Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 290

Chapter 290: Show Me More

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With one hand, Wang Yinru dragged Mo Wen while she clamped onto Jiang Qinghong with the other. She was strong and arrogant as she walked in front.

Mo Wen laughed bitterly. All he could do was follow sullenly behind Wang Yinru. At least for the next few days, he could only pretend to be this woman’s darling son.

Gu Jingman’s eyes shot wide open. She looked at Wang Yinru, astonished. Holding the Dafang Sect leader hostage? What were they planning to do?

Could it be… that what Mo Wen just said was true? They were really here to trash the territory?

Gu Jingman immediately felt an indescribable sense of absurdity. With just the two of them, they wanted to challenge a sect. It was too crazy!

Also, Mo Wen’s mother’s ability was way too strong. The Embryonic Breathing realm! For her, this was the stuff of legends.

The Gu Clan Fort could dominate the Yuntai Mountain range with just a Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial arts practitioner, let alone a practitioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm.

No wonder Mo Wen was so strong at such a young age. It turned out that he had such an incredible mother. Gu Jingman nodded self-assuredly. The mother was already so incredible. The son would naturally not be too shabby.

She looked at Mo Wen’s silhouette. After hesitating a bit, she prepared to step forward and follow him, but another silhouette blocked her, dragging her back.

“Don’t follow that youth!” An old man in his fifties with half a head of white hair held onto Gu Jingman. He was frowning, and his expression was serious.

The two of them had clearly come with bad intentions. Gu Jingman getting mixed up with them would inevitably drag her into their troubles. They were but a small faction and should not dare to get into this kind of trouble.

“Third Uncle, he is my younger brother.” Gu Jingman frowned, thinking that she would be forsaking her brother if she didn’t follow Mo Wen now.

“Don’t be ridiculous. Since when do you have a younger brother? How is it I do not know about it? Furthermore, what use can you be following beside them? With your ability, you can only be a burden to them. You are only holding them back by following them.”

The elder in his fifties glared at Gu Jingman fiercely. Normally this girl was very understanding. Why was it that in this case, she would be confused? The Dafang Sect was powerful, and they were renowned in the ancient martial arts world. With a finger, they could crush the Gu Clan Fort. Wasn’t offending such a faction equivalent to suicide?

Gu Jingman considered for a while and then nodded. “Alright.” She also realized that she had no real reason to follow Mo Wen.

Mo Wen’s entourage of three drew a lot of gazes along the way. With the Dafang Sect’s Jiang Qinghong personally “leading the way,” naturally they would receive a lot of attention.

Dafang Sect disciples stood watch in two rows along the mountain path. There was one person every ten steps. The disciples looked at their sect leader, their gazes somewhat astonished.

Jiang Qinghong’s face was red. Never had he been so humiliated. He kept walking up the mountain in a depressed manner. In his heart, he hated Wang Yinru so much, it burned.

The peak was not too high, and the people who could be there were all martial art practitioners, so it wasn’t long before they reached the top of the mountain.

The Dafang Sect was huge, almost taking up half the mountain peak. At a glance, the buildings were all old-fashioned. Those who did not know would have thought that this place was an ancient ruin.

At the end of the stone steps stood a huge stone door. It was 50 to 60 meters tall. On top were the characters for the Dafang Sect. They made for a spectacular and impressive atmosphere.

They had just walked up to the huge gate when an old voice could be heard from inside the sect. “Niece Wang Yinru, you sure have been promising.” Although the voice was not loud, it was clear as could be. It could be heard even though it came from afar, as though it were talking right beside their ears.

The words had barely entered their ears when a white silhouette silently appeared in front of the huge door. It was an elder wearing a white robe. His hair was all white, and his face was old. He looked like an old man in his dusk. His life energy was almost completely expended, and he already had one foot in the grave.

His eyes looked at Wang Yinru, and a sharp light flashed in them. The power in his gaze, however, did not look like that of an old man in his dusk.

This person was none other than the Jiang Clan leader Jiang Quangui, the person with the highest qualification in the Dafang Sect. He was an Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioner, as well as the father of the sect leader, Jiang Qinghong.

This person had been renowned for dozens of years. His Cultivation was high. When he was young, he had nearly become the Dafang Sect leader. However, he encountered Wang Yinru’s father, who was a genius figure in the sect. Hence, he missed his chance at the position of sect leader.

Once again after that, when it came time to compete for this generation’s sect leader position, Jiang Quangui’s son Jiang Qinghong once again lost to her elder brother Wang Yucheng. This caused the Jiang Clan to once again miss its chance at the position of sect leader.

This person was narrow-minded and bore hatred in his heart. He then secretly took revenge against their Wang Clan. Back then, her father was murdered for unknown reasons, inexplicably falling off of the sect’s mountain. By the time the Wang Clan found him, he was already a pile of bones.

Precisely because her father had died for no apparent reason, the Wang Clan lost an Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioner as their support, and later faced a disaster that wiped out their clan.

Although there was no evidence, Wang Yinru was certain that the issue back then was surely connected with this person because at that time, within the Dafang Sect, he was the only person with who had the ability to kill her father. Jiang Quangui was already an expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm then. Only he could go toe-to-toe with her father. If he had also secretly laid out a trap, then murdering her father was not an impossible thing for him.

