Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 317

Chapter 317: Breaking out of the Prohibition

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Jun Wulei retreated 100 meters. He looked at Mo Wen with suspicion, his eyes clearly showing a look of disbelief. He could crack the prohibition?

He and Gong Biluo could not deal with the frightening prohibition, so Mo Wen being able to crack it was something he could not believe to be true no matter what. However, aside from trusting that Mo Wen had a way, what else could he do?

Mo Wen stood in the center of the prohibition. He had a dignified look as he glanced around at the surrounding prohibitions. He grabbed Gong Biluo’s hand, waiting for the opportunity to break through the prohibition. With his ability, naturally he couldn’t obliterate this prohibition completely. However, they would be considered successful once they escaped from it.

Demoness Gong didn’t struggle this time, and allowed Mo Wen to hold onto her dainty hand. Her eyes were fixed on Mo Wen. She was concentrating, not daring to be careless. She knew if they failed, they would most likely get killed there together.

Sensing that Gong Biluo was a little nervous, Mo Wen smiled and teased, “Don’t worry. If we fail, even though we can’t be born at the same time, at least we can die on the same day. When we are in hell, we will be a pair of lovebirds.”

“If you die, it doesn’t mean I will die, too.” Demoness Gong rolled her eyes at Mo Wen, but the atmosphere had indeed lightened up.

After a whole hour of waiting, a glint of light suddenly flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. He gave out a roar, ascending high into the air. In the blink of an eye, he had leaped to a height of seven to eight meters. Gong Biluo was like his shadow, following closely behind him as though she were glued to his back.

Just when the two of them leaped, the prohibitions surrounding them were triggered instantaneously. A terrifying cold waterfall poured down, gushing towards Mo Wen in a frenzy, seemingly about to drown both of them in an instant.

Mo Wen seemed to be well prepared. A shining golden flame instantly appeared on his body, enveloping him completely. A terrifying flame burned in a frenzy, making him look like a man who had walked out of a fire.

After a few days of observation, Mo Wen had discovered that there were many complex prohibitions mixed within this prohibition. However, almost all of them were prohibitions with attributes of fire and ice. It seemed like a stratagem of Yin and Yang. The ice and fire stemmed from the same root.

He practiced both types of martial art methods, and naturally he was well versed in the profundity of ice and fire. The two interchanged. It didn’t matter whether the practitioners practiced the martial art method with cold or fire attributes. They would be restricted by the prohibition under the interchanging Yin and Yang. The Yin and Yang mutually reinforced and counteracted each other. There was almost no flaw.

However, this prohibition was no longer complete. It had been damaged for a long time. Furthermore, Mo Wen was an ancient martial art practitioner who practiced both Yin and Yang. The restriction that the prohibition imposed on him was minimal, so he had some confidence of breaking through the prohibition.

The pouring, terrifying flood crashed onto Mo Wen, instantly extinguishing the golden flame which had been burning brightly on his body. No matter how ferocious the fire was, it seemed to not be able to withstand the attack of the cold wave.

Mo Wen did not take the terrifying cold wave head on. Instead, he borrowed the force of the collision and flew backwards, sharply evading the cold wave’s assault. However, the surroundings were full of prohibitions, so when he had retreated back slightly, he came into contact with another prohibition.

A huge bang was heard, and a fireball descended from the sky, furiously crashing towards Mo Wen and Gong Biluo’s heads. It was a meteorite descending from the heavens. Its power was utterly frightening.

“Together!” Mo Wen exclaimed. The next moment, he and Gong Biluo exerted force almost simultaneously. Two beams of dark and quiet light gushed from their bodies, shooting up into the sky like two smoke signals. The smoke signals, one big and one small, appeared in an instant. The entire karst cave suddenly became cold. The beads of water on the rock walls instantly turned to ice crystals.

Although the two powers came gushing out from the two of them, their breathing was identical. Even under detailed observation, no difference could be noticed. The cold Inner Qi had just appeared when the two powers became one. The two mixed together without any gap, as though they were originally from the same source.

The two powers combined to become an even larger power. The power solidified into a huge hand, furiously catching the fireball that was crashing down from above. The two of them were seemingly prepared to take the prohibition’s power head on.

A hundred meters away, Jun Wulei gazed in astonishment at the two of them. A glint of amazement flashed in his eyes. Their auras now were as though they were one. The two streams of forces were in surprising harmony. When they combined, they exerted forces similar to those of a Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner.

How did they do that?

A glint of thoughtfulness flashed in Jun Wulei’s eyes. He narrowed his eyes, and pensiveness flashed in the gaze that he cast on Mo Wen.

Gong Biluo practiced the Nine Yin Divine Technique. It was not a secret in this ancient martial art world. The Inner Qi released by Mo Wen was almost no different from the Tai Yin Qi. Could it be that he practiced the Nine Yin Divine Technique, too?

Jun Wulei drew in a deep breath. Only the Gong Clan from back then had the Nine Yin Divine Technique in the ancient martial art world, and it was the Gong Clan’s secret that was not handed down. Exactly what relationship did Mo Wen have with the Gong Clan that he could practice the Nine Yin Divine Technique?


