Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 300

Chapter 300: Kill the Enemy Valiantly

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Long ago, when Mo Wen’s cultivation was only in the intermediate stage of the Qi Nucleation realm, he was already almost matchless. Now that his cultivation had broken through to the later stage of the Qi Nucleation realm, he was only a hair’s breath away from the acme stage. In terms of the depth of Inner Qi, even if it was not as great as the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm, there wasn’t too much of a difference.

As such, Jiang Youxi, who only had the cultivation in the acme of Qi Nucleation realm, could be no match for Mo Wen.


Jiang Youxi’s face turned pale, and with a puffing sound, he vomited a mouthful of blood. He struggled to get up from the floor, his eyes looking at Mo Wen in disbelief and his facial expression stiffening.

“What exactly is your cultivation?”

He gasped and looked at Mo Wen in shock. It was impossible for an ancient martial arts practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm to have such terrifying strength. Now, he finally understood that he and Mo Wen were basically of different levels, and that he was simply too vulnerable.

A person with such terrifying strength could only be in the Embryonic Breathing realm, as it is impossible to be in the Qi Nucleation realm. Otherwise, his cultivation in the acme of Qi Nucleation realm would be a joke!

However, to find a strong expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm, who was below twenty years old, was just as bizarre and simply unbelievable!

“Wait till you are in hell to ask the King of hell, then you will naturally know.”

Mo Wen curled his lips into a smile, then said indifferently, “Before you die, you will be fortunate enough to witness what the real Square Sword Technique is.”

As he spoke, Mo Wen extended his palm, and a branch on the floor flew towards him, landing in his hand. The next moment, the branch in Mo Wen’s hand emitted a mass of glaring golden light. Tens of thousands of Qi of the Sword shot out instantly, then enveloped the entire cave, reflecting an ocean of golden lights.

In the center of the golden ocean, Jiang Youxi saw the boundless Qi of the Sword, filling everywhere above and below him. The terrifying aura constantly struck towards him, hitting his mind in waves.

At this time, he finally had a deep impression of Mo Wen’s cultivation. That Inner Qi that was as boundless as the ocean was one that an ancient martial arts practitioner in Qi Nucleation realm just simply would never be able to possess! The depth of his Inner Qi was almost four to five times his own.

“How could it be possible… No, you are not in the Qi Nucleation realm! You are in the Embryonic Breathing realm. Yes! You are in Embryonic Breathing realm…”

Jiang Youxi bellowed hysterically, as if he was extremely terrified and seemed to be warning someone about something. However, his figure was unfortunately engulfed in the golden ocean of flame, so he couldn’t spread the news. Being also sealed in by the golden Qi of Sword, even the sound wave was unable to break through the blockage.

The next moment, Jiang Youxi’s figure was completely flooded by the boundless Qi of Sword, and his flesh was disintegrated into microscopic dust. When the golden radiance had completely disappeared, there was no trace of Jiang Youxi in the cave. Even his corpse was gone!

Mo Wen threw the branch onto the floor without any expression. The Square Sword Technique was indeed Dafang Sect’s Square Sword Technique. A month ago, Wang Yinru had imparted some of Dafang Sect’s magnum opuses to him, which included the Square Fist and Square Sword Technique. Both martial arts were top ranked martial arts, which were famous in the ancient martial arts world.

He lifted his head and looked at a corner of the wall. That place had a pinhole that looked like an eye that was watching everything that was happening in the cave. Mo Wen faced the pinhole and smiled sardonically, then he no longer paid any attention to it, as he walked deeper into the cave on his own.


“That was Sect Elder Jiang Youxi of the Dafang Sect? Isn’t it said that he had the cultivation in the acme of Qi Nucleation realm and was the person in Jiang Clan, who was most likely to break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm? He was actually defeated by that youngster and died. That youngster was just too frightening! Moreover, he slaughtered the sect’s people, without any apprehension. I wonder what exactly he is thinking?”

“What’s happening? Killing someone again? Even Sect Elder Jiang Youxi was not his match. Such a terrifying youngster! Is he here for the Preliminary, or revenge? At this rate, I don’t know how many people are going to die at his hands.”

“Serial killer! What is that youngster thinking? Jiang Youxi died at his hands, so I am afraid that the Jiang Clan will fall out of favor with him completely. Those he killed were all from the Jiang Clan.”

“That Jiang Youxi is a Sect Elder, who had the cultivation in the acme of Qi Nucleation realm. What exactly is the youngster’s cultivation, that he can kill Sect Elder Jiang Youxi? It is just too surprising. At first, I thought that youngster was bound to die, but the ending turned out to be just the opposite!”

“Can that video clip be fake? How it can possible?”

Mo Wen’s ruthless killing tactics and his killing of Jiang Youxi without apprehension had once again caused quite a stir among the audience. The other members in the other four caves, whose fights were also very intense, had not yet killed anyone. Only the cave where Mo Wen was in had experienced deaths, one after another.

