill. For low ranked immortal cultivators, it was very useful, so its difficulty in concoction was far above the Vigor Consolidating Pill.

Back when Mo Wen was an apprentice in the Divine Pill Sect’s alchemy room, he had concocted many Vigor Cultivating Pills. However, back then, he had the cultivation of the Golden Elixir realm, meaning that he could use his Inner Qi to create Inner Fire that could be used to concoct pills. The success rate would naturally be much higher, almost reaching 90 percent.

But now, Mo Wen only had the cultivation of the Qi Nucleation realm. The difference between now and his previous lifetime was too vast. So, he felt a little hectic, when he was concocting Vigor Cultivating Pills. And, lo and behold, both batches of Vigor Cultivating Pills failed.

The materials he had were limited, so he could, at most, only concoct five batches of Vigor Cultivating Pills. If he continued failing, it meant that he would end up with nothing. The hope of breaking through to the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm would shatter, and he would have wasted two stalks of spiritual medicine.

Therefore, when he was concocting the third batch, Mo Wen was very cautious. He didn’t rush into it, but instead, he adjusted his condition, analyzing all of the causes that led to the previous failures. Only then did he start to concoct the third batch of Vigor Cultivating Pills.