Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 289

Chapter 289: To Trash the Territory

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The person who stopped Mo Wen halfway was none other than Gu Jingman.

Why would she appear at the Dafang Sect? A glint of puzzlement flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. The influence of the Gu Clan Fort was in the ancient martial arts world of the Yuntai Mountain. They shouldn’t have much connection with the Dafang Sect.

A graceful silhouette hastened down the mountain path and appeared before Mo Wen in a short time.

“What are you doing here at the Dafang Sect?” Mo Wen asked, intrigued.

“Attending the Sect Leader Selection Meeting of the Dafang Sect! My grandfather has a rather good relationship with an elder in the Dafang Sect, so we were invited. Are you here for the Sect Leader Selection Meeting, too?” Gu Jingman asked curiously. She felt strange meeting Mo Wen. Wasn’t he studying at Hua Xia University? Why would he come here?

Mo Wen shook his head. “Nope.”

Gu Jingman stared at Mo Wen strangely. What was he doing at the Dafang Sect if he wasn’t attending the Dafang Sect’s Leader Selection Meeting? “Then, what are you here for?”

“To trash the territory,” Mo Wen said with a wink.

“To trash the territory…! Are you looking for death? You dare to make these sorts of jokes.” Gu Jingman rolled her eyes at Mo Wen, looking left and right to check whether there was anyone from the Dafang Sect around.

The Dafang Sect was an influential faction in the ancient martial arts world, and their influence far exceeded that of the Gu Clan Fort. They issued an invitation, so she had to travel far to attend this Sect Leader Selection Meeting, which had absolutely nothing to do with her. If Mo Wen’s words were heard by anyone from the Dafang Sect, he could get himself in trouble.

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders. He was too lazy to explain the situation to Gu Jingman.

Gu Jingman looked at Wang Yinru, who stood beside Mo Wen, and asked, pretending to be curious, “Who is she?” In reality, she had long ago noticed this woman beside Mo Wen, but she purposely pretended that she hadn’t seen her.

“Who is she?” Almost at the same time, Wang Yinru asked the same question. The two of them seemed to speak in unison.


Such in sync questioning. Mo Wen was not sure which person he should answer first.

“Hello. I am Gu Jingman, Mo Wen’s elder sister.” Gu Jingman hugged Mo Wen’s arm, introducing herself as though they were very close. In her heart, she murmured, This Mo Wen is rather flirtatious. Last time, he got his hands on that Lin Qing. This time, he has another woman. He’s a little too casual, isn’t he?

Furthermore, both women seemed to not be young. Was it possible that she had guessed it right last time? Mo Wen had a mature women complex. He liked royal sisters! But she was a royal sister type too, right? Why wouldn’t her charm work on Mo Wen…?

Wang Yinru stared at Gu Jingman, pretending to be surprised. Then, her lips curved into a playful grin. “Hello. I am Mo Wen’s mother.” Giving Mo Wen a side glance, she extended a hand in front of Gu Jingman, demonstrating her friendliness.

“What…” Gu Jingman shook Wang Yinru’s hand in a daze. She couldn’t wrap her head around that. Mo Wen’s mother…!

“Do you have any questions?” Wang Yinru winked, withdrawing her hand with a smile.

“No, no…” Gu Jingman hastily shook her head. Mo Wen’s mother was too young and beautiful! She had just thought that she was Mo Wen’s…

Gu Jingman looked at Mo Wen without thinking. She noticed that he had a straight face, and was pouting and not saying anything, seemingly having no intention of denying it.

Could it be that she actually was Mo Wen’s mother?!

Gu Jingman immediately felt a sense of defeat. How young was she when she had Mo Wen? Also, she had referred to herself as Mo Wen’s sister. Now, before his genuine mother, wouldn’t her words be instantly seen through? In front of Mo Wen’s mother, it was so embarrassing. Also, there was suddenly another senior.

