Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Primordial Soul Pearl

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The so-called Primordial Soul Pearl was an energy mass agglomerated from the last primitive strength of the primordial soul. It was made by the immortal cultivators with profound cultivation before they died.

Every Primordial Soul Pearl represented an immortal cultivator who was once a strong practitioner. At the same time, it represented the immortal cultivator’s heritage. If one was fortunate enough to get the recognition of the Primordial Soul Pearl, he could gain the inheritance of the Primordial Soul Pearl’s owner. He would then be handsomely blessed, and his Cultivation would skyrocket. He would surely have high achievements in his journey of cultivating immortality.

It was said that only immortal cultivators in the Supreme Profundity realm or above were qualified to agglomerate a Primordial Soul Pearl and continue their heritage through it. However, Supreme Profundity realm immortal cultivators were like gods on Earth. Even in large sects like the Divine Pill Sect, they were people with sect elder status. They were not common in the Immortal Cultivation world.

Since Supreme Profundity realm immortal cultivators were rare, naturally the Primordial Soul Pearls were even more rare. One would possibly only encounter them once in a lifetime, if that. But now, there were thousands to millions of Primordial Soul Pearls before Mo Wen, too many to be counted. They covered the whole sky.

It was too stunning! Perhaps Gong Biluo and Jun Wulei, who didn’t understand what a Primordial Soul Pearl was, would not feel anything, but if any immortal cultivator came here—even the Divine Pill Sect leader—they would most likely be shocked.

There were so many Primordial Soul Pearls in this palace. It meant there were thousands to millions of powerful strong practitioners who had fallen in this place. Exactly what happened in this mysterious forbidden land back then?

Mo Wen knew that this forbidden land had most likely been a war zone in ancient times, but he had never thought that the war would be so horrifying, involving so many powerful people.

Common immortal cultivators could cultivate primordial souls. As for what a primordial soul was, Mo Wen had no idea, because he never had one. Based on his understanding, it was most likely the sublimation of the soul, or the sublimation of the will. In the Immortal Cultivation world, only those who could cultivate primordial souls were considered real immortal cultivators.

However, being able to cultivate a primordial soul didn’t mean that one could agglomerate a Primordial Soul Pearl. Those who could agglomerate Primordial Soul Pearls were definitely people with super powerful primordial souls. Only immortal cultivators in the Supreme Profundity realm or higher could do so. Therefore, one could imagine the shock that Mo Wen had when there were so many Primordial Soul Pearls found in the palace.

At the same time, it proved that not only did the Earth have immortal cultivators back then, but that they were numerous, too. They were comparable to that of his previous life.

“Primordial Soul Pearl? What’s that?” Gong Biluo stared at Mo Wen quizzically. She was rather curious about things that could shock Mo Wen.

“It’s hard to explain.” Mo Wen smiled wryly. He, too, only knew a little about the Primordial Soul Pearl. How could he explain it to Gong Biluo? However, even though the origin of the Primordial Soul Pearl was somewhat morbid, they were harmless, so they didn’t have to worry much.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to tell.” Gong Biluo snorted. She was only curious about something once in a blue moon, but it figured that Mo Wen didn’t want to tell her.

“Those clouds of light are called Primordial Soul Pearls. They are good stuff. One could even say that they are peerless treasures. However, not everyone can have them,” Mo Wen said, feeling funny. The look he had when he gazed at the Primordial Soul Pearls reflected a look of irresistible, burning desire.

Primordial Soul Pearls! In the Immortal Cultivation world they would all be absolute treasures. If one could obtain the inheritance in the Primordial Soul Pearl, it was luck that would go against the will of heaven.

Regrettably, when each Primordial Soul Pearl appeared, the master of the Primordial Soul Pearl would also set conditions for inheritance. Only those who met those conditions could possibly obtain the Primordial Soul Pearl’s inheritance.

Although the Primordial Soul Pearls here numbered in the tens of thousands, they would not necessarily consider them. After all, the senior experts who could solidify Primordial Soul Pearls had high expectations for their inheritors. The few of them present would not necessarily be within the senior experts’ sights.

So although Mo Wen was burning with desire, he did not hope too much for anything to happen. He was aware of his own conditions. Almost no Primordial Soul Pearl master would choose an ancient martial art practitioner to inherit their mantle.

“I see.” Gong Biluo nodded. She did not concern herself too much with the absolute treasures that Mo Wen mentioned. She originally did not understand much about Primordial Soul Pearls. At the same time, she also knew full well that there was no such thing as a free lunch in the world. So regarding the benefits that Mo Wen had mentioned, she did not desire them. She would just go with the flow.

“Right now, I am not thinking about some treasure. I just want to find a way to get out of this creepy place.” Jun Wulei glanced at Mo Wen and Gong Biluo, laughing bitterly. If he had known that such a thing would have happened, he absolutely would not have taken the risk and joined the two pieces of the map together.

Now that they had been sent to a creepy place without any aid, whether they could make it out of there alive was a problem.

