Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 313

Chapter 313: Trapped in a Prohibition

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In the cave, the atmosphere was tense. Mo Wen’s mysterious appearance had completely enraged Jun Wulei. “Humph, even if I am injured, you are not my opponent. Even if I have to injure myself once more, I will make sure I cut you down.”

Jun Wulei snorted coldly. This brat Mo Wen was full of schemes. He had fallen for them himself two or three times. Compared to this dangerous forbidden land, he believed this sly fox Mo Wen was even more dangerous.

“Since you are so confident, then give it a try.” The corner of Mo Wen’s mouth curled into a cold smile. Jun Wulei was indeed strong and powerful. If they were outside, maybe he would be a great danger to him, but in this bizarre forbidden land it was a different story.

In this place laden with hazards, a land of death set up by immortal cultivators, an ancient martial art practitioner like him trespassing and not having died yet was considered very fortunate. Mo Wen only needed to slightly guide Jun Wulei to actively come in contact with these prohibitions, and he would surely suffer enough.

A cold voice suddenly sounded from behind him. “That’s enough. Can the two of you stop bickering?” Demoness Gong, who had been sitting cross-legged on the ground all this while, had opened her eyes unbeknownst to them. She stared coldly at the two of them.

“You know him?” Jun Wulei looked at Gong Biluo. He stood his ground with a cold look on his face, but he did not move to attack.

Demoness Gong ignored Jun Wulei. She looked expressionlessly at Mo Wen and asked coldly, “Why have you appeared in this place?”

Mo Wen threw his hands up and said in an indifferent tone, “Can’t I come here? Did you set a rule?” This woman was still acting coldly towards him, as though he owed her something.

After remaining silent for a while, Demoness Gong said, “Leave this place. You cannot come to such a place. Later, I’ll ask Jun Wulei to escort you out of here.”

A glint of surprise flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. “What does this have to do with him?” He looked incredulously at Jun Wulei. Demoness Gong and this Jun Wulei did not seem to be enemies, so then what exactly was their relationship?

Right now, even Jun Wulei was feeling surprised, let alone Mo Wen. He looked unexpectedly at Demoness Gong. This crazy woman not only knew this brat, she even asked him to escort Mo Wen out. What was their relationship?

Jun Wulei was very clear about Demoness Gong’s personality. She killed people decisively, not hesitating to eradicate whole sects. However, he had never heard of her saving someone before. Since when did this demoness have a good heart?

This Mo Wen was rather interesting. Jun Wulei’s mouth curled into a playful grin.

“What does my relationship with him have to do with you?” Demoness Gong said expressionlessly.

“I am just asking out of curiosity. The two of you seem to have a pretty good relationship.” Mo Wen laughed wryly, casting a thoughtful glance at Jun Wulei. Just now, Gong Biluo asked Jun Wulei to escort him out. To Mo Wen’s surprise, he didn’t object. Was Jun Wulei that close to Demoness Gong?

“Is she related to you?” Jun Wulei asked and snorted softly. Mo Wen had plotted against him a few times before. Naturally, he wouldn’t be nice to Mo Wen.

“Don’t blabber. If you don’t want to die, then leave here as soon as possible.” Demoness Gong frowned. Even she, with such Cultivation, faced death threats in this forbidden land. Mo Wen was a Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial art practitioner. His coming here was no different than seeking death.

“What do you mean it has nothing to do with me? You surely have taken it upon yourself. Only after putting in so much effort did I find you. We have just barely met and you ask me to leave. Women are indeed heartless.” Mo Wen shook his head, wearing a dejected expression.

The corner of Jun Wulei’s mouth twitched. He stared at Mo Wen, surprised. This brat dared to talk to Demoness Gong like that? Exactly what relationship did they have? The more he thought about it, the more his thoughts gravitated towards a possibility that was supposedly impossible.

Could it be that Mo Wen followed him not because of him, but because Mo Wen was searching for Demoness Gong? No wonder Mo Wen had asked him repeatedly whether Demoness Gong was in the forbidden land, too.

“So are you leaving or not…?” Demoness Gong stared at Mo Wen, gnashing her teeth.

“I am not leaving because you asked me to leave. I will follow you instead. Wherever you go, I will go.” Mo Wen wore the expression of a rascal. With his head up and his chest out, he raised his chin and marched towards Demoness Gong.

“Stop right there.” Demoness Gong shouted. Her facial expression changed upon seeing Mo Wen like that.

“Get back here.” Upon seeing this, Jun Wulei was shocked, too. He reached out immediately, forming a shapeless Inner Qi palm. The palm traversed across dozens of meters to catch Mo Wen.

Unfortunately, he was one step behind.

Mo Wen’s seemingly simple step also traversed across dozens of meters. He had gone so far with just two to three steps. Jun Wulei wanted to stop him, but he was already far away. In the blink of an eye, Mo Wen had reached the perimeter within 20 feet of Demoness Gong. One step forward, and he would be beside her.

However, a terrifying pillar of fire dropped from the sky, ferociously crashing towards Mo Wen. The temperature in the karst cave rose by dozens of degrees Celsius in an instant.

