Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 298

Chapter 298: Decisive Killing

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“What are you doing? How dare you ignore the rules of the preliminary?”

Looking at Mo Wen’s cold smile, the man in black felt a cold sweat forming on his forehead. His eyes opened wide and he had goosebumps. His body subconsciously kept backing away. That Mo Wen was actually prepared to kill him. The switch from being the predator to the prey had happened a little too fast.

“What rules can there be in a preliminary? It is a quest of clearing obstacles and passing challenges. It is inevitable to have some casualties.”

Mo Wen smiled coldly, silently appearing before the man in black. He extended his palm and a shapeless whirlpool suddenly appeared around the man, confining him completely.

“Pinnacle of Qi Nucleation realm! Help… spare me…”

The assassin in black was shocked by the terrifying aura. He had never imagined that this youth would be a pinnacle strong one of the Qi Nucleation realm. It was already unbelievable for a youth younger than twenty to have reached the Qi Nucleation realm. Only now did he realize that, not only was the youth at the Qi Nucleation realm, he was at the pinnacle of it!

Among all of the members that participated in the Sect Leader Selection, even the one with the highest cultivation was only at the intermediate stage of Qi Nucleation realm. There was not a single one at the later stage.

The way of practice got harder the further one progressed. It was not certain that one could break through to the next realm, even after a few years. The current Dafang Sect sect leader was only at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm. So, it was evident how rare people at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm were.

“Don’t kill me…”

The face of the man in black was pale. He looked at Mo Wen, terrified. He finally understood why he was so vulnerable in front of Mo Wen.

Mo Wen totally ignored the pleas of mercy of the man in black. With a flick of his five fingers, a golden light shone. In the blink of an eye, five golden beams of sword qi flew past the assassin in black, instantly cutting his body into pieces.

The body that had been severed did not fall to the ground, but instead became a ball of fire. Under the burning of the golden flames, it seemed to have evaporated into thin air, completely disappearing from the cave.


After killing the man in black, Mo Wen seemed to have noticed something. Turning his head to look at the rock ceiling of the cave, he saw that there was a needle-sized hole, which was emanating an almost imperceptible glow.

Mo Wen’s eyes flashed a thoughtful look. He smiled strangely at the needle-sized hole, then walked past it expressionlessly, continuing to dash deeper into the cave.

In the square, several exclamations rang out. From the screen for Cave Number Five, many people witnessed Mo Wen consecutively killing two people! In the blink of an eye, two Qi Nucleation realm strong ones had died in the cave…at the hands of the same person!

“That youth is really strong. No wonder he dares to participate in the Sect Leader Selection Preliminary alone. Sure enough, he is confident. However, during the preliminary, can he simply kill people? Wasn’t that an elder of the Dafang Sect? And, killing the two of them at once, his methods are too ruthless!”

“What’s going on? How dare he kill so callously? What a terrifying youth!”

“The youth kills even people from his own sect. How cruel.”

Many people did not know the relationship between Mo Wen and the Dafang Sect. Mo Wen’s actions of killing people at every turn puzzled and shocked many. While they were in awe of Mo Wen’s power, they were also shocked by his methods.

Why was he killing people from his own sect?

Although the Dafang Sect was a large sect, it was impossible not to take a Qi Nucleation realm expert seriously. In the entire Dafang Sect, there were less than fifty people at the Qi Nucleation realm. As such, they were considered to be the central pillars of the sect. If one was killed, the damage was not insignificant.

“What formidable strength.”

Hu Qiongqi slightly narrowed his eyes. He had never expected that the roommate that he had never came into contact with would have such a terrifying ability. Killing two Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial art practitioners in a few short breaths was something that even he could not do.

“That youth is not simple. He has cultivation at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm.”

Hu Guiyuan’s eyes had an imposing look. Even he was somewhat shocked that such a young youth could have such a terrifying talent. He was barely twenty and was already a pinnacle of Qi Nucleation realm strong one.

As for how he knew Mo Wen had reached the pinnacle of Qi Nucleation realm cultivation, it was because he knew hot to read lips. When the screen displayed, it did not play audio, but he could see the lip movements of the man in black before he died.

Being at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm before he was even twenty was unbelievable. If this was the larger ancient martial arts world, such a feat would probably be legendary. One may not come across such a person in an entire lifetime.

He had always believed that his son Hu Qiongqi was a rare genius. He was more gifted than anyone that the Hu Clan had seen in a hundred years. At the age of twenty-two, he had broken through to the Qi Nucleation realm, breaking the Hu Clan record! But, compared to this youth, he had paled into insignificance.

“Pinnacle of Qi Nucleation realm! How is it possible?”

Upon hearing this, Hu Qiongqi drew in a cold breath.

Wasn’t that like saying that Mo Wen was comparable with that transvestite in the dormitory?

He knew clearly how demonic that transvestite was. He was probably now at the Embryonic Breathing realm. But Mo Wen’s age was much younger than the transvestite, so it was not impossible for Mo Wen to catch up with him.

