Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 303

Chapter 303: Fight against the Embryonic Breathing Realm

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In the Zhou Clan’s faction, a small, scrawny young man walked over to another young man dressed in blue and asked while rolling his eyes, “Brother Zhichong, while the people of the Jiang Clan are dealing with Mo Wen, shall we take the chance to seize the Dafang Insignia?” He was peeking at the black altar. That altar was only about 500 meters away from them. With their ability, they could naturally go over in the blink of an eye.

On the altar, there was a piece of Dafang Insignia which was the thing that would decide the sect leader after the preliminary. If they were to seize the Dafang Insignia and bring it back to the sect, they would be the next leader of the Dafang Sect.

“Don’t plan on getting the Dafang Insignia.” Zhou Zhichong stared at his cousin sternly and reprimanded in a low voice, “I have told you many times. We are here to participate in the sect leader preliminary only for show. Don’t you dare have any designs on that sect leader position. Don’t you see that the other two clans simply aren’t bothering about the Dafang Insignia?”

In fact, this sect leader preliminary was a mere formality to the other three aristocratic families. The clans’ elders had warned them earlier not to meddle with the Sect Leader’s Insignia during the preliminary, regardless of their abilities. As the next sect leader would definitely be someone from the Jiang Clan, nobody dared to compete with them.

That young man remarked indignantly, “What is there to be afraid of? That Jiang Clan is indeed an extreme bully, but aren’t we also the aristocratic families of the Dafang Sect that have existed for hundreds of years? Why are they always above us? Moreover, our old clan leader is also an exceptional expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm. With him around, should we still be afraid of the Jiang Clan?” The Jiang Clan had always oppressed the other three aristocratic families, but the clans didn’t even utter a word about it, so they were indeed a bit too repressed.

“You better keep your mouth shut. Just listen to me and don’t create trouble for the clan.” Zhou Zhichong scolded his own cousin with a stern face. The Jiang Clan had long disregarded morality and rules. Under the circumstances, how could they compete with the Jiang Clan? The Wang Clan 20 years ago was a classic example of what happened when a clan tried to do so.

The young man saw that Zhou Zhichong was getting furious, so he averted his eyes and kept his mouth shut.

“Mo Wen, little b*stard. I will kill you in three strokes.” Jiang Mingxiao laughed coldly and stepped forward. A strong aura emanated from his body and was rapidly pressing towards Mo Wen. It was equivalent to the intermediate stage of the Qi Nucleation realm and was almost a step away from the later stage of the Qi Nucleation realm.

No wonder he was able to be the leading figure among the younger generation. With such Cultivation at a young age, he was indeed very different. In fact, in this sect leader preliminary, the Jiang Clan had already decided internally that Jiang Mingxiao would be the next sect leader to take over from Jiang Qinghong.

In the entire Dafang Sect, Jiang Mingxiao’s Cultivation was the highest among the younger generation. Others had always been lower than he was, so he naturally had great self-confidence.

Mo Wen curled his lips into a smile. He continued to stand in his original position with both hands behind his back, as though he didn’t anticipate the upcoming fight.

“Arrogant.” Jiang Mingxiao’s heart was full of rage upon seeing Mo Wen’s idling attitude. He stepped forward, and that pressure intensified. At the same time, he struck a fist towards Mo Wen’s face.

At that moment, the surrounding space seemed to have collapsed as the air was instantly pushed out, forming a temporary vacuum. The Square Fist had appeared again, however, when Jiang Mingxiao used it, the effect was naturally very mediocre and pale in comparison to Jiang Youxi’s use of it.

“I’m not sure if that senior of the Jiang Clan will save you before I kill you.” Mo Wen continued to have his hands behind his back and was looking at Jiang Mingxiao indifferently, as though he didn’t realize that the fist was going to hit his body. Instead, he uttered something baffling that Jiang Mingxiao couldn’t comprehend.

In a moment as fast as lightning, Jiang Mingxiao instantly struck the punch onto Mo Wen’s body. However, when that seemingly violent punch hit Mo Wen’s body, there was a pin-drop silence, like a stone sinking into the ocean, causing a few ripples.

“How could that be possible!?” Jiang Mingxiao widened his eyes and looked at Mo Wen in disbelief. He had used all his might in that Square Fist. Even a huge rock would have been shattered, not to mention a flesh and blood body.

Mo Wen neither hid nor dodged, but used his body to receive the fist head on, yet nothing had happened to him, and his body didn’t even move a bit. Instead, it was Jiang Mingxiao who retreated three or four steps backwards. A terrifying rebounding force immediately hit him and caused him to sustain an internal injury.

Mo Wen curled his lips into a sardonic smile before he extended one of his hands slightly. The next moment, a massive black claw appeared in the air and grabbed Jiang Mingxiao without any hesitation. Facing Mo Wen’s casual claw, Jiang Mingxiao had almost no resistance against it.

His entire body of Cultivation in the Qi Nucleation realm was absolutely useless at this moment. That weird demonic claw had directly compressed the Inner Qi in his body. Regardless of how strong his Inner Qi was, he was like a helpless little kid facing an adult.

