Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 291

Chapter 291: Rage out of Embarrassment

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Mo Wen’s hilarious actions and speech, along with the test that Jiang Quangui talked about before, had caused the surrounding people to be uncontrollably amused. However, nobody dared to laugh out loud.

Jiang Quangui’s face turned red from stifling his anger. He never thought that such a situation would occur. He tried hard to urge his entire pressure to the extreme while the majestic Inner Qi in his body fluctuated wildly, causing a gust of strong wind to surge up from the ground.

However, Mo Wen stood in front of him and was unaffected.

“Old man, can you do it?” Mo Wen folded his arms and looked at Jiang Quangui calmly with a look that said he was very relaxed.

“You…” Jiang Quangui was so angry that he was speechless for a while. His old face was beet red. In front of so many people, he wished he could bury his face in the ground.

He was a venerable Sect Grand Elder in the Dafang Sect and was an exceptional expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm, but he was unable to do anything to a junior under the watchful eyes of the people.

He didn’t understand why such thing could happen. Logically speaking, his pressure couldn’t be having no effect on an ancient martial art practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm. In the situation in which he had urged the pressure with all his might, it would have exerted quite a lot of pressure on an ancient martial art practitioner at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm, so what exactly was happening with that youngster?

Mo Wen rolled his eyes. “Old man, have you finished considering? If you have, I am going back for my meal. Don’t waste my time.” This stupid old man, he still hasn’t appraised the situation clearly. His little pressure was merely equivalent to a drizzle to Mo Wen. With his intelligence, it was not difficult to understand how he could annihilate the Wang Clan!

“Arrogant.” Mo Wen’s slow and soft speech had finally caused Jiang Quangui to have some rage due to his embarrassment. He disregarded everything and suddenly attacked. He struck a palm out violently and strong Qi surged wildly to form a gust of frighteningly strong wind which struck towards Mo Wen.

In a rage, he couldn’t be bothered about anything else and couldn’t wait to shred the little brute into pieces.

Gu Jingman, who had been paying attention to Mo Wen, saw the situation, and her face paled before she exclaimed in shock, “Be careful!”

Not only Gu Jingman, but also the surrounding crowd exclaimed loudly. Nobody expected Jiang Quangui, a senior expert of the Dafang Sect, to attack a junior directly and inevitably lose his manners as a senior.

Wang Yinru snorted coldly and flashed her figure to stand in front of Mo Wen. “Old man Jiang, my son is not someone you can bully.” She waved her hand casually, and a streak of frighteningly cold air gushed out and hit Jiang Quangui’s palm. A loud sound resonated. Both persons were in the Embryonic Breathing realm. Once they began fighting, they would have a profound impact on the environment. After that hit, a frightening wave of Qi frantically rose as if a typhoon were passing through, causing the surroundings to be a mess.

Jiang Quangui’s body swayed and uncontrollably retreated a step while Wang Yinru continued to stand in her original position and didn’t sway at all.

“Such great strength.” Jiang Quangui took a deep breath, and his eyes were fixed on Wang Yinru with disbelief, as he didn’t understand how she could be so strong.

According to his conjecture before, even if Wang Yinru had broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, she should only be in the beginning stage, as she had just broken through not long ago. Compared to him, there should be quite a difference.

After all, he had already progressed to the Embryonic Breathing realm dozens of years ago, so it was impossible not to be able to defeat a person who had just progressed to the Embryonic Breathing realm.

However, the reality was the opposite. When exchanging blows with Wang Yinru just now, he was immediately at a disadvantage, and his power was weaker than hers.

How could that be?! Could it be that Wang Yinru’s present ability has surpassed mine?

Jiang Quangui was simply in disbelief. That year Wang Yinru was still a little girl, and he was already a strong practitioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm. Now, Wang Yinru had already surpassed him. Didn’t that mean he had wasted dozens of years of his life?

Jiang Quangui didn’t know that when Wang Yinru was in the Huatian Palace, she was the King of the Ring in the Challenge Main Hall and had been fighting strong experts in the Embryonic Breathing realm even when she had not yet broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm.

Now, having broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, those ordinary ancient martial art practitioners in that realm naturally paled in comparison to her.

Wang Yinru cast a look at Jiang Quangui and said coldly, “Sect Grand Elder, you attacked a junior in the sect. Don’t you think it discredits your status?”

She naturally didn’t care if Jiang Quangui attacked Mo Wen. With Mo Wen’s ability, he could deal with this old man effortlessly without her interference. However, they couldn’t expose Mo Wen’s strength now, otherwise, the people of the Dafang Sect might not agree to Mo Wen’s participation in the Sect Leader Selection, and the possibility of having an acrimonious falling out with them would increase.

“Hmmph. I am only testing if he is eligible to participate in the Sect Leader Selection. Why are you so anxious? The Dafang Sect’s leader for generations have been young adults, but their Cultivation could not be below Qi Nucleation realm. I am merely performing the regular procedure.”

Jiang Quangui snorted coldly and withdrew his hands with a frown.

Wang Yinru curled her lips and said with a sardonic laugh, “So, Jiang Quangui has clearly verified this now.”

Jiang Quangui remarked coldly, “If he intends to participate in the Sect Leader Selection, participate then. It doesn’t make a difference. However, there are dangers in every year of the Sect Leader Selection. If anything happens, don’t blame me for not warning you.”

