Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 297

Chapter 297: Assassination

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“He seems to be my dormitory mate in Hua Xia University… That’s right! It should be him.” Hu Qiongqi pondered for a moment, then he nodded affirmatively. Although he didn’t have much contact with Mo Wen, they had met twice, and he knew that Mo Wen was the new member of the Freak Dormitory.

“Your dormitory mate?” Hu Guiyuan looked at Hu Qiongqi weirdly. His dormitory mate in the university was actually Wang Yinru’s son. Could there be such a coincidence in this world?

“Uh-huh.” Hu Qiongqi nodded. “His name seems to be Mo Wen, but that doesn’t seem to follow Wang Yinru’s surname.”

“His surname is Mo?” Hu Guiyuan furrowed his brows as a radiance flickered in his eyes. He seemed to be thinking of something unknown.


“That Mo Wen, why doesn’t he have any teammates?” Gu Jingman widened her eyes and glanced at the youngster at the entrance of cave number five. When the Dafang Sect installed the big screen, she had discovered Mo Wen almost instantly. However, the others on the big screen had a few people with them, so why was Mo Wen alone?

Could he pass the assessment alone?

“That brother of yours has Cultivation in the Qi Nucleation realm?” Surprise flashed in the eyes of her third uncle, Gu Zelin, who was sitting next to Gu Jingman. As someone who had Qi Nucleation realm at such a young age, his talents were a bit too frightening. The Gu Clan Fort only had one ancient martial art practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm, but he was the most senior great grandfather.

“Of course.” Gu Jingman proudly lifted her chin slightly. Though she didn’t know Mo Wen’s exact Cultivation, to be able to participate in the Sect Leader’s Preliminary, his Cultivation must be in the Qi Nucleation realm and above.

She already knew Mo Wen was very strong from before as an ancient martial art practitioner above the Sea of Qi realm. It seemed like now she had simply way underestimated his ability. No wonder her grandfather said that Mo Wen had saved the Gu Clan Fort on the day he killed the Tang Clan’s leader, and settled the Zhou and Tang Clans.

“But why is he alone?” Gu Zelin was a bit curious, as according to the rules of the Dafang Sect’s Leader Selection, a clan was allowed to have more people participate. He didn’t understand the situation in the Dafang Sect, so he was baffled when he discovered that Mo Wen was alone.

“I don’t know either.” Gu Jingman spread out her hands. Mo Wen hadn’t told her anything, so how would she know?

“Aren’t you his sister? And you don’t even know?” Gu Zelin glanced at Gu Jingman weirdly. She called herself someone’s sister, yet didn’t know Mo Wen’s situation well enough, which caused him to doubt if it was true.

Gu Jingman gave her third uncle a supercilious look before saying matter-of-factly, “I am not a detective. Why should I ask so much?” In actual fact, even if she had asked Mo Wen, he wouldn’t have told her.

“Your brother’s chances are slim. He is alone, so the dangers he is facing are definitely multiplied compared to others. It is difficult to judge if he will seize the sect leader’s position.” Gu Zelin knitted his brows, as Mo Wen’s situation was so obvious in the eyes of others. He was being euphemistic in his speech. If he was being blunt, it would be impossible for Mo Wen to defeat a team of several people with one person’s ability.

“You think he is not prepared when he participates in a Sect Leader Selection Meeting alone? He is full of tricks up his sleeve and is not a person who is willing to be disadvantaged. If he dares to do it, he must have covered his bases.”

Gu Jingman curled her lips into a smile. During the time she had contact with Mo Wen, she naturally knew that Mo Wen was the kind of person who refused to be disadvantaged in any way. Since he dared to be there, he definitely had some confidence. Knowing that he would be disadvantaged and yet taking the risk was definitely not in his character.

“What bases could he have?” Gu Zelin laughed but didn’t comment further. He thought Gu Jingman usually idolized Mo Wen somewhat, and that was the reason for her confidence in him. Even if Mo Wen had some bases covered, could a person defeat four to five people alone? There was definitely a vast difference in strength that couldn’t be compensated for with just tricks.

Gu Jingman laughed and said, “You just wait and see. He will definitely not be disadvantaged so easily. Perhaps he may rise above the rest and be selected as the Dafang Sect’s leader, and I will be the sect leader’s sister.”

Gu Zelin gave Gu Jingman a supercilious look. “You are thinking too much.” Still thinking of being selected as the sect leader? He didn’t know how his niece could have such confidence.


Wang Yinru sat quietly in her seat while playing with a light blue dagger. She didn’t look towards the big screen and didn’t even pay attention to Mo Wen, as she knew that this was merely the appetizer. Those juniors of the Jiang Clan were naturally not a threat to him. The real fight would be later.

The cave ahead of Mo Wen was pitch-dark. The visibility would be low for normal people, with the sun’s rays shining in occasionally on only a small portion of the cave. However, it didn’t have any effect on Mo Wen, who was the kind of profound ancient martial art practitioner that could continue to view things in darkness.

The tunnel of Dafang Grotto was very deep, about a kilometer long. The five tunnels were a recent addition, as the Dafang Sect brought in an engineering team to construct them artificially. Hence, Dafang Grotto was not considered to be a natural cave.