“Old man, if you still don’t come out, I’m afraid your Jiang Clan’s genius is going to die in my hands.” A radiance flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes, and he cast a look at a tree hollow contemplatively. Once that thought crossed his mind, that claw grabbing Jiang Mingxiao instantly tightened its grip towards the center. That terrifying strength compressed Jiang Mingxiao’s body into a mass with his bones constantly crackling.

Blood drained from Jiang Mingxiao’s face while the excruciating pain caused him to scream. He struggled to use his Inner Qi to resist the terrifying strength, but he was no match for Mo Wen’s strength. At this rate, he was afraid he would become a persimmon and rupture.

“Help…” A massive terror and panic caused Jiang Mingxiao to scream for help involuntarily. The threat of death caused him to disregard his dignity and face.

At a short distance, those people who were watching were stupefied. Nobody had expected Jiang Mingxiao to be so vulnerable to just one blow when he encountered Mo Wen. He almost didn’t have any resistance and was being tortured so miserably in the blink of an eye.

In the meantime, they couldn’t understand how Mo Wen could be so strong. Jiang Mingxiao was an ancient martial art practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm and had outstanding strength. In terms of strength, they were much weaker than Jiang Mingxiao.

Originally, they thought that it was impossible for Mo Wen to be Jiang Mingxiao’s match, but the result was so dramatic that it caused everyone to be flabbergasted.

Killing Mo Wen in three strokes? That was simply a joke.

The members of the Jiang Clan saw how miserable Jiang Mingxiao was, and they had every intention of helping. However, knowing that they were weaker than Jiang Mingxiao and could easily end up more miserable than he was when trying to help him, everyone hesitated, and no one dared to say anything.

A sinister voice suddenly resounded from the tree hollow. “You’re useless.” The next moment, a black figure gradually walked out of the tree hollow and glanced at Jiang Mingxiao while disappointment flashed in his elderly eyes.

He naturally knew that Mo Wen had attacked Jiang Mingxiao mainly with the intention of drawing him out. Otherwise, with Mo Wen’s ability, he could have instantly killed that guy without going through so much trouble.

The old man had hidden in the darkness for so long without attacking, as he wanted to see how the young talents of the Jiang Clan would perform against Mo Wen. However, the result was disappointing. In comparison to Mo Wen, the so-called genius was basically a dud. Not only was it a problem in terms of strength, but it was also a problem in terms of psychological disposition. Not only was Jiang Mingxiao’s performance disappointing, but so was everyone else’s.

Jiang Quanfu cast a sinister look at Mo Wen and said slowly, “Mo Wen, you have shocked me. The number of shocks I’ve gotten today is more than I’ve had for the past year combined.”

In the meantime, he waved his hand, and a gray radiance flashed and hit the Tai Yin Claw that was gripping Jiang Mingxiao. The overbearing Inner Qi directly shattered Mo Wen’s Tai Yin Claw.

Jiang Mingxiao escaped from the grip and dropped onto the floor. He panted and tried to catch his breath while his eyes were full of trepidation and post-traumatic stress. Just now, he seemed to have been at the gates of hell, and he was not even certain why this terrifying thing was happening.

“But the stronger you are, the more intense my intent to kill you will be. Since you come to the Dafang Sect to dig your own grave, I shall fulfill your wish.” Jiang Quanfu waved his hand, and strong winds gushed past before sweeping Jiang Mingxiao dozens of meters away. In the meantime, a terrifying grandeur was being released from his body. It rushed out ferociously towards Mo Wen and enveloped him completely. The might of the Embryonic Breathing realm was totally exhibited.

Mo Wen lowered his eyes and said stoically, “Make your move. I would like to have a taste of the Dafang Sect’s abilities.”

Jiang Quanfu’s appearance was not a surprise and actually had been part of his plan. In fact, he had killed the few strong experts of the Jiang Clan in a high profile manner to lure the Jiang Clan’s experts in the Embryonic Breathing realm.

In other words, Mo Wen had been fishing, and the target was actually a big fish.

With his present strength, he was basically not afraid of any ancient martial art practitioners in the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm. He even had the ability to kill those in the Embryonic Breathing realm.

The reason for luring Jiang Quanfu out was to separate the two strong experts of the Embryonic Breathing realm in the Jiang Clan so that each could be destroyed individually. If he was lucky enough to kill Jiang Quanfu, the other expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm would basically no longer be a threat, as Wang Yinru would be able to handle him alone.

Of course, he didn’t have complete confidence in killing Jiang Quanfu. After all, an Embryonic Breathing realm expert was very difficult to kill. However, if he could injure Jiang Quanfu severely enough that he couldn’t attack again within a short period of time, the goal could be considered half achieved.

Hence, Jiang Quanfu’s appearance was within Mo Wen’s expectations.

“I also would like to know if you really have the Cultivation of the Embryonic Breathing realm.” Jiang Quanfu laughed sardonically, squinted, and fixed his eyes on Mo Wen. In fact, he was also afraid that Mo Wen had Cultivation in the Embryonic Breathing realm. If this youngster was really in the Embryonic Breathing realm, the possibility of killing him would be slim.

In the distance, those candidates of the preliminary who heard that Mo Wen possibly had Cultivation in the Embryonic Breathing realm, gasped in shock, and their facial expressions stiffened for a moment. The Embryonic Breathing realm! How could that be possible…