Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 311

Chapter 311: Segregating Space

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“Mo Wen… That Mo Wen has killed off all the people of the Jiang Clan, so now everybody in the Jiang Clan is dead.” That youth looked at the sect leader, and his lips could not stop trembling.

“That Mo Wen has done it? How is that possible!?” A look of shock flashed in the eyes of the Chen Clan Leader. He knew that Mo Wen was very strong, and even he was not a match for him. If he went against the younger disciples of the Jiang Clan, it would naturally have been an easy feat.

However, hadn’t the Sect Grand Elder, Jiang Quanfu, followed them in as well? With the Sect Grand Elder around, how would Mo Wen have had the chance to behave however he wanted? How had he managed to kill off so many people in the Jiang Clan?

“Is the Sect Grand Elder, Jiang Quanfu, inside? Have you seen the Sect Grand Elder?” The Yuan Clan Leader grabbed a family member by his side and went straight to the point immediately. The Sect Grand Elder could not possibly have ignored the fact that Mo Wen could kill so many of his clan’s people. What had the Sect Grand Elder gone off to do when Mo Wen had started killing them?

The youth swallowed and said with a lot of effort, “The Sect Grand Elder… Sect Grand Elder is also dead. He died at the hands of Mo Wen.”

“What!?” The Chen Clan Leader and Yuan Clan Leader exclaimed in shock once again. They looked at the youth in disbelief, and their eyes widened.

The Sect Grand Elder had died? He was a master in the Embryonic Breathing realm. How could he have died!? Moreover, he had died at Mo Wen’s hands!

“Just what is going on? How is it possible that Mo Wen can kill the Sect Grand Elder!?” The Chen Clan Leader could not care less about his dignity as the sect leader anymore. His voice was trembling. A master in the Embryonic Breathing realm dying was not a small issue to the Jiang Clan, or even the whole Dafang Sect.

The other youth trembled as he said, “Mo Wen has really killed the Sect Grand Elder. I am absolutely positive. All of us witnessed it. The Sect Grand Elder is not a match for that Mo Wen.”

They had all witnessed the battle between Mo Wen and the Sect Grand Elder, so there was no way that any misunderstanding had happened.

At that time, the Sect Grand Elder had continuously lost to Mo Wen. Moreover, he had even helplessly run into the depths of the prohibited area. However, he still died at Mo Wen’s hands in the end.

Although they had not seen just how the Sect Grand Elder had died, the fact that Mo Wen could return to the sacrificial altar within such a short period of time meant that the Sect Grand Elder had definitely already met with something unfortunate. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to allow Mo Wen to kill off so many of the Jiang Clan’s talents.

“That Mo Wen is so scary! Could it be that we are still underestimating him? Could it really be that he has scary Cultivation in the Embryonic Breathing realm?” The Yuan Clan Leader inhaled a breath of cold air. There was still a look of disbelief in his eyes.

It was already shocking if a youth who was not even 20 years old had the talent to reach the Qi Nucleation realm. Attaining the Embryonic Breathing realm was simply unthought of.

Just how could one be in such a high realm? The two old men had already been cultivating for nearly 100 years. Yet, they had still not broken through into that realm and were still hovering outside its door.

Internally, the two of them knew just how difficult it was to break through into the Embryonic Breathing realm. How could a single youth be able to do it? Compared to Mo Wen, the two of their lives appeared to have been a waste.

“Embryonic Breathing realm!” The Chen Clan Leader muttered to himself. Finally, the corners of his lips curled up into a bitter smile, and there was a complex look in his eyes.

The Yuan Clan Leader looked towards the Chen Clan Leader and said, all the while maintaining his bitter smile, “Brother Chen, we have all miscalculated. The Wang Clan has actually produced such a stunning talent. This time, the Jiang Clan is truly in trouble.”

Wang Yinru had approached them beforehand. Yet, all three great families had refused to meet her and left her outside their shut doors. That was because all three of the great families felt that it was impossible for Wang Yinru to beat the Jiang Clan. They did not think she could possibly be a match for them.

Even if they had collaborated with her, they would not have been able to beat the Jiang Clan. Hence, nobody had dared to come into contact with her or do anything out of the ordinary that could have attracted the Jiang Clan’s suspicion.

However, now they all noticed that the Wang Clan was back for revenge against the Dafang Sect. Hence, things would not be as simple as they thought. Since they dared to appear, they definitely had sufficient confidence in their abilities.

It was just that they did not expect that the confidence did not stem from Wang Yinru being promoted to the Embryonic Breathing realm. Instead, it was because of Mo Wen, the scary powerful ancient martial art practitioner who could kill practitioners in the Embryonic Breathing realm, the one whom they had not taken notice of in the beginning!

Cultivating the Embryonic Breathing realm and killing someone in the Embryonic Breathing realm were two different things altogether. Normally, in the Embryonic Breathing realm, if both competitors were in the beginning stage, it would be very difficult to say who would win. Even if one beat the other, it was entirely impossible for one to kill the other.

Only a high-level Embryonic Breathing realm master would be able to kill off a master at a lower level in the Embryonic Breathing realm.

