Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 314

Chapter 314: Three Turns Golden Pills

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“Since you are not afraid of death, I will get a company on the path to the Netherworld,” Demoness Gong uttered coldly.

She didn’t open her eyes, while her hand shook slightly to remove Mo Wen’s hand from her shoulder. She was obviously intending to refuse Mo Wen’s help.

“Don’t worry. With me around, everything will be okay. Even if the heavens were to collapse, I would hold them steady for you.” Mo Wen patted his chest, without a tinge of embarrassment for being such a braggart.

“Your husband had observed the astronomical phenomena during the night three days ago, and he realized that my beloved wife was in great danger. So I traveled a long distance, and with the use of a brilliant scheme rushed to her rescue.”

Mo Wen put his hand back brazenly and continued to invigorate his Qi to treat Gong Biluo’s injuries.

“Who’s your beloved wife? Be careful not to sprout anymore nonsense, or I’ll kill you now.”

Gong Biluo snorted coldly, intentionally releasing a layer of cold Qi, which enveloped Mo Wen.

“I didn’t say it was you,” Mo Wen remarked innocently.

“Shut your mouth, or I’ll kill you!” Demoness Gong gnashed her teeth and continued threatening him.

“You are already someone’s wife. You shouldn’t fight and kill all the time. Instead, you should take care of your husband and kids. Learn how to do the laundry, cook a good meal…” Mo Wen continued to nag.

Demoness Gong gripped her fist tightly. She had a strong impulse to give this jerk a hard punch! She pondered for awhile, then chose not to comment any further.

Standing at a distance, Jun Wulei was completely speechless. He looked at Mo Wen in astonishment. He was surprised that he didn’t die under the Flaming light beam.

He didn’t die, even in this way! How did he do it? Also, how could someone actually insist on having Demoness Gong as his wife?

He simply couldn’t believe his own eyes. Even if one were to die, one wouldn’t think of dying this way!

He knew Demoness Gong’s character very well, so he didn’t dare provoke her. Once this crazy woman becomes angry, the consequences could be very serious. It would definitely cause one to have sleepless nights and a loss of appetite. With his present cultivation, he didn’t dare do anything to Demoness Gong. This Mo Wen was simply a weirdo!

What surprised him the most was that Demoness Gong didn’t mutilate Mo Wen, like he had imagined she would. Instead, she looked like she was unable to do anything to Mo Wen.

“So, what is the relationship between you two?”

Jun Wulei was curious, so he moved forward to ask them. However, he didn’t dare get too near that region. Otherwise, his ending would be the same as Gong Biluo’s!

“Too much nonsense! You should leave now and not bother about me anymore.”

Demoness Gong cast a cold look at Jun Wulei. The look was so cold, it sent shivers down Jun Wulei’s spine. He didn’t dare continue whatever he had intended to say, as who knew what would happen?!

“She is my beloved wife,” Mo Wen interrupted eagerly.

The corner of Jun Wulei’s mouth twitched a little, while his eyes were roving around, pretending to look as if he didn’t hear him. He couldn’t help but secretly think in his heart that this Mo Wen was really quite awesome!

Demoness Gong knew Mo Wen’s character, as once he behaved rascally, shameless wasn’t a harsh enough word to describe him! Therefore, she was very wise to ignore Mo Wen, as she took a deep breath and said, “Jun Wulei, my relationship with him is none of your business. Moreover, I don’t have any relationship with him, so you don’t need to think too much about it. You should leave now, as this place is unsuitable for you to stay any longer. Our friendship is friendship, but in the present situation, you will be burdened if you don’t leave.”

“Gong Biluo, what do you mean by saying that? Do you think that I could be someone who would abandon my partner? Moreover, we have shared many years of friendship. This risk-taking trip was also my idea. If I were to leave now, just when we encountered danger, I wouldn’t be the pride of the Jun Clan.”

Jun Wulei snorted coldly. He wouldn’t do a thing like abandoning his partner because he was full of pride! This trip of exploring this place was originally suggested by him, and he had simply persuaded Gong Biluo to come along.

The cause of the whole incident was a treasure map. Jun Wulei had obtained a treasure map by chance long ago. Although he didn’t know exactly what the treasure was, the treasure map itself was very remarkable.

In normal circumstances, this would mean that the treasures themselves would also be very remarkable. Hence, he intended to find the treasures.

Five years ago, he appeared in this mysterious space for the first time, based on the guidance of the treasure map. However, along the way, he encountered too many perils, nearly losing his life many times. When he finally found the Underground Palace, he realized that his treasure map was only halfway completed.

As the map was incomplete, he couldn’t continue with his treasure hunt. Furthermore, the Underground Palace was so dangerous, it was almost impossible to carry on. Hence, he decided to give up the treasure hunt that year, returning to the Huatian Palace to focus his mind on other things.

However, he recently discovered the Special Redemption List that was announced by the Huatian Palace. There were many mystical items listed on it. In fact, every item was mystical, which was a rare occurrence in this world!