Mo Wen could not bother with Jun Wulei. If he hadn’t come over to search for treasure, would all these things have happened? However, now was not the time to talk about it. Since they were there, they could only think of ways to get out. They couldn’t just wait around for death, right?

“Let me settle that brat first. He will be a scourge if kept alive.” Mo Wen glanced at Jiang Mingxun, who had been on the ground faking death all the while. The corner of his mouth curved into a cold smile. This brat was rather smart. He even knew how to fake death to avoid attention.

However, because this brat was so sly, it was all the more reason not to let him live. Otherwise, he would sooner or later be a problem.

Seemingly understanding Mo Wen’s words, Jiang Mingxun jumped up from the ground in an instant, no longer faking death. He stared at Mo Wen in great fear, waving his hands continuously. “Don’t kill me… don’t kill me… I can help you guys…”

He didn’t want to die. His life had just begun. With his talents, he would surely have high achievements in the future. How could he be satisfied to die in this underground palace?

“Enough with your nonsense.” Mo Wen waved his hand with a stern face. A golden light appeared in front of Jiang Mingxun, hovering over him in an instant. Jiang Mingxun screamed in terror, jumping up from the ground and dashing fanatically towards the outside, but he couldn’t escape Mo Wen’s attack. The next moment, he gave a blood-curdling scream, and a few beams of Qi of Sword sliced him into seven or eight pieces in an instant. Golden flame stuck onto his flesh, burning his broken body to ashes.

“Now what?” Gong Biluo glanced at Mo Wen. With the current situation, they were in a dilemma of either advancing or retreating. After all, they had no idea where they were. It was hard to say whether they could make it out. Even now, her heart was still fluttering with fear from having been trapped in the prohibitions previously.

However, Mo Wen seemed to have some understanding of all those mysterious things. At least he knew far more than she did, so at the moment, she also hoped that Mo Wen knew of a way out.

“What way can there be? We can only proceed with caution. If we can’t leave, then both of us will most likely still be unable to escape the fate of becoming a pair of dying lovebirds.” Mo Wen walked towards Gong Biluo with a smile and hugged her shamelessly.

Regrettably, he had barely hugged her for two seconds when Gong Biluo pushed him away. “Who wants to be a pair of dying lovebirds with you? Go and play with yourself on that side.” She rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. He could still be so cheeky. It was not the time for that now.

“Speaking of this, can you two not display your affection in public? Can you please consider others’ feelings? Now that we are trapped here, we have to find a way to get out, right?” Jun Wulei stared at Mo Wen and Gong Biluo helplessly. How could they still be in the mood to flirt now? Furthermore, the current Gong Biluo was miles apart from the Gong Biluo that he knew. Could it be that this was the change from her encountering her nemesis?

“Guard yourself. Who is staying with you? You can go as you please.” Gong Biluo’s facial expression chilled instantaneously. She glanced at Jun Wulei, pretending to be indifferent. She was a little too self-conscious because Jun Wulei had witnessed the scene just now.

“Hello! Speaking of this, are you two preparing to ostracize me or what? I have saved your lives. Even if I don’t have any prominent achievements, I still made some contributions. Now that you’ve met up with your lover, you want to send me away? Aren’t you disloyal?” Jun Wulei felt instantly slighted. The two of them came to treasure hunt together. Now she made him feel like an outsider.

Looking at Jun Wulei’s stare, Mo Wen grinned happily, not saying a word.

“Enough with the nonsense. Now, we can only look for a way out and see whether we can get out of here.” Gong Biluo coldly snorted, taking the initiative to suggest an idea.

“Follow me. Our fate depends on whether we can leave.” Mo Wen seemingly pointed towards a passageway at random. There were passageways everywhere around the palace, but they only needed to take one.

This palace looked a little like a place to assess the disciples in a sect. Mo Wen had seen this before when he was in the Divine Pill Sect. The two had similar architectural styles. However, this underground palace had been abandoned for many years. It would surely not be simple.

Furthermore, there was another matter that he couldn’t understand. There were so many Primordial Soul Pearls in this palace, and they were all gathering together. This was obviously abnormal. It was impossible for so many peerless strong people to have fallen here. That was obviously illogical.

This was most likely from all the peerless strong people who had fallen in the Dafang Sect’s forbidden space. For some unknown reason, their Primordial Soul Pearls had gathered together and appeared in this palace.

The passageway that Mo Wen had pointed to was not chosen at random. Instead, he chose a relatively simple passageway based on the common sense of the immortal cultivators. As for whether his guess was right, they could only depend on fate.

Since Mo Wen volunteered to lead the way and Gong Biluo still followed beside him, naturally Jun Wulei had no choice but to follow. The three of them left the palace and entered the underground passageway once again. This time, the passageway that appeared was different from those outside. The passageways outside had seemed like an underground maze formed from nature, but the current passageway was a man-made underground passageway. Every way led to the same territory accurately.

The three of them didn’t encounter anything along the way. After walking for 15 minutes, a garden appeared before them. A garden appearing underground was absolutely strange. They seemed to have left the underground and had come to the outside. There were bright lights, woods, and a clear, shimmering lake. The sky was blue, and there was even a sun emitting light.