Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 315

Chapter 315: Peak of the Qi Nucleation Realm

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Mo Wen barging in must have been a mistake in Yin and Yang. To her, it was indeed an accident. Could it be that the heavens wanted to bring that b*stard to her side even at her deathbed?

“That’s right, that’s right. Jun Wulei, you should head off first. The two of us cannot be saved anymore. Don’t waste any time. At least we can die together as a couple. It isn’t too bad of an end.” Mo Wen nodded continuously as he continued Demoness Gong’s words, trying to incite Jun Wulei to leave.

He had gone to so much trouble just to find this woman. Now that there was a lightbulb right by their side, he did not feel very good. He just wanted to quickly chase away this b*stard.

Moreover, this was the Underground Palace. Even though Jun Wulei had a very high Cultivation, things were also fine without him. Because this was a prohibited place for Cultivators, having him around would not only be of no help, it could even become a burden.

“You seem to really hope for me to disappear?” Jun Wulei cast a glance at Mo Wen and did not know what he really meant.

“Of course I hope for you to disappear. The two of us only have the last moments in our lives left. What can we do if you’re standing there and intruding on our privacy?” Mo Wen rolled his eyes.

Jun Wulei let out a light humph and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t ditch you. At most, I will return to Huatian Palace to call for help. With Huatian Palace’s help, it would be no problem saving you guys. You just have to persevere for a couple of days.”

It was not that he had not thought of getting the elders of Huatian Palace to help. However, Gong Biluo’s status was a sensitive topic. Moreover, she was someone who was on the Savages List in Huatian Palace. Not only would getting people over to help be of no benefit to Demoness Gong, it may even have detrimental effects instead. Hence, he was very worried. However, other than this idea, he basically had no other ideas left.

Moreover, Mo Wen was still currently locked in the prohibition. He was still an Executor of Huatian Palace, so it would be justified if he were to go back and ask for help there.

Upon hearing that, Mo Wen rolled his eyes. “Getting help from people at Huatian Palace? Are you sure you’re trying to help Gong Biluo?” Gong Biluo was a person on the Savages List, and there was no knowing just how many people wanted to kill her and earn their generous reward. The people that Jun Wulei would find would not be there to save anyone and were more likely to have the motive of killing!

When Gong Biluo heard that, her expression turned cold. Before, the people of Huatian Palace had come after her one by one. She had already experienced it, and there were a couple of times when she actually had almost died at their hands. It was only after Jun Wulei had taken over the Savages List mission that she had been able to enjoy some peace and quiet.

“Then what can I do now, unless I’m actually just supposed to watch you guys die…” Jun Wulei said helplessly. If he had other ideas, he would definitely not invite the people from Huatian Palace to help. However, he had simply no other way out of it, and there was only one path to take.

“Alright, you don’t have to worry about us. I will save my own woman.” Mo Wen simply interrupted Jun Wulei’s words. It was definitely impossible to get help from the people of Huatian Palace. He simply did not want to take such a risk. Moreover, it was not as though he had already run out of ideas. Since he had already dared to enter, he naturally had an idea of how to get out.

He was unable to understand this prohibition, but it did not mean that he was unable to get out of it.

“You know how to save her? How would you?” Jun Wulei raised his eyebrows and was very upset by Mo Wen interrupting him. He was able to save Gong Biluo and get her out of this place? It was a little too boastful for someone who had not even broken through into the Embryonic Breathing realm!

However, Gong Biluo looked at Mo Wen with suspicion. She understood Mo Wen’s character and knew that he was not someone who talked big. He had a certain level of confidence in whatever he said. That time in the Changbai Mountain Range when she was running for her life, it was probably because of him that she had been able to escape. If it had been another person, it would have been tough, even at the level of the Embryonic Breathing realm. Yet, he had only been at the Sea of Qi realm at that time.

“As for how I am going to save her, you don’t have to worry about that. The only thing that you have to care about now is walking away and not disrupting the reminiscence of us as a couple,” Mo Wen said, smiling. In this restricted area, there were no impending attacks, so he had all the time in the world to think about a method of escape.

Perhaps if it were an intact prohibition, he would do nothing about it and have no idea what to do, either. However, a prohibition that had suffered such serious damage would definitely have a loophole somewhere.

“Then I’ll leave the two of you to slowly reminisce…” Jun Wulei lost his smile upon hearing that. He looked at Gong Biluo oddly. Since when had a man appeared in this woman’s life? The words that Mo Wen said did not seem to be mere rumors. Moreover, he had said it in Gong Biluo’s presence, and the crazy woman had no reaction whatsoever. Silence often meant there was more than met the eye!

He simply could not wrap his head around why Mo Wen would get together with Gong Biluo. The two of them did not seem to be like people from the same world.

“I hope you’ll be able to get out of your bind as soon as possible. I will wait for you guys outside. If you really have no way, I will think of a solution for you.” Jun Wulei looked at Mo Wen before brushing off his arms and walking out of the karst cave.

He walked around and found a quiet and secluded spot to sit cross-legged. Since Mo Wen had already voiced his request, it was naturally not right for him to continue standing in the karst cave. Moreover, he was currently suffering from serious injuries, so it was beneficial for him to make use of the time to recuperate.

