Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 310

Chapter 310: Kill Them All

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Once Jun Wulei’s body was branded with the Spirit Imprint, no matter where he went, Mo Wen would be able to find him, so now he did not need to worry. After all, within the forbidden land, Jun Wulei certainly could not escape from Mo Wen.

Mo Wen did not concern himself with Jun Wulei anymore. That was because he knew that within such a short period of time, Jun Wulei would certainly not be able to do much. After all, he was afraid that Mo Wen was still secretly watching him. Only when he was certain that he was not being watched anymore would he do what he wanted to do. So, Mo Wen left Jun Wulei altogether, returning to the location where the Dafang Sect had built the altar.

At this moment, the people from the Aristocratic Families, including the Jiang Clan, were almost all gathered below the altar. They were waiting excruciatingly for the passageway to once again open. Once the passageway opened, they could surely immediately escape from the forbidden land.

With a flash, Mo Wen landed on top of the altar. He glanced around and discovered that the Sect Leader’s Insignia that was on the altar had disappeared. He snorted coldly. In a flash, he appeared in front of the Jiang Clan’s preliminary candidates. The corner of his mouth curled into a cold smile.

“You sure have guts, daring to hide the Sect Leader’s Insignia.” Mo Wen narrowed his eyes and looked coldly at Jiang Mingxiao.

None of the members of the Jiang Clan had anticipated this. Mo Wen had just been hunting down Jiang Quanfu, the Sect Grand Elder. He had been gone for just a short while, and he had already returned.

They had originally thought that the Sect Grand Elder would at least be able to hold him back for a few hours. When the passageway once again opened, they could then successfully escape.

So, only then had Jiang Mingxiao dared to hide the Sect Leader’s Insignia. He had hoped that he could be lucky and take the insignia. Then, he would still be the Dafang Sect Leader. He had regrettably high hopes for Jiang Quanfu and had never anticipated that Mo Wen would return so swiftly.

“You… I’ve been keeping it for you.” Jiang Mingxiao’s face was pale as he revealed a hideous smile. Then, he hesitantly took out a black and green insignia from his chest pocket and passed it to Mo Wen.

Mo Wen waved his hand, and the Sect Leader’s Insignia automatically flew into it. He merely glanced at it, then put it away.

“Your Jiang Clan seems to be missing someone,” Mo Wen said indifferently as he looked at the Jiang Clan preliminary candidates. There were originally five members, but now they were left with four.

“The person is called Jiang Mingxun. He ran off deep into the forbidden land.” Jiang Mingxiao looked fearfully at Mo Wen. He was afraid that Mo Wen would simply kill him if he was not happy with his answer.

“That’s a shame…” Mo Wen shook his head. A look of surprise flashed in his eyes. The Jiang Clan preliminary candidates actually had someone who dared to run deep into the forbidden land. Was he not afraid of the dangers inside? His courage was not small.

“What’s a shame?” Jiang Mingxiao asked without thinking. He did not know what Mo Wen meant.

“It’s a shame that I cannot eliminate you all in one go…” Mo Wen turned his head and smiled at Jiang Mingxiao. Then, a beam of frightening aura shot up into the sky from his body, instantly enveloping the members from the Jiang Clan. It was like a formless pressure cover, firmly imprisoning them in the space.

“You… you want to kill us all?” Jiang Mingxiao’s face turned pale beyond compare as he looked in fear and alarm at Mo Wen. He actually dared to do this? Did he not fear that the Jiang Clan would be angry with him beyond reconciliation?

The other three Jiang Clan members were also fearful beyond belief. They were stepping backwards non-stop, but the terrifying aura surrounding them made it hard for them to move. Besides, there was no place to hide.

“Since you are members of the Jiang Clan, then you can’t blame it on others.” Mo Wen looked indifferently at them. Up until now, even Jiang Quanfu had died battling Mo Wen. He and the Jiang Clan had almost no possibility of reconciling. The people before him were all outstanding individuals of the Jiang Clan’s younger generation. If they were all eliminated, it would pose a real problem for the Jiang Clan in the future.

Also, before he had come out, Wang Yinru had said to him that if he encountered people from the Jiang Clan, he should exterminate them all, not leaving a single one alive.

Jiang Mingxiao started shouting fearfully, “You cannot kill me. The Jiang Clan will not spare you… I am the Jiang Clan’s next clan leader. If you kill me, you and the Jiang Clan will surely be irreconcilable…” Never in his life had he felt so helpless and fearful. His death was right before his eyes, and the scent of impending death nearly caused him to crumble.

“Even Jiang Quanfu died at my hands. Killing the few of you isn’t a big deal,” Mo Wen said, laughing.

“What! The Sect Grand Elder died?” Jiang Mingxiao was stunned. He looked at Mo Wen with dull eyes. Even the strongest person in the sect, the Sect Grand Elder, had died at Mo Wen’s hands. Who else could save him?

The members of the Jiang Clan all had faces as pale as ash. Their bodies were cold as ice, as though they had been thrown into an icy hell.

“I’ll kill you.” A Jiang Clan member could not take the pressure of the moment. He rushed at Mo Wen in a frenzy, intending to fight him to the bitter death.

Mo Wen’s lips curved into a cold smile. He extended his palm, and instantly, an array of golden Qi of swords covered the space before him entirely. The body of the youth from the Jiang Clan started to disintegrate. In the blink of an eye, he had turned into a pile of minced meat. A golden flame appeared on the dead body, burning the flesh and internal organs.

