Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 318

Chapter 318: Imparting Martial Arts

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“So scary!”

There was blood at the corner of Jun Wulei’s mouth, and his expression was frighteningly pale. He looked haggard as he glanced over to the source of the restriction. There was a look of lingering fear in his eyes. The strength of that restriction was actually so frightening, no wonder it could cause Demoness Gong to become so helpless. No matter how impressive one’s Cultivation was, letting one’s guard down within the restriction would mean certain death.

It was simply a miracle that Mo Wen could break out of the restriction with Gong Biluo in tow!

On the other side, Gong Biluo was slowly crawling out from the hole. Her condition was still not as good as Jun Wulei’s. After all, she had gotten hurt in their battle against the restriction, and at the moment, she was swaying, not quite able to stand.

Mo Wen could barely climb up from the ground. It took almost all of the strength he had left to walk over to Gong Biluo. He picked her up and carried her out of the karst cave. He had not been attacked by the last barrier of restriction, hence his condition was still much better than Gong Biluo’s.

“Where are you guys going?” Jun Wulei looked at Mo Wen uncomprehendingly.

Mo Wen’s weak voice rang out from within the karst cave. “Finding a place to recuperate. Idiot!” Answering such an idiotic question was simply a waste of his breath.

“You dare to scold me!” Jun Wulei was mildly stunned. It had been a long time since he heard anyone call him an idiot. This lad, Mo Wen, was simply too gutsy. He wasn’t even afraid of being killed later on. However, he was still a little confused by Mo Wen’s actions. One could recuperate anywhere. Why did he have to drag his tired body to go looking for a place?

He quickly got an answer. Above his head, there were shattered pebbles falling down like the rain. Pebbles about the size of a fist started to strike his head. Because the impact from before had been so great, the soil and stones within the entire karst cave had been loosened, and it was difficult to say for sure if the cave would collapse. Clearly, staying in the karst cave to recuperate was very dangerous.

After realizing this, Jun Wulei hurriedly followed along behind Mo Wen.

After turning three or four corners, Mo Wen found a narrow grotto. The space inside was not too small, and the surroundings were secure. Hence, they could recuperate and cultivate quietly.

Upon seeing that, Jun Wulei had wanted to follow them in as well. However, Mo Wen turned to him and said, “You go and find a place for yourself. Why are you following us?” Mo Wen stood at the entrance and blocked Jun Wulei with an expression that looked like he was protecting his territory. This person was really dense. He had been a dim bulb for so long, did he really want to continue being one?

“You…” Jun Wulei was so angry that he could not say anything. He glared at Mo Wen fiercely and had no choice but to find a new location himself. There was danger at every turn in the Underground Palace. Hence, finding a safe and quiet place was not exactly an easy feat.

“Can’t you treat Jun Wulei with a better attitude? He helped you just now,” Gong Biluo said helplessly. If they did not unite in the dangerous Underground Palace, they would just be causing more trouble for themselves.

“He’s a grown man and a great master at that. What could happen?” Mo Wen said, not uncaring.

“Bratty temper.” Gong Biluo rolled her eyes at Mo Wen.

“What? I’m bratty!? Just now, the Vigor Invigorating Pills I gave him would be worth thousands outside. If I did not have my pills, could he have recovered so quickly?” Mo Wen immediately felt wronged. He had spent a lot of money just now by gifting Jun Wulei with a bottle of Vigor Invigorating Pills.

“Alright, hurry up and recuperate. We will be in deep trouble if we meet with any accidents in this state.” Gong Biluo could not be bothered to fight with Mo Wen. This man acts like such a kid sometimes.

Mo Wen moved a huge rock over and blocked the opening of the cave. It was only then that he was relaxed enough to walk over to Gong Biluo’s side to sit cross-legged.

Time flew, and another three days had passed. Mo Wen and Gong Biluo both trained their combined Cultivation to complement their recuperation. Their injuries had recovered extremely fast, and in the short span of a few days, they had already recovered to half their initial condition. Perhaps in just a couple more days, they would recover fully.

It had been about ten days since they had entered the restriction, yet the situation with the Dafang Sect had not been settled. Mo Wen did not know what had gone on outside, so he inevitably felt a little worried.

After all, after finding out about Jiang Quanfu’s death, the Jiang Clan would definitely go completely insane. Losing a master in the Embryonic Breathing realm was not a small issue. Nobody could know what was to come.

As for the selection of the sect leader, it had also been abruptly halted. Although the sect leader’s token was in his hands, there was no knowing if there had been any developments, as a period of time had already passed.

It had been a complete coincidence to see Jun Wulei and actually find Gong Biluo in the restriction.

Over the next few days, Mo Wen and Gong Biluo did not leave the stone cave. Instead, they remained inside and cultivated. Gong Biluo was only a mere line from the Golden Elixir realm. He wanted to try and see if the Yin Yang Integration Technique would be able to aid her in breaking through into the Golden Elixir realm.

However, it was a pity that the hurdle of the Golden Elixir realm was difficult to go past. Many strong and enduring masters had been unable to step into that threshold throughout their lives. If it were easy to break through into the Golden Elixir realm, a talent like Jun Wulei would not have to risk so much in the Underground Palace just to break through.

“How is it?” After two days, Mo Wen looked curiously at Demoness Gong. The aura on her body had evidently strengthened quite a bit.

