Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 326

Chapter 326: Moonless Demon Body

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Devil Demonic Qi circled inside the Devil Demon Palace. Devil’s Heart incarnated as “Gong Biluo” seemed to be an absolute Devil Demon, emanating an evil aura that made one shudder uncontrollably. With a glance, she could make one feel as though they had dropped into a freezer.

Mo Wen smiled wryly. With their abilities, how could they fight against this absolute demon? He slowly glanced at Jun Wulei, who was still unconscious and floating in mid-air. Perhaps he still didn’t know that now the fate of death was approaching them. Since the Devil Demon wanted to kill Gong Biluo and him, naturally she wouldn’t spare Jun Wulei. Perhaps all three of them would die in this forbidden land after all.

“Have you despaired?” Devil’s Heart’s mouth curled to form a smile as she said evilly, “I love to see the expressions of people in despair. The more they despair, the happier I am…”

However, before Devil’s Heart could finish her sentence, she stopped abruptly. Her facial expression started to distort in a strange manner. It seemed as though she were struggling with something. For a moment, her gaze was lifeless, as though she had changed souls, but the next moment, she returned to normal. However, Devil’s Heart’s facial expression turned cold.

“Humph! B*tch! You know for sure you are going to die, yet you are still struggling. You can try to struggle, but do you think you can escape my Godly Spirit Repression? I will sooner or later absorb you completely.” Devil’s Heart snorted coldly. She didn’t look pleased; rather, she had lost face. In the past, she, Devil’s Heart, was no random figure. From the heavens to under the earth, who dared to not be afraid of her? Now, she couldn’t even suppress a commoner’s soul. How could she not be enraged?

“You merely have the Moonless Demon Body. Let me see how long you can keep it going.” Devil’s Heart naturally knew that the owner of this body was unusual. She had the rare Moonless Demon Body. Because of that, Devil’s Heart could possess her. Otherwise, with Devil’s Heart’s terrifying godly spirit, the bodies of the commoners would burn to ashes before she could possess them.

However, Gong Biluo was not an immortal cultivator. She couldn’t release the power of the Moonless Demon Body at all. She was merely contending with Devil’s Heart using the hidden power of the Moonless Demon Body. How could Gong Biluo be Devil’s Heart’s opponent? However, Devil’s Heart had just awakened. Her godly spirit’s power was still in a weak state, but it wouldn’t take long until she could completely absorb Gong Biluo.

Gong Biluo is not dead yet. Seeing this, Mo Wen was shocked. The devil demon seemed to not have absorbed Gong Biluo’s soul. Since her soul was not absorbed, naturally she was not dead. If he could snatch her body back, she could be resuscitated.

Mo Wen’s eyes turned hopeful, and his mind began to race. He hoped that he could find a way to help Gong Biluo wrestle back control of her body. However, between the two of them, the disparity was really too great. The only way he could help her was for him to actively attack Devil’s Heart and cause her to be distracted. Then, Gong Biluo’s soul could have a chance to wrestle back control of her body. However, the chances of success were too slim.

Mo Wen took a deep breath. No matter how slim the chances were, they could not just wait around to die. Even if it led to death, they may as well at least try and fight. With that in mind, Mo Wen instantly attacked. Against an absolute devil demon, he could not hold back one bit.

A beam of golden light shined from Mo Wen’s body. Flames burned in a frenzy, and his imposing aura climbed steadily. After breaking through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, his power naturally was greater than before. Even if he was facing Jun Wulei at his peak condition, he had the confidence to face him calmly.

His figure flashed by, and a beam of golden light was emitted. In the blink of an eye, Mo Wen had appeared before Devil’s Heart. He gave the devil a forceful punch. His manner was imposing, not fearing death.

“Die!” A glimpse of anger flashed in Devil’s Heart’s eyes. A mere human had the audacity to challenge her. He didn’t know his place! She glanced at Mo Wen coldly. Then, she extended her dainty palm and stopped Mo Wen’s fist.

The delicate fingers held onto Mo Wen’s fist, causing him to not be able to move at all. The burning golden flame on Mo Wen’s body retracted entirely once it got to within a meter of Devil’s Heart. It was as though the flame had encountered something scary and dared not proceed.

Mo Wen’s first punch didn’t bring about any effect. He immediately followed up with a second attack. Light as dark as ink suddenly lit up on his left hand. The surrounding temperature dropped drastically, and a cold aura burst out of him.

A beam of golden light and a beam of black light surrounded him like two streams of flame. The color difference was striking but not conflicting. With his left hand, he covered his fist that Devil’s Heart was holding. When the black light and the golden light met, they fused strangely together.

The next moment, a terrifying explosion reverberated in the Devil Demon Palace. Mo Wen was sent flying back a few hundred meters. His clothing was tattered, and he looked embarrassing. The power of the explosion was shocking. Even Devil’s Heart couldn’t stop Mo Wen from inducing an explosion.


Mo Wen slammed onto the ground. He couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood. The attack just now was an attack that had hurt both sides, and he had been instantly severely injured. His organs were burning in pain.

However, the effect was evident. Not only did he escape from Devil’s Heart’s palm, but the explosion had caused her to be pushed back three or four meters. She couldn’t guard against the attack of the terrifying Qi wave, too.

