Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 32

Chapter 32: A Dance So Beautiful

Just as Qin Xiaoyou finished speaking, the entire venue was suddenly in an uproar. Everyone's gaze subconsciously looked over to the 4th Battalion's area. As for the people in the 4th Battalion, they all started to size one another up, looking for who Mo Wen was.

Previously, there were many people speculating about Mo Wen and guessing what the relationship between the battalion beauty, Qin Xiaoyou, and Mo Wen was. At this moment, Qin Xiaoyou took the initiative to specifically request for Mo Wen to be her accompaniment, throwing him into the limelight once again.

"D*mn, it's that Mo Wen once again. Just what kind of person is he? I really want to have a look."

"F*ck! Mo Wen indeed has a relationship with Qin Xiaoyou that nobody knows of."

"My heart is broken. How can my goddess have someone that she likes?"

"Impossible. How could Qin Xiaoyou have someone she likes? It must be fake! It has to be."


Mo Wen looked at Qin Xiaoyou's sly gaze and the corners of his lips twitched a little. Requesting him as an accompaniment? How could he accompany her? He did not know how to do that, so Qin Xiaoyou must just be blindly joking.

Just as Mo Wen was about to reject, Qin Xiaoyou pulled a dried leaf from her pocket. The dried leaf was very proper and had evidently gone through careful selection by Qin Xiaoyou

"I know that you can play this."

Her small hand gestured over at Mo Wen, and her mouth turned up into a satisfied grin, displaying her two little dimples.

After chancing upon Mo Wen playing his tune a while back, she came up with this idea. The tune that Mo Wen had played the last time gave her a very refreshing and amazing feeling. It was a very ancient classical tune that was filled with grief, which made her feel as if she was living in the ancient times. Thus, it was very suitable as an accompaniment to her ancient classical dance.

Hence, she cancelled the accompaniment that she had gotten previously, in hopes that Mo Wen could come up on stage and play that day's tune for her.

Mo Wen grimaced. He did not expect Qin Xiaoyou to remember the feelings from earlier that day. She really did not make things easy for people.

"Mo Wen, you and Qin Xiaoyou are definitely engaging in a romance."

Wang Yuan looked at Mo Wen fiercely, as if he was looking at a major rival in love.

Mo Wen was too lazy to care about him and stood up by himself to walk over to the stage. He actually did not mind. After all, it was just playing a tune. Having been lucky enough to escape death, he would not succumb to stage fright, regardless of the situation.

"Thank you, Mo Wen, for showing your skills. His tune is very moving, so no one will be disappointed."

Qin Xiaoyou placed the leaf in Mo Wen's hand and cheekily gave Mo Wen a smug glance; she disliked Mo Wen's personality of being so indifferent to everything, as she felt that such a personality was aggravating. He was clearly talented, but did not want to display that at the celebratory evening party. It was just too unreasonable.

Mo Wen could only helplessly take the leaf. It was his first time playing a tune in front of so many people, so there was a certain lack of confidence.

He walked over to an inconspicuous corner and sat down. Without another word, he simply minded his own business and started to play; he did not play the same tune from that day. Instead, he chose a classic tune that everyone in that lifetime knew of, which was called "Blood of Mandarin Ducks". The tune was very soothing and was an account of a sad, yet loyal love story.

The staff members took the initiative to place the acoustic amplifier in front of Mo Wen. Through the system, the tune was gradually spread throughout the entire venue.

In the beginning, the venue was very noisy and there were conversations of suspicion. However, following the sounds of the tune, the people unknowingly began to become immersed in it. It was as if the tune had mysterious, magical powers that could calm the restlessness in people's hearts and naturally quieten them down to listen.

Qin Xiaoyou was also immersed in the elegant tune. Although they were just notes, it was as though they could speak. There were imaginary beautiful images floating before the eyes of all the people, as the tune told of a sad, but beautiful love story.

She did not know when it started, but she subconsciously started to dance. It was as if she was the female protagonist of a story Mo Wen had told. With her beautiful dance, she displayed all her feelings from her heart.

She spun, looked back, hid her face from view, danced, and looked around shyly.

The elegant and graceful dance relayed the passion and loyalty of the love of an ancient woman.

At the end of the tune, the entire venue was quiet, and there was not a single murmur. Everyone was completely immersed in the sad, yet beautiful dance on the stage.

Qin Xiaoyou finished her performance. She did not know how, or when it happened, but there were two streams of tears running down her face from the corners of her eyes. When Mo Wen's tune had started playing, she had immersed herself into the tune. She subconsciously used her dance to convey her own feelings.