Gu Jingman’s face was a bit red. Her hugging Mo Wen’s elbow also became unnatural. For a moment, she did not know how to interact with Mo Wen’s mother. Luckily, her embarrassment did not last long. A cold voice came from the mountain. “Wang Yinru, we’ve been looking for you for a long time. Who knew you would appear on your own?”

Following the voice, a silhouette suddenly flew down from the peak. It did not walk down the mountain path. Instead, it directly leaped off the cliff.

Although those who came to participate in the Dafang Sect’s Leader Selection Meeting were all ancient martial art practitioners, almost everyone walked up the mountain path. As a sign of respect for the Dafang Sect, no one used Qinggong to fly up the mountain.

This person flew down from the cliff. Clearly his identity was not normal.

Wang Yinru looked at the silhouette descending from the peak. She coldly laughed and said, “The 21st Dafang Sect Leader Selection Meeting is about to begin. Our Wang Clan is one of the Dafang Sect’s Five Aristocratic Families. What’s the matter? Does Sect Leader Jiang Qinghong mean to say that we do not need to show up?”

“You are right. If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would have forgotten the Wang Clan.”

A white shadow flashed past like a fleeting image. In the blink of an eye, it appeared not far in front of Wang Yinru.

The person wore a white traditional outfit and was bearing the air of a scholar. He had a middle-aged appearance and a pale face with no facial hair. His eyes were sharp, and his hands were behind his back. He oozed an air of superiority.

This person was none other than the current Dafang Sect Sect Leader Jiang Qinghong. He had lead the Dafang Sect for close to 20 years.

Wang Yinru said plainly, “For the past Dafang Sect Leader Selection Meetings, we, the Wang Clan, have never been absent. This time, naturally, will not be an exception.”

“Does your Wang Clan still exist? Now in the Dafang Sect, there doesn’t seem to be a Wang Clan anymore.”

Dafang Sect leader Jiang Qinghong laughed coldly. Back when they were hunting this woman, they had been unsuccessful, and she had managed to escape catastrophe. They would never have imagined that dozens of years later, she would come knocking on the Dafang Sect’s door of her own accord. She sure had some guts.

“As long as I, Wang Yinru, am here, the Wang Clan is here. Now, I am the Wang Clan leader.” Wang Yinru said nonchalantly.

“That’s true.” Jiang Qinghong nodded slightly, not rebutting Wang Yinru. He could not refute her, as Wang Yinru was the Wang Clan’s young mistress in the main line of descent and the clan leader’s youngest daughter. If she was not dead, the Wang Clan naturally would not be completely destroyed.

Back when they were hunting her, their goal was extermination. As expected, they had not killed this woman, and now she had come knocking on their door looking for trouble. However, it was not a problem. Regardless of whether they killed her now or later, it was still killing her. Since she had come, then she would never leave.

“Since it is so, then congratulations to the Wang Clan for returning to our Dafang Sect. Wang Clan leader, this way!” Jiang Qinghong put on a fake smile as he invited them with a gesture, not taking action on the mountain path. After all, there were still many guests watching in the surroundings. Taking liberties and killing Wang Yinru was too inappropriate. People would inevitably talk.

Although secretly, everyone knew that the destruction of the Wang Clan back then was connected with the Jiang Clan. However, that was just speculation, after all. There was no real evidence, so at most, it was an opinion shared in secret.

Although he absolutely would not let Wang Yinru leave alive, he was not anxious to act now.

“Jiang Qinghong, I have not returned to the Dafang Sect in a long time. I’m not that familiar anymore with the surrounding environment. Lead the way. That will save me time from accidentally going the wrong way.”

Wang Yinru’s lips curled into a smile. She naturally saw through Jiang Qinghong’s facade. She also did not bat an eyelid, directly asking Jiang Qinghong to lead the way.

“The Wang Clan leader must be joking. Although I would have hoped to give you my help, as the Dafang Sect leader, I still have many matters to attend to. I have no time to show people the way. You had better figure out yourselves how to make your way up the mountain.”

