Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 304

Chapter 304: Sword of Will

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The sect grand elder’s appearance had already surprised the preliminary candidates. As the Dafang Sect’s most honorable person, why had he appeared during the preliminary? But what shocked them the most were the grand elder’s words, and that Mo Wen actually had Embryonic Breathing realm Cultivation. How could this be possible!?

Even the dignified grand elder had made an appearance to confront Mo Wen as though he were a powerful enemy.

“Withdraw,” Zhou Zhichong ordered in a low voice, retreating and dragging a few Zhou Clan preliminary candidates backwards. They put some distance between themselves and Mo Wen. If they got swept into a battle between Embryonic Breathing realm practitioners, they would absolutely end up dead.

Not just the Zhou Clan, but the Jiang Clan and all the preliminary candidates retreated one-by-one. They retreated a few hundred meters in one shot before they were slightly more at ease. However, their gazes were all locked on the battle. They looked astonished at the youth who was contending with their grand elder so easily, his facial expression unchanged.

“It is a pity that you are not one of the Jiang Clan’s members.” Jiang Quanfu sighed, looking at Mo Wen with some regret. He suddenly attacked, and a beam of frightening dark blue sword Qi bloomed from his hand. The next moment, a slender longsword appeared in his hand. The sword emanated dark blue light like a venomous snake spitting out hyacinths.

Ten beams of sword Qi instantly enveloped Mo Wen. The deep blue light had Qi as strong as the ocean. Once an Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioner attacked, their power was shocking. With Jiang Quanfu as the epicenter, gullies appeared on the ground around them, cleaved into the very earth by the sword Qi.

Against an Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioner, Mo Wen’s face turned solemn. The difference between the Embryonic Breathing realm and the Qi Nucleation realm was too big. Jiang Quanfu was not comparable to the others from before.

Mo Wen’s silhouette flashed, splitting into dozens of afterimages. They did not collide head-on with the sword Qi that filled the sky, but nimbly slipped through it as he headed forward. He appeared in front of Jiang Quanfu.

“Nice moves.” Jiang Quanfu raised his eyebrows. Mo Wen could easily break out of his sword Qi. He couldn’t help but be amazed. “However, that seems to be it,” Jiang Quanfu added.

He silently extended a fist almost at the same time Mo Wen appeared before him. A terrifying Inner Qi pressed on the top of Mo Wen’s head like a mountain. The fist locked down the surroundings like a cage. There was nowhere to escape. It was another Square Fist, but its lethality seemed to have reached the pinnacle in Jiang Quanfu’s hands. It was possible to crush a hill.

The terrifying pressure compressed Mo Wen from all angles. The space seemed to have frozen solid. His veins and internal organs were enduring the frightening pressure. If a Sea of Qi realm ancient martial art practitioner had been in that space, he would surely have instantly exploded, collapsing into a pile of minced meat.

Mo Wen let out a deep roar. He had no intention of backing off, and instead he faced the pressure from the fist head on. A blinding golden light exploded from his body. His whole body was shining as though he had turned into a man made of pure gold. In a flash of golden light, he appeared before Jiang Quanfu.

He extended a fist, and the roars of dragons and tigers rang out. The deafening soundwave dazed those preliminary candidates who were as far as 300 meters away. Their heads were spinning, and they almost fell on the ground.

Mo Wen and Jiang Quanfu’s fists met, and a muffled sound ruptured from the point where they collided. The next moment, a terrifying Qi wave exploded from the tips of their fists, expanding outward uncontrollably, gushing forth like sea waves.

Both Mo Wen and Jiang Quanfu bounced back dozens of meters before they could stabilize themselves.

The surroundings were a mess after the strong Qi swept through.

Those who were observing the battle from afar were all wearing horrified looks. They had moved back another 100 to 200 meters due to the heavy gale.

“What a deep Inner Qi.” Jiang Quanfu stared at Mo Wen, surprised. This kid’s Inner Qi Cultivation was definitely beyond the normal Qi Nucleation realm, almost comparable to his. But for some unknown reason, Mo Wen didn’t seem to be in the Embryonic Breathing realm, because he didn’t sense the Embryonic Breathing realm’s Inner Qi waves from Mo Wen.

Once one’s Cultivation reached the Embryonic Breathing realm, it was not simply the accumulation of Inner Qi. The Inner Qi experienced a quantity change and a quality change. However, the purity of Mo Wen’s Inner Qi was not like that of an Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioner. Compared to the Inner Qi of someone in the Embryonic Breathing realm, his seemed to be still lacking a little.

“Exactly which realm are you in?” Jiang Quanfu stared at Mo Wen with a sullen look. His expression turned solemn. The youth before him was a little too bizarre. He did not even know what realm he was in, but without a doubt, his ability was enough to go toe-to-toe with him.

After their exchange just now, although it was simply matching punches, it was enough to test out each other’s depth. Comparing the pure deepness of their Inner Qi, Mo Wen was almost his equal.

“Naturally, I am in the Qi Nucleation realm. Do you have any other questions?” Mo Wen curled his lips into a smile. He was not lying.

“The Qi Nucleation realm?” Upon hearing this, Jiang Quanfu laughed coldly. The Qi Nucleation realm could have such frightening ability? He was obviously lying. The depth of his Inner Qi was no different from the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm. He had certainly surpassed the Qi Nucleation realm.

