Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 322

Chapter 322: Black Jade Throne

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At a distance, a palace stood between heaven and earth, almost as if it were linking the two. It was majestic and magnificent, like a shrine of the gods.

The three of them walked all the way to the front of the massive palace and lifted their heads to look at a huge plaque above them. Everyone was dumbfounded and unknowingly stunned. They felt like they were three small ants standing at the bottom of the huge peak. Compared to the massive palace, the difference in size was too vast.

The plaque in front of the palace’s main gate was almost as massive as a small mountain. On it there were three big words carved in flamboyant calligraphy: Devil Demon Palace. In fact, the three of them didn’t recognize those few ancient and mysterious characters, but weirdly enough, they actually knew in their hearts what they meant.

Devil Demon Palace, a place where the exceptional demons and devils resided!

Something that they had not seen before but could understand with one look was indeed weird to them. They could even feel the ferocious power of the three words.

“What should we do?” Gong Biluo looked at Mo Wen. As the three of them walked into this place, it seemed like they were between the devil and the deep blue sea. In this massive palace before their eyes, there might be things unknown and hidden. Nobody could know if it was dangerous.

Jun Wulei was also faced with a dilemma. The scene before him was extremely stunning. It was almost like another Huatian Palace but possibly even more majestic. He originally thought that the existence of Huatian Palace was unique, and there wouldn’t be another in this world. However, the scene before his eyes made him realize that this world was not as simple as he had imagined it to be.

“Let’s go in and check it out.” Mo Wen looked up at the massive palace and calmed himself down before walking in. Since they were already at this place, there was no reason for not going in. Furthermore, they didn’t have a choice now.

The residence of any immortal cultivator definitely had an entrance. Since there was an entrance, there would naturally be an exit. They just needed to find the exit, and then they could escape successfully. Like this kind of palace group, there might be teleporting stratagems in it that could teleport them directly out of this place.

The three of them went forward. The style of the palace was very similar to Hua Xia’s ancient Imperial Palace. However, compared to the Imperial Palace, this palace was more massive and magnificent, like a palace where the giants resided. The door alone was more than 100 feet tall.

They traversed through many buildings without any hindrance and didn’t encounter any danger. It was as if they had been over-anxious about everything. At the end, they appeared in a massive main hall. This place most likely was the main hall of the Devil Demon Palace.

“So very magnificent.” After all they had seen, their awe had been reduced to those three words. Such a massive palace was the only one of its kind they had ever seen.

Gong Biluo pointed to the top of the main hall as her eyes widened completely. “What is that? Primordial Soul Pearls?” Previously, Mo Wen had mentioned that those colorful light masses were Primordial Soul Pearls. She had seen them before, but she didn’t expect to see them here.

However, the Primordial Soul Pearls in this massive main hall were not as numerous as they had been in the other palace. There were only dozens of masses, but every mass was resplendent, looking like masses of starlight.

“Primordial Soul Pearls again!” Mo Wen looked where Gong Biluo had pointed and gasped in surprise. Although there were not many Primordial Soul Pearls at the top of the main hall, every mass was filled with vital energy. After millions of years, they can still be so incredible? Exactly who left behind these Primordial Soul Pearls?

Compared to the Primordial Soul Pearls in the Underground Palace, the Primordial Soul Pearls in the Devil Demon Palace could be considered superb grade.

“Looks like other than these bizarre things, there is nothing else here.” Jun Wulei cast a look quizzically at the surroundings. As they hadn’t encountered any danger, he relaxed a little and was wandering around the main hall with curiosity.

The Devil Demon Palace was actually too big. The main hall was already very shocking, having the size of more than ten football fields. There were 81 heaven supporting pillars that were like the Spiral Dragon Pillars. Every one of them could be hugged by a circle of 100 people. When one stood next to it, it was like a huge wall.

The vault of the main hall was carved with different kinds of gods, demons, and primitive beasts. They were so vivid that they looked like they would emerge from the walls.

The three of them wandered around the main hall but didn’t discover anything, and were about to leave when something happened. At the end of the main hall was a Black Jade Throne with delicate carvings of patterns and ferocious beasts. A layer of bleary aura enveloped the Black Jade Throne’s surface as though it had a spiritual nature.

That Black Jade Throne seemed to have sensed something and emitted a wave of invisible ripples. When the ripples appeared, they completely shrouded the entire main hall.

The next moment, those dozens of masses of Primordial Soul Pearls at the top of the hall seemed to sense danger and began flying frantically around. Mo Wen’s countenance changed slightly as he instantly got the creeps and felt like his skin was crawling. Those Primordial Soul Pearls were almost indestructible and could be preserved for many years, so normal powers basically couldn’t have affected them. The reaction of the Primordial Soul Pearls at this moment was obviously abnormal!

“Retreat,” Mo Wen commanded in a low voice. Although he didn’t know what had happened, it was definitely not something normal. Unfortunately, his reaction was a bit too slow. Almost at the same time he had spoken, something happened before Gong Biluo and Jun Wulei could react to it.

