Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 316

Chapter 316: Couldnt Run Away from My Palms

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As the difference between their Cultivations was too great, after a few days of practice, Gong Biluo helped Mo Wen to practice while Mo Wen was unable to help Gong Biluo practice. At most, he could only help as they healed each other’s injuries. However, Mo Wen was upset that he couldn’t be of any greater use. Since when have I been reduced to depending on a woman for support!?

On the fifth day, they both stopped practicing.

Mo Wen stood in front of the restriction and looked at those illusory prohibitions. He then went into contemplation. He would often stand there for a day without saying a word. Sometimes, he would intentionally touch those prohibitions but did so with much caution. When he touched them to a certain point, he would retreat quickly. Then, he would repeat the same test again and again.

Gong Biluo sat behind Mo Wen but didn’t disturb him.

“Why are you always looking at me? Aren’t you tired?” Mo Wen massaged his head. Too much thinking and rationalization had caused a lot of his brain cells to die. He looked back at Gong Biluo, and he was amused to see her glistening eyes fixed on him. He then sat down to rest for a while.

After many days of study, he seemed to have an idea, but he didn’t know enough about the prohibitions. When they were placed in the Immortal Cultivation world, they were considered too superficial. After all, when he was in the Divine Pill Sect in the past, he didn’t learn the prohibition techniques but rather the alchemy techniques. Hence, using his pathetic knowledge to study this ancient remnant prohibition was really difficult. Although this prohibition was dilapidated and almost unrecognizable, Mo Wen still thought that there was some difficulty.

“You can understand?” Gong Biluo asked softly. She could see from Mo Wen’s previous study that he seemed to know a bit about this thing. Most of the time, he would only test it when he was confident and would repeat the test several times, but he was never attacked. If it were her, since she was ignorant about it, she might have merely used force and would have been seriously injured by the prohibition long ago.

She was getting more curious about Mo Wen. Not only did he have medical expertise, but he also had knowledge about these rare, weird things. As for the experience in this underground palace, she had neither seen it before in the past nor had she heard of it before. She had obviously come into contact with something nobody would know, but Mo Wen was able to understand. Why was this so?

Mo Wen patted his chest and said, “That was superfluous! Your husband is erudite and multi-talented with knowledge of astronomical phenomena, geographical knowledge, and everything under the sun. Don’t worry. Wait and see how your husband breaks this prison cage.”

His bragging didn’t need to go through his brain, it just came out easily.

“When you previously intruded here, you had already discovered the prohibitions?”

“Prohibition” was a word she had learned from Mo Wen. She understood that the thing that trapped her was a thing called a prohibition.

“That’s right. If I were without confidence, how would your husband dare to come over? Otherwise, I would be attacked and became dregs,” Mo Wen said with satisfaction. With his Cultivation, he was able to survive intruding the prohibition, so it must be his capability. If it were someone else, even if he was in the intermediate stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm, he would have been dead with a mutilated body.

However, breaking into the prohibition was easy, but breaking out of the prohibition was rather difficult. Hence, Mo Wen hesitated for a few days but didn’t dare to attempt breaking out of it.

Being trapped in the prohibition was not a laughing matter. Once the attempt had failed, it would at least cause a serious injury or might even have the possibility of immediate death.

Gong Biluo heard him, and her eyes welled up, as she was rarely moved. Then, she lowered her head and didn’t utter another word.

After another two days, Jun Wulei couldn’t help but break into the karst cave again. “Mo Wen, can you really do it? If you can’t, just tell us directly instead of wasting our time. Now, time is life. It is not a laughing matter.”

Jun Wulei had decided this time he was going to disregard whatever Mo Wen said. After delaying for so long, there was simply no action being taken. If they were to delay further, heavens knew what would happen.

He had been outside for the past few days and had encountered some danger. This place was weird and treacherous, with the possibility of surprising things happening at any time, so they should not stay there any longer than absolutely necessary.

“If I can’t do it, you think you can?” Mo Wen came around from his deep thoughts and glimpsed at Jun Wulei with annoyance. If he hadn’t asked Gong Biluo to find the unknown treasures, would so many of these things have happened?

After many days of contact, Mo Wen had some understanding of Gong Biluo’s purpose and process on this trip. At the same time, he admired Jun Wulei’s intelligence from the bottom of his heart.

With his little strength, he dared to intrude into this forbidden land. It was fine for him to dig his own grave alone, yet he had asked Gong Biluo along. Fortunately, Mo Wen met him incidentally, otherwise he couldn’t imagine what else could have happened.

Find Yin Zhi Ma? What a joke! Merely two of them could capture Yin Zhi Ma? That was indeed a joke. That Huatian Palace is really unscrupulous. One stalk of Yin Zhi Ma only redeemed three tablets of Three Turns Golden Pills?

If it were Mo Wen, he wouldn’t redeem Yin Zhi Ma even if it were 1,000 tablets or 10,000 tablets, not to mention a Three Turns Gold Pill. That lowly pill could be compared to Yin Zhi Ma? If so, the Immortal Cultivation world wouldn’t have unleashed a sects war because of one stalk of Yin Zhi Ma.