The implicated threat was very obvious in his speech. Since Wang Yinru and company hadn’t spared him any face, he naturally wouldn’t continue his pretence, as sooner or later they would fall out acrimoniously.

Wang Yinru looked aside at Mo Wen and said laughingly, “I don’t need Sect Grand Elder’s nosey warning. My precious son doesn’t have any other strong points but only has great ability. Difficulties and dangers are merely fleeting clouds to him.”

Mo Wen rolled his eyes as he heard her. She is a classic person who uses others to brag irresponsibly.

“Hmmph! We’ll see. Tomorrow will be the day for the Sect Leader Selection. Hopefully your precious son will be safe and sound.” Jiang Quangui snorted coldly before turning around and leaving abruptly. Today, he had been totally humiliated and was so-called “unfavorable” going out. He wouldn’t want to stand at the main gate for the crowd to treat him like a joke.

After Jiang Quangui had left, Wang Yinru suddenly looked at Jiang Qinghong and asked with a grave face, “Where is our Wang Clan’s residence?”

She had discovered just now that the place that used to be the Wang Clan’s mansion had completely disappeared. In her memory, she vaguely remembered her family’s courtyard, but now there was nothing at all.

Jiang Qinghong’s face turned as white as sheet. While looking at Wang Yinru he said hesitantly, “Err… As your Wang Clan no longer existed and that residence was taking up space, we had it demolished.”

He was a little afraid of this woman now and was secretly scolding his father for being a muddle-head, as he just left on his own and abandoned his son there.

Jiang Qinghong’s heart was miserable at that moment. Originally, he pinned his hope on his father to save him from this woman’s clutches, but he had never expected this result.

“Take up space! Had demolished!?” Wang Yinru’s face turned completely cold, and her voice was like the cold wind of the Arctic causing chills to grow in the heart.

“A residence that was dilapidated for more than 20 years, even if it was not demolished, it would have been too run down and basically couldn’t be used. I will bring you to the Dafang Sect’s Guest Reception area. There is an honored guest house that is vacant.”

Beads of perspiration formed on Jiang Qinghong’s forehead, as he was totally afraid that this crazy woman would do something to him in her rage. Unfortunately, it was not the right time for the Dafang Sect to attack her now, otherwise, why would he tolerate this woman’s coercion?

Wang Yinru’s face was cold as ice, but she had calmed down enough to instruct Jiang Qinghong coldly, “Lead the way.”

Jiang Qinghong didn’t dare utter any superfluous words and led the way immediately, hoping that he could escape from this crazy woman’s clutches sooner rather than later.

The Dafang Sect’s Guest Reception area was located at the western side of the peak. The area for the group of buildings was vast and could accommodate many people simultaneously. The people from the ancient martial arts world who came to participate in the Dafang Sect’s Leader Selection Meeting wouldn’t have to worry about accommodation.

“There will be maids who will be attending to your daily activities while you are staying here. Someone will be here to inform you tomorrow when the Sect Leader Selection Meeting is about to start.”

After Jiang Quangui brought both of them to a small courtyard with a pleasant environment, he briefed them concisely and left in a hurry, as if wishing that he had a pair of wings to fly away from Wang Yinru.

Mo Wen and Wang Yinru kept their silence and walked into the small stand-alone courtyard. Each found a room for themselves to stay in.

After settling down, Mo Wen walked to a big tree in the small courtyard and sat on a stone stool. At this moment, Wang Yinru also strolled out of the room.

Wang Yinru sat in front of Mo Wen and hesitated for a moment before asking, “What do you think?”

Mo Wen glimpsed at Wang Yinru and commented stoically, “That old man Jiang is not my match.”

“You are confident?” A radiance flashed in Wang Yinru’s eyes. Although she knew that Mo Wen’s strength was great and could be equivalent to an ancient martial art practitioner in the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm, being equivalent and being able to win were two separate matters.

However, other knowing that he was very strong and had great talents, she didn’t know much about Mo Wen’s ins and outs. Hence, she also didn’t know how strong Mo Wen was.

“Uh-huh.” Mo Wen didn’t hide and nodded affirmatively. From the exchange of blows between the old man and Wang Yinru just now, he knew the old man’s standard. If it had been a month ago, he might not be so confident. However, now his Cultivation had broken through to the later stage of the Qi Nucleation realm and was a hair’s breadth from reaching the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm. Compared to before, he was much stronger.

Furthermore, the degree of richness of his Inner Qi was almost the same as the ordinary ancient martial art practitioners in the Embryonic Breathing realm.

Mo Wen commented indifferently, “Just as you said, the Jiang Clan only has two strong experts in the Embryonic Breathing realm and at this standard, Jiang Clan won’t be a threat to us. Of course, that is provided that you have accurately ascertained the strength of Jiang Clan.”

If the standard of the Jiang Clan’s two experts in the Embryonic Breathing realm was the same, it was indeed nothing to be afraid of.

“It’s difficult to tell.” Wang Yinru furrowed her eyebrows, and worry flashed in her eyes. In fact, she knew quite a lot about the Jiang Clan’s situation. She knew the Jiang Clan had two strong experts in the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm. That was only the situation on the surface, which most of the ancient martial art sects with some strengths would know.

On the hidden side, it was difficult to tell if they still had other strong experts that she didn’t know about.

However, the possibility of that was slim. After all, dozens of years before when the Wang Clan was still an aristocratic family in the Dafang Sect, she knew the Jiang Clan’s inside information and strength very well, so the possibility of more strong experts appearing was low.