Two days ago, Mo Wen had imparted the entire Nine Yin Divine Technique to Gong Biluo. Only by completing the Nine Yin Divine Technique would she be able to break through into the Golden Elixir realm. Otherwise, based on her incomplete Nine Yin Divine Technique, there would be a very slim chance of her breaking through.

He had also taught Gong Biluo the Tai Yin Sword and the other Sacred Maiden’s four magnum opuses of the Ming Clan. Previously, she had only been able to cultivate the Tai Yin Claws and Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound. She had not been able to learn the other two absolute martial arts successfully.

Sometimes, he suspected that Gong Biluo’s family had been the Ming Clan’s last Sacred Maiden family. That would explain her inheriting an incomplete embodiment of the Sacred Maiden.

“Still haven’t broken through.” Gong Biluo shook her head, and a helpless look flashed in her eyes. It was even more difficult than she had expected to break through into the Golden Elixir realm.

However, the complete Nine Yin Divine Technique still came as a complete surprise to her. From a very long time ago, she knew that the Nine Yin Divine Technique that she had inherited was not complete. However, she had not expected that Mo Wen would willingly impart it to her.

Ever since she knew that Mo Wen had cultivated both the Nine Yang and Nine Yin Divine Techniques simultaneously, she knew that it was very possible for him to have the complete legacy of the Ming Clan. Back in the Changbai Mountain range, he had probably hidden it from her and had not been completely honest.

This time, he had only revealed the truth in order to break out of the restriction. Mo Wen was indeed one cunning lad. However, she had not brought it up, but Mo Wen had imparted the Nine Yin Divine Technique to her anyway, so she was very satisfied.

Mo Wen thought about it and said, “Perhaps wait a while more. Your Cultivation has improved too quickly, and breaking through again within such a short period of time is not easy.”

He had been an ancient martial art practitioner with the Golden Elixir realm. Hence, he knew just how difficult it was to break through into that realm. If it had not been for the Divine Pill Sect that had many valuable pills for him to use, it would basically have been impossible for him to break through into the Golden Elixir realm within such a short period of time.

Breaking through into the Golden Elixir realm would set one apart from the average ancient martial art practitioner completely. One could even be deemed half a Cultivator at that point.

The power of the Golden Elixir realm was also very different from a normal ancient martial art practitioner. After cultivating the Golden Elixir realm, the body’s Inner Qi would have a redefining change. It was like being reborn and being of a completely different class than the average person.

Mo Wen had long known that if he wanted to become a Cultivator, he first had to become an ancient martial art practitioner in the Golden Elixir realm in order to set a stable foundation for himself.

After a moment of silence, Gong Biluo suddenly said, “Mo Wen, thank you.”

“Why are you thanking me? This is what I should do.” Mo Wen laughed dryly. He did not understand why Demoness Gong was suddenly so emotional.

“I’m a woman that will not have anything good befall her. The previous time was also an accident. We don’t owe each other anything, so you don’t have to put in so much effort for me.” Gong Biluo sighed. She knew that Mo Wen was a good man, and was willing to risk his life to give her good things…

It was a pity that they were not fated. Things were impossible between them. She did not even know when she was going to die, so she had no right to think about her future. Mo Wen being related to her would only mean bad news, and he would not benefit from it at all.

The hatred and vengeance within her were too much and too strong. Even if she broke through into the Golden Elixir realm, she would not be able to find peace. Mo Wen’s future would undoubtedly be exceptional. She did not want to be a burden to him.

“Let’s not talk about that. We can talk about other things.” Mo Wen waved his hand to interrupt Gong Biluo’s words. He did not want to talk about those depressing topics. Naturally, he knew about this woman’s situation. Not only did she have a bounty on her head from the Savages List of Huatian Palace, but many of the major sects in the ancient martial art world were surrounding her. Simply saying that she was surrounded on all sides would not even suffice as a description of her current situation.

This woman did not consider consequences much when she did things. Perhaps it was more accurate to say that she did not care about the consequences at all. She just lived her life by day. With each day that she lived, others would not sleep or eat peacefully as they thought of all the possible ways to kill her.

With regards to this, Mo Wen also felt very helpless. With his current ability, he did not have any idea at all about how to solve it.

“Then let’s not talk about it anymore. Anyway, after we leave this place, you will go back to being you, and I will go back to being me. We will have nothing to do with each other.” Gong Biluo did not want to think about those complicated things. She was not a hesitant person by nature, so she wanted to end things there and then.

“So, before we leave, we have a relationship with each other?” Mo Wen said with a huge smile. He closed in beside Gong Biluo unabashedly, and with regards to what she said about after they left, only ghosts would listen.

“Move aside.” Gong Biluo pushed Mo Wen away and purposely put some distance between them. She was actually very affected by Mo Wen’s unashamed advances…

“What are you doing? We are already an old couple. Yet, you are still so uncomfortable. It’s alright… it’ll be alright once you get used to it. Let’s try getting used to it…”

“If you come at me again, believe it or not, I will slap you to death!”

“You’re just saying that. I don’t believe that you will really dare… Ah!”

Five days later, Mo Wen and Gong Biluo had recuperated completely, so they walked out of the cave.

Demoness Gong’s face looked rather radiant, and her mouth was curled up into a smile. It was like she was a completely different person from her usual cold self. Moreover, her Cultivation had improved once again. If things continued, it would not be impossible for her to break through into the Golden Elixir realm.

However, Mo Wen was not very happy. He stuck close by her side like a faithful partner, and had used all sorts of tactics and methods, but he had not been able to achieve his goal.