Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 307

Chapter 307: Kill Chase

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Jiang Mingxiao’s gaze was fixed on the battle arena. In his heart, he kept praying that the Sect Grand Elder would win, or at least that he would not lose too badly and would have enough strength to protect them. Otherwise, being in the forbidden land, where could he escape to? Deep into the forbidden land? What difference would that make?

Not only were the people of the Jiang Clan panicking, but the people from the other three Aristocratic Families were panicking as well. Although the Wang Clan only had a vendetta against the Jiang Clan, they were unsure of Mo Wen’s attitude towards them. If he also saw them as enemies, then they would most likely not have a pleasant end.

“Old thing, since I’ve drawn you out, then don’t even think about leaving alive.” Mo Wen took one step forward, and his silhouette traversed a distance of dozens of meters in a flash, appearing in front of Jiang Quanfu in the blink of an eye. Jiang Quanfu was now injured, and he had expended more than half of his energy. It was impossible for him to defeat Mo Wen now.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Quanfu was shocked. “Little b*stard, you premeditated this all along!” He suddenly realized that Mo Wen had plotted everything the whole time. Even his appearance was within Mo Wen’s plan. He was laughable for thinking that Mo Wen was young, frivolous, and was just showing off.

Only now did he understand that he was the prey in the net, and Mo Wen had been the hunter all along. But who would have thought that a youth not even in his twenties could have such terrifying ability? Absolutely nobody would have thought that the purpose of his ostentatious act was to draw out an Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioner. In the eyes of normal people, how could a youth defeat an absolute strong practitioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm?

Although Jiang Quanfu was cunning and insidious, he had not expected this to happen.

Mo Wen’s speed was as fast as lightning. In his rush, Jiang Quanfu could only manage to send out a palm strike.

Palm and fist collided!

A dull thud was heard. In the next moment, Qi waves rolled out, and Jiang Quanfu’s body was once again sent flying.

“Old man, that’s why I said you are dumb.” Mo Wen stood in the gale with his clothes fluttering, but his body had not moved an inch. In the next moment, he had disappeared from his original spot, again appearing in front of Jiang Quanfu.

A punch once again shot out towards Jiang Quanfu.

Even an Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioner could not withstand so many punches. Each punch had the force of 150 tons. If this continued, Jiang Quanfu would most likely end up dead on the ground.

Jiang Quanfu once again flew backwards with a dull thud. Under the shockwaves of the terrifying power, blood was beginning to seep out of his orifices. His clothes were damaged, and his image was becoming more and more embarrassing and hideous.

“Little b*stard, we are irreconcilable. Do you think you can kill me so easily? Dream on.” Jiang Quanfu’s hair was disheveled as he roared out these words in a frenzy. Then, borrowing the power and inertia of Mo Wen’s punch, he escaped deep into the forbidden land behind him like a bolt of lightning.

He knew that if he continued to battle Mo Wen, he would surely die. Now, escaping was the only way he could survive. As long as he lived another day, once he had completely recovered and joined forces with his elder brother, Jiang Quangui, he believed that they could kill this brat.

Jiang Quanfu’s hate for Mo Wen had reached its peak. He was the dignified Dafang Sect’s Grand Elder, but he had ended up being embarrassed at the hands of this youth in front of the younger generation of the Four Aristocratic Families. His authority and image were down the drain.

“Escaping?” Mo Wen looked at the silhouette that had sprung off a ways in a flash. He narrowed his eyes, and his lips curled into a cold smile. The next moment, his silhouette also disappeared from the spot, chasing behind Jiang Quanfu. The two of them, one in front and one behind, moved away from the altar. They entered deep into the forbidden land, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

The preliminary candidates remained in their spots, looking at each other. Their eyes were full of astonishment and fear, especially the people from the Jiang Clan. Their bodies were shivering uncontrollably.

The Sect Grand Elder was an absolute strong practitioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm. When faced with Mo Wen, he had lost so badly. Not only that, but he had lost his reputation. In the end, he had run off embarrassingly, leaving them behind.

“Brother Mingxiao, what do we do now?” a person from the Jiang Clan asked, slightly wavering. His gaze was fixed on the depths of the forbidden land. Although Mo Wen’s silhouette had completely disappeared, the fear in his heart had not reduced one bit and instead, became stronger and stronger.

If Mo Wen failed to kill the Sect Grand Elder, when he came back, would he find them to let off steam? Now it was as though they were trapped in a cage. They could not escape even if they wanted to.

Jiang Mingxiao gritted his teeth and said, “Wait, maybe the Sect Grand Elder can help us buy some time.” Now, they could only wait where they were. Once the passageway’s spatial energy had settled, they would then escape. As for hiding deep within the forbidden land, he had never even thought about it. He was not as crazy as Jiang Mingxun.

Aside from the people of the Jiang Clan who were curled up in their spots not daring to leave, the people of the other three Aristocratic Families also did not dare to take any action. One by one, they crouched below the altar, waiting excruciatingly for time to slowly pass.

Compared to the people of the Jiang Clan, they were relatively at ease. After all, their Aristocratic Families had no animosity with the Wang Clan. Mo Wen might not kill them.

In the barren space, everywhere was wasteland and withered trees. Some areas had turned into desert, while some had turned into swamp. Not an inch of green grew in some areas. The space radiated an eerie aura.