The Black Jade Throne in the area at the end of the main hall seemed to be alive. It was emitting a glimmer of black lights. Each black light was like a light ray shooting out from the throne, and they covered the entire main hall in the blink of an eye. Mo Wen and company were showered with the black lights. It was as if something had bound them, and their were unable to move.

The weird change in the Black Jade Throne had caused the entire main hall to shake. The carvings of the devils, demons, and gods on the surrounding walls came alive one after another and began to creep slowly along the walls. Their eerie, weird laughter, cries, and screams filled the entire main hall.

Mo Wen’s eyes filled with shock as he stared at the Black Jade Throne. He knew that they must have come into contact with something mysterious. Mo Wen and company were uneasy, but those Primordial Soul Pearls seemed to be even more uneasy and were flying around frantically. However, being showered in the black lights seemed to have already affected them, causing their flying speed to gradually slow down like a car running out of gas.

Jun Wulei gasped in shock and couldn’t keep calm any longer. “What ghostly stuff is that?” His entire body seemed to be bound by endless black threads. He couldn’t move at all or even try to resist. Though he could be considered equivalent to an expert in the Golden Elixir realm, at this moment, he was as weak as a baby.

“Mo Wen, I am afraid we are going to be dying mandarin ducks this time.” Gong Biluo smiled bitterly and glanced at Mo Wen helplessly. She didn’t really fear death. After all, she had been mentally prepared to die for a long time. However, it was a surprise for her to die together with Mo Wen.

“You acknowledged that we are mandarin ducks.” Mo Wen smiled.

“We are about to die.What is there for you to be happy about?” Gong Buluo rolled her eyes at Mo Wen.

The black light beams seemed to sense the auras of three living bodies. The black threads were being pulled, gradually moving them closer to the Black Jade Throne.

“What’s that throne trying to do?” An odd feeling began to grow in Gong Biluo’s heart. She didn’t know why, but she seemed to feel that the weird throne might have some designs on her.

Mo Wen’s brows knitted tightly. At this moment, he was also at his wits’ end. The feeling that the throne had given him was different from Gong Biluo’s. It was like a primitive beast that was ready to gobble him up at any time.

Just when the three of them were close to the Black Jade Throne, the Primordial Soul Pearls seemed to have found some lifesaving exit. At that moment, they rushed forth desperately towards the three of them like a drowning person who was trying to grasp onto a life preserver. In the midst of the roaring, dozens of masses of Primordial Soul Pearls arrived in a blink of an eye and pounced onto the three bodies one after another.

Everything happened so quickly that the three of them didn’t have time to react. There was a scene of magnificent splendor before their eyes. Those Primordial Soul Pearls, which could only be viewed from afar and couldn’t be violated, had all appeared in front of them.

Mo Wen’s entire body was surrounded by more than a dozen masses of glittering Primordial Soul Pearls that were intending to make their way into his body. However, an especially bright golden mass was blocking all the Primordial Soul Pearls and arrogantly released a wave of invisible ripples that directly caused those Primordial Soul Pearls to fly off. The golden mass then pounced and made its way into Mo Wen’s body before instantly disappearing.

Almost at the moment when that mass of golden Primordial Soul Pearls made its way into Mo Wen’s body, a loud sound exploded in his mind, and then he went totally blank. His thinking seemed to have stopped, and his eyes turned lifeless while he remained standing on the spot.

Jun Wulei was also the same. A mass of white Primordial Soul Pearls went before the rest of the Primordial Soul Pearls and made its way into Jun Wulei’s body instantaneously before he lost consciousness completely.

Only Gong Biluo was different from the two of them. When a Primordial Soul Pearl attempted to make its way into Gong Biluo’s body, a terrifying black beam was emitted from the Black Jade Throne, surrounding Gong Biluo. The next moment, Gong Biluo’s surrounding masses of Primordial Soul Pearls were completely cleared away, and none of them could actually get close to her.

In the center of the Black Jade Throne’s backrest, a mass of light like a black hole gradually floated out. Once it appeared, the surrounding light rays seemed to be swallowed into it before the surroundings turned pitched-dark.

That mass of weird black light flashed slightly and appeared in front of Gong Biluo before making its way between her eyebrows and disappearing completely.

Loud rumbling filled Mo Wen’s mind. He was in a confused state of mind and was in a daze without knowing his whereabouts. He had a splitting headache, and the excruciating pain caused him to be unable to think.

After an unknown period of time, the pain in his head was slowly relieved, and Mo Wen gradually regained consciousness. He slowly opened his eyes, and a radiance appeared in them while the surrounding environment gradually became clear.

However, after he looked carefully at the surrounding environment, he couldn’t help but gasped in shock. Just now, wasn’t I in that weird Devil Demon Palace? Why have I appeared in this place?

Everything before his eyes was simply too different from the spectacle in the Devil Demon Palace, as if they were two different spaces and times. “Where is this place?” Mo Wen looked at the surroundings quizzically and couldn’t respond for a moment.