Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 306

Chapter 306: Defeating the Embryonic Breathing Realm

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Jiang Quanfu was shocked at the sight. He suddenly felt that the connection between the Flying Sword and his instinct had been disrupted. After that, he was unable to connect with the Flying Sword. Regardless of how hard he tried, it didn’t have any reaction at all.

That Mo Wen had actually seized his Flying Sword, how could that be possible!?

Jiang Quanfu looked at that figure, which had just sprang up, in inconsolable shock. He couldn’t imagine how exactly this could have happened.

When had it been possible for someone to seize the Flying Spirit Sword?

“Old hick, die then!”

Mo Wen arrived, leaping in the air and curling his lips into a cold smile. Originally, he had less than sixty percent confidence in his ability to kill an ancient martial arts practitioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm. But now, he was almost ninety percent confident!

Jiang Quanfu had exhausted too much energy in using the Sword of Will. Although it was not exhausting to his Inner Qi, the exhaustion of energy from other areas was sometimes more serious, as the Inner Qi could recover, but other energy couldn’t recover within a short time.

After the fight just now, Jiang Quanfu’s power of Will had almost reached the stage of being completely empty, but he simply didn’t feel the effects yet.

“Square Sword Technique!”

Mo Wen’s wrist shook, and a streak of terrifying golden light burst out from the long sword in his hand, like a little sun. With the appearance of that golden light, a boundless Qi of Sword appeared in the heaven and earth, surrounding Jiang Quanfu completely. The golden Qi of Sword gathered like a golden swirl, dazzling and resplendent.

He was only using the Dafang Sect’s martial arts, but they were very powerful. The Dafang Sect, having been around the ancient martial arts world for the past several hundreds of years, naturally had many desirable qualities.

“Little brute, I will definitely kill you!” Jiang Quanfu bellowed like a crazy ox, constantly waving his fists to attack the surrounding Qi of Sword.

With his Cultivation, the Qi of Sword was naturally unable to withstand his punches and was constantly obliterated. Soon, half disappeared.

Mo Wen not only seized his precious Sword, but also countered him with the Dafang Sect’s martial arts. Such a scene was simply humiliating to a Sect Grand Elder like himself.

After a while, Jiang Quanfu almost didn’t have to use any martial arts, but had still shattered Mo Wen’s Qi of Sword into pieces, causing it to then disappear into the air. However, his own Inner Qi was depleting at a horrifying rate. In the blink of an eye, it had decreased by a third!

Originally, with the Cultivation of the Embryonic Breathing realm, his Inner Qi shouldn’t be exhausting itself so quickly. However, when Jiang Quanfu was using the Sword of Will just now, the energy consumed was terrifying, to the extent that it was almost fully exhausted! This had caused Jiang Quanfu’s fighting ability to decrease by half!

“Old man, don’t brag. With your intelligence, it is really amazing that you can attain the Embryonic Breathing realm.”

Mo Wen’s figure flashed in front of Jiang Quanfu. He struck a fist, sending a mass of golden lights rushing forth. The terrifying earth-shattering power pressed downwards, like a mountain was crashing down.

In actual fact, Jiang Quanfu was not as bad as Mo Wen claimed. In fact, he was stronger than the ordinary ancient martial arts practitioners in the Embryonic Breathing realm.

However, when he encountered Mo Wen, who had experience with the Immortal Cultivation World and had been a veteran in the Sword of Will in his past lifetime, Jiang Quanfu’s Sword of Will not only didn’t have any effect, but it had become his weakness instead.

“Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist!”

Using Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist now, he could tell that its power had multiplied. Now, the power of just one punch almost caused the surrounding space to freeze. With its terrifying pressure, it almost had the same effect of sealing the space like the Square Fist!

“Sky Peak Fist”

Jiang Quanfu had exhausted a huge amount of Inner Qi before, but now he attacked instead of retreating. He leapt violently towards Mo Wen, simultaneously extending a punch with his cultivation.

“Little jerk, you only practice the Dafang Sect’s normal martial arts, and yet you dare to be so arrogant! Wang Yinru was only a good-for-nothing little girl, so what could she teach you? Die then, you little brute.”

Mo Wen had been using the Dafang Sect’s martial arts just now, which had caused Jiang Quanfu to deduce unconsciously that Mo Wen only knew the Dafang Sect’s martial arts. After all, there were very few ranked martial arts in the ancient martial arts world, all of which were very difficult to obtain.

Although Wang Yinru was the young mistress of the Wang Clan previously, her cultivation was too low, so she could only practice Square Fist and Square Sword Technique. Thus, she was ineligible to have contact with any more profound ones. Now that she had returned to the Dafang Sect, perhaps she wouldn’t have any profound martial arts. However, the next moment, Jiang Quanfu knew how ridiculous his own conjecturing was…

As the two fists collided, there was an outburst of a terrifying wave of Qi, both of them in its center. Wild strong winds began to blow, causing a chaotic mess.

At the instant of collision, Jiang Quanfu’s body flew backwards violently. Even with his cultivation of the Embryonic Breathing realm, he couldn’t resist such a terrifying power.

At the moment of collision, Mo Wen was also pushed back seven to eight steps. The wild winds swept across the space, causing their clothes to flutter.

But, he continued to stand upright, even in the middle of that storm. However, Jiang Quanfu hitting a dried tree when he was tossed back, crashing it into pieces.


