Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 312

Chapter 312: Another Encounter with Demoness Gong

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In normal circumstances, contracting a main space to such an extent shouldn’t be attempted. That was undoubtedly like trying to bury a bomb in one’s own world! Once it exploded, everyone would die together!

The world where Mo Wen was in his past lifetime was not an independent world. Rather, it was in existence with many other worlds. Hence, he knew many things about world invasion.

For example, there were many people in the outside worlds with unsatisfied desires. These people would invade the worlds of others, occupying these other worlds by force and seizing their resources.

If the worlds had enmity between one another, there would be a possibility of the conflict escalating even further, even to the extent of destroying both of the worlds! When their own main world had diminished to such an extent, it was equivalent to exposing their Achilles heel in front of their enemies. Hence, it was a very dangerous thing!

As space was a flexible thing, it was changeable. It could contract to be a small world and expand into a bigger world. When the main world was constantly expanding, the world would be more stable and safer.

Therefore, the mighty people of many big sects would find bits and pieces of space, then integrate them into the main space in order to expand the main space. This forbidden land of the Dafang Sect was estimated to be almost as big as the main space on earth. Since just a fragment of the space was so big, one could only imagine how seriously divided the main space on earth would be. So, it must have been already divided to the extent that it couldn’t be divided anymore!

Other than this space, the space where the Huatian Palace existed was also huge, meaning that is was most likely also a fragmented space of the main space. A world that was developed in the opposite direction definitely had some problems, or rather it was developing pathologically.

The present world on earth had given Mo Wen the feeling that it was developing pathologically, as not only was it unstable, but it was also very dangerous. As for why such a situation existed, Mo Wen had no idea.

It was impossible for those mighty immortals, who had the ability to divide space, to not understand this principle. As to why they continued to do it, there must be some hidden reasons for it.

Mo Wen sighed deeply. He knew that he had been thinking too much, and that the problems of this world were not something that he could control. Now, he was only a small ancient martial arts practitioner, not even an Immortal Cultivator. So, to discuss the fate of the world was simply overestimating his own present abilities.

However, his aim was to be an Immortal Cultivator, who would reach the peak of perfection. When a pathological environment existed in this world, it would definitely affect all the people, so whether his future path of being immortal could carry on, that was a very difficult thing to tell!

Mo Wen sighed deeply, while tossing these complex thoughts out of his mind. Then, he changed his direction and flew towards a series of desolate mountains.

As he did so, he discovered that the Spirit Imprint that was marked on Jun Wulei’s body had fluctuated. With the guidance of the Spirit Imprint, Mo Wen had gone all the way into the deep and desolate mountains.

After two hours, he appeared in front of a narrow small cave. He rubbed his chin and went into deep thought. It was pitch dark in the cave, with nothing visible. The space seemed to be endlessly deep.

“He wasn’t on the ground? That’s very strange!”

Surprise filled Mo Wen’s eyes. “Could he be underground?”

He could sense that the Spirit Imprint was nearby, but the surrounding mountains couldn’t hide much of anything. Thus, it must be hiding underground! After being certain of the location in his heart, Mo Wen didn’t hesitate, but went straight into the cave.

Following a narrow passage, he walked a few hundred meters. Then, the path ahead began to broaden, with many forks appearing. The passages had extended in a complicated and complex way, such that there were many paths everywhere.

As he walked, Mo Wen began to feel a little lost, as if he was in a maze. Regardless of where he walked, it seemed impossible to get out! However, he fortunately had the skill to track the Spirit Imprint, and following his heart’s feelings, he was able to make his way through the maze.

After about fifteen minutes, the Spirit Imprint stopped. Obviously, Jun Wulei had stopped at a certain place as well.

That place was not far away from Mo Wen’s present location, but as the passages were complicated and complex, it was no easy thing for Mo Wen to find it. Hence, he was able to sense Jun Wulei’s location, but was unable to familiarize himself with the exact geographical location in the current surroundings.

It was obviously very close, but one just couldn’t get there right away, at least not in such a maze-like place. Fortunately, Mo Wen’s luck was improving, as the distance between he and Jun Wulei was constantly decreasing.

Suddenly, Mo Wen’s body halted abruptly, while he cast a somber look at his surroundings. As he went deeper into the cave, he realized that the surrounding environment seemed to become even stranger.

In the passage, a strange sense of danger filled the air. The stronger a person’s will was, the more he was able to sense danger. So, Mo Wen had entered into a very dangerous place, a region that could bring him fatal threats!

