Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 302

Chapter 302: Fragmenting Space

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The walls have ears?

The Chen Clan Leader and the Yuan Clan Leader had a shock upon hearing that. Immediately, they looked around their surroundings but did not notice anything.

“That lad must be deliberately leading us on.”

The two of them shared a glance and saw looks of suspicion in each other’s eyes. There was absolutely nothing in the surroundings, so how could the walls have ears? It was likely that the lad had seen them talking and was simply scaring them.

A faint voice suddenly rang out in the cave. “That lad had actually noticed me. He is indeed rather capable.” Almost immediately after, a dark ray flashed from the corner, and a person’s figure discreetly appeared in the cave. This person was dressed entirely in black. His eyes were dark, and his expression was cold and solemn. It was none other than Jiang Quanfu.

After deciding to personally go against Mo Wen, he had left the sect and had arrived in the center cave at about the same time as the Chen Clan Leader and Yuan Clan Leader. However, he did not make a move on Mo Wen. Instead, he quietly waited for an opportunity.

Initially, he had not thought that the lad had already noticed him. It had actually surprised him quite a bit. Based on his Cultivation in the Embryonic Breathing realm, the Chen Clan Leader and Yuan Clan Leader had not noticed him at all. Yet, that lad had actually been able to notice him. That was actually rather interesting.

“Sect Grand Elder.” Upon seeing Jiang Quanfu’s appearance, the expressions of the Chen Clan Leader and Yuan Clan Leader froze. Immediately, they rose to salute, and they looked slightly awkward. It was no wonder. Mo Wen’s previous words were not to deceive them. Their passing of the message previously would not be able to be kept a secret from Jiang Quanfu, who was personally in the cave as well.

“The two of you, guard the passageway well. As for that lad and the woman from the Wang Clan, just leave them to the Jiang Clan to settle.” Jiang Quanfu looked coldly at the two of them. Then, with a flash of his figure, he turned into black silk and disappeared in the blink of an eye. He had already entered the passageway.

“The Embryonic Breathing realm is scary, indeed. He was already so close, and yet we had not noticed him.” The Chen Clan Leader breathed out slowly as he looked at Jiang Quanfu, who had disappeared completely into the passageway.

The Yuan Clan Leader took a breath and said, “Jiang Quanfu probably heard our entire message just now, but it doesn’t matter. Anyway, we are simply playing the supporting role in this. Since the old man is personally taking action, there definitely will not be any use for those b*stards.”

Previously, his message with the Chen Clan Leader had been just to inform his own clan not to go against Mo Wen and to maintain a safe distance after entering that place. After all, after watching the video, the two of them knew that those training members could not possibly be a match for Mo Wen. Meeting him was just like a road to death.

“Jiang Quanfu, that sly old man, is personally taking action. I’m afraid that youth is in a tight bind now.” The Chen Clan Leader sighed with emotion. It was a pity for such a young talent to be killed. However, one could only blame him for not knowing when to hold back, and for being too young and frivolous.

“That youth is not simple at all. We did not even notice anything suspicious. Yet, he had noticed Jiang Quanfu’s presence. Perhaps we are indeed not as good as he is.”

A bright look flashed in the Yuan Clan Leader’s eyes. Why did their clan not have such a young talent? If there was such a person in the Yuan Clan, they would not have to fear the Jiang Clan. Then they would not have been oppressed by the Jiang Clan for dozens of years.

Mo Wen had just entered the passageway when he felt that something was not right. The space in the passageway was not stable. It could be said that it was not a normal dimension. The deeper he walked, the greater the changes in space became. It was as though he was gradually deviating from the normal dimension and was about to fall into a chaotic space. It was like a person walking slowly to a hetero-dimensional space from the main space, walking towards an uncontrolled and unknown direction.

Fortunately, the feeling did not last very long. After walking for a short while, a rippling water curtain appeared before his eyes. After going through that water curtain, he returned to the stable space once again. A brightness gradually appeared before his eyes. Once Mo Wen had walked out of the passageway completely, a shocking sight greeted him.

He had seemingly already come out of the cave, and the scene in front of him was of a wasteland. It was an extremely vast wasteland, just like the Gobi Desert. Everything in sight was bleak and desolate. Occasionally, there were a few stalks of green plants scattered around the area. However, those shocks of green were still unable to suppress the impression of a wasteland.

Mo Wen looked around him and noticed that there was a towering tree behind him. It was at least a few hundred meters tall, and the shade covered a very large area, expanding outwards into the distance. He walked out of the tree hollow, probably in the direction of Dafang Grotto.

Standing below the huge tree, Mo Wen could clearly feel the tree’s boundless vitality. Although it was rooted in such a deserted land, it could still grow so lushly for thousands of years.

What a magical tree. Mo Wen looked at the tree in shock. Clearly, there was something not quite normal about such a huge tree growing in a wasteland. The surroundings were all desolate, and there was only this tree that was emitting a thick aura of life from time to time.

