Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 325

Chapter 325: Demon Devils Heart

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The masses of golden lights descended simultaneously. That massive cauldron that had been the size of a small hill suddenly changed into the size of a fist and appeared in Mo Wen’s hand. The masses of glaring golden lights slowly integrated into Mo Wen’s body, causing him to glow. The resplendent radiance covered the entire place incessantly…

The Devil Demon Palace was still massive and mysterious with a pervasive weird aura. At this time, all the black radiance had completely disappeared. The empty main hall had returned to its tranquil state.

In the middle of the main hall, there were two people floating in the air. A mass of golden radiance and a mass of white radiance emitting a spiritual aura had wrapped around them, respectively. Although both of them were floating in the air, they remained unconscious and unresponsive.

At the end of the main hall, a slender figure dressed in black muslin lay on that weird Black Jade Throne. Her fair and silky skin was faintly visible, and the thin muslin showed off her enchanting figure vividly and completely. She looked shockingly seductive.

The charming and alluring extraordinary beauty reclined idly on the Black Jade Throne. Whoever saw her wouldn’t be able to help but feel a sudden thirst with a fire of lust burning wildly.

That person lying on the Black Jade Throne was none other than Gong Biluo. Previously, she had been unconscious like Mo Wen and Jun Wulei, but for some unknown reason, she was the first to regain consciousness. She was lying on the weird Black Jade Throne brazenly, as if she were the owner of this entire Devil Demon Palace.

She cast a mischievous look at Mo Wen and Jun Wulei with eyes full of incomparable charm.

After an unknown amount of time, Mo Wen’s body suddenly had an outburst of terrifying golden lights. The golden lights instantly enveloped the entire Devil Demon Palace and extended out into the distance. That terrifying pressure was like the descension of a god.

However, although the golden lights had covered the entire Devil Demon Palace, they stopped whenever they were near Gong Biluo. An area of 100 feet surrounding her was like an opaque area which was impenetrable to the terrifying golden lights.

Gong Biluo tapped on her lips alluringly and muttered to herself mischievously, “That guy is interesting, as he is able to receive Ji Wuya’s heritage within such a short period of time. That was not simple, as he doesn’t seem to be an immortal cultivator yet.”

There were many Primordial Soul Pearls trapped in the Devil Demon Palace that could claim to have uncountable experts with a rich heritage. However, Ji Wuya’s Primordial Soul Pearl was one of the best in the Devil Demon Palace. The rest would pale in comparison. Mo Wen’s fortuitous encounter was quite great, as he was able to pass the heritage assessment and receive Ji Wuya’s heritage.

However, unfortunately…!

The corners of Gong Biluo’s mouth curled into a weird smile. In a split second, her eyes seemed to flash with a tinge of Devil Qi.

Mo Wen was showered in golden lights, and his entire body was feeling as comfortable as it had ever been, as if it had returned to a mother’s hug. That comfortable and idle feeling had not appeared for a long time.

The golden lights continued for an unknown period of time. When Mo Wen opened his eyes, the warm golden lights had already disappeared. He cast a look at the surroundings and realized he was still in the palace. The environment indeed had remained the same. The space that had existed just now was the space created by the Primordial Soul Pearl.

Mo Wen turned around and jumped onto the ground. He stretched lazily. His joints and bones made crackling sounds like a stiffened body that had been activated again, and his whole body was thoroughly relaxed.

“Huh?” Mo Wen’s countenance suddenly stiffened while he looked at both his hands weirdly. The next moment, a terrifying golden flame emerged on his hands. That dense golden flame was like a small sun emitting a shocking energy fluctuation.

The strength of the energy had increased more than ten times, and he seemed to be able to collapse a mountain peak with a wave of his hand. It was the first time Mo Wen felt that his entire body was bursting with energy while the Inner Qi in his body seemed to be boundless and surging violently like a rolling great river.

“Embryonic Breathing realm! How could this be possible…” Surprise surged in Mo Wen’s eyes with a little disbelief. In the blink of an eye, his Cultivation had actually broken through into the Embryonic Breathing realm.

Previously he had only broken through to the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm. In a flash, he was already in the Embryonic Breathing realm, which meant that he had instantly advanced a realm and had also become unbelievably strong.

He was certain that if he were to encounter Jiang Quanfu now, he could defeat him with a wave of the hand and kill him effortlessly.

It was only a sleep, and he was in the Embryonic Breathing realm. It was really miraculous! If those ancient martial art practitioners who were always unable to break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm were to know about it, they would surely be green with envy.

In truth, Mo Wen knew that he didn’t simply have “a sleep” to break through to the Embryonic breathing realm. It was because of Ji Wuya’s heritage. The power of that heritage had enabled his Cultivation to directly break through by a realm.

However, compared to breaking through a realm, Ji Wuya’s lifetime of accumulated knowledge was the most precious thing. Cultivation could be attained slowly by personal hard work, but some things couldn’t be comprehended in one’s lifetime.

As he recovered from the pleasant surprise, a mass of golden lights brightened up from Mo Wen’s chest, then three things weirdly appeared and dropped into Mo Wen’s hands. Those three things were a greenish-red small cauldron furnace, a thoroughly snowy white pendant, and a navy blue ring.