“You are resilient.” A glimpse of surprise flashed in Devil’s Heart’s eyes. Mo Wen’s attack just now was nothing to her, but it was not simple for a mortal being. An ordinary mortal being could actually grasp a little bit about the way of Yin and Yang? His talent was extraordinary.

Regrettably, she had just taken over this body of flesh and was still not familiar with it. Her godly spirit had slumbered for countless eons, unable to unleash much of her power. Otherwise, the attack just now would not even have been enough to scratch an itch for her, let alone cause her to back down.

“However, if that is all you’ve got, then die.” Devil’s Heart’s eyes turned cold. Just now, Mo Wen causing her to back down had humiliated her quite a bit. Her desire to kill Mo Wen immediately grew much stronger. She extended her hand, and a beam of black light shot out. It was like a pillar of light, instantly enveloping Mo Wen’s body.

The next moment, Mo Wen astonishingly discovered that he could not move. It was as though an invisible chain had bound him. The rich Inner Qi in his body could not be unleashed.

Devil’s Heart smiled bizarrely. She waved her hand slightly and Mo Wen was lifted, slowly flying towards her. Mo Wen’s face was pale as he stared at the she-devil in shock. He seemed to have become a piece of meat on a chopping board, with no strength to retaliate at all.

“I will crush all your bones one by one, as a punishment for your sin of blaspheming the almighty Demon.” Devil’s Heart stared at Mo Wen, who was floating in front of her. Her gaze was shockingly evil. Her dainty palm lightly formed a fist, and suddenly a terrifying power filled Mo Wen’s surroundings, crushing him in a frenzy.

It felt like a gigantic formless hand was trying to squeeze him until he became minced meat. Kacha! The sounds of bones rubbing against each other rang out. Mo Wen’s face turned red like a cooked prawn. The immense pain caused his facial expression to be distorted, and his face was covered with sweat.

It wouldn’t take long. The terrifying power would surely squeeze him into minced meat!

Just as Mo Wen was on the brink of dying, a beam of strange black light was released from Devil’s Heart’s eyes. The next moment, Devil’s Heart was momentarily stunned. Her eyes went blank, as though she had lost her spirit. However, it only lasted for a split second. The dull eyes brightened up again, but they were no longer filled with malice. Instead, they were filled with worry.

“Mo Wen, run away! I cannot suppress her for very long.”

“Devil’s Heart” sat down weakly on the Black Jade Throne, seeming to have lost all her energy. She looked at Mo Wen, worried, urging him to escape. Almost at the same time, the terrifying power that had bound Mo Wen suddenly disappeared. He dropped down from the sky.

“You are Gong Biluo.” Mo Wen’s eyes flashed. To his surprise, Gong Biluo had regained control over her body, suppressing Devil’s Heart, the terrifying demon.

“I can’t suppress… her much longer… you better run away fast…” Gong Biluo was stuttering. It seemed as though she was trying hard to struggle against something.

“How can I help you?” Mo Wen took a deep breath, calming down slightly. He wouldn’t even think of escaping alone.

“You can’t help me. You staying will just lead to your death. Quickly, get away…” Seeing that Mo Wen was still not leaving, Gong Biluo became anxious. She couldn’t hold on much longer. The bizarre Devil Demon was too terrifying. Even Gong Biluo didn’t know where she got the strength to suppress the demon just now.

“Since there is only death ahead, then let us die together. At least we can be two dead lovebirds. If we destroy your body, then that demon will have a hard time as well.” Mo Wen was surprisingly calm. His gaze was cold. Running away now? Where could he run away to? If the Devil Demon chased after him, he couldn’t possibly escape.

In a flash, he appeared in front of Gong Biluo, hugging her. At the same time, golden light gushed out from his body, erupting with a terrifying destructive power. He actually intended to destroy himself and Gong Biluo completely. Once their bodies were completely destroyed, then Devil’s Heart would naturally not have a body to possess. It would most likely not end well for it.

They would crash and burn together. This was the only retaliation he could think of now.

“Let’s die together then…” Mo Wen said peacefully as he looked at his lover.

“Ok, let’s die together.” Gong Biluo took a deep look at Mo Wen. Seemingly knowing that she couldn’t change the outcome, she adjusted herself, cuddling in Mo Wen’s arms. She took the initiative to hug Mo Wen’s waist.

She did not know why, but on the brink of death she felt surprisingly relaxed. She had never felt so at ease. The things that she could not let go of before, she completely let go of now.

Just when Mo Wen and Gong Biluo were ready to die together, an extremely ghastly voice rang out, enraged. “Both of you want to die!” The dainty face buried in Mo Wen’s chest turned cold instantly. The evil aura reached the pinnacle in an instant.

How dare they want to perish together with her, destroying the substitution that she had waited for for so long! It was unforgivable! In the past, even with that incident, she, the demon, Devil’s Heart, didn’t die. How dare these two mere mortal beings destroy her!

Enraged, Devil’s Heart didn’t care about injuring the godly spirit severely once more. She burned her soul in a frenzy, and with the help of the godly spirit’s power, instantly seized control over the body once more.

“Aren’t you both very much in love? Then I will use your lover’s body to destroy you.” Devil’s Heart was still cuddled in Mo Wen’s arms. The corner of her mouth twitched to form a peculiar smile. As though she were a girl caressing her lover gently, she extended a hand and slowly placed it on Mo Wen’s chest. A cloud of black light slowly lit up from her hand…