As for what she had danced, even she, herself, had forgotten.

Mo Wen looked at the venue, which was completely silent, and smiled indifferently. The tune he had played was a frequently played and heard tune from his other lifetime. It had been passed down for thousands of years. The tune's key, harmony, and rhythm was sad, but agreeable. It incited a person's sad feelings.

A tune that could be passed down for thousands of years naturally had its unique elements. No matter what, whoever heard it for the first time would feel refreshed and amazed.

He did not return to his seat, but instead left the venue directly. Qin Xiaoyou's performance was the grand finale. After her dance, the celebratory evening party would essentially come to an end, and the crowd would disperse.

He had just walked about a hundred feet when a sudden round of continuous cheers and applause resounded from behind him. Everyone was cheering Qin Xiaoyou's name, as her dance had conquered the hearts of everyone. As for Mo Wen, nobody would remember him.

Just like a refreshing and amazing movie, the audience would only remember the male and female protagonists. Very few would know who wrote the script.

Qin Xiaoyou discreetly wiped a tear from the corner of her eye. Her gaze was trained on Mo Wen's gradually retreating back. This was the first time she had noticed that Mo Wen was not as ordinary as he was based on her first impression. He had such amazing talents hidden within. It was just that he had always kept a low profile; it was impossible for anyone to know any of his secrets in depth.

In the 3rd Battalion's area, Cheng Hao smiled darkly as he told a youth by his side, "Yang Qi, you seem to harbor an interest in Qin Xiaoyou. But it's such a pity; her eyes are already fixed on Mo Wen."

The youth had a lanky body, and his features were exquisite. His expression was rather firm and his gaze had an indescribable fierce quality to it. Even if he looked at one dully, it could make them feel pressure.

At this moment, his gaze was unblinkingly looking at Qin Xiaoyou who was on stage. His eyes were full of passion and infatuation.

"Cheng Hao, don't think that I don't know of your animosity with that Mo Wen. Why, trying to get a scapegoat to kill him off? Do you think of me as a three-year-old kid?"

The youth called Yang Qi slowly retracted his gaze and shot a look at Cheng Hao. The corners of his lips curled up into a mocking smile.

"Yang Qi, my animosity with Mo Wen is a separate issue. Do I really need your help to settle a small fry like Mo Wen? But don't say that I didn't warn you. Qin Xiaoyou had been close to Mo Wen since high school. It has already been three to four years. It's hard to say, but the two of them could possibly have developed feelings for each other long ago."

Cheng Hao coldly let out a hmph. He naturally did not need Yang Qi's help in dealing with Mo Wen. Even ten Mo Wens would not stand a chance against him. However, in the military region, he could not do anything to Mo Wen soon.

Especially after he had found out about Mo Wen's talents being out of the ordinary, it immediately doused his plans of causing him trouble in the military region. He'll wait till they were outside before he would decide on how to beat Mo Wen to a pulp whether he would squeeze him into a circle or step on him until he became flat.

However, now that Yang Qi mentioned it, he did not mind getting a scapegoat to kill off a person = for once. What did it matter if Yang Qi knew? It was as if because of this, he would just let Mo Wen off the hook.

As for Yang Qi's personality, he understood it very well. Once he liked a girl, he would not tolerate the presence of any love rivals.

As for Mo Wen, Cheng Hao was internally bearing more and more grudges. If it were not for Mo Wen, who had ruined his plans back then, Qin Xiaoyou would have long become a feather in his cap.

As they grew older especially, he realized that Qin Xiaoyou became increasingly beautiful, and increasingly attractive. However, now that Qin Xiaoyou had been eyed by Yang Qi, he basically had no more chances.

He knew that he was unable to go against Yang Qi, which made him even more resentful towards Mo Wen.

After the mid-autumn celebratory party, Qin Xiaoyou's popularity in the military region shot through the skies. Even many of the full-time soldiers had become her fans. Everyone's impression of her had been strongly imprinted in their minds just from that one beautiful dance.

The number of people who wooed her was increasing, and the teams of her protectors were even larger than during high school. It was to the point that many were slowly becoming her brainwashed fans.

As for Mo Wen, he had also become famous. However, most remembered him not for his refreshing and amazing tune, but rather for his enigmatic and ambiguous relationship with Qin Xiaoyou.

Many hated Mo Wen with a vengeance and viewed him as a criminal that blasphemed the goddess. If it were not for the strict regulations in the military, there would have been gangs of people looking for trouble with him.