Hissing sounds rang in the sky. When the huge, swarthy hand clashed with the fireball, they corroded each other as though a burning hot iron bar had been dropped into water. White fumes steamed, and in an instant, the whole karst cave was covered with a layer of mist. However, the huge, swarthy hand was obviously not the fireball’s opponent. It was breaking apart when faced with the fireball’s impact, seemingly not able to last long.


Almost at the same time, both Mo Wen and Gong Biluo spewed blood. The force of the prohibition was too frightening. Even with their combined forces, they couldn’t handle it.

“Move!” Mo Wen shouted. In an instant, Mo Wen dragged Gong Biluo and dashed forward furiously. However, all around them were prohibitions. The two of them were surrounded by them. Every step was a struggle.

The two of them had barely flown out, when another River of Death appeared in front of them. It blocked their path, and a stretch of it twisted out, winding around them. Mo Wen’s hand reached towards his waist. The next moment, a streak of fire lit up around him. A mysterious sword shimmering with golden flame suddenly appeared in his hand. It was the Sacred Fire Sword. This was the second time Mo Wen used the sword since he had acquired it. He didn’t dare to hide anything when faced with the horrifying prohibition set by the immortal cultivators.

Borrowing Gong Biluo’s terrifying cultivation, Mo Wen managed to unleash a little strength of the Sacred Fire Sword for the first time. He raised the sword, and tiny golden runes strangely appeared on it. They were like stars, orbiting around the sword.

“Tai Yang Sword!” Mo Wen wielded the sword forcefully. The Sacred Fire Sword in hand emitted a dazzling golden light as though it were a sun. It was so bright, they could not look straight at it.

Instantly, hundreds of thousands of golden Qi of Swords swamped out, chopping the barrier of the River of Death. The stretch of the River of Death quivered and froze in its spot for a moment. Mo Wen timed the moment precisely, flying swiftly while holding onto Gong Bulio’s hand. In the blink of an eye, they had passed through the River of Death, flying out dozens of meters away. With their speed, almost in the blink of an eye, they had dashed out of the area of prohibitions, successfully escaping from it.

However, everything was not over yet. Even though they had escaped the encirclement of the prohibitions, they had triggered the last prohibition during their escape. An ice pick dropped from the sky. The ice pick continued to chase after them as though it had a GPS system, even though they had left the encirclement of the prohibition.

Mo Wen turned pale. Almost all his energy had been sucked out from him with the swing of the sword just now. The Inner Qi in his body was exhausted, and that was with the help of Demoness Gong’s Inner Qi. Otherwise, he couldn’t have wielded the sword. With his Cultivation, he was still far behind.

Gong Biluo’s condition was not much better. Even though her Cultivation was deep, she had endured a stronger impact because of it. She was already injured, but her condition was better than Mo Wen’s. Staring at the gigantic ice pick crashing in, almost filling half of the karst cave, she gritted her teeth and faced it head on.

Jun Wulei was standing at a distance, stunned. Mo Wen stared at him, enraged. “Jun Wulei, what are you still standing there for? Help us quickly.” He only knew how to spectate. What was the difference with him being around or not?

Upon hearing Mo Wen’s words, Jun Wulei responded immediately. Staring at the gigantic ice pick crashing in, he drew in a cold breath, but he was loyal. He didn’t let Gong Biluo fight against it alone. He gritted his teeth and plunged toward it, too.


A tremendous sound thundered. Two strong practitioners, both with Cultivation equal to half a Golden Elixir realm strong practitioner, clashed with the gigantic ice pick. The whole karst cave shook. Shards of ice were flying everywhere like hail. A horrifying gale stirred up. Even Mo Wen, who was not in contact with the gigantic ice pick, was blown away by the wind and slammed onto a stone wall a distance away. Only then could he stabilize himself.

As for Gong Biluo and Jun Wulei, they had it worse. They were sent flying out, smashing into the stone wall as well. The stone wall was dented with the outline of two people. The strength of the collision was shocking.

Mo Wen laughed dryly, sitting on the ground helplessly. He couldn’t move a muscle. The prohibitions set by the immortal cultivators were indeed terrifying.

Only after researching for a few days had he found this best way to escape. The prohibitions that they triggered earlier on were all prohibitions that he had tried before. After he ensured that there were not life-threatening dangers, only then did he select the best escape route.

The current result was also due to his understanding of the prohibitions. They could only barely escape after he had found a few prohibitions that were less powerful to break through.

If it had been another person, the result of breaking through the prohibitions would most likely have been death. After all, apart from the less powerful prohibitions triggered just now, there were stronger prohibitions in it which were not triggered. Attempting aimlessly could trigger some prohibitions that could kill people at the Golden Elixir realm in an instant.

No wonder with Demoness Gong’s Cultivation, she had still been helpless when trapped in the prohibitions. Luckily, he had succeeded. Even though they were all severely wounded, at least they had come out alive.

Fragmented stones rolled down from a stone wall, covering the ground. The whole stone wall seemed to be collapsing. Jun Wulei slowly crawled out from the stone wall he had slammed into. The hole was at least few meters deep. One could tell from the hole how terrifying the force of the collision had been.