“This fellow, Jun Wulei, why does he seem like such a horribly good person?” Mo Wen was rendered a little speechless. From Jun Wulei appearance, he did not look like a horribly good person in any way. However, he was so careful in the way he did things. If it were Mo Wen, he would not have cared about the life or death of others as long as it did not have anything to do with him.

Gong Biluo glanced over at Mo Wen. Her mouth curled up a little as she said, “That’s because we are the best of friends.”

“I know, you don’t have to explain.” Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. Was she trying to anger him on purpose by saying that? It was simply intolerable to speak of some other man’s goodness in front of her own man.

“You shouldn’t have so much to do with this person. No matter what, he is a Six Stars Executor from Huatian Palace. In his eyes, you are even more valuable to him than Renminbi,” Mo Wen said with a light humph.

“Jealous? Aren’t you also someone from Huatian Palace?” Gong Biluo’s mouth curled into a smile as she looked at Mo Wen in amusement.

Perhaps it was because she was facing death, but Gong Biluo’s feelings had loosened up quite a bit. Some things she could not let go of while she was alive, but she would be able to in her death.

How could Mo Wen admit he was jealous? Of course he immediately denied it. “Jealous my foot. I’m just reminding you to be more careful. I’m different. I weaved my way into Huatian Palace to provide protection for you.”

“A person who’s alive doesn’t know how to cherish life and simply wants to accompany me to my death. Are you not very right in the head?”

Gong Biluo looked at the prohibition all around the karst cave and sighed. She did not think that they would be able to get out of there alive. Although she knew that Mo Wen was rather capable, she had personally tried many times, and she knew that their abilities were simply not a match for this place.

Even she was unable to escape, so could Mo Wen really do it? Now, the two of them were locked in the prohibition, and whether or not they were able to get out was simply based on their abilities. Luck played no role in it at all.

“So what if I’m not right in the head. Am I supposed to just watch you die? Don’t worry, with me around, nothing will happen to you. Is there anything in the world that your husband cannot solve? You have a rest first. I will get you out of here in a while.”

Mo Wen used his arm as a pillow and laid down. He took the time to rest a while. Previously, he had used up quite a bit of Inner Qi just to barge into the restriction. Moreover, he was also injured. He was simply trying to hide that fact.

Even Gong Biluo had been injured within that restriction. He had only been able to barge in after taking a huge risk, so it was impossible for him not to get hurt.

He had just tested the strength of the prohibition, and he did not dare to do it again right away. He could only continue investigating the way to get out once his injuries and energy recuperated fully.

“Don’t pretend anymore. Let’s nurse our injuries together.” Gong Biluo rolled her eyes at Mo Wen and pulled him off the ground with one grab. The two of them had each cultivated the Nine Yang Divine Technique and Nine Yin Divine Technique. Combining both techniques would restore them to a perfect condition. Hence, it was far more effective for the two of them to nurse their injuries at the same time.

How had Gong Biluo been able to see through Mo Wen’s serious injuries? The change in his Inner Qi was too drastic, and there was simply no way that he could cover it up.

“Alright then. You’re injured, too, anyway. I can also help you nurse some of your injuries.” Mo Wen laughed dryly and sat up. He had initially wanted to secretly nurse his injuries before displaying his amazing manly side to her. Now that she had seen through him, he was naturally unable to pretend any longer.

Mo Wen and Gong Biluo had been locked in the restriction consecutively for a few days. The two of them had basically used all the time for Cultivation and other than that, they did nothing.

When workers wanted to do their best, they had to first sharpen their tools. Naturally, Mo Wen knew that he would only possibly get out of this bind by being at the peak of his state. Hence, he was in no hurry to break out of the restriction.

Throughout the period, Jun Wulei had come by to look at them a couple of times. Before he could say a few words, Mo Wen would dismiss him and chase him away.

However, with a few days of nursing his injuries, Jun Wulei’s injuries had clearly gotten better. Moreover, because Mo Wen was in a good mood, he had given him a bottle of pills for recuperating, and his injuries seemed to have healed halfway already.

Demoness Gong’s Cultivation was comparable to an ancient martial art practitioner who was halfway into the Golden Elixir realm. In comparison with someone at the peak of the Embryonic Breathing realm, she was much stronger.

After going their separate ways the last time, she had completely digested the Yin Yang Integration Technique that could be executed between the two of them. Thus, there was a great improvement in her Cultivation once again. However, her momentum had been broken, and she was stuck at the hurdle of the Golden Elixir realm. It was very difficult for her to advance any further.

With both their Cultivations, they had only spent two days but both of them had healed completely. The two of them recovering through the use of the Yin Yang Integration Technique could not be matched by Jun Wulei.

In the three days that followed, it was basically Gong Biluo who was helping Mo Wen in his Cultivation. Because Mo Wen had used two Vigor Cultivating Pills, most of the medicinal properties in his body could not be digested. If it were just him alone, he would not have been able to digest them even after several months.

However, with Gong Biluo’s help, things were different. The their Inner Qis could be combined, and simply with Gong Biluo’s Cultivation being akin to halfway into the Golden Elixir realm on top of Mo Wen’s Inner Qi, they were able to digest all the medicine in Mo Wen’s system within just half a day.

This resulted in Mo Wen having a huge jump from the later stage of the Qi Nucleation realm to the peak of the Qi Nucleation realm within just two days of Cultivation. He had made a great improvement once again. Among all the ancient martial art practitioners in the Qi Nucleation realm, Mo Wen had achieved the peak.