Jiang Quanfu, who was lying on the floor with a pale face, spat a mouthful of clotted blood, his strong aura depressing greatly. As a strong expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm, he naturally wouldn’t be brought down easily. He hit his palm onto the ground, then rolled his body to stand up.

“Little Brute, what martial arts did you use just now?”

Jiang Quanfu’s face looked extremely gloomy, his eyes as sombre as the dead. The white hairs on his head draped messily over his shoulders, and blood was trickling down the corners of his mouth.

Just now, when he had been fighting with Mo Wen, he had thought that, with his Cultivation and the power of Sky Peak Fist, he would be able to defeat Mo Wen. However, the power of Mo Wen’s punch was simply too much of an extreme terror. Due to his carelessness, he was directly injured.

That was obviously not a normal fist technique, and it was also not a profound martial art!

Jiang Quanfu’s heart was filled with shock. He was still thinking that Mo Wen didn’t have many proficient martial arts, but in the blink of an eye, he had been placed at a disadvantage, which he simply had to swallow.

At some distance away, the Preliminary candidates were watching the fight. They were all stupefied and simply couldn’t believe their eyes.

They were aghast, as the Sect Grand Elder, who was a venerable ancient martial arts practitioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm, had just fought with an unknown youngster, and had actually been defeated by the youngster!

That youngster is not even twenty years old, so how it could be possible for him to have such terrifying strength?!

It was almost beyond everyone’s ability to comprehend, so they were stunned at that moment, their eyes fixed on that person who had such an unimaginable existence!

“No wonder the clan leader commanded us to not have any contact with that Mo Wen and to keep our distance from him. He’s too terrifying…”

The Chen Clan’s Preliminary candidate’s face stiffened, as he muttered to himself. The Preliminary candidates were equally shocked. The Sect Grand Elder’s miserable look had caused him to realize for the first time that the Embryonic Breathing realm was not invincible.

Fortunately, they didn’t have the chance to have any contact with that youngster. Otherwise, whether they would still be alive now was an unknown!

“What should we do, now that the Sect Grand Elder has been defeated?”

Jiang Mingxiao had completely panicked, so he pulled a member of Jiang Clan next to him to ask, while his entire body was shivering uncontrollably. The invincible Sect Grand Elder had actually been defeated by Mo Wen right in front of him! The trauma was simply too great!

He had boasted shamelessly before that he would kill Mo Wen in just three strokes. Now, it sounded so childish and ludicrous! If the Sect Grand Elder hadn’t appeared, he was afraid that he would have become a corpse!

However, the situation now was no better than before. If the Sect Grand Elder were to be completely defeated, and even die at the youngster’s hands, they would most assuredly also die!

“Brother Mingxiao, should we try to escape? Maybe go back to notify the clan leader to ask for the support of the clan’s strong expert?”

A frantic Jiang Clan member asked Jiang Mingxiao with a trembling voice.

“Run away? Where could we run away to? Don’t you remember that, after the passage was opened, we could not go out within four hours. Otherwise, we would be torn apart by the power of space!” Another member of the Jiang Clan issued the warning with a cold facial expression. Compared to the other members of the Jiang Clan, he seemed to be very calm.

The passage to this place could not be casually opened. It would take a long time. Then, once someone had passed through it, it would disrupt the power of space, only allowing it to resume after four hours.

If one were to go through it forcefully, before the power of the space had been restored, one would be torn apart, not to mention that they were only in the Qi Nucleation realm, so even the strongest one in the Embryonic Breathing realm couldn’t withstand being torn apart by the power of space! They all would became a mere pile of shredded corpses instantly!

After they had arrived at this place, it had only been half an hour, so the power of space had definitely not been restored yet.

“Jiang Mingxun, you are always the brainy one, so tell us what we should do now.”

Jiang Mingxiao grabbed onto Jiang Mingxun and asked anxiously. He had offended Mo Wen previously, so if he were to encounter Mo Wen again, he would definitely be killed.

“All we can do is run towards the forbidden land. Whether you survive is your own fate. Of course, you can also place your hopes on the fact that the Sect Grand Elder will not be defeated, or that he will be able to come to a standstill with Mo Wen. With the Sect Grand Elder delaying Mo Wen, you might be fine. However, I wouldn’t bet on that probability. Furthermore, Mo Wen’s aim may attaining the Sect Leader’s Insignia, so you better not touch it.”

As he was speaking, Jiang Mingxun gave Jiang Mingxiao a push, then took the lead, rushing towards the deeper end of the forbidden land. In order to hide from Mo Wen, he was not afraid of the dangers in the deeper end of the forbidden land.

“What about us?”

A member of the Jiang Clan glanced at Jiang Mingxiao and asked, his face totally pale. He knew that, although Mo Wen was dangerous, the deeper end of the forbidden land seemed even more dangerous.

“Wait for a little while.”

Jiang Mingxiao took a deep breath, his eyes fixed on the fighting ring in the distance. At the moment, the Sect Grand Elder had not been defeated completely. So, it was like Jiang Mingxun had said, perhaps the Sect Grand Elder could protect them after all.

As for running to the deeper end of the forbidden land to hide, that was simply too crazy and ridiculous! It was too dangerous!

That Jiang Mingxun was definitely insane!