Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 305

Chapter 305: Flying Spirit Sword

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Knowing the power of the Sword of Will, Mo Wen’s face turned relatively grave. He had previously underestimated this Jiang Quanfu. If he was very proficient with his Sword of Will, he was afraid that it might be a fatal threat to him. After all, the immortal cultivators’ techniques had too much lethality against ancient martial art practitioners.

“Flying Spirit Sword, Kill!” Jiang Quanfu commanded in a low voice while a mass of radiance burst in his eyes. The next moment, his longsword suddenly flew out of his hand and floated in mid-air before it disappeared from its position the next moment.

In the blink of an eye, a longsword silently appeared about 100 meters away from Mo Wen’s body and chopped downwards aggressively. A streak of white light sliced through the air and immediately enveloped Mo Wen. That longsword seemed to have swept across the limitations of time and space, and was in front of Mo Wen’s eyes in a split second.

Mo Wen squinted slightly, and his body stiffened a bit. Indeed, it was the tint of the Sword of Will. That longsword was near his body, and a terrifying pressure descended. As the will was highly concentrated, it burst out with a pressure almost equivalent to that of one at the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm.

Instantly, it was like a small hill had been pressing onto Mo Wen’s body, so his body immediately stiffened. That longsword was as fast as lightning and arrived in the blink of an eye.

Normal people who encountered such a sword stroke were afraid they would be drowned in the oppression of that terrifying will before being instantly beheaded. In that case, they would never even have the chance to react.

Jiang Quanfu curled his lips into a cruel smile. Regardless of the depth of Cultivation of Mo Wen’s Inner Qi, he was, after all, not in the Embryonic Breathing realm. Even when integrating all the essences, he was still definitely incomparable to an Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioner.

His Flying Spirit Sword was the Dafang Sect’s magnum opus that guarded the sect. The Dafang Sect’s five founders had obtained the exceptional magnum opus from the secret land. Its level was equivalent to or had surpassed Absolute rank martial arts and could only be practiced by someone in the Embryonic Breathing realm.

For many years, the Dafang Sect had kept the Flying Spirit Sword a secret, and few people knew about it. Even the sect leader didn’t know the practice method of the Flying Spirit Sword. When Jiang Quanfu became the grand elder of the Dafang Sect and had Cultivation in the Embryonic Breathing realm, he was finally able to practice this magnum opus.

Once the Flying Spirit Sword was used, it had a very frightening lethality against ancient martial art practitioners in the Embryonic Breathing realm. Mo Wen was merely halfway into the Embryonic Breathing realm, so he didn’t believe that he could escape from the Flying Spirit Sword’s attack.

After realizing that Jiang Quanfu was using the Sword of Will, Mo Wen completely concentrated his attention. The moment that the Flying Sword chopped downward, a mass of radiance burst in his eyes, and almost immediately, a mass of invisible ripples hit the Flying Sword, causing it to pause momentarily.

Taking the opportunity in that moment, Mo Wen’s figure swayed and disappeared from his original position. In a series of flashes, he appeared dozens of meters away. Almost at the same time, that Flying Sword flashed downward and sliced through where Mo Wen just had been and cut his remnant shadow in two.

“Escaped!” Jiang Quanfu widened his eyes in surprise. He originally thought that one stroke of the sword would be enough to settle this youngster, but he never expected the other party would take the opportunity to escape.

How could that be possible!?

How could Jiang Quanfu, who had practiced the Sword of Will, not understand? His Flying Spirit Sword belonged to a martial art that was unavoidable. Once the thought of escaping rose in the heart, one would surely die under the Flying Spirit Sword. This was the frightening part of Flying Spirit Sword and was the hidden condition of a definite kill.

After all, it was impossible for the speed of a human body to be faster than the Flying Sword. When faced with the Flying Sword, escaping would be a fatal mistake. Those who faced it head on and fought with the Flying Sword might not die as easily and could make a narrow escape from the Flying Sword’s attack.

It was the first time that Jiang Quanfu had seen anyone escape from the Flying Sword, and it had happened with a youngster. It was something that even the exceptional experts in the Embryonic Breathing realm almost couldn’t do.

“How did you do it?” Jiang Quanfu looked at Mo Wen in bewilderment and was baffled. Escaping the attack of the Flying Sword was almost an impossible thing to do in his knowledge. If his elder brother, Jiang Quangui, had used the Flying Spirit Sword on him, there was only death if he tried to escape. There wasn’t a second possibility.

“Hick!” At a distance of 100 meters, Mo Wen rolled his eyes. He originally thought that since Jiang Quanfu could practice the Sword of Will, he would have some understanding of it. He never expected him to remain at the layman’s level.

Under normal circumstances, the Sword of Will was indeed unavoidable. An ancient martial art practitioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm who had used his will to activate the speed of the Flying Sword was equivalent to an ancient martial art practitioner in the Golden Elixir realm. If the ancient martial art practitioner in the Golden Elixir realm were to use the Sword of Will, the speed would be extremely frightening.

However, who would allow the Sword of Will to attack directly at them under “normal” circumstances? The tactic of countering the Sword of Will was normally to use personal will to disrupt the Flying Sword’s will. Once the will was disrupted, the sword’s speed and attacking power would decrease drastically.

If the willpower was strong enough, one could even use the disruption of will to completely remove the will attached to the Flying Sword and cut off the other party’s control over it. One could even control the other’s party’s Flying Sword and get rid of the opponent effortlessly.