All the people from the Jiang Clan turned pale when they saw this. They held in their urge to puke, turned around, and ran away like crazy. They didn’t care whether they could escape from Mo Wen’s gasp. All they knew now was to run.

However, they hadn’t gone far when three shapeless swirls quietly appeared above their heads, hovering over them. The next moment, the swirls exploded, along with everyone within them. The sky rained blood. The smell of blood pervaded the surroundings, making people retch.

When the Zhou Clan, Chen Clan, and those from the other Aristocratic Families saw the Jiang Clan’s tragedy, they hid in the corners, not daring to move even a muscle. They were afraid that Mo Wen would notice them and kill them. However, Mo Wen didn’t even look at them. After killing all the genius youths in the Jiang Clan, he continued to go deeper into the forbidden land in a flash.

He was very curious. Why would Jiang Mingxun dare to go deep into the forbidden land? Was Jiang Mingxun just evading him? Or did he have other ulterior motives?

“It was too terrifying!” Staring at Mo Wen’s gradually disappearing silhouette, Zhou Zhichong slowly exhaled a breath. Just now, Mo Wen hadn’t cared about them, so after this, they obviously weren’t in danger anymore.

“Elder brother Zhichong, luckily just now we didn’t have any intention of getting the Sect Leader’s Insignia. Or else…” The face of the youth who suggested snatching the Sect Leader’s Insignia before this was as pale as a sheet. He was still scared from the scene just now. If he had snatched the insignia, his ending would most likely not be any better than the Jiang Clan’s.

“Jiang Quanfu, the Sect Grand Elder, has died, too. That youth is too terrifying. Who else could be his opponent within the Dafang Sect?” The face of a youth from the Chen Clan was pale. He still found it unbelievable. He would have never dreamed of the scene just now, but it had in reality happened right before his eyes.

“The Jiang Clan has sacrificed so many people, especially the five people including Jiang Mingxiao. They are all elites among the younger generation in the Jiang Clan. They have all died. The loss of the Jiang Clan was too great. The cost was not any lesser than the death of a Grand Sect Elder.” The leader of the Yuan Clan drew a cold breath. No matter how the situation developed, from now on, the Jiang Clan had suffered a great loss after having so many people killed.

“That’s the vendetta between the Wang Clan and the Jiang Clan. We can’t meddle. We’d better not care about anything. After we leave here, we should report to the clan leader immediately.” Zhou Zhichong shook his head, signaling everyone in the Zhou Clan to stay calm and wait quietly.

After Mo Wen went deep into the forbidden land, as expected, he didn’t return. The time passed by slowly. In the blink of an eye, four hours had passed. The spatial energy in the passageway had calmed down completely.

Immediately, the people from the three Aristocratic Families fled into the passageway. They bolted towards the exit like crazy, as though they were running for their lives. Nobody wanted to stay in that scary place anymore.

As soon as the people from the Zhou Clan exited the passageway, they saluted the two clan leaders with their fists, bidding farewell. They left in a hurry, with no intention of staying.

Such a huge incident had happened in the forbidden land, so they had to rush back to their clans to report to the clan leader.

“What’s the matter?”

The Chen Clan and Yuan Clan clan leaders, who had been guarding the outside of the passageway all along, frowned when they saw the odd behavior of the Zhou Clan and the preliminary candidates escaping embarrassingly. Those who could join the Sect Leader Preliminary were all elites from the Four Aristocratic Families. All of them were at least at the Qi Nucleation realm. In the outside world, they were all leaders. However, right now they had lost their composure. How could this be?

A youth from the Chen Clan said, panting, “Clan leader, something’s happened…” Just escaping from the forbidden land had caused him to not be able to speak properly.

“What has happened?” The Chen Clan clan leader frowned. He looked incredulously at the youth, then glanced at the crowd. He discovered that all of the Chen Clan members had made it out, with no one missing. There did not seem to be any injuries or losses, so what could have happened?

“That Mo Wen… Jiang Clan… Sect Grand Elder, he…” The youth tried hard to explain what had happened, but too many things had happened that were too horrifying. Therefore, he stuttered for quite a while and still could not give a proper explanation.

“Where have the Jiang Clan members gone?” The Yuan Clan clan leader glanced at the passage and discovered that there was no one else who had come out. Also, among the ones who had come out of the passage, there was no one from the Jiang Clan. In his heart, he suddenly had a bad feeling.

The youth took a deep breath. After he calmed down, he finally finished uttering a sentence. “Dead… the members of the Jiang Clan are all dead…”

“What!?” The Chen Clan and Yuan Clan clan leaders exclaimed simultaneously. Their eyes widened in disbelief.

All of them were dead? What had happened?!

Everyone in the Jiang Clan had died. The news was like a heavy bomb for the clan leaders of the two Aristocratic Families. All five people from the Jiang Clan who entered the passageway were youth geniuses. How could they be all dead?

Furthermore, he knew that Sect Grand Elder Jiang Quanfu followed them and entered the passageway as well. With him around, how could anything have happened to the preliminary candidates from the Jiang Clan?

The Chen Clan clan leader grabbed the youth and asked sternly, “What exactly is going on?” If something had happened to the Jiang Clan, that was no small matter. If what he said was true, it would shock the entire Dafang Sect.