Two shadows, one in front and one in back, darted across the wasteland like two flashes of lightning. The speed of normal ancient martial art practitioners was definitely too inferior to bear comparison with theirs.

“Little b*stard, you follow so tightly behind. Aren’t you afraid of the dangers lurking in the forbidden land? You might throw your life away for no good reason.” At the moment, Jiang Quanfu’s facial expression was awful. He never thought that Mo Wen would continue chasing after him, and his speed was not slow at all when compared to his. In fact, Mo Wen was much faster than he was.

If this continued, sooner or later, Mo Wen would catch him.

He was not a match for Mo Wen at all, especially in his current condition. Once he was caught, he would face the danger of being killed.

“I have told you, my goal is to kill you. You are not dead now. So, how can I give up?” Mo Wen smiled plainly, following behind Jiang Quanfu at a pace that was neither slow nor fast. He looked relaxed, and his breathing was calm, unlike Jiang Quanfu’s. After dashing for so long, Jiang Quanfu was gasping for air. His Inner Qi was getting ragged. If he continued, his condition would suffer a disastrous decline.

Conversely, Mo Wen wasn’t using all his energy. If he chased after Jiang Quanfu with all his might, he would most likely have intercepted him by now.

However, he didn’t do so. Instead, he followed behind Jiang Quanfu at a steady pace. It was like fishing. He wanted to wait until the big fish had exhausted all its energy, and only then would he reel him in. In that case, he could easily defeat and kill Jiang Quanfu without wasting his own energy.

Jiang Quanfu said with an evil look, “There are many dangers deep in the forbidden land. Even when people in the Embryonic Breathing realm like me enter, we face life-threatening dangers. As part of the Wang Clan, you wouldn’t not know, would you? If you persist in chasing after me, it will not end well for you, either.”

He was slightly panicking now. If the chase continued, Mo Wen would eventually catch up with him. Furthermore, as he went deeper into the forbidden land, he would surely face unknown dangers. At that time, it would be hard to guarantee whether he could come out alive.

He, Jiang Quanfu, had been unrestrained and doing as he pleased all these years. This was his first time encountering such a situation that put him in a dilemma. Seemingly, he would die no matter whether he advanced or retreated. What’s more, the person who hunted him was a junior from the Wang Clan. They were a few generations apart. He had lost all face.

He never would have dreamed that something like this would happen in his life one day.

“I will kill you first,” Mo Wen said plainly, seemingly not worried about the dangers lurking deep in the forbidden land. He was determined to kill Jiang Quanfu. Actually, along the way, Mo Wen had long ago noticed many dangerous areas. Those areas had fluctuations of special spiritual power or the fluctuations of a prohibition aura.

The prohibitions and stratagems were remnants left by the immortal cultivators. Once normal ancient martial art practitioners encountered them, they would be terrifying. However, the prohibitions and stratagems were obviously old, and no longer as powerful as they were. They were almost all worn out.

Damaged prohibitions couldn’t hide their fluctuations. Commoners and ancient martial art practitioners couldn’t discover those special fluctuations, but it was easy for immortal cultivators. Prohibitions and stratagems, when their spiritual power fluctuations were not hidden, were like light bulbs for immortal cultivators. Unless they were blind, it would be impossible to not notice them.

Before this, Mo Wen had the experience of cultivating immortality. Naturally, he would notice the existence of the prohibitions, so he could dodge them accurately and not be attacked by them.

Even though the prohibitions were badly damaged and worn out to the point where they were hardly functioning, they still were life-threatening to ancient martial art practitioners. After all, they were remnants of the immortal cultivators, existing even after such a long time. They were obviously not simple.

So, Mo Wen didn’t touch the prohibitions at all and made detours every time he encountered one. However, he couldn’t help but be amazed at Jiang Quanfu’s luck. Jiang Quanfu undoubtedly couldn’t detect the hidden prohibitions. He was like a blind man dashing into a minefield, but even after running for so long, he had not triggered a single prohibition.

“Little b*stard, since you are so stubborn, then I shall play with you. I am not at a loss if I can drag you along to die in this forbidden land.” Jiang Quanfu took a deep breath. After realizing that Mo Wen would certainly kill him, he became ruthless as well. A glint of evil flashed in his eyes. Even if he were to die, he would drag the youth along with him.

Mo Wen glanced at Jiang Quanfu indifferently, turning a deaf ear to his threats. He continued to follow behind Jiang Quanfu at a steady pace.

The aim of his trip was to kill a Dafang Sect Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioner. If he could kill Jiang Quanfu, then the Jiang Clan would just be left with Jiang Quangui. At that time, how could the Jiang Clan be an opponent for him and Wang Yinru?

Even if the Jiang Clan still had some unknown hidden tricks that he could not handle, if he killed Jiang Quanfu now, he and Wang Yinru would have less pressure when accidents arose later.

So, no matter which angle he was deliberating things from, this Jiang Quanfu must die. If Mo Wen let him off this time, it would be harder when Mo Wen wanted to kill him next time.

Not long after, the two of them arrived at an oasis with some green plants. Jiang Quanfu seemingly knew that it would be comparably safer in the oasis. He didn’t hesitate and plunged into it.

However, he hadn’t even taken a few breaths when a terrifying and shocking force shot up into the sky from the oasis like a smoke signal. Even Mo Wen, who was a few hundred meters away, could deeply feel the terror of the force.