Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 309

Chapter 309: Spirit Imprint

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Jun Wulei said that he would make a move, and he really made the move. The pupils of Mo Wen’s eyes slightly constricted while his body stiffened slightly. However, he was not nervous, and his concentration was more focused than before. At the same time, his fist struck towards Jun Wulei’s palm.

When the fist collided with the palm, an invisible power spread outward. Mo Wen’s body retreated seven to eight steps in a row before he stabilized himself.

As for Jun Wulei, he stood in his original position without moving a bit, but his shoulders seemed to shake slightly.

After one stroke, neither of them made any more moves. Mo Wen curled his lips and fixed his eyes on Jun Wulei while holding his ground.

While exchanging blows just now, Mo Wen already knew that Jun Wulei indeed couldn’t do anything to him. The injury he sustained was more serious than he had imagined. Although Jun Wulei was injured and was not his match, he was still unable to kill him.

“You have some capabilities. No wonder you can run after that person in the Embryonic Breathing realm.” Jun Wulei looked deep into Mo Wen’s eyes, as he was a little shocked that a person in the Qi Nucleation realm had such strength. Although he was a rare genius in Huatian Palace, he didn’t have such terrifying talents.

This youngster is indeed not simple.

However, he was thinking of accepting the mission on the Savages List and even had designs on Demoness Gong. That was the same as digging his own grave.

Mo Wen asked while squinting, “What’s your purpose in being in this forbidden land?”

“Am I obliged to tell you?” Jun Wulei snorted. If this had happened normally, he would have crushed this guy to death. There wouldn’t be a chance for him to ask so many questions.

“You don’t have to tell me, but I will follow you and disturb you so you won’t be able to treat your injury. I am afraid now you’ll need a quiet environment to heal your injury, right? I’ll deliberately make sure you can’t do that. Or, you can also fight with me, but that will only aggravate your injury.”

Mo Wen folded his arms and laughed shamelessly. Regardless of how high Jun Wulei’s Cultivation was, what could he do to Mo Wen now?

“You really think I can’t kill you.” Jun Wulei was amused yet angry, as there was actually someone who dared to threaten him in this way, and he was only a Four stars Executor.

“Even if you could kill me, I am afraid the price to pay would be unimaginable. It’s not worth it. We don’t have any blood feud.”

Jun Wulei snorted softly and uttered expressionlessly, “What do you want to know? As for the purpose of being here, you wouldn’t understand even if I told you, so just don’t think about it.”

Mo Wen had betted correctly. Now, Jun Wulei indeed couldn’t do anything to him and didn’t dare to continue to be injured.

“Demoness Gong is also in the forbidden land?” Mo Wen couldn’t be bothered to beat about the bush with Jun Wulei, so he got straight to the point. If Jun Wulei continued to evade without answering, he couldn’t be blamed for taking the gloves off.

“You seem to care a lot for that woman. What’s your relationship with her?” Jun Wulei squinted slightly while looking at Mo Wen with a little surprise. This person has talked about Demoness Gong several times. He definitely has an ulterior motive, and it is not purely to kill Demoness Gong to gain the reward for the mission in the Savages List.

This youngster is full of tricks up his sleeve and is very shrewd. Furthermore, he actually can see that I have sustained a serious internal injury while he still doesn’t know he has betrayed his weakness.

Such a person should know himself well enough and not overestimate himself in pursuing the dream of killing Demoness Gong, that ruthless devil.

Mo Wen gazed into Jun Wulei’s eyes and didn’t answer him, but instead asked, “Since you didn’t deny it, that Demoness Gong must be in the forbidden land?”

He could tell from Jun Wulei’s expression just now that it was really possible for that woman to be in the forbidden land. He was still uncertain about Jun Wulei’s relationship with Demoness Gong, whether they were friends or foes, or whether Demoness Gong had caused his internal injury.

However, he could be certain that the purpose for Jun Wulei being in the forbidden land was definitely connected to Gong Biluo.

“That Demoness Gong is indeed in the forbidden land, but you’d better not meddle in her affairs. You just need to mind your own business. There are dangers everywhere in that place so it’s not a place you should go into. Curiosity killed the cat. Don’t blame me for not warning you,” Jun Wulei remarked indifferently.

“If you are sensible, leave immediately. At least I don’t have any malice towards you yet and don’t have the heart to hurt you.”

From their previous conversation, he knew that Mo Wen was not directly against him, but was focusing on that crazy woman. However, he knew very clearly how dangerous that crazy woman was. Regardless of Mo Wen’s purpose and his relationship with her, there wouldn’t be any good ending being involved with that crazy woman.

Mo Wen smiled and changed the subject with a more relaxed tone. “Your injury seems to have been caused by Demoness Gong. However, I am a physician. I can help treat your internal injury.”

“Physician?” After hearing him, Jun Wulei laughed sardonically and said indifferently, “So what if you can help treat my injury? You think I will dare to let you treat me?”

It was fine if Mo Wen wasn’t a physician. Though if he was indeed a physician, he was afraid that Mo Wen might tamper with his body. Though those people from the Medical Expertise aristocratic families didn’t have great fighting power, their dishonest practices and tactics had tricked many.

“Since you are unwilling to be treated, that’s fine. But don’t blame me for not warning you that your internal injury will take at least two months to recover in normal circumstances. If you believe me, I can reduce it to half a month, and in a few days’ time, your condition will recover by more than half.” Mo Wen spread out his hands and looked like he was letting Jun Wulei choose.