Mo Wen leisurely traversed the cave and waited for the preliminary that the Dafang Sect had prepared. He knew that the arrangement to ambush him would most probably occur way beyond the other four caves, and there might even be a deadly situation awaiting him.

He proceeded for 100 meters but didn’t encounter anything. The silence of the cave was eerie, as the slightest movement was especially clear, and even the sound of the breeze passing his hair could be heard.

Suddenly, the sound of the wind was getting louder, as if there were an air vent ahead. Whiffs of cold air blew on his face, and the temperature drastically decreased.

“So furtive, are you unpresentable?” Mo Wen snorted coldly. After he spoke, his figure began to fade and disappeared from his original position. Almost simultaneously, a cold radiance flashed across and struck Mo Wen’s remnant shadow.

“Finally, I encounter a living person.”

Ten meters away, Mo Wen’s figure suddenly appeared. He curled his lips into a smile while his eyes were fixed on the place where the cold radiance was. There was a short, small figure wearing black attire and a mask hiding in the darkness. He had a dagger in his hand, and that cold radiance just now was coming from the light of the dagger.

“You have some ability since you are able to escape my surprise attack.” That short, small figure looked at Mo Wen. He was not panicked that Mo Wen had discovered him but was exceptionally calm instead. An assassin who failed in his attack would run far away, so it was rare that he was able to be so calm.

“Since I can’t kill you secretly, what if I kill you openly?” That person laughed, and his figure flashed before leaping forward head on. The dagger in his hand emitted a terrifying Qi of dagger before its strong power violently struck towards Mo Wen. This person’s Cultivation was relatively high, in the beginning stage of the Qi Nucleation realm.

“Insignificant trick.” Mo Wen smiled stoically. He waved his sleeve, and an invisible strong Qi was released. It instantly shattered that man in black’s Qi of the dagger into pieces. That dagger seemed ferocious, but it was vulnerable to a strike.

“Take another dagger from me.” The man in black snorted, and a figure flashed above Mo Wen. A dagger struck down from above as if it were attempting to cleve Mo Wen in half.

Mo Wen flicked his finger, and a golden light flashed. The next moment, it hit the man in black’s dagger. The terrifying strength sent the man in black flying directly back a few hundred meters.

Disbelief flashed in the man in black’s eyes. With his Cultivation in the beginning of the Qi Nucleation realm, though he might not be able to defeat Mo Wen, it shouldn’t be possible for him to be so vulnerable to a strike. How could that youngster have such terrifying strength? Could his Cultivation be in the later stage of the Qi Nucleation realm?


The man in black vomited a mouthful of blood while the Qi and blood in his body were in constant concussion. His internal organs hurt and felt hot. The casual wave of Mo Wen’s hand was able to injure him… Such profound Cultivation!

Although the man in black was injured, he didn’t panic. Instead, delight flashed in his eyes while he focused on Mo Wen’s body. However, the thing he expected didn’t happen. Something that blew his mind away happened instead.

Mo Wen had unknowingly placed a hand at the man’s back. When he turned and moved his body, another figure gradually appeared. However, that figure stiffened in the air like a corpse and was immovable.

That was another man in black, who was dressed the same as the first man in black. A section of the dagger in his hand had dropped onto the floor while one of Mo Wen’s hands gripped that person’s throat. The entire hand was emitting a dim golden light like a hand made of pure gold. That man in black couldn’t move a bit, and his body was slightly trembling. There was terror in his eyes.

“I have already told you that your tricks are insignificant.” Mo Wen smiled sardonically. His fingers exerted more strength, then a crisp snapping sound was heard before the person’s throat was crushed. The man in black struggled a bit before his head tilted, and he took his last gasp.

“You dare to kill someone?” The first man in black widened his eyes and looked at Mo Wen in disbelief. With their coordination just now and perfect attack, they still had such an outcome.

In actual fact, both of them had plotted a well-coordinated assassination just now. One would attack Mo Wen head on, while another would attack from the back, attempting to kill him in one strike.

Their mission was to kill this youngster, but in the end, not only had their assassination failed, but one of them had also been killed.

The first man in black said fearfully, “You dare to kill someone. Aren’t you afraid to be punished by the sect?” The one Mo Wen had killed just now was an ancient martial art practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm and was a Sect Grand Elder, so his death was a great loss.

Mo Wen had clearly restrained him but killed him mercilessly anyway, so he obviously had the intention of killing people.

Mo Wen threw the man in black’s corpse casually onto the floor before folding his arms and remarking with a cold smile, “It was mentioned just now that for the purpose of assessing us, the preliminary would involve deadly danger. Since the candidate faces deadly danger, the assessor naturally will also face deadly danger, as punches and kicks don’t have any sense of sight. The death of one or two people is merely accidental.”

“You are… audacious!” The man in black pointed at Mo Wen and was totally speechless in rage. Just now, he had killed someone intentionally and yet claimed it was accidental. He was simply distorting facts and obviously flaunting the rules.

“I am indeed very bold. Since you two are together, I will send you to accompany your partner.” Mo Wen curled his lips into a smile and walked slowly towards the man in black.