“What exactly is that Jun Wulei doing?”

Mo Wen furrowed his brows. According to his past experience, this place was definitely unusual. It was even more dangerous than any place on the surface of earth!

After walking further some distance, Mo Wen realized many places that were equally unusual. In the underground passage, there were many remnant prohibitions, which were obviously things that had been set up by the Immortal Cultivators.

These prohibitions were almost all attacking prohibitions, created with the purpose of killing people. When one was careless around them, there would be a danger of immediate death!

Furthermore, in this case, due to the corrosion of time, many prohibitions had disappeared. The Guardian Stratagem was incomplete and the remnant prohibitions that were left had almost all lost their abilities to function properly.

Mo Wen knit his brows, thinking that he might have entered into a forbidden land. This forbidden land was not the forbidden land that the Dafang Sect had described, but was the forbidden land of the Immortal Cultivators!

As so many prohibitions had been set up underground, it was definitely not an ordinary place. If all of the prohibitions here were in perfect condition, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to get in. He may have even been killed already!

Fortunately, the prohibitions were incomplete. Thus, he didn’t encounter any real danger along the way.

About half an hour later, Mo Wen was finally nearing the place where the Spirit Imprint had fluctuated. When he was looking for Jun Wulei, the spectacle in front of him shocked him so much that his jaw dropped open.

He was presently in a very big underground cave, named Karst Cave. The space within it was huge, about half a football field in size. The surroundings had many ancient stone sculptures with weird runes carved on them, as well as some writings that Mo Wen couldn’t recognize.

Jun Wulei was standing in the center of the cave, holding a snowy white long sword in his hand. There was blood dripping from the blade of the sword and the entire space was emitting a dense Sanguinary scent. The smell was coming from the more than ten mutilated corpses that were on the floor.

However, they were not human corpses, but were some living things with monstrous looks. They appeared to be a species that definitely didn’t exist on earth, having the bodies of rats and the heads of snakes. They also had navy blue eyes and emitted a cold radiance.

A short distance in front of Jun Wulei, he saw the end of the Karst Cave, which consisted of five stone doors, all of which were shut. Those stone doors were ancient and simple, and they appeared to have been around for countless numbers of years. There were different kinds of monsters’ heads carved on them, which looked hideous and eerie.

Mo Wen was not attracted to the five weird stone doors, as only one thing had captured his eyes. It was a person, a woman to be exact.

A short distance in front of the stone door, a person was sitting cross-legged. That person was in a black dress and wore a jade hairpin, which was emitting a cold Qi. Her long hair was flowing onto the ground like a waterfall, and her figure was enchanting and voluptuous. Her face looked very cold, like a calloused queen, but she also somehow emitted a feeling of charm and elegance at the same time.

Who else could this person be, other than Demoness Gong, who had disappeared for a while?

Mo Wen looked at her for a moment, the corners of his mouth curling into a smile. Indeed, he had been able to find her by following Jun Wulei’s trail.

“Why, is it you again?”

A cold voice suddenly resounded in the Karst Cave. When Mo Wen had just entered, Jun Wulei had naturally noticed him. Instantly, his face turned extremely callous, and his body surged uncontrollably.

He thought he had already been very careful, not leaving any loopholes along the way. So, Mo Wen shouldn’t have been able to track him down!

However, he had underestimated Mo Wen. Even when he had been so careful, he was still able to follow him!

How did he manage to do it?

While Jun Wulei was in a rage, he was also very shocked, as Mo Wen’s ability seemed to be beyond his expectations.

“That’s right. It’s me again,” Mo Wen said with an awkward smile, while looking satisfied.

“What exactly is your purpose for following me?” A hint of killing intent flashed in Jun Wulei’s eyes.

This youngster is too weird! If he is my enemy, he definitely shouldn’t be left alive!

“What could my purpose be? I’m merely following to see what I see. After all, why would you be allowed to come here, while I’m not?”

Mo Wen folded his arms, as he spoke with an indifferent expression.

“You are digging your own grave!” Jun Wulei bellowed, while his figure flashed. He then leapt a distance of tens of meters, before sweeping his Sword towards Mo Wen.

“You think I’m afraid of you? Don’t forget that your injuries have not yet fully healed.”

Mo Wen laughed sardonically. He waved his palm casually, and a golden black swirl appeared in front of him. Jun Wulei’s tyrannical Qi of Sword was instantly crushed into pieces by the swirl, disappearing into thin air.