Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 299

Chapter 299: Great Elder Appears

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“Isn’t that the Dafang Sect’s elder, Jiang Youxi? As the Dafang Sect’s Great Elder, why has he appeared in the Sect Leader Preliminary assessment?”

“That’s right, he is a terrifying figure at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm cultivation. As the Dafang Sect’s Great Elder, going forth to deal with an ordinary youth, isn’t that a little too…”

“That youth is probably in for a beatdown. Just now, he killed two Jiang Clan Qi Nucleation realm experts consecutively. Probably Jiang Youxi’s appearance is to retaliate against him.”

“That’s a little unfair. A person at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm has appeared to deal with just one person. The caves that had a few people in them did not have such incredible experts appearing.”

Once Jiang Youxi had appeared, many people instantly recognized him. The square was suddenly filled with the sound of excited discussion. Everyone was discussing why the Dafang Sect’s Great Elder would appear during the preliminary assessment.

“That Jiang Youxi is very strong. Mo Wen encountering him is most likely a turn for the worst.” Hu Guiyuan frowned. He naturally recognized Jiang Youxi. He was a veteran figure in the Jiang Clan of the same generation as the two relics, Jiang Quangui and Jiang Quanfu. However, his qualification was not as high as theirs, as up until now he had not broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm.

However, among the Jiang Clan, he was also the person most likely to break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm. His Cultivation was not lower than theirs.

Hu Qiongqi said with an indifferent expression, “The Jiang Clan is obviously making things difficult for Mo Wen. Or, it should be said that the Jiang Clan wishes to eliminate this hidden danger. Before this, he had displayed such a strong power. The Jiang Clan would naturally not send their small fry to deal with him. If I were him, I would not stand out so much and would keep a low profile. With his ability, maybe he can preserve his life.”

Before this, if Mo Wen had not stood out so much and killed two Qi Nucleation realm experts from the Jiang Clan consecutively, but instead reluctantly pretended to win by a hair’s breadth, he would have certainly not drawn a strong practitioner like Jiang Youxi to attack him.

Now that Mo Wen had displayed such a strong ability, as well as talent that would make people envious, the Jiang Clan would want to eliminate him as soon as they could.

“That’s right. Although that youth has staggering talent, in terms of mentality, he is not as good as you. After all, he is still a bit too young and lacks training.” A glint of praise flashed in Hu Guiyuan’s eyes. When he looked at his son, he no longer thought he was worse than Mo Wen.

Gu Jingman clenched her fist and said with some anger, “That’s unfair, absolutely unfair! How can they send out such a powerful figure to deal with Mo Wen? Mo Wen is alone, and he met a pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm strong practitioner. The other caves have four or five people, and yet no such strong practitioner has appeared to block their way.”

How could they send out figures like the Great Elder to deal with Mo Wen? They obviously intended to make things difficult for him. Those who had discerning eyes could see that Great Elder Jiang Youxi’s appearance was certainly violating the fairness and justice of the preliminary.

“He just killed two Jiang Clan elders. Most likely the Jiang Clan is somewhat angry. Judging from the previous incidents, maybe he has a vendetta against the Jiang Clan. You had better not meddle in things like this,” Gu Zelin said helplessly. So what if it is unfair? The Dafang Sect is selecting a sect leader. What does this have to do with an outsider like you?

Also, now anyone could tell that the appearance of this youth had caused changes in the Dafang Sect Leader Preliminary. The series of events seemed to be brewing up a storm. Others were avoiding it, afraid of being dragged in, but his own niece was instead so nosy.

“How can I not be concerned? He is my brother. That’s it. I must object. That Jiang Clan cannot possibly act so unjustly so publicly.” Gu Jingman’s face tensed as she got up and prepared to walk onto the high platform.

“Sit down. What is the use of you protesting? They will not entertain you. Also, you had better not think about rallying people to protest together. Mo Wen seems to have nothing to do with them. Would they offend the Jiang Clan for him?”

Gu Zelin’s eyes and hands were very swift, catching Gu Jingman and pulling her back, pressing her down onto her seat.

“You had better not do such a foolish and meaningless act. What can you change alone? Will the Jiang Clan look at you and take you seriously? You getting involved in this matter is bringing trouble upon yourself, as well as the Gu Clan Fort. Think thrice, think thrice before you act.”

Gu Zelin’s face was serious as he reprimanded Gu Jingman. Her behavior had already affected the safety of the clan. He naturally could not let her run wild.

“Then, what do we do now?” Gu Jingman said anxiously.

“What can we do? Of course, we will see how things develop. After all, you cannot change anything. Don’t let yourself bring trouble to others. Also, that Mo Wen might be fine. With the ability he displayed just now, even if he can’t win against that Jiang Youxi, he certainly has the ability to defend himself.”

At that moment, Gu Zelin could only try to comfort Gu Jingman as much as possible. Otherwise, who knew what this crazy little girl would do?

“You’re right. Mo Wen is not a person who can be easily taken advantage of.” Gu Jingman changed her mind, calming down quite a bit. Before this, she had panicked out of concern. But based on her understanding of Mo Wen, he was not the type to stand out. Whatever he did had some goal behind it. He had killed two experts from the Jiang Clan without hesitation. Maybe he already knew what was going to happen after.