“Wang Yinru’s son is really not simple. No wonder he dares to contest for the Dafang Sect sect leader alone. However, even if he is at the pinnacle of Qi Nucleation realm, passing the preliminary is probably not an easy thing. Thus, it is impossible for the Jiang Clan to not give him special treatment,” Hu Guiyuan frowned and murmured.

“Could that brother of yours have a vendetta with the Dafang Sect?”

Gu Zelin looked in horror at Gu Jingman. He had killed two Dafang Sect Qi Nucleation realm experts consecutively. Clearly, something was off, as there just couldn’t be any logic in killing people from one’s own sect!

Also, the scene just now could not have possibly been an accidental killing. It was practically a massacre!


Gu Jingman smiled half-heartedly. The scene just now had scared her stiff. Connecting this with the conflict between Mo Wen’s mother and the Dafang Sect’s grand elder, she finally realized that Mo Wen’s coming to the Dafang Sect was not motivated by good intentions.

He really did come here to trash the territory!

However, with Mo Wen and his mother going against the huge entity that was the Dafang Sect, did they really have a chance of winning?

Gu Jingman felt a sense of worry well up subconsciously in her heart. The current situation was heading in a direction beyond their control. Under the watchful gazes of the crowd, the Dafang Sect elders were murdered!

How could the Dafang Sect not do anything?

She could vaguely sense that something would happen today.

“B*stard! How can that brat be so strong?”

Jiang Quangui’s eyes were wide open in anger. He fiercely punched the wall of the stone tower. The two Qi Nucleation realm elders who died were both from the Jiang Clan.

“That brat is a little strange. He seemed to have easily killed two people. It could be that he has later stage Qi Nucleation realm cultivation.”

Jiang Quanfu squinted his eyes slightly, speaking with a somber expression. Those who are able to so easily kill ancient martial art practitioners of the same realm usually had a much higher cultivation.

“Later stage Qi Nucleation realm? Humph, that Wang Yinru has indeed given birth to a good son, having later stage Qi Nucleation realm cultivation even before he is twenty! If he keeps improving, one day he will be a thorn in our side.”

Jiang Quangui coldly snorted. That Wang Yinru having demonic talent was already something, and her son doing so was even more demonic. If they let this mother and son continue to develop, they would probably one day become a threat to the Jiang Clan.

“So, these two absolutely cannot be allowed to live,” Jiang Quanfu said sinisterly.

“Rearrange the formation a bit and send out experts at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm. I don’t believe that they cannot handle him,” Jiang Quangui coldly said. His intent on killing Mo Wen grew stronger and stronger, almost to the point that he must eradicate him himself.

In the cave, Mo Wen continued to walk forward leisurely. Along the way, he did not meet anyone trying to block him. It seemed as though, after he killed the two Qi Nucleation realm experts, the people seemed to have been scared off, not daring to approach him anymore.

Although he did not encounter anyone, there were many passages in the cave. If one was not paying attention, countless boulders could fall from above and come crashing down.

Or, silently and without a trace, waves of poison arrows could come shooting out. If he was not careful and got scratched, he could be poisoned to death.

With Mo Wen’s ability, he naturally would not be concerned with these traps. Compared with the prohibition arrays of the immortal cultivators, this was child’s play.

His path was smooth, and the obstacles he encountered were insignificant. However, when Mo Wen was not far from the center region of the cave, he finally met a living person.

More precisely, it was an old man. There were a few bizarre braids on his head. He wore rags and had linen shoes. On his back was a sword. His style was almost the same as that of old costume drama actors.

“Are you from the Jiang Clan?”

Mo Wen stopped in his tracks, standing before the old man, his mouth curled into a smile. His hands were behind his back and his presence of mind was calm, seemingly unaffected by the appearance of the old man.

“Jiang Youxi,” the old man said plainly.

“Your Jiang Clan members have very strange names. Yours alludes to your being fortunate. So funny….you don’t seem so fortunate. Who knows, you may even encounter a disaster that wipes out the entire clan,” Mo Wen then laughed and said.

This Jiang Clan’s Jiang Quangui and his generation’s names were surely old-fashioned. From his name, Mo Wen knew that he was the same generation as Jiang Quangui and Jiang Quanfu. However, compared to the two Embryonic Breathing realm practitioners, his cultivation was much weaker.

“A disaster that wipes out the clan? You and what army?”

Jiang Youxi gave a cold laugh, saying indifferently, “Wait till you can walk out of this cave alive, then you can talk about it.”

Originally, he would not have come to block Mo Wen, because he thought that dealing with a youth was unnecessary. His goal for coming now was only to kill Mo Wen and eliminate this threat by nipping it in the bud.

“You’d better believe it, as my words are usually very accurate,” Mo Wen said with a wink.

“Then, have you guessed that you are about to meet the King of Hell?”

Jiang Youxi laughed coldly. He did not continue talking nonsense with Mo Wen, suddenly attacking instead. He took a step forward, his silhouette appearing in front of Mo Wen.

The sword on his back let out a clear whistle, suddenly shooting out and landing in Jiang Youxi’s hand.