After all, the Sword of Will was not a Flying Sword in the hands of an immortal cultivator. The sword was merely controlled by will and almost didn’t have any guarantee of success. Whoever had the stronger will would be able to defeat the other party.

Only a Flying Sword in the hands of an immortal cultivator wouldn’t have such a disadvantage. The Flying Sword in the hands of an immortal cultivator was a specially made Flying Sword that had gone through the immortal’s devotional method that had marked the Spirit Imprint onto the Flying Sword. This made the Flying Sword recognize its owner, who could then control it like one’s own arm. This in turn made it difficult for an enemy to seize the Flying Sword.

The moment the Flying Sword dropped downward, Mo Wen used his own will to disrupt the Flying Sword for a moment, causing the Flying Sword to pause so he could retreat. Jiang Quanfu actually hadn’t realized what was happening. Perhaps he didn’t know that the Sword of Will could be disrupted using personal will, which was actually a kind of common tactic.

Mo Wen felt a bit amused, as Jiang Quanfu’s knowledge was so little, and he didn’t understand the martial art that he was practicing. He really couldn’t understand how he was able to practice the Sword of Will. Under normal circumstances, the person who was practicing the Sword of Will would have to prevent his enemy from using that tactic to ensure the Flying Sword’s effectiveness and lethality. Now it seemed that Jiang Quanfu basically didn’t have such a brilliant tactic.

Mo Wen’s heart was relieved, as Jiang Quanfu’s Sword of Will was not as difficult to handle as he had imagined it might be.

“You dare to scold me.” Not only did Mo Wen not answer his question, but he dared to call him a hick. Jiang Quanfu was instantly enraged. In a flash, he chased after Mo Wen, and at the same time, concentrated his attention on maneuvering the Flying Sword to fly towards Mo Wen.

The corner of Mo Wen’s mouth curled into a mischievous smile, but he didn’t go head on with Jiang Quanfu. He used the Inch Travel Steps to constantly avoid him and keep a safe distance away.

Jiang Quanfu’s face turned cold and gloomy as he used his Qinggong to the extreme and constantly chased after Mo Wen, trying to find an opportunity to strike him with a stroke of the Flying Sword. He would instantly attack when his distance from Mo Wen was within 50 meters. Unfortunately, regardless of how he commanded the Flying Sword to attack, it didn’t make any impact on Mo Wen. Mo Wen was able to escape from his Flying Sword without exception.

Jiang Quanfu was getting quite mad and was chasing behind Mo Wen incessantly. He really didn’t understand why the Flying Spirit Sword that claimed to be unavoidable was avoided by Mo Wen time after time. Moreover, it looked like it was effortless.

The prerequisites for practicing the Flying Spirit Sword were high, and the conditions for proper usage were also very high. Whenever the Flying Spirit Sword was used, it consumed a lot of energy. After seven to eight strokes of the sword, even with Jiang Quanfu’s Cultivation, he felt that his mind had gone blank, his energy depleted tremendously, and cold sweat began to form on his forehead.

If he was unable to kill Mo Wen, he was afraid that he might not have the ability to attack again.

“Attacking distance is within 50 meters.” Mo Wen moved slightly and evaded Jiang Quanfu’s sword as his lips curled into a smile. It turned out that the Flying Sword’s attacking distance was less than 50 meters. He had indeed overestimated Jiang Quanfu. His practice of the Sword of Will was perhaps only that of a dabbler’s.

“Little b*stard, don’t hide if you have guts! Fight your grandfather 300 rounds.” Jiang Quanfu was totally exasperated, as he had been unable to attack Mo Wen from the beginning. Since when had it been that he would be in dire straits when dealing with a junior? Moreover, he was using the guarding martial art of the sect, the Flying Spirit Sword.

Jiang Quanfu had never been so filled with such grievances in his entire life. This youngster’s attainment in Qinggong seemed to be a bit too high, as even he couldn’t manage to attack him using the Flying Spirit Sword. If he had been using other martial arts, would he get anything at all?

“Old tortoise, what can you do to me if I don’t hide from you?” Mo Wen had tested out Jiang Quanfu’s abilities. Indeed, he was not hiding anymore and was standing in his original position.

Jiang Quanfu saw that and was delighted for a moment. “Youngster, die for me!” He worked hard in urging the Flying Sword to chop forcefully towards Mo Wen. In an instant, it swept across a distance of dozens of meters.

Mo Wen stood in his original position nonchalantly, like he didn’t see the light of the sword flashing towards him that instantly appeared in front of him. However, almost in an instant, Mo Wen’s eyes had an outburst of glaring golden light, and his body’s aura immediately increased. That terrifying aura was cold and overbearing like a cold-blooded emperor.

At that moment, the pressure that Mo Wen released was almost beyond the beginning stage of the Qi Nucleation realm and was almost equivalent to the terrifying aura of the intermediate stage of the Qi Nucleation realm. The moment that pressure appeared, the Flying Sword that had been flying towards him suddenly halted for a moment. This time, the pause was so long that even Jiang Quanfu realized that something was wrong.

Mo Wen gave out a long cry while his body leaped upward. That sound seemed to contain the cries of the dragon and the roars of the tiger. It reverberated in the heaven and earth without ceasing.

More than 500 meters away from the fighting arena, every one of the preliminary candidates was covering their ears and squatting on the floor in pain. Those whose Cultivation was too low were rolling on the floor in agony.

The Flying Sword that had been floating in mid-air had been affected by the invisible soundwave. It made a sad dinging sound, and then it strangely stopped in the air.

Mo Wen’s figure flashed and appeared in front of the Flying Sword as he caught hold of it in his hand.