Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 294

Chapter 294: Ghost Physicians Hu Clan

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“Ghost Physicians Hu Clan”

Mo Wen blinked his eyes. He had not heard of the other Sects, but he knew a little about this Ghost Physicians Hu Clan. The store where he had bought that stalk of Fruitless Flower was operated by the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan.

It was said that the people of this Clan were proficient in medical expertise and had great abilities in treating illnesses. When placed in the secular world, they were all considered to be Miracle Physicians.

“That Hu Clan belongs to the ancient martial arts aristocratic families and is a closed martial arts influence. At the same time, they are also one of the eight big aristocratic families in the ancient martial arts world, but are in a low ranking. However, Hu Clan’s medical expertise stood out so much, very few Medical Expertise Clan members in the ancient martial arts world would be able to compare to them. Although it was not as reputed as Medicine Manor, it was ranked within the top ten in the ancient martial arts world in terms of its achievements in the arts of healing.”

In the ancient martial arts world, there were very few influences that were proficient in both medical expertise and alchemy arts, but every one of them was very popular. At least among the eight big ancient martial arts aristocratic families, other than the top three aristocratic families, the most famous would be the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan. Normally, many people were hoping to make a connection with the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan.

After all, since everyone has different stages of life, such as birth, old age, sickness and death, some illnesses and conditions relating to these stages were so difficult, entire lives were affected. Hence, everyone sought out the people in the Medical Expertise aristocratic families in order to heal their conditions.

In the series of three mountains ranges, whether it was the Dafang Sect or the Yanxia Sect, they had the policy of not offending Ghost Physicians Hu Clan as much as possible, trying hard at maintaining a good relationship with them.

Subsequent to their conversation, was the beginning of the Sect Leader Selection Meeting…

“We are grateful to all of the outstanding heroes for coming all this way to participate in our Sect’s Sect Leader Selection Meeting…”

After the Sect Leader, Jiang Qinghong, walked up to the stage to give a speech, the segment of offering sacrifices to the ancestors followed. Every time, before selecting the Sect Leader, they would convene an assembly to offer sacrifices to the ancestors to show their respect.

Those guests of the Dafang Sect were naturally not interested in this, so everyone was dozing off in their seats. This kind of ceremony was not only long, but it was also thoroughly boring.

The guests’ seats in the front were separated into three regions, comprised by the other three great influences in the series of the three mountains ranges: the Yanxia Sect, the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan, and Cangling Taoist Temple.

At this moment, there were four to five people in the seats of the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan. The one in front was a person who looked to be middle-aged. He had a steady grandeur about him and his eyes looked sharp. From the aura that was being emitted from his body, one would know that he was very strong.

Beside the middle-aged man, sat a young man whose face was grave. He had a cold aura, like a block of ice. His entire body was filled with an intense killing spirit, as if one could smell its menacing odor just standing next to him.

If Mo Wen saw this person, he would immediately recognize him as the Northern Devil, Hu Qiongqi! He was none other than his mate from the same dormitory!

“I heard that the Dafang Sect had some surprising incidents. Someone came to the Sect, so I am afraid that there will be quite a stir in this year’s Sect Leader Selection Meeting.”

Hu Qiongqi cast a look at his father, who was sitting next to him. Even when he talked to his father, his voice remained very cold.

“Wang Yinru of Wang Clan. The girl of that year is back.”

A complicated look flashed across the eyes of Hu Qiongqi’s father, Hu Guiyuan, and his heart seemed conflicted. The woman of that year had actually reappeared after twenty years, having the cultivation that had broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm.

“A person of the Wang Clan? Could it be that the Wang Clan was not completely annihilated then?” Surprise flashed in Hu Qiongqi’s eyes. Although he was only a few years old when Wang Clan’s massacre happened, as an ancient martial arts practitioner in the series of three mountains ranges, he naturally knew something about that matter.

“Only one member from the main line of descent, Wang Yinru,” Hu Guiyuan sighed.

“What is there to sigh about? Let bygones be bygones. It’s all in the past.”

Hu Qiongqi curled his lips into a smile, which was rarely seen. He was used to his father having a melancholic expression.

“What do you know?” Hu Guiyuan looked askance at Hu Qiongqi, but didn’t comment further.

“What don’t I know? That Wang Yinru was your dream girl that year? The uncles at home leaked that information to me. It was said that that year, after my mother passed away, grandfather requested you to remarry, but you refused. In the end, it was said that you were handling some stuff at the Dafang Sect and incidentally met Wang Yinru, who was single and waiting to be betrothed to someone.You immediately fell for her, love at first sight. You even had the cheek to ask grandfather to go to the Wang Clan to propose marriage.”

Hu Qiongqi started laughing aloud, as he knew his father’s past encounter during that year like the back of his hand.

“Ba*tard, what do you know? That was merely a matter of the past.” Hu Guiyuan glared fiercely at Hu Qiongqi, then looked to the side awkwardly.

“How can I not know? Who in the clan doesn’t know of your incident that year? In the beginning, you thought you were being very charming and romantic to court the Wang Clan’s little girl, but you were given the cold shoulder, as she simply didn’t think much of you. After that, you thought of getting grandfather’s help. At the end, before grandfather was able to talk about it with the Wang Clan, they had already met with misfortune. Hee hee, at that time, you thought that Wang Yinru was dead, so you locked yourself in your room and cried for three days and three nights. Don’t think I don’t know!”

