Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 327

Chapter 327: Sacred Item Destroying Evil Spirits

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Mo Wen’s body stiffened at once. All the energy that he had wanted to use against Devil’s Heart to fight to their death had been suppressed back into his body. It was like a bullet that was about to explode cooling suddenly, and his entire being could no longer move at all.

Devil’s Heart lay in Mo Wen’s embrace, and an evil yet charming smile spread across her face. She slowly extended a hand that was wrapped with black light as she continuously kept her gaze coldly on Mo wen’s chest.

She was going to use Gong Biluo’s body to kill Mo Wen personally. Dying at the hands of a loved one would be very painful. Mo Wen slowly closed his eyes, and his heart turned cold. He knew that once Devil’s Heart had ignited the godly spirit, it would mean that she had the supreme power that was stronger than anything else. By then, struggling would be completely useless.

However, when Devil’s Heart pressed a palm onto Mo Wen’s chest, a weird change suddenly happened. A green, blurry light shined out from Mo Wen’s chest. The light was not bright at all, but it had surrounded Mo Wen and Devil’s Heart in an instant.

“What on earth is this?” Devil’s Heart immediately turned pale with fright, losing her initial elegance and evilness.

She had not pressed onto Mo wen’s chest. Instead, something odd happened. That thing had deflected her palm and swallowed all her power at an insane rate. It was like a black hole, such that no matter how strong her power was, it would be swallowed completely.

Devil’s Heart tried to pull her hand back from Mo Wen’s body. However, that odd thing had bitten onto her, and no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to pull her hand back. It was as though she had morphed into one with that weird thing.

“How can it be!?” Devil’s Heart finally became a little flustered. That thing swallowed her powers endlessly. If it continued to do so, wouldn’t it suck her dry of her powers?

She started to perform all sorts of secret powers continuously and thought of all possible ways to escape. She had even whipped out an ancient prohibited skill, but she was simply unable to cast off the thing that was absorbing her. It was as though that thing had identified her and was constantly sucking her soul. At this rate, her soul would simply disperse into thin air.

“You b*stard, just what have you done?” Devil’s Heart looked at Mo Wen in shock and anger. At the moment, she was a little afraid. Back when she had traveled all across the world, she had never encountered anything that made her so afraid. However, she was unable to suppress the fear that was breeding inside her now. The crisis of disappearing completely into thin air was striking fear in her heart.

Mo Wen was stunned as well. He did not know what had caused the change. He had not done anything at all. He had lost control of his body, so he was unable to do anything even if he had wanted to.

A bunch of green and blurry rays had slowly appeared on Mo Wen’s chest. An ancient eight trigram had bored a hole through his shirt and slowly appeared before Mo Wen. The eight trigram was emitting the green, blurry rays.

“Eight trigram!” Mo Wen felt stunned internally. It was actually that mysterious eight trigram. That thing finally had some kind of response. Other than the last time when he had haphazardly activated the eight trigram in front of Shen Jing, it no longer had any reactions after that and had been just like a dead item.

Mo Wen had even forgotten about the presence of the eight trigram. He simply wore it around his neck out of habit. He would never think that this mysterious thing would actually have a response at such a time.

Just now, it appeared that Devil’s Heart’s palm had struck the eight trigram that had been separated from him by just his shirt. At the moment, the eight trigram was levitating in front of Mo Wen. However, it did not fly very far. The trigram’s chain was still around Mo Wen’s neck. It was the thing that was anchoring the hovering eight trigram.

“This… This… This thing… How can it be…” Devil’s Heart, still seated in Mo Wen’s embrace, saw the odd eight trigram at a glance. It was as though she had met a demon, and she started to scream uncontrollably. There was fear and disbelief in her eyes.

She had seemingly recognized the eight trigram and knew of its history. However, at that point, she was unable to speak clearly and was a babbling mess. She was so afraid that she lost control of herself and wanted to run away. However, she noticed that her body was unable to move.

It was as though the eight trigram had found something interesting. It circled once around Devil’s Heart before trembling slightly. Then, a light that had white and green rays intertwined began to appear in mid-air. The light was mysterious but complicated. In a moment, it was as though there were tens of millions of changes going on.

Mo Wen glanced over and the entire world started to spin. He felt as though his chest was stuffed with something, and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood. He hurriedly shifted his gaze away and did not dare to look at the rays again.

The mysterious rays had just appeared and were currently descending rapidly. In a moment, they had shrouded Devil’s Heart.

“No… No… Don’t…” There was despair in Devil’s Heart’s eyes as she manically tried to escape. However, she was now as Mo Wen had been previously. No matter how hard she tried, there was no way for her to escape.

The green and white rays shined upon Devil’s Heart and started to rotate. Then, a strong ray shined onto the space between her eyebrows. In the next moment, a bunch of black light poured out from the space between her eyebrows. The moment that bunch of rays had appeared in the air, they started to distort madly. They seemed to be struggling painfully and were constantly letting out sad and shrill cries. It was like a living hell on earth.

The eight trigram shuddered slightly, and the black rays did not put up any resistance as they flew over to the eight trigram. In the blink of an eye, they entered the eight trigram and disappeared from sight.

