Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 292

Chapter 292: All Sorts of Complexes

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“Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t.”

After pondering for a long while, Wang Yinru could only answer Mo Wen like this. After all, she could not be certain of things that she did not know.

Also, in her heart, she still had doubts. She couldn’t help but wonder, back when her father had “died in an accident,” but was really murdered, what exactly had happened.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for Jiang Quangui to have the ability to have committed such an act, as her father’s cultivation back then was far above Jiang Quangui’s. Even if the Jiang Clan’s two Embryonic Breathing realm experts were to join forces and attack her father, killing him would not be so easy.

Back then, her father’s death had been so baffling, she had never fully understood what had actually happened.

“Since we are already here, from now on, we can only deal with things as they come up,” Mo Wen said plainly. After all, he was not worried about anything. If things didn’t work out, then he would just give up.

“Our coming today will certainly cause a commotion in the inner circle of the Dafang Sect. Anyway, that Jiang Clan will probably have a strategy to deal with us. I also cannot be puttering about. Later, I will use my identity as the Wang Clan clan leader to meet with the other three Aristocratic Families of the Dafang Sect. I will see then what their stance is, especially the Zhou Clan. If I can get the Zhou Clan’s support, then our chances of success will greatly increase.”

Wang Yinru pondered for a bit, then said to Mo Wen. Now, they were preparing for battle alone. If they could get the support of the other three Aristocratic Families, then it would all be different. Their success rate would greatly increase. So, at this point, drawing in the three Aristocratic Families was their number one priority.

“You stay here in the courtyard. Don’t come into contact too much with the people of the Jiang Clan. I’ll head out for a bit.”

After leaving Mo Wen with these words, Wang Yinru hastily left the courtyard. Mo Wen naturally would not sit around doing nothing nor stroll around blindly. In other words, he had absolutely no intention of coming into contact with other people.

“Mo Wen, are you in there?”

Outside the small courtyard, a cautious voice rang out. The voice belonged to none other than Gu Jingman.

Mo Wen rolled his eyes upon hearing it. As he had expected, Gu Jingman had come to look for him.

“Come in,” Mo Wen said helplessly.

Initially, Gu Jingman was standing hesitantly outside the courtyard. Upon hearing Mo Wen’s voice, she immediately opened the courtyard door, looking to her left and right. After she discovered that there was no one else around, she entered sneakily, like a thief.

“What are you doing?” Mo Wen was speechless. Those who didn’t know better would think that she was a secret agent.

“My Third Uncle forbid me from contacting you, so I snuck out while he was not paying attention.”

Gu Jingman clapped her hands, walking over with a grin to sit opposite of Mo Wen.

“Then, you still dared to come over?” Mo Wen rolled his eyes.

“What is there to be scared of? We are guests of the Dafang Sect, so they wouldn’t dare do anything to us,” Gu Jingman said disapprovingly.

The Dafang Sect had invited them over to attend the Sect Leader Selection Meeting. If they dared to harm them, their reputation in the ancient martial arts world would most likely be ruined completely.

“Speaking of which, where did your mother go?” Gu Jingman looked around, not seeing Wang Yinru.

“None of your business.”

Mo Wen rolled his eyes, lazy to say much to Gu Jingman. After all, that matter couldn’t be explained simply.

“Younger brother, you sure have a temper! You are not obedient at all. I have not disciplined you for a long time. You don’t even know how to respect your elder sister anymore.”

There was no one besides Mo Wen there to hear, so not needing to have any scruples about anything, Gu Jingman instantly revealed her true self. She threw Mo Wen a seductive glance, poking his arm with her slender finger.

I was merely asking him a question. Does he need to be so indifferent? He is so cold!

“Don’t seduce me. The consequences would be severe!”

Staring at Gu Jingman’s enchanting look, Mo Wen grinned thoughtfully. His expression was identical to that of a bad guy’s, who was about to commit a crime in the movies.

“Since when did you become so naughty? Is it possible that Lin Qing taught you this?”

Gu Jingman had no realization of her being with a bad guy, instead she burst into laughter. Before this, Mo Wen was very serious. It was said that he was still a virgin, and a little shy.

Since when does he know how to flirt with girls? He has obviously changed a lot.

“Don’t run your mouth.”

Mo Wen rolled his eyes. What did this have to do with Lin Qing? He merely hugged her, touched her, and was compelled to have some physical contact with her. Gu Jingman made it sound like they had something more, thus tainting Lin Qing’s reputation.

“Usually, when a guy denies something immediately, he is definitely guilty of it. Or else, why would he be so nervous? You and Lin Qing definitely have some secrets that you can’t tell others, am I right?”

Gu Jingman grinned playfully. She wouldn’t believe what Mo Wen said. She saw what happened the other day. Lin Qing was wearing thin clothing, letting Mo Wen hug her. Her skin was reddish and her eyes had begun to tear up. If nothing had happened between the two of them, she would absolutely not believe it.