He slowly walked forward for a bit, and there were a lot of dried tree branches on the ground. They were all connected and strewn about the ground in a haphazard manner. Long ago, this area should have been a natural forest. However, nobody had known what had happened, but the forest had been destroyed and become a wasteland.

He could be sure that this place was definitely an alternate dimension. It had been segregated from the main space, and one could only walk to this place through the stable space passageway. However, there was something that he could not understand. Why had that huge tree been able to create a stable space passageway and even maintain it for so long?

The founding fathers of the Dafang Sect had found this place hundreds of years ago, which meant that the passageway had been in existence for at least hundreds of years.

The space passageway had originally been a very unstable thing. It would have been very easy for it to collapse, especially for such a fragmented space. It could have very easily been destroyed, disappearing into the depths of space.

“Mo Wen, you are a really gutsy lad to dare to follow me over. Since you’ve already come, then just stay here forever.” A cold voice rang out from not too far away. Soon after, five people walked over. They were the five preliminary candidates of the Jiang Clan. The person in the lead was Jiang Mingxiao.

In the tree hollow before, he had had the intent to kill Mo Wen. However, perhaps due to the rules of the selection, he had not attacked. But now that he had arrived in this place, there were naturally no more restrictions.

“Heaven has opened a path for you, but you refuse to take it. Hell has its doors closed, but you’re trying to break in. This place has many skeletons of powerful people buried within. It is actually an honor if you are able to be buried here.” On Jiang Mingxiao’s left, there was a graceful and restrained youth smiling darkly. He fished out a cutlass from within his sleeve, and there were still traces of blood on it.

“You are all people of the Jiang Clan?” Mo Wen’s mouth curled up into a smile.

“So what if we are? Do you think just based on your abilities, you will be able to go against our Jiang Clan? You and that stupid woman are indeed too full of yourselves,” Jiang Mingxiao said as he laughed coldly. He had long since gotten the message that if he were to meet Mo Wen in the selection, he should find a chance to kill him.

However, it was a decision that the Jiang Clan had made before they had known Mo Wen’s abilities. If they had known that Mo Wen was so strong and powerful, they would have definitely not advised him to attack.

“Since you all are, I can save you the trouble and send you all on your way together.” Mo Wen looked at those five youths and smiled mockingly. These five people were the talented and powerful young candidates of the Jiang Clan. If he killed all of them, it would be a very frightening blow for the Jiang Clan. For any sect or family, uprooting the young talents was a very lethal move. Normally, it was the start of the decline of a power.

“Send us on our way?” Among the five youths of the Jiang Clan, one of them was stunned into silence. There was confusion flashing through his eyes, and he did not know what Mo Wen was talking about.

“Stupid.” Jiang Mingxiao rolled his eyes and glared at his cousin. Normally, this lad did not have any common sense other than knowing how to Cultivate. He could not even understand the meaning of such an obvious message.

“So the five of you, is anyone going to attack? I’m waiting to challenge one of you to a duel.” Mo Wen clasped his hands behind his back and looked like a predator waiting for the kill. In reality, these five people were not the aim of this journey. He was waiting for the big fish. That big fish was his real motive.

He was not in a hurry to attack those five people of the Jiang Clan if the big fish had not appeared. After all, that person was hiding and would definitely not allow him to kill those people as he wished. Hence, he might not even be able to do it. He would rather settle the big fish before dealing with the small shrimps. However, the big fish did not seem to be in a hurry to reveal himself.

“You’re looking for death!”

“Go, get rid of him.”

Since Mo Wen did not seem to even care about them, it had triggered all five of the youths from the Jiang Clan. Naturally, they had the right to be proud, as they had Cultivated the Qi Nucleation realm even before the age of 40. Normally, everyone in the sect that they met saluted and greeted them. Yet this bum, a wild child who had appeared out of nowhere, had actually dared to mock them. He was simply tired of living.

“You guys watch. I will kill him off in a jiffy.” Jiang Mingxiao was itching to have a go and was prepared to pull back the person who was heading over to attack Mo Wen. He stepped out of the bunch and slowly walked forward.

Based on their pride thinking that they were talents, they naturally would not use their numbers to their advantage against Mo Wen and fight him five versus one. Moreover, they internally believed that Mo Wen would not be able to beat them. Even in a duel, they felt that it would be easy to defeat Mo Wen.

“Go, Brother Mingxiao! You attacking personally won’t even take a while. You’ll be able to kill him off within five minutes.”

“I bet Brother Mingxiao can defeat that Mo Wen within 20 moves.”

“I bet ten moves…”

Jiang Mingxiao stepped out to fight Mo Wen. Those youths of the Jiang Clan broke into a cheer, and it was like they were watching a movie. They had treated Mo Wen as the meat on the chopping board that was free for them to slice into pieces.

Those who were standing in the distance far away, including the preliminary candidates from the Zhou Clan and Chen Clan, could not help but glance over to look. However, they were so far away that nobody had gone over to spectate. That was because their sect leaders had warned them beforehand not to go close to Mo Wen, and that they should maintain a distance of at least 300 meters.

Although they did not understand why their sect leaders would set such a rule, they naturally would not go against the words of their sect leaders.