Maybe he had used some special method to fortify his Inner Qi, causing his Inner Qi strength to be comparable to the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm, but his body itself had not broken through to it yet. That’s why he would appear to have Inner Qi Cultivation that didn’t seem like the Embryonic Breathing realm, but was comparable to it.

However, people who used special methods to increase their Cultivation would surely have many negative effects. It was almost impossible to compare their actual fighting capacity to that of a real Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioner. This kind of method usually spoiled things with undue haste. Once used, it would cause the practitioner’s foundation to be shaky, and it would be very hard for him to have higher achievements later in his life.

For the sake of vengeance, Wang Yinru would do anything, not caring about the consequences at all. Her act was no different from ruining a youth genius, ruining her son’s future.

Jiang Quanfu thought Mo Wen’s condition was definitely Wang Yinru’s doing. After all, not every Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial art practitioner could strengthen their Inner Qi to this level on their own. He definitely had someone’s help to achieve it. Furthermore, Mo Wen had the Cultivation of at least the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm. It was impossible for him to increase his Inner Qi by a large margin.

In an instant, Jing Qingfu had thought about all this, but it was just his one-sided imagination. As for the truth, only Mo Wen would know.

“No matter which realm you are in, after you are killed, everything will come to an end.” Jiang Quanfu took a step forward. His whole body was floating in mid-air. He clasped his sword with both his hands, and his expression was sincere as though he were praying.

The exchange before had merely been a tryout. Now that he had found out Mo Wen’s capability, naturally it was time for him to use his trump card. It was easy for him to defeat a strong practitioner like Mo Wen; however, it would most likely be very hard to kill him. So, he didn’t hold back anymore. He would display his strongest power, hoping to kill Mo Wen with his sword.

“Sword of Will.”

A glint of surprise flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes as he stared at Jiang Quanfu, who was floating in mid-air and executing a weird move. He knew the way of practice for the Sword of Will!

The Sword of Will was not a common method used in the ancient martial arts world. Specifically, the Sword of Will was a technique akin to the techniques of the immortal cultivators. It was similar to their Flying Sword technique. In reality, the Flying Sword technique was a type of Sword of Will.

However, compared to the Sword of Will displayed by an immortal cultivator, that of an ancient martial art practitioner was naturally far behind. They were like apples and oranges, but Jiang Quanfu knew how to devote his will to his sword. That was not simple. Surely he had had a special encounter, or else it would have been impossible for him to be able to practice the Sword of Will.

Mo Wen had gotten in touch with the Immortal Cultivation world before. His understanding of the Immortal Cultivation world was almost at the same level as that of a normal immortal cultivator. Furthermore, though he was not an immortal cultivator, he knew many things found in between the immortal cultivators and the ancient martial art practitioners. In reality, there were many similarities between ancient martial arts and immortal cultivation.

In the Immortal Cultivation world, there were martial arts gods who specialized in practicing martial arts. They began their Cultivation by practicing martial arts, transforming their flesh into Immortal Bodies, becoming one of the Sacred.

Previously, Mo Wen couldn’t cultivate immortality. To improve his ability, he had researched many things that were interconnected between the ancient martial art practitioners and the immortal cultivators. The Sword of Will was one of them. Even though they couldn’t soar through the air using their flying swords like immortal cultivators, they could utilize some simple Flying Sword techniques.

In his past life, Mo Wen had been an expert well versed in the Sword of Will. He could use his Sword of Will to kill enemies at a distance of up to 500 meters. It was almost at the pinnacle of what was achievable by ancient martial art practitioners. So once Jiang Quanfu utilized the Sword of Will, Mo Wen knew its details.

However, utilizing the Sword of Will required Cultivation in the Embryonic Breathing realm. Below the Embryonic Breathing realm, one’s will could not affect the longsword, so even if one had the practice method for the Sword of Will, they could not actually use it.

Will was an abstract concept, but it had real existence. Under normal circumstances, ordinary people had weak will. Although different people would have varying strengths of will, normally they would be in the very weak category.

The will of ancient martial art practitioners was far stronger than that of ordinary people. The higher the Cultivation of the ancient martial art practitioner, the stronger their will, and the easier it would be to use it.

It was because of will that ancient martial art practitioners with higher Cultivation had stronger senses and could use them to detect far away targets. Some ancient martial art practitioners with strong will could even develop premonition, being able to detect an event’s outcome and pursue or avoid accordingly.

Once one’s Cultivation reached the Embryonic Breathing realm or even the Golden Elixir realm, it was hard to kill them, largely due to the fact that they had a hypersensitive ability to detect danger. Usually they could detect danger before it occurred, then avoid it.

Regrettably, Mo Wen’s Cultivation had been too low all this while. Back then, before he had joined the immortal cultivator sect, his Cultivation was already in the Embryonic Breathing realm. The things he researched after that were almost all only able to be used with Cultivation in the Embryonic Breathing realm and above, such as the Sword of Will. It was even the case that many things could only be used by practitioners in the Golden Elixir realm. He could not utilize these things if his Cultivation was not high enough.

So now, even though Mo Wen had his abilities, and even though he had vast knowledge, because his Cultivation wasn’t high enough, he could not use any of it.