But, she was intrigued. Mo Wen’s mother was young and beautiful, and furthermore, she seemed to care deeply for him. Hence, he was not lacking beauties beside him. For this type of family, it was most likely rare for the kids to have an Oedipus complex.

So, why would Mo Wen be interested in Lin Qing?

Wasn’t it said that only lonely men would be deeply attracted to the charms of mature women?

Regarding the gossip of women, Mo Wen was usually too lazy to deal with it. He picked up the teapot from the stone table and poured himself a cup of tea, minding his own business as he started drinking.

“It’s just a small matter, so what is there that cannot be admitted? Don’t worry, I won’t tell your mother. Even though Lin Qing is slightly old, don’t youth nowadays all love Royal sisters? It’s like a mature lady complex, or royal sister complex, mother complex, all sorts of complexes, really…”

Gu Jingman winked at Mo Wen, wearing a sympathetic expression.

Mo Wen nearly spat out the tea in his mouth.

“Can you be more serious?” Mo Wen said, speechless.

“Are you embarrassed? Okay, I know you are still a young man. Being shy and embarrassed is very normal. Then, I won’t discuss these adult topics with you.”

Gu Jingman lifted the corners of her mouth, while her eyes flashed a pleased look. Her high and mighty sister identity was immediately displayed before Mo Wen.

“If you having nothing else to do, then go back. Following beside me is dangerous,” Mo Wen said.

What Gu Jingman’s third uncle could think of, he naturally could think of too. His trip to the Dafang Sect this time could only be resolved with a battle to the death with the Jiang Clan. If Gu Jingman got in contact with him too frequently, it would surely draw the attention of the Jiang Clan. At that time, she would most likely be drawn into this whirlpool of danger.

“Even you are chasing me out? You heartless thing. Okay, I will leave immediately.”

Gu Jingman rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. She was being kind-hearted to come over to visit him. Not only was he not touched, he was ungrateful!

“Then, I shall leave.” Gu Jingman snorted softly, standing up and pretending to leave. She wore a begrudging expression.

“If you don’t want to leave, then stay for a while more.” Mo Wen rolled his eyes.

“Okay. I will bite the bullet and accept your offer.”

As soon as Mo Wen spoke, Gu Jingman sat down immediately. She never had the intention of leaving.

“Did you travel all the way to the Dafang Sect, just for a Sect Leader Selection Meeting? This seems to have nothing to do with you, right?” Mo Wen asked.

The Sect Leader Selection Meeting of the Dafang Sect had nothing to do with other sects. But still, many had come to the Dafang Sect.

Could it be that everyone was very free?

“You have no idea. This is called socializing, understand? The small factions are here to present their gifts, bootlick, and curry favor with the Dafang Sect, with the intention of building a good relationship with them. As for the large factions, this is merely a formality, showing their sign of friendliness and mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity. Of course, there are some people who are here for the trade fair that is held by the Dafang Sect.”

He continued to explain. “Every time, during the Sect Leader Selection Meeting of the Dafang Sect, the sect will take out many precious items from the sect and trade them with other sects or ancient martial arts practitioners. Many things are specialties of a particular sect. Usually, they are expensive, but not available on the market. In fact, you can’t get a lot of the things, even if you have money! But, during the trade fair, you can buy some of the Dafang Sect’s treasures at a low price.”

He paused for a moment, before explaining further. “Other than that, the Sect Leader Selection Meeting of the Dafang Sect attracts the presence of many merchants in the ancient martial arts world. Those merchants will bring many rare items to the Dafang Sect trade fair. Usually, the rare items are collected for a few years before they are sold. Naturally, it attracts many people. We, the Gu Clan Fort, only received the Dafang Sect’s invitation card because grandfather has a pretty good relationship with one of the elders in the Dafang Sect. Otherwise, we would not be qualified to attend the meeting.”

“Are there many good items at the trade fair?” Mo Wen asked, intrigued.

“Yes. There are many treasures available. There are many items that can be used by even the Sea of Qi realm ancient martial art practitioners. Once in a while, there are items that are beneficial for the Qi Nucleation realm’s strong ones. Those are the things that are usually hard to buy,” Gu Jingman said.

Once an ancient martial art practitioner reached the Sea of Qi realm, the practice that followed would be harder, and there would be fewer external resources that could help them. Usually, he could only depend on his hard work. Those items that could help ancient martial art practitioners with Sea of Qi realm and above, were always rare and scarce. Under normal conditions, one couldn’t purchase them.

“We, the Gu Clan Fort, have brought many good things here. Our goal is to exchange the items with others during the trade fair.”

Other than congratulating the Dafang Sect, the people from the Gu Clan Fort had traveled far to come here for other purposes. Upon hearing this, Mo Wen lost his interest in the trade fair. Things that were valuable to the Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial art practitioners were rare, so the fair was not of much use to him.

He wasn’t even interested in the things found in the Huatian Palace Four stars Redemption Main Hall, so a small trade fair, held by the Dafang Sect, didn’t tempt him at all.