The fact that Mo Wen was able to kill the Sect Grand Elder, Jiang Quanfu, who was in the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm, could only mean that he was not just in the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm. It was very possible that he had achieved the intermediate stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm, or even higher.

The conclusion that could be easily deduced shocked the two sect leaders’ hearts. They could feel impending chaos arriving. It was still unclear who would emerge victorious in the battle between the Wang Clan and the Jiang Clan. However, it was without question that the prediction was not in the Jiang Clan’s favor anymore. There was a possibility that the Wang Clan would be able to turn the tables.

“Brother Yuan, what should I do now?” The Chen Clan Leader smiled bitterly. At this point, he could really relate to how the smallest creatures like fish and shrimp would be hurt whenever the gods fought. Since their families were part of the Dafang Sect, they would definitely be affected in the fight between the Jiang Clan and Wang Clan. It was essentially impossible for them to detach themselves from the situation.

“What can the two of our clans do? We can only find the old clan leader of the Zhou Clan and talk with them to formulate a plan.” The Yuan Clan Leader laughed bitterly. In their families, they did not even have a single master in the Embryonic Breathing realm. Hence, if anything happened, they would not even have the right to speak. What else could they do?

After a moment, the Chen Clan Leader and Yuan Clan Leader both headed over to the Zhou Clan for a discussion. As for the preliminary candidates from both families, they had been ordered to return to their families and were not allowed to go out.

In the prohibited land, the sky was blurry and gray.

This was a segregated space. It had been separated from the main space on Earth. There was no sun, moon, or even stars in the sky. However, in this space, there was light and water. There were also many other things that were present on the surface of Earth.

With light, there was heat. With heat, there was life.

Along the way, Mo Wen noticed many special organisms that grew in this space. These organisms were also very different from those that grew on Earth’s surface. Perhaps it was because the different environment gave rise to different organisms.

Mo Wen did not know just how big this space was. He did not have any interest in knowing either, because it was a very dangerous thing. The entire space was filled with danger. There were extreme windstorms. There was the fragmentation of space because of its instability. It was a region of explosive power as well as having frightening restrictions and stratagems all around.

Mo Wen had only roamed a small area, but he had already met with danger a couple of times.

After roaming a while, he could almost be sure that this place was an ancient battlefield. Moreover, it was not just any normal battlefield. Instead, it was a battlefield between Cultivators. There were all sorts of explosions of power that were caused by Cultivators with many weird corpses and all kinds of terrain.

One area had a gulley that was at least thousands of meters long, and was so deep that the bottom could not be seen. Inside, there was a fierce Qi of Sword. Those remnants of the Qi of Sword seemingly had the power to kill those in the Embryonic Breathing realm.

Another area had a huge mountain that had lost half its height, and only the base remained. However, the tens of thousands of square meters of flat ground were stunning.

Meanwhile, other places were full of corpses. Those corpses clearly did not belong to normal humans, but to special and huge organisms. Mo Wen noticed the skeleton of an unidentifiable organism. It was thousands of meters long and looked like a vein of the Earth as it lay on the ground. At a glance, the ends of it were not even visible.

“Such a weird place.”

Mo Wen looked at the deserted space, and he got more and more anxious. This place was definitely not as simple as it had appeared to be in the early days. Only Cultivators would have been able to create such an environment.

Mo Wen had the experience of Cultivation and knew about things that the average person did not, such as those skeletons that spanned hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of meters. It was very possible that they belonged to demons. Only demons had such huge bodies!

That demon had only appeared back in Mo Wen’s world where there had been the appearance of such skeletons. Could it be there were demons on Earth as well? If demons were present, just where were they living? He had not seen live demons very often in the main space. It was impossible for a huge number of demons to survive. Could it be that the place in which the demons were present was similar to this space, which was just an affiliated space?

Mo Wen had understood long ago that the world with the Earth as the main space was not as simple as it appeared to be. Whatever he had witnessed thus far was just the tip of the iceberg. There were still many things that he did not know about.

From this space, he had felt rather enlightened. Perhaps the secret was not in the main space but existed hidden in the depths of the alternate space.

A long, long time ago, he had heard of the legend of space segregating. The finest people who were great geniuses had segregated the main space bit by bit, before turning it into individual alternate spaces, thus completely isolating it from the main space.

It was said that in order to destroy an entire construct of a world, one had to destroy the main space. Only with the destruction of a main space would those alternate spaces disappear as well and be lost in the stream of alternate spaces.

The bigger the main space, the smaller the chances of destruction. However, the smaller the main space, the higher the chances of destruction.

He had heard of the legend of the segregating of space before. It had been done by some very capable people. In order to destroy a world, they had continuously split the main space apart, at the same time dividing its power. Once the main space was sufficiently small, it could be destroyed, and the entire world would be destroyed along with it.

If the Earth was the main space of this world, the destruction of Earth would also completely destroy every other space.

Thinking about that sent a cold shiver down Mo Wen’s spine. The main space of Earth was not big. If there were many Cultivators joining forces, the chances of destroying the Earth were very high. If anyone was up to no good and was planning to destroy the Earth, all of life would go up in flames at the same time.

Mo Wen could not understand something. A world of the Cultivators could not possibly be that small. However, the main space was actually so small and pitiful, as if someone had purposely gone to break it up multiple times.