If the Executor was able to collect any item on that list, he would be able to carry out a redemption with the Huatian Palace. Furthermore, the redeemed items were all exorbitantly priced treasures, which basically couldn’t be afforded under normal circumstances.

Moreover, that Redemption List was special, because anyone could redeem from it, with no restriction on their levels. Even a Three stars Executor was able to redeem the items on it, as long as they had the items on the list.

Jun Wulei incidentally discovered a weird spiritual item called Yin Zhi Ma. That item was at the top of the list, making it tremendously attractive to him. This was because a Yin Zhi Ma was able to redeem three tablets of Three Turns Golden Pills.

That Three Turns Golden Pill was not an ordinary item, but was a rare and treasured item in the Huatian Palace. It was said to have appeared only in the Eight stars Redemption hall, and its price was so high, basically no one could afford it.

If he had one tablet of Three Turns Golden Pill, Jun Wulei would be able to break through to the Golden Elixir realm effortlessly, thus becoming an ancient martial arts practitioner at the pinnacle of his path.

He had reached the acme of Embryonic Breathing realm a year ago. A year after that, his cultivation almost didn’t change. If he intended to progress another step to break through to the Golden Elixir realm, it would be almost impossible,at least in the foreseeable future.

At least, that was without serendipity! Without that, he was afraid that he might not break through for at least a dozen years.

Coincidentally, the description of the Yin Zhi Ma was faintly giving Jun Wulei a sense of familiarity. It seemed recognizable to him.

After racking his brain, he suddenly remembered that he had seen the Yin Zhi Ma once before in the secret forbidden place that he was in five years ago. At that time, he basically didn’t know what that thing was, so he didn’t pay much attention to it. When thought of it now, he realized that he completely missed a treasure!

Yin Zhi Ma’s being able to redeem three tablets of Three Turns Golden Pills had caused Jun Wulei heart to stir. After much contemplation, he decided to go to the secret forbidden place again, to see if there was a chance to encounter Yin Zhi Ma.

In order to break through to the Golden Elixir realm, he was willing to take the risk again. However, this time, he didn’t go alone. He made careful preparations and invited Demoness Gong along.

Demoness Gong’s cultivation was in the acme of Embryonic Breathing realm. so it was very difficult for her to progress to the next level. Jun Wulei approached her, indicating that, if they were to capture the Yin Zhi Ma successfully, he was willing to give her a tablet of Three Turns Golden Pill.

As both of them had known each other for many years, they knew each other’s ins and outs. Without any hesitation, Demoness Gong agreed to take the risk with him and go.

Previously, Jun Wulei had accepted the mission of killing Demoness Gong, who was on the Savages List. His purpose was to throw dust in everyone’s eyes, so as to hide their relationship and whereabouts. At the same time, this would secretly protect Demoness Gong.

However, they weren’t successful. They encountered many perils along their way and found no trace of the Yin Zhi Ma. Furthermore, as they were deep inside the Underground Palace, Demoness Gong was accidentally trapped in the prohibition.

Jun Wulei had been lingering around the forbidden land, as unfortunately, his ability was limited and he had gotten himself severely injured.

“You’ve known each other for many years?”

Mo Wen widened his eyes, while looking at Jun Wulei and Demoness Gong in surprise. He figured that they were both in their thirties, so if they were had known each other for many years, it meant that they had known each other since they were young.

“Gong Biluo and I have known each other since our youth. At that time, her family and mine were friends for generations, so our relationship has always been good. But, now…”

Jun Wulei looked over at Mo Wen, then suddenly grew silent, watching for a reaction. He then heaved a sigh of relief, after he realized that there wasn’t any change in her demeanor.

That year, Gong Biluo’s clan and his clan were indeed friends. Both clans had shared a friendship for hundreds of years. However, the Gong Clan had an incident in which the entire clan was annihilated. Only Gong Biluo and a few members on the fringe had survived.

That murder case had always been Gong Biluo’s incubus. It had caused a great change in her temperament, and she soon became a She-devil. So, when he had mentioned the friendship between the two clans, it was like rubbing salt into her wound.

Jun Wulei’s strange behavior was naturally noticed by Mo Wen, who also realized something, so he similarly shut his mouth. He naturally knew that Gong Biluo was involved in some issues, and since Jun Wulei and Gong Biluo had known each other since they young, he definitely could infer quite a lot about her issues!

When he was free, he decided that he would enquire further of Jun Wulei, since he must at least understand this woman and know her past! The reason for his not asking her directly was that some things were pretty inconvenient to ask. Now that someone knew her issues, it was a really good thing!

“Jun Wulei, it’s a real headache to have a person like you in the Jun Clan. Don’t you understand that this place is not a region that people like us can touch? You would just be digging your own grave, if you were to stay.”

Demoness Gong sighed deeply. For the past five days, she had already accepted her situation. She knew that there was almost no chance of her walking out of this place alive.”

She looked at Mo Wen helplessly.

Since this bastard has rushed in here to dig his own grave, it is good that I will at least have a partner in the Netherworld in the future.