Mo Wen is cunning. He will certainly not make a foolish mistake.

Thinking like this, Gu Jingman managed to calm down even more. Usually in situations like this, Mo Wen was very confident in his own abilities. Also, he had an Embryonic Breathing realm mother. If his mother wasn’t anxious, why was she?

Wang Yinru was indeed not anxious. It could be said that she was very laid back. When Jiang Youxi appeared, she just gave him a glance, not concerning herself with him after that. Jiang Youxi’s combat ability was probably not even as good as Chen Zi’s. Compared to Mo Wen, they were worlds apart.

She now just needed to wait to see how Jiang Youxi would die. She had said before, as long as they encountered people from the Jiang Clan, they would kill on sight! After all, she and the Jiang Clan were absolutely irreconcilable. Killing more people from the Jiang Clan and hurting them, wasn’t that perfect?

At the moment, in the cave, Jiang Youxi was already exchanging blows with Mo Wen.

“Square Sword Technique.” With a sword in hand, Jiang Youxi’s aura instantly became very different. His entire being was like a sharp sword, emanating an extremely sharp aura.

The next moment, hundreds and thousands of Qi of swords suddenly exploded, immediately enveloping Mo Wen. It was like a cage of sword Qi above, below, and all around, locking him completely in it.

“Square Sword Technique?” Mo Wen looked at the hundreds and thousands of Qi of swords locking him in the center like a cage. His mouth curled into a playful smile. His body stood stationary on the spot, like a wooden pile, just letting the Qi of swords come attacking towards him.

“Your Square Sword Technique seems to be half-baked. With Qi of swords of that strength, you plan to kill me?” Mo Wen smiled indifferently. A golden light flashed over his body, directly reflecting the seemingly ferocious Qi of swords. He was like a golden man, taking casual steps as he slowly walked out of the sky full of Qi of swords, walking step by step towards Jiang Youxi.

Along the way, he seemingly ignored the Qi of swords, pretending that the Qi of swords didn’t exist. As they clashed on his body, it was like a calm breeze sweeping through, unable to cause him any damage.

“How can it be!?” Jiang Youxi’s eyes were wide open, looking unbelievably at Mo Wen, unable to wrap his head around what was happening. He did not understand why his Square Sword Technique had no effect against Mo Wen. By right, even an Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioner would not dare to receive his Qi of swords like this, let alone someone in the Qi of Nucleation realm.

“I would like to see how you are going to kill me.” Mo Wen seemed to be strolling, walking step by step towards Jiang Youxi. His mouth still wore a cynical smile.

“Square Fist,” Jiang Youxi roared loudly, suddenly slamming out a punch. A terrifying aura immediately formed, exerting a pressure from all sides with Mo Wen at the center. It kept pressing towards Mo Wen, imprisoning him. It was a fist that made its enemies unable to avoid it, even if they wanted to.

Since the Square Sword Technique had no effect, he then switched to the Square Fist. He did not believe that his attack would have absolutely no effect on him. It was impossible for there to be such a bizarre thing in the world.

Mo Wen had seen the Square Fist once before. Not long ago, in the capital’s Su Clan Manor, he had encountered a Dafang Sect elder who was an expert on the Square Fist. However, now that it was being used by Jiang Youxi, it obviously far exceeded that of Layman Wu, who just had the beginning stage Qi Nucleation realm Cultivation.

However, now Mo Wen was no longer what he was before. Why would he be concerned about Jiang Youxi’s attack? An ancient martial arts practitioner at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm could barely pose a threat to him.

Jiang Youxi’s punch exploded outwards. It seemed to prime the surrounding space, forming a high pressure environment and having an adverse effect on Mo Wen’s movements. This kind of martial arts teaching had a big advantage against those high speed types. That was because once the space was solidified, their advantage of speed would be reduced to a minimum.

Mo Wen looked as though he had not seen Jiang Youxi’s punch and remained standing on his spot with his hands behind his back. He did not dodge or evade, as he had no intention of retaliating. However, the golden light on his body became stronger and stronger, like a miniature golden sun. It was shining so brightly that people could not keep their eyes open.

Jiang Youxi’s fist came crashing towards him, smashing without any resistance into Mo Wen’s chest. The terrifying energy completely surged out, clashing in a frenzy against him like stormy waves.

However, as a glint of joy for successfully attacking Mo Wen flashed in Jiang Youxi’s eyes, the next moment, his face suddenly changed, as though he had encountered some frightening power. His body flew back uncontrollably, crashing through a few stone pillars along the way before coming to a stop.

After receiving Jiang Youxi’s punch directly, Mo Wen was unharmed. He still remained standing in his original position, having not moved at all. On his chest, only a shiny surface like a golden mirror had appeared. Just now, Jiang Youxi’s punch had landed exactly on that spot.

With Mo Wen’s current Cultivation, he could already condense the Indestructible Body of Vajrapani in partial areas of his body, increasing the defense of that particular area.

Just now, Jiang Youxi’s punch had not only been completely blocked by the Indestructible Body of Vajrapani, but the energy was even completely reflected back at him. It was as if Jiang Youxi had put all his strength into a punch, but the damage was all transferred back to his own body.

Caught off guard, Jiang Youxi was instantly heavily injured.