“Be careful!” Demoness Gong exclaimed, standing up immediately. In a flash, she was ready to throw herself onto Mo Wen. In the end, she hadn’t even moved two steps, and a terrifying River of Heaven appeared before her. The water in the River of Heaven emitted a petrifying Cold Qi. The billowing coldness bounced Demoness Gong back to where she was. A layer of thick ice deposited on the surface of her body instantaneously. She was frozen to the ground.

When Mo Wen first stepped into the territory, Jun Wulei’s eyes narrowed as well. His facial expression tensed up as his eyes fixed on Mo Wen. That territory, he didn’t even dare to set foot in it. His life would be threatened once he went near it.

Actually, the reason why he had been lingering in the nearby areas and not leaving was because Demoness Gong was trapped in that territory. It had been four or five days. She couldn’t get out, no matter what method they tried. There were a few times when they almost got killed.

If it wasn’t for the fact Demoness Gong was trapped in this karst cave, he would most likely have left this scary and strange place long ago, never setting foot in it again. As for searching for treasure, he had no intention of doing so now.

His nervousness was unlike that of the other two. After Mo Wen stepped into the area, his eyes didn’t even blink. He remained expressionless, seemingly knowing long ago what was about to happen next.

The moment the horrifying flame pillar came crashing down, a black and gold swirl appeared on the surface of Mo Wen’s body. The swirl wrapped around his body, starting off gold before becoming pure black. It was like a black hole, letting off a cold, quiet light.

The moment that the flaming light beam crashed against the dark and quiet swirl, there was a bizarre pause, as though time had stopped, but that moment of time was negligible. The next instant, the horrifying flaming light beam shattered the black swirl, penetrating through it. After it crashed ferociously against the ground, it seemed to drill into the ground, disappearing in an instant.

Jun Wulei’s eyes were wide open. He took in a breath of cool air. Could it be that Mo Wen had died? He clearly knew in his heart what terrifying power that flaming light beam had. The moment it penetrated, Mo Wen most likely would have been vaporized, with not a shred of him left.

Such frightening power! In the blink of an eye, it had killed an ancient martial art practitioner comparable to the Embryonic Breathing realm. Also, at the same time, it had sealed Demoness Gong in ice, and she was seemingly unable to resist at all.

Jun Wulei had not realized that in that moment, the flaming light beam had paused, and Mo Wen’s silhouette had already disappeared into the black swirl. A bizarre silhouette appeared not far in front of Demoness Gong, as though he had switched places. That silhouette, who else could it be but Mo Wen?

However, at the moment, Mo Wen’s condition was not too good. His face was pale and the corner of his mouth had blood stains. His energy was depleted considerably. He slowly exhaled. He secretly exclaimed at the close call. Just now, he had been practically walking a tightrope. However, when the window of opportunity appeared, he had managed to get past into the prohibition.

How could Mo Wen not notice that Demoness Gong kept sitting in the area not moving? It was not because she didn’t want to move, but because she didn’t dare to move due to the area surrounding her being covered by prohibitions. Even he was alarmed when he saw it.

Actually, when he had entered the karst cave, he had noticed that the inside was abnormal. Jun Wulei and Demoness Gong were not immortal cultivators, so they had not noticed. However, for him, the surrounding damaged prohibitions were no different from large light bulbs and were immediately visible to him.

If it was any other time, he would absolutely not risk touching the prohibitions. Once he discovered them, he would certainly keep his distance, staying as far away as possible. Even damaged prohibitions were not something he could withstand. However, Demoness Gong was trapped in a prohibition. He had no choice but to risk an attempt.

At least in this place, he was the only one who knew something about prohibitions.

A cracking sound could be heard. The thick ice wrapped around Demoness Gong began to crack like spider webs spreading outwards. Then it began to flake off bit by bit. After a short while, Demoness Gong walked out of the shredded ice. However, her face was pale. Her entire body was giving off cold steam. An ancient martial art practitioner with lower Cultivation would not be able to stand it, let alone an ordinary person.

“Are you injured?” Mo Wen felt a pang of regret. Just now he had not warned her, but he had also not imagined that Demoness Gong would be so impulsive. She seemed to really care about him. With this thought in mind, he felt a warm sensation swell inside him.

Demoness Gong did not even glance at Mo Wen. She walked expressionlessly to one side and sat cross-legged on the ground. She then closed her eyes and seemed to pretend that Mo Wen did not exist.

“I have some healing medicine here. Do you want to use some?” Mo Wen said as he went up, trying to please her.

He had noticed earlier that Demoness Gong was injured from before. Just now she received an attack from the River of Heaven, further aggravating her injuries. The prohibitions here were truly horrifying. The simulated River of Heaven’s cold steam could actually seal Demoness Gong in ice.

Demoness Gong had practiced the Nine Yin Divine Technique, which had the highest level of Yin as well as being the coldest martial art method. Its resistance to the cold was rare in the world. No wonder Demoness Gong was trapped in this prohibition, unable to escape even after a few days.

Demoness Gong kept her eyes shut. No matter what Mo Wen said, she pretended that he was just air.

“Don’t be mad, I really did come over to find you.” Mo Wen laughed dryly as he sat beside Demoness Gong, acting familiar as he put a hand on her shoulder. He sent some Nine Yang Genuine Qi into her body, slowly expelling the cold in her body.