“Don’t try to pretend we are related. No relationships exist between our Wang Clan and your Jiang Clan.” Wang Yinru laughed coldly, looking at the old man in disdain. Before the catastrophe of the Wang Clan, the Five Aristocratic Families of the Dafang Sect were indeed close, like one big family. But now, hearing Jiang Quangui calling her his niece sounded so disgusting.

“So young and you have already broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm. You truly are talented, much stronger than even your father back then.” Jiang Quangui smiled. His expression was plain, as though he did not mind Wang Yinru’s attitude.

Wang Yinru’s eyes were downcast. She looked at Jiang Quangui as she said plainly, “This time coming back here, I have only one goal, and that is to compete for the Dafang Sect 49th sect leader. As a person from the Wang Clan, surely the sect grand elder will not think that I have no qualifications, right?”

Within the Dafang Sect, if one had Cultivation of the Qi Nucleation realm, one would be called an elder. If one had Cultivation of the Embryonic Breathing realm, one would be called a grand elder. Within the current Dafang Sect, there were only three grand elders.

“The Wang Clan naturally has the qualifications. However, niece Yinru had better not forget that those who wish to participate in the Sect Leader Selection need to be below 40 years old. Although you are still very young, from the looks of it, you seem to have passed 40?” Jiang Quangui said matter-of-factly. He gave Wang Yinru a deep look, then looked at Mo Wen beside her.

He naturally was very clear about Wang Yinru’s goal. However, this woman was too naive. Did she think the position of sect leader was so easily obtained? She dared to come seek revenge alone. Did she think that breaking through to the Embryonic Breathing realm made her undefeatable?

“Naturally I am not qualified, but my son is. As a member of the Wang Clan, and also the Wang Clan’s only successor, there should be none more qualified than he is,” Wang Yinru said coldly.

“So, he is your son? He is also a Wang like you! As expected, he is so young.” Jiang Quangui nodded slightly. He naturally saw that Mo Wen was just 18 or 19 years old. He could possibly truly be her son. For some large aristocratic families, if the father’s side had no influence, or was a weaker power, then the child born of the mother would then take the mother’s surname and be recorded in the mother’s genealogy.

“However, although his age fulfills the criteria, the Sect Leader Selection requires him to be of the Qi Nucleation realm to have the qualification. Can he be of the Qi Nucleation realm?” Jiang Quangui shot Mo Wen a glance and laughed coldly. How could a youth that wasn’t even 20 have Cultivation in the Qi Nucleation realm? Even if he started practicing in the womb, he could not possibly have such an achievement.

Although the ancient martial arts world had youth geniuses who had practiced until the Qi Nucleation realm before they were 20, this kind of person was rare, hardly seen anywhere. Could Wang Yinru have simply given birth to such a remarkable son?

Wang Yinru pulled Mo Wen by the hand. Her lips curled into a smile, but she did not say anything.

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and said plainly, “Old man, do you only have two eyes on you? Which eye of yours has seen that I am not at the Qi Nucleation realm?”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Quangui’s face turned cold. “Old man? So young and already so rude to your elders. No proper upbringing.” It was one thing for Wang Yinru not to give him face as she had Embryonic Breathing realm Cultivation. In the ancient martial arts world, those who had achievements would be the teachers, those with higher Cultivation would be the seniors. Also, being of the Embryonic Breathing realm, their positions were almost the same. But a callow youngster like Mo Wen actually dared to insult him to his face. His speaking so disrespectfully was asking for death.

Jiang Quangui snorted coldly. “Since you say so, then I should inspect you more thoroughly to see whether you truly are of the Qi Nucleation realm.” A terrifying pressure suddenly emanated from him, fiercely crashing towards Mo Wen. It was like a formless wave on the ocean, surging and majestic.

Wang Yinru just stood to one side and watched, not stopping Jiang Quangui’s actions. She knew inside how strong Mo Wen was. Jiang Quangui attacking full force would not bother Mo Wen, let alone a little aura pressure.

Withstanding Jiang Quangui’s pressure, Mo Wen’s face was not flushed, and his heart was unfazed. He was calm and leisurely, bearing a look as though nothing was happening.

“Your pressure is nothing impressive. Please, show me more. Won’t you dare to be stronger?” Mo Wen spread out his hands, looking innocently at Jiang Quangui. His facial expression was as though he had a dilemma. He looked as though he had not felt anything, and was asking for more pressure and for Jiang Quangui to show him more.

In reality, for Mo Wen, Jiang Quangui’s little bit of pressure was basically nothing. If it wasn’t for the fact that now was not a convenient time for him to demonstrate his abilities, he could completely reflect the pressure back, even beating Jiang Quangui in terms of pressure by quite a bit.

Of course, now Mo Wen naturally would not display his abilities. Otherwise, it would be detrimental for their plans after this.


Not far from them, a soft laugh was heard. Gu Jingman had just reached the mountain peak and had heard Mo Wen insulting Jiang Quangui. She instantly, irresistibly laughed. This brother of hers was a steal. Everywhere he went he was a living treasure.

Gu Jingman’s unrestrained laughter shocked her Third Uncle, who was standing beside her. This young girl was getting more daring. Didn’t she know that this person was the Dafang Sect’s Grand Elder, an Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioner? She dared to laugh at him. If the Dafang Sect looked into this matter afterwards, they would get themselves into trouble.

However, the scene just now was quite funny, and even he wanted to laugh. But can we laugh now? Doesn’t she see how hard everyone else is holding their laughter in?