Mo Wen recognized the navy blue ring and the greenish-red small cauldron furnace as they were the storage ring on Ji Wuya’s hand and that massive mystical medicine furnace. As for that thoroughly snowy white jade pendant, Mo Wen didn’t know what that was.

Obviously, these three things were the things being passed down by Ji Wuya to Mo Wen. As for their uses, Mo Wen seemed to know a little but was not very clear, so he needed to do some research to understand them better. However, Ji Wuya had also passed down his memory, so Mo Wen could search through the heritage memory to understand the origin and usage of these three things.

A weird voice suddenly reverberated in the main hall. “Very happy?”

Mo Wen, who had been immersed in his delight, was suddenly shocked. He quickly turned around to find Gong Biluo long awake and lying sideways on the weird Black Jade Throne.

“Of course I am very happy. Why are you lying there?” Mo Wen furrowed his brows, as previously the three of them had known that the Black Jade Throne was weird and terrifying. The change that had happened previously had been triggered by the Black Jade Throne. Gong Biluo actually dared to sit on that chair? She is simply too brazen.

“Why can’t I lie here?” Gong Biluo laughed strangely.

“Come down quickly, that lousy chair was quite abnormal.” Mo Wen urged Gong Biluo to quickly leave the Black Jade Throne. Although that throne didn’t seem to be dangerous now, heavens knew if there would be another change.

“You dare to call my Devil’s Heart Throne a lousy chair?” Gong Biluo’s eyes turned cold, and a terrifying aura exploded from her body and instantly enveloped Mo Wen. That terrifying aura caused Mo Wen to gasp as his body was unable to move. It was as though he had met an extraordinary demon which was ready to swallow him whole.

He had tentatively broken through to the Embryonic Breathing Realm, but now he seemed to have regressed. He couldn’t even withstand Gong Biluo’s aura. What exactly was happening?

Terror flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes as he felt something was very wrong. That strength was too terrifying and was basically not Gong Biluo’s strength. It was impossible for even an ancient martial art practitioner in the Golden Elixir realm to have such a frightening aura like an extraordinary demon’s.

“Biluo, what’s wrong with you?” Mo Wen looked at Gong Biluo suspiciously, and his countenance gradually turned grave as he smelled a rat.

“Gong Biluo? Do you mean the owner of this body?”

“Gong Biluo” pointed to the middle of her eyebrows and curled her lips into a charming smile while her cold and evil eyes looked at Mo Wen.

“Owner of this body?” Mo Wen heard her, and his countenance changed drastically. Almost instantly, he realized something, and his face turned as white as a sheet.

“Who exactly are you? You have possessed Gong Biluo?” Mo Wen was totally panic-stricken as he looked at the woman who was lying sideways on the Black Jade Throne. Thinking that Gong Biluo could have a mishap, his heart was almost exploding, and his entire body turned completely cold.

As a person from Immortal Cultivation world, he naturally knew once the body was possessed, that meant the finer spirits would flee from the person and the person’s baser instincts would be revealed. The person who was possessed would completely disappear from this world and wouldn’t even have the possibility of becoming a ghost.

“You actually know about being possessed? You’re merely a mortal, yet have good knowledge.”

“Gong Biluo” glanced at Mo Wen in surprise and said while laughing evilly, “That’s right. I have possessed this woman. I have waited for 10,000,000 years, exactly 10,000,000 years. Just when my godly spirit was about to be exhausted, I finally found one whom I could possess. How could I give up?

“Ha ha! Heavens didn’t fail me, the Devil’s Heart. Wait ’til I return to the heavens and earth. I will surely bathe this world in bloodshed.”

“Gong Biluo” laughed hysterically and stood up crazily on the Black Jade Throne. Frantic Devil Demonic Qi burst forth from her body, and the entire Devil Demon Palace began to tremble slightly.

Being a demon of the generation that year, she had still been reduced to such an ending. Her heart had accumulated resentments, so she wished she could kill and annihilate all the lives and spirits in this world.

“She’s dead?” Mo Wen gasped in shock and tightened his fists while the impulse to tear this woman apart surged in his heart.

“She naturally is dead, but since you are so concerned about her, I will send you to accompany her later. Ha ha. You have Ji Wuya’s heritage of power. Unfortunately, you are only a mere mortal, so you basically couldn’t absorb too much. It is a waste putting it in your body. It may as well have been swallowed by me to nourish my godly spirit.”

“Gong Biluo” looked at Mo Wen while sticking her pinkish tongue out to lick her lips. It was sexy and alluring. However, Mo Wen could only feel chills running down his spine.

This person in front of him by the name of Devil’s Heart was obviously something they were incapable of handling. There was only one route, death. They were totally at her mercy. In this Immortal Cultivation historical relic, which had been sealed for endless years and had withstood the corrosion of years, there was actually still a godly spirit living in here. Exactly what terrifying being this was?

Mo Wen gradually suppressed the impulse in his heart. He knew that he basically couldn’t defeat this weird demon, and perhaps later he might also have the same ending as Gong Biluo. This time, they wouldn’t be dying mandarin ducks but would have their finer spirits flee and the baser instincts directly revealed.