Jun Wulei heard his words, and his eyes displayed some hesitation. If what Mo Wen said is true, and he indeed has such strong medical expertise, treating me at this moment would definitely resolve my pressing issue.

However, as he thought about that matter, he immediately cut the thought off. Mo Wen, this youngster with an unknown origin, has a purpose that I didn’t know. When he was involved in this matter, he was afraid that he would greatly increase the unknown dangers. A person whom he had only seen a few times… he didn’t dare to bet on his character.

“Don’t follow me. Otherwise, I will kill you even if I have to pay a great price.” Jun Wulei cast a look at Mo Wen apathetically, then he turned around and walked slowly towards the inner part of the oasis. He no longer bothered about Mo Wen and didn’t seem to take Mo Wen’s previous threats seriously.

Mo Wen glanced at Jun Wulei’s back and knitted his brows slightly. Under normal circumstances, it would be impossible for Jun Wulei to risk further damaging his health to fight with Mo Wen, and there was also no such necessity.

Now that he had done this, there must be something important that he couldn’t let any outsider know about.

What exactly happened? Something flickered in Mo Wen’s eyes. If he had guessed accurately, this matter should include the involvement of Demoness Gong and this place. What was the relationship among these three?

Although he now knew that Demoness Gong was in the forbidden land, he didn’t know her exact location or the situation she was in.

Looking at Jun Wulei’s gradually receding back, a golden light flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. The next moment, a mass of weird radiance appeared in his pupils that was as esoteric as a black hole, as though it had absorbed all the light rays into it.

Mo Wen’s hands clutched in a weird gesture, and as the gesture was formed, the mass of radiance suddenly began to distort before becoming a weird rune with a weak flickering spiritual light.

The moment the rune was formed, it disappeared from its position. The next time it appeared, it had marked weirdly onto Jun Wulei’s body and in a flash, it disappeared without a trace.

Jun Wulei suddenly furrowed his brows and looked from side to side. Just now, it seemed like someone was watching him, but when he stretched out his senses thoroughly, he didn’t discover anything.

He turned around and cast a look at Mo Wen, who continued to stand at a distance without moving or leaving. He snorted involuntarily. This guy really took his gloves off.

Mo Wen gradually let out a breath. His face was as pale as a sheet, and his body seemed to be drenched with perspiration as the clothes on his back were totally soaked.

The moment the rune disappeared, Mo Wen’s entire energy seemed to be depleting rapidly with fatigue forming between his brows. The energy seemed to be exhausting him more intensely than Jiang Quanfu had before. If it wasn’t that his entire Cultivation of Inner Qi was not affected and could still maintain his bodily functions, he might not be standing stably.

Mo Wen no longer paid attention to Jun Wulei. It was like he had totally cast him aside and no longer bothered about him. He turned around and trudged tiredly away from the oasis without looking back. Soon, he disappeared.

Jun Wulei squatted under a huge tree and looked at Mo Wen, who was walking further and further away, with a sense of puzzlement in his eyes. That guy has really left?

Just then, Mo Wen had been taking his gloves off, but now he just walked away. This caused Jun Wulei to feel baffled, as though something was not right. However, when he contemplated carefully, he basically couldn’t find anything that had gone wrong since Mo Wen had left him and gone far away from this place.

In that vast space, the next time he intended to find him, it would be as good as looking for a needle in a haystack, almost impossible.

Jun Wulei cast aside his puzzle in his mind. What Mo Wen had said just now was right. The pressing thing he had to do now was to find a place to heal his injury before he tried to break through this place again.

As for Mo Wen, he believed if he was careful, he definitely wouldn’t let Jun Wulei trace him. Being in Jianghu for so many years, he still had self-confidence in his abilities.

“Jun Wulei, Jun Wulei. You definitely won’t expect me to use a Spirit Imprint.” After walking for a long distance, Mo Wen suddenly laughed weirdly. He glanced deep into the sky far away, and his mood suddenly became much better.

Perhaps by now, Wu Junlei still didn’t even know that Mo Wen had already left a Spirit Imprint on his body. With the existence of a Spirit Imprint, even if he were to hide at the ends of the earth, Mo Wen would be able to find him.

The Spirit Imprint was a thing of the Immortal Cultivation world, which would be used through a special hand technique. However, it was not any profound thing and almost all the immortal cultivators knew to use it.

However, this kind of thing was simple and easily discovered. The specific efficacy was up to the individual who had used it. It was difficult for an Immortal Cultivator of similar Cultivation to leave a Spirit Imprint without being discovered. However, if a high-level Immortal Cultivator were to use a Spirit Imprint on a low-level Immortal Cultivator, it would be difficult to discover.

As for a low-level Immortal Cultivator who used a Spirit Imprint on a high-level Immortal Cultivator, it would be almost impossible to be successful, or rather, there was basically no possibility of being successful.

With Mo Wen’s present tactic, it was very difficult for him to place a Spirit Imprint on an Immortal Cultivator without being discovered. After all, he was not an Immortal Cultivator now but an ancient martial art practitioner with very low Cultivation.

However, though Jun Wulei’s Cultivation was profound, he was not an Immortal Cultivator but was merely a pure ancient martial art practitioner. He didn’t know the so-called Spirit Imprint, so he naturally wouldn’t discover it. Even if Mo Wen were to brazenly tamper with his body, perhaps he still wouldn’t even know.