That year, due to the fight for a stalk of Yin Zhi Ma, at least seven or eight senior experts of the Divine Pill Sect had died in order to seize a stalk of Yin Zhi Ma successfully. In Mo Wen’s eyes, Yin Zhi Ma was a spiritual medicine that was out of reach, which was equivalent to a spiritual item at the sacred level. It would not be obtainable in normal circumstances.

Yin Zhi Ma was not the usual spiritual medicine, it was a Transformable Spiritual Medicine, or rather, it was a spiritual medicine that had practiced to be a fairy. It would have tens of thousands of years of practice and might not even have a stalk in a century.

In theory, everything in heaven and on earth could practice. A blade of grass or a tree had the possibility of achieving fruition through practice and attaining immortality. However, it was extremely difficult for the sprites of the grasses or trees to become immortal. There would be so many calamities involved that it would be almost impossible.

In Mo Wen’s previous world, the stories about the spiritual beings of plants becoming immortals were almost legendary but had never actually been seen. For a stalk of Yin Zhi Ma to practice until it was able to transform was an unusual feat that took around a century, not to mention practicing until it became immortal.

After Mo Wen knew that there was Yin Zhi Ma in this underground palace, his heart was indeed excited, but it was soon calmed as he knew that with his ability, it would be impossible to capture Yin Zhi Ma. Even if this thing were to appear in front of him, he couldn’t do anything about it.

Normally, when the senior experts of the Immortal Cultivation world intended to capture the Transformable Spiritual being, they would have to set up many traps in order to do so.

As for them, they basically shouldn’t touch it. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any good and only danger instead. Therefore, for Jun Wulei’s purpose for this trip, Mo Wen could only use the two words, “very naive,” to describe it. Indeed, ignorance is very frightening!

“Since you can’t do it, why are you delaying?” Jun Wulei asked with some anger. If he were allowed to ask the experts of the Huatian Palace for help, perhaps now they would have already been saved. They didn’t know these weird things, but somebody in the Huatian Palace would definitely know.

He had been in the Huatian Palace for more than ten years, and among other things, he still had some connections. If he was willing to pay a price, it shouldn’t be a difficult thing for him to employ some experts to save Gong Biluo. Although his idea was a little inappropriate, at least there was some hope, which was better than delaying here and waiting for death to come.

“Alright. You stand aside, and I will show you how to break this prohibition.” Mo Wen rolled his eyes. I am the one trapped here, and I am not anxious. Why the hell would a person who was happily outside the prohibition be so anxious?

“Why is he so concerned about you?” Mo Wen turned indignantly and looked askance at Gong Biluo.

“Jealous?” Gong Biluo curled her lips and smiled.

“I am just a little curious. How can I be jealous? Anyway, if he dares to fight over a woman with me, I will kill him.” Mo Wen naturally wouldn’t admit that he was feeling a little upset.

“I have no relationship with him. We’re merely friends,” Gong Biluo uttered stoically.

After hearing her words, Mo Wen’s face looked better. He didn’t want his woman to be involved with another person.

“However, the Gong Clan and Jun Clan have been friends for generations, and the older generations of both aristocratic families had the intention of putting us together,” Gong Biluo continued, touching the sore spot.

Mo Wen widened his eyes while the volume of his voice increased a little. “What does that mean? You and he wouldn’t be betrothed while in the womb or in a relationship for a political marriage between two aristocratic families, right?”

Gong Biluo pretended to be contemplating, and then replied with a smile, “Almost like it.” In fact, she was telling the truth. With the relationship between the Gong Clan and Jun Clan at that time, they indeed had the intention of becoming in-laws. However, when Gong Biluo and Jun Wulei were still very young, the Gong Clan had the incident which naturally caused a change in the original course. After the Gong Clan encountered the incident, she was left alone and no longer made any contact with the Jun Clan.

“What almost like it? ‘Almost’ means there’s still a difference. Keep a distance from him in the future, as he doesn’t look like a good guy. You see, if it weren’t for him, you wouldn’t be in this danger.” Mo Wen rolled his eyes while considering if he should have a good “discussion” with Jun Wulei when his Cultivation had increased. After that, they would have some terms and conditions before signing an agreement. The first condition would be for him to keep a distance of a kilometer from Gong Biluo…

“Alright, I will keep a distance from him in the future.” Gong Biluo surprisingly didn’t object and nodded instead.

Demoness Gong was so cooperative, it dazed Mo Wen for a moment. Since when had this woman been so obliging? Although he was baffled, his heart was very satisfied. At least from Gong Biluo’s reaction, she didn’t have special feelings towards Jun Wulei.

“However, I will also keep a distance from you in the future. Both of you are members of Huatian Palace and are never up to any good. You can be considered as birds of a feather and both are badass.” Gong Biluo looked askance at Mo Wen and smiled surprisingly with a tinge of mischief in her eyes.

“Even if you go to the ends of the earth, I will go after you. Keep a distance from me? Dream on!” Mo Wen rolled his eyes. This woman is getting too bold and even dares to tease me. At this time, how could he not know that Gong Biluo had actually been mocking him? However, something that caught his eye could never think of running away from his palm. Wasn’t there a monkey in the story of the Journey to the West? That’s right, like that monkey, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t run away from the Gautama Buddha’s palm.