In the Devil Demon Palace, Devil’s Heart’s fearful and hopeless cries still lingered. They only started to dissipate gradually after reverberating for a long time.

The green and white rays had also disappeared along with the blurry green light. Meanwhile, the eight trigram around Mo Wen’s neck had also started to quiet down, and now hung dormant around his neck. The scene from before was so surreal that it felt like an illusion.

Mo Wen exhaled a cold breath of air. He looked at the eight trigram on his chest in panic, and in that moment, he was so shocked that he could not say a word. This eight trigram was too mysterious… just what kind of thing was it? In a short period of time, it had even completely swallowed Devil’s Heart’s frightening godly spirit. She did not even have a chance to resist. Previously, he had known that the eight trigram was unique. However, he had not expected that it would be powerful to such an extent.

He touched the eight trigram on his chest without thinking, and once again, there was not a single bit of reaction. It was like a dead item. If it were not for the few odd occurrences, he would not be able to tell what exactly set this item apart from anything else.

After Devil’s Heart’s soul had disappeared, Gong Biluo’s body laid powerless in Mo Wen’s embrace. She looked just like someone deep in sleep. Her breathing and heart rate were both stable, and it seemed as though there was no big issue.

Mo Wen glanced at Gong Biluo and hurriedly slapped her face a little. Internally, he was very anxious for her to wake up. He hoped that the eight trigram had only swallowed Devil’s Heart’s godly spirit and not Gong Biluo’s soul as well.

The external disruption seemed to have some effect on the owner of the body. Her finger trembled slightly, and her eyes fluttered twice. Slowly, she opened her eyes, and there was a haziness in their depths.

“Mo Wen, have we died?” Gong Biluo looked suspiciously at Mo Wen, who was just a few inches away. She touched her own face, but it did not feel like anything had happened. Could it be that death felt like that? Gong Biluo’s mind was filled with confusion and uncertainties. She remembered that she had been destroyed with Mo Wen, and by all rights, there should be nothing left of them. Yet, what was happening at the moment? Had Devil’s Heart died?

“Not dead yet,” Mo Wen smiled and said as he stroked Gong Biluo’s face. “This time, we can’t be lovebirds in the afterlife. I guess we’ll just have to continue being lovers in the here and now.”

“Not dead yet?” Gong Biluo was filled with suspicion as she climbed up from Mo Wen’s embrace. She looked all around and noticed that they were still in the Devil Demon Palace. After circling once around, she had not found anything out of the ordinary. It appeared that they were really not dead!

She took a few steps over to Mo Wen. She grabbed Mo Wen’s face and pulled hard.

“Aiyo, what are you doing?” Mo Wen swiped Gong Biluo’s hand away in annoyance. This woman was getting more and more disrespectful towards him. Just three days of not fighting, and she dared to climb all over his head. He really needed to teach her a lesson later on. However, he did not realize that his current ability could not deal with Gong Biluo. This woman really did not value him at all.

“You can feel the pain. Haha, we are indeed not dead. We are still alive…” Gong Biluo did not care about Mo Wen’s annoyance at all. She pointed to Mo Wen and happily laughed out loud. Having a close shave with death was not a feeling that many would experience.

“You’re crazy!” Mo Wen rolled his eyes and glared fiercely at Gong Biluo.

In reality, he was composed on the surface but still had a lingering fear internally. The previous round had been a close shave. If the eight trigram had not appeared accidentally, they would really have died by now. Moreover, if they died at Devil’s Heart’s hands, their souls would disperse into thin air, and they would not even be able to become lovebirds in the afterlife.

“You’re the crazy one.” Gong Biluo glared at Mo Wen fiercely. Then, she tried her best to think about what had happened. Why had they been saved all of a sudden in a crazy turn of events? Where had that Devil’s Heart gone? She could clearly feel that at the moment, the strong and evil spirit was no longer in her body, and she had no idea where it had gone.

“Devil’s Heart’s godly spirit has been killed off,” Mo Wen said calmly, as though he had read Gong Biluo’s mind. It seemed as though a very important person had died. However, even in an ancient context, Devil’s Heart was an enduring and frightening thing. Even after endless time had passed, she had not died off completely. Now that her godly spirit has been killed, it was perhaps big news for the world.

“How did she die?” Gong Biluo looked at Mo Wen in shock. She did not understand why that scary evil spirit would suddenly have its godly spirit killed. Just who could go against something of that level?

“I don’t know. Perhaps she could not live any longer by nature.” Mo Wen’s explanation was a little far-fetched. However, there were some things that even he was confused about, so how could he explain them to Gong Biluo? Even if he tried to explain, he would not be able to do it clearly.

Naturally, Gong Biluo would not believe Mo Wen’s words. However, she would not question Mo Wen again, either. She was a smart woman. The fact that they had both survived was the best possible result. Hence, everything else was unimportant.

Gong Biluo had not noticed when exactly it had happened, but in her heart, Mo Wen’s life was now just as important as hers.

“Aiya, how have I already broken through into the Golden Elixir realm?” After the initial surprise, Gong Biluo calmed down significantly. She started to inspect her body’s condition. After all, that scary evil spirit had entered her body just before. In the end, not only did she not find anything amiss, she had even noticed that she had actually already broken through into the Golden Elixir realm…