“Jiang Youxi has died, too. That youngster has an extremely frightening strength.”

Hu Guiyuan looked at the screen of Cave Number Five. He was in a daze for a while, then let out a deep gasp. Jiang Youxi was one of the Dafang Sect’s Elders in the acme of the Qi Nucleation realm. In the entire sect, there were less than five of such Sect Elders, so the death of even one was considered a great loss.

Moreover, he knew that Jiang Youxi had great strength and was not below him. However, he died at the youngster’s hand in only a few breaths. It sure looked like it had been effortless for the youngster to kill him.

To think that a youngster below the age of twenty could have such frightening cultivation and strength! Fortunately, Hu Clan doesn’t have any enmity with this youngster. If there was any enmity, it would definitely bring a lump to his throat and cause him many sleepless nights!

After all, who knew how strong this youngster could become in the future?

“Pervert! ”

Hu Qiongqi took a deep breath, then gradually let out the two syllables to express his present frame of mind. Normally, he had been the one whom others would call a pervert. At this moment, he finally understood who the real pervert was!

He had said that Mo Wen was a show-off before, but now he realized that Mo Wen did indeed have real strength to boast about. If it were him, he’s afraid that things might have had a different ending.

“This guy is unbelievable!”

Gu Zelin swallowed his saliva and stuttered a bit. Seeing that youngster, who killed decisively with such a terrifying strength, had caused a chill to run down his spine. He was now very reluctant to have more contact with that terrifying youngster. Hence, he developed the mentality of avoiding and keeping a respectful distance from him!

He had said before that Mo Wen might not pose any danger, which was merely to comfort Gu Jingman, as he didn’t think that the youngster Mo Wen would be able to get any advantage over Jiang Youxi, who was a Sect Elder. Now, he realized that he actually had underestimated the youngster.

He looked askance at Gu Jingman, not knowing what to think at the moment.


“What happened!”

Jiang Quangui shouted angrily, his beard flying and his rage erupting profusely. His aura leaked out from his body uncontrollably, like he was prepared to smash the stone tower into pieces.

He had sent Jiang Youxi in for the purpose of killing Mo Wen and nipping this youngster in the bud. However, who would have expected that not only would he not succeed, but that he would suffer a double loss, with the Sect Elder dying at Mo Wen’s hand?!

Jiang Clan didn’t have many experts in the acme of Qi Nucleation realm, only a handful. So, losing one of them was an intense loss.

“How could that guy be so strong? In only one minute, Jiang Youxi was dead, killed by his hands. It is really too weird.”

Jiang Quanfu’s face looked downcast. His face then changed, as he glanced at Mo Wen on the screen. He was not as hot-tempered as Jiang Quangui, so he was able to contemplate the problem calmly at the critical moment.

“As he was able to kill a strong expert in the acme of Qi Nucleation realm, what does that imply? His cultivation is unpredictable.”

Jiang Quanfu looked at his eldest brother, speaking profoundly.

Even an equally strong expert in the acme of Qi Nucleation realm would be able to defeat the opponent very easily, but to kill the opponent was considered as being extremely difficult! Not to mention killing a person in the acme of Qi Nucleation realm within a short period of a minute! That seemed to be possible only for an exceptional expert in Embryonic Breathing realm!

“You mean that he had the cultivation of the Embryonic Breathing realm? How can that be possible!”

Jiang Quangui widened his eyes. He never thought that a strong expert, who was less than twenty years old and in the Embryonic Breathing realm, would appear as an enemy of the Jiang Clan. Such talents as his might have a great possibility of being among the highest of the Golden Elixir realm in the future. An exceptional expert in the Golden Elixir realm, when placed in any position of influence in the ancient martial arts world, would be an exceptional person at the pinnacle of his career.

“I am only conjecturing, not excluding any possibility. However, I think the probability is low, as the Embryonic Breathing realm is not easy to attain. I reckon that this guy used some tactics that we don’t know about to kill Elder Jiang Youxi.”

Jiang Quanfu shook his head slightly. He also didn’t believe that Mo Wen, a mere youngster, was able to be an exceptional expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm.

“The situation now is beyond our expectations, so what shall we do next?”

Jiang Quanfu furrowed his brows. In terms of strategy, he was indeed not as skilled as his second younger brother, so he would seek his advice on many things.

“What can we do? Now, other than the both of us attacking him, who else in the Jiang Clan could counter this guy? If we send more people over, there will only be more deaths, causing a greater loss to the Jiang Clan.”

Jiang Quanfu snorted, and his body was emitting a sinister Qi. Then, the surrounding air became cold.

“You mean that you want to strike?” Jiang Quangui furrowed his eyebrows.

“That’s right. I want to meet this guy and see what kind of capability he has.” Jiang Quanfu smiled sinisterly.