Hu Qiongqi’s face looked weird. His father’s character was usually so serious and conservative. Normally, he didn’t have any gossip that people would pay attention to, except for this one matter about his courtship with Wang Yinru, which had almost became a casual joke for the people of the Hu Clan by now.

“That had been a matter of the past. After many years, she already has a big son, so let’s not talk about it again.”

Hu Guiyuan sighed and smiled bitterly.

“Father, that Wang Yinru came back to the Dafang Sect again, purely for revenge. Due to the massacre that year, she and the Jiang Clan were in a fight to the finish. If you were to help her, perhaps she would consider your friendship again.”

Hu Qiongqi chuckled. Although his father had taught him a lot and he respected his him very much, there was one point where he looked down on his father. This was his cowardice and his being overcautious when doing things. Though he pretended to be serious on the outside and normally kept his words, that was only pretence. In reality, he would be definitely be the first to panic when met with a problem.

That year, if he had been a little more courageous and had stood out to protect Wang Yinru at the dangerous moment, despite being Jiang Clan’s enemy, perhaps Wang Yinru would have already been his beautiful wife by now. Then, perhaps he wouldn’t be lamenting.

“How could I help her, and be the enemy of the Jiang Clan? I don’t even have the Cultivation of Embryonic Breathing realm now!”

Hu Guiyuan frowned, both of his fists tightly clutched, as if he was in a rage. However, his eyes appeared to be very rational.

“Why are you so afraid of the Jiang Clan? Don’t you have the backing of the Hu Clan? With the Hu Clan around, what is there to be afraid of?”

Hu Qiongqi sneered laughingly. He knew his father’s characters very well, so he was certain that he was only looking for an excuse. He simply didn’t dare bear the risks of being the Jiang Clan’s enemy.

“You don’t understand, since you don’t know how strong the Jiang Clan really is. You thought the Wang Clan’s annihilation was only incidental? And, you think that this matter is so simple? The price to pay for a battle between two big clans is huge!”

“Regardless of when, as a member of the Hu Clan, I should always act for the benefit of the clan.”

Hu Guiyuan took a deep breath and related slowly.

“Do you know why grandfather didn’t pass the clan leader’s position to you? Why he waited till he died of old age and waited for me to grow up completely before passing the clan leader’s position to me, thus skipping a generation?”

Hu Qiongqi looked deep into his father’s eyes, then said the harshest words of truth, “As you don’t have guts, how will a man without guts be eligible to be the leader of a clan?”

Hu Guiyuan couldn’t answer his son’s questions, but could only sigh deeply, like a deflating balloon. He then slumped into the chair and closed his eyes.

He was old now, unlike the young people, who could afford the frivolity of youth. If knowing that the Jiang Clan was so strong and being the enemy of such a strong existence would have the danger of death, even bringing disaster to the clan, he would definitely not undertake such a deed. That year, he hesitated and didn’t dare take that step, so now, he saw no point in taking that step again.


“Mo Wen, after the ceremony of offering sacrifices to the ancestors, the trial of the Sect Leader Selection will begin. You will be competing with the young experts of the other four clans. Whether we will succeed all depends on you.”

With the passing of time, the main event was finally coming. The purpose of the Sect Leader Selection Meeting was naturally to select the next Sect Leader. Not only was it important to the Dafang Sect, but it was also just as important to the other ancient martial arts influences.

Once the Sect Leader was selected, it meant that the person would have control over the Dafang Sect for the next twenty years. The future deals and contacts of the Dafang Sect would revolve around that person.

As for those Dafang Sect’s Grand Elders in the Embryonic Breathing realm and those ancient martial arts influences, they didn’t need to be considered, as their kind of people usually dwelled in deep seclusion in order to practice hard. They also usually didn’t have control over the Sect’s authority, so there weren’t any conflicts of interest with them.

“What are the rules of the Sect Leader Selection?” Mo Wen asked hesitantly.

If the Dafang Sect’s Sect Leader Selection was decided by election, he would probably not be selected. After all, he was a loner without any backing, so no one would be likely to give him their vote.

“Using strength.”

Wang Yinru could guess what Mo Wen was thinking with just one look. She smiled and said, “You basically don’t have to worry. With your strength, and if you don’t give them any advantage, they can’t defeat you.”

“Is there any strong expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm participating?” Mo Wen asked.

“Nope. However, many strong experts in the Embryonic Breathing realm may appear.”

Wang Yinru hesitated, then said gradually, “In actual fact, I only have confidence in you. Should another ancient martial arts practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm be chosen, it will be almost impossible to seize the Sect Leader’s position from the Jiang Clan.”

“You really believe in me.” Mo Wen laughed.

“Of course. You are my precious son, if I don’t believe in you, then who should I believe in?” Wang Yinru replied with a laugh.

“Be serious. Otherwise, I dare not guarantee that I can seize that Sect Leader’s position.” Mo Wen’s face turned grave.

If there was anyone, who would look a gift horse in the mouth, that must be Wang Yinru…

“See? Petty…”

Wang Yinru twitched her lips and continued, “However, you better be careful. That Jiang Clan will definitely pick on you severely during the assessment. He might even possibly have the intention to kill you. You need to bear that in mind and not fall into their plots and tricks.”