Jiang Qinghong laughed coldly. Asking him, a sect leader to show her the way? This woman was arrogant. However, he would let her be arrogant, then they would see how he would kill her off later.

“She has grown quite beautiful. Since she has come to our door, then don’t blame us.” Jiang Qinghong laughed lustfully.

“Whether or not you lead the way, is not up to you.” Wang Yinru looked at Jiang Qinghong with a look of ridicule. She reached out her hand expressionlessly and made a grabbing motion. A terrifying Inner Qi surged out ferociously, binding Jiang Qinghong’s body. The terrifying energy warped even the surrounding space.

As he was turning to leave, Jiang Qinghong’s body suddenly stiffened. He was frozen on the spot, seemingly unable to move. His eyes were full of disbelief.

“Embryonic Breathing realm! How is this possible?”

Jiang Qinghong looked incredulously at Wang Yinru. He did not dare believe his eyes. Embryonic Breathing realm Cultivation! How could she have Embryonic Breathing realm Cultivation?! That was almost impossible.

Back when the Wang Clan was exterminated, Wang Yinru was just a girl in the beginning stage of the Sea of Qi realm. Regardless whether it was her talent or ability, there was nothing extraordinary about her.

It had not been long, not even 20 years, and she had practiced until reaching the Embryonic Breathing realm! She had completely surpassed him.

Back then, Jiang Qinghong already had the Cultivation of the Qi Nucleation realm. That was why at that time he could become the sect leader of the Dafang Sect. Now, 20 years had passed. Leveraging the Dafang Sect’s resources, his practice was not slow. Now he had the Cultivation of the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm. However, compared to the Embryonic Breathing realm, he was far behind. He couldn’t possibly be an opponent for an Embryonic Breathing realm practitioner.

“You had better behave and lead the way. Or else, I don’t dare to promise that there will be no accidents.” Wang Yinru sneered. She didn’t attack Jiang Qinghong. Instead, she enveloped him with frightening pressure, making him feel like he was on pins and needles, afraid to even move a muscle.

For her, Jiang Qinghong was just a minor character. The only people that could threaten her in the Jiang Clan were the two Embryonic Breathing realm old farts. He was just a Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial art practitioner. Not to mention that she had broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm. Even if she hadn’t, she would not take him seriously.

“How did you do that?”

Jiang Qinghong stared at Wang Yinru defiantly. An ordinary young girl from the Wang Clan in the past was now so formidable after several decades. He was well aware of how hard it was to break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm. That’s why the huge Jiang Clan had only two Embryonic Breathing realm practitioners, and they were both aged seniors.

Naturally, Jiang Qinghong wouldn’t know that Wang Yinru had had pretty favorable encounters in life. She was lucky to be able to join the Huatian Palace. Furthermore, she accidentally acquired the way of practice of the Cold Ice Domain, so she stood out from the crowd in the Huatian Palace. Only then could she have her current achievement.

“Stop your nonsense. If you don’t lead the way, I’ll cripple your Cultivation,” Wang Yinru said coldly. She radiated a terrifying killing spirit. No one would doubt the validity of her words.

“This way!” Jiang Qinghong’s face was pale, and he wore an ugly expression. With stiff movements, he led the way for Wang Yinru.

Her ability was stronger than that of others. At this point, he didn’t care much about the image of a sect leader. This woman bore the hatred of having her whole clan wiped out by them, the Jiang Clan. Who knew whether she would go berserk and do anything crazy. Now, she had Embryonic Breathing realm Cultivation. A wise man did not fight when the odds were against him. He was not willing to bet that Wang Yinru wouldn’t do anything to him.

“Darling son, let us go.” Wang Yinru pouted, walking behind Jiang Qinghong while holding Mo Wen’s hand. She purposely said that in front of Jiang Qinghong. Her aim was to tell him, or the rest of the Jiang Clan through him, that she still had a son, who was also part of the Wang Clan.