Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 328

Chapter 328: Break through to Golden Elixir Realm

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Great delight surged in Gong Biluo’s heart. After many attempts, she had finally, inexplicably broken through to the Golden Elixir realm. Being in her dream realm–the Golden Elixir realm, a step into the pinnacle of the realms—had put Gong Biluo on cloud nine.

“You have broken through to the Golden Elixir realm?” Mo Wen laughed, as it seemed that he was not the only one who had a stroke of luck and broke through a realm inexplicably. Gong Biluo’s luck was as great as his. Once one had broken through to the Golden Elixir realm, it meant that the ancient martial art practitioner had proceeded to the highest realm. At least among the ancient martial art practitioners, very few people could do anything to her now.

Gong Biluo waved her hand without saying a word. A terrifying power filled the hall, and boundless Tai Yin Qi surged, filling every corner of the Devil Demon Palace while the temperature decreased drastically to the freezing point.

“Indeed very terrifying.” Mo Wen nodded. Gong Biluo was now almost ten times stronger than before. The difference between the Embryonic Breathing realm and Golden Elixir realm was too vast.

“Anyway, to counter you, I could just kill you with a slap easily,” Gong Biluo quipped while raising her eyebrows and looking at Mo Wen.

“Piff. What is there to be proud of, countering me?” Mo Wen remarked with disdain. How could he, an ancient martial art practitioner who had just broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, compare to someone in the Golden Elixir realm?

“Then you’d better keep a distance from me. Otherwise, when I am in a bad mood, I may slap you to death.” Gong Biluo glanced at Mo Wen smugly.

“You would murder your own husband?” Mo Wen jumped up suddenly and looked at Gong Biluo, making a mountain out of a molehill.

“Go away…” Gong Biluo blushed and turned her head to the side without bothering about Mo Wen again.

She discovered that not only had her own Cultivation broken through to the Golden Elixir realm, but she also had the addition of many inexplicable, weird memories. Those memories were intermittent, and when she tried to remember them, she just couldn’t. It was as if there were some mystical power obstructing her exploration.

She didn’t know why she had such changes, but looking at it now, everything seemed to have developed in a good direction. At least she hadn’t died, Mo Wen also hadn’t died, and she had broken through to the Golden Elixir realm. As for what exactly the changes were that had happened to her, she could research them when she had time.

“That idiot hasn’t seemed to have received the heritage of a Primordial Soul Pearl.” Mo Wen cast a look at Jun Wulei and realized that he continued to float in the air like a dead person without any consciousness. His heart suddenly filled with schadenfreude.

He knew that Jun Wulei at this moment should be receiving the heritage of a Primordial Soul Pearl. He didn’t know what kind of heritage it was, but he was certain that Jun Wulei definitely didn’t pass the heritage assessment. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have remained unconscious.

When he was going through Ji Wuya’s heritage assessment, he had suffered quite a few hardships. Although for some unknown reason, the requirements for the heritage had been reduced by several times, it had still not been an easy task.

Whether Jun Wulei could receive the heritage was still an uncertainty. If he didn’t pass the assessment of the Primordial Soul Pearl, he would never receive the heritage.

If they were in the outside world, they definitely would not have been selected by the Primordial Soul Pearls. They basically didn’t need to think of receiving a heritage because there wouldn’t even be a chance to try.

However, in the Devil Demon Palace, for some unknown reason, they seemed to have become so popular that the Primordial Soul Pearls from above had fought to give them their heritage. The pearls were not picky, regardless of how bad their qualities were. It almost could be seen as beggars couldn’t be choosers.

Mo Wen supposed that such a situation happening was probably related to Demon Devil’s Heart. With her ability, once she was resurrected, she would devour all the Primordial Soul Pearls gathered in the Devil Demon Palace.

In the Immortal Cultivation world, a Primordial Soul Pearl was an exceptional and rare treasure. Not only would one receive the owner’s heritage, but also the original strength stored by the owner as well as the owner’s exceptional magical powers.

Under normal circumstances, only upon the Primordial Soul Pearl’s approval would one receive the heritage and take over the mantle of the Primordial Soul Pearl’s owner. However, there was another kind of situation, which was plunder. Some immortal cultivators with profound Cultivation would use their terrifying Cultivation to refine the Primordial Soul Pearl by force in order to plunder its heritage and strength.

However, the plunderer’s Cultivation had to be much higher than the owner of the Primordial Soul Pearl’s in order for this to be possible. Otherwise, it was also very difficult to plunder the heritage and strength of the Primordial Soul Pearl.

Being able survive for such a long period of time without being destroyed, Demon Devil’s Heart must definitely have been a rare, exceptional, ferocious being with earth-shattering Cultivation that was way higher than that of the Primordial Soul Pearls’ owners. Once Devil’s Heart was resurrected completely, with her recovered power, she might devour those Primordial Soul Pearls in the Devil Demon Palace bit by bit.

Those Primordial Soul Pearls had probably been in a frenzy for this reason. Although the Primordial Soul Pearls had absolutely no spiritual knowledge and barely had self-awareness, they continued to have spiritual wisdom that allowed them to sense the danger subconsciously.

When they sensed that Devil’s Heart was going to receive a physical body, those Primordial Soul Pearls could sense the danger approaching them. They then fought to send out their heritages in a “beggars can’t be choosers” way to escape the danger of being devoured.

“Heritage of the Primordial Soul Pearls?” Gong Biluo was completely baffled as she glanced at Mo Wen. She didn’t know about the Primordial Soul Pearls or anything else that had happened just now. She was in a state of confusion, and many things were inexplicable.

“That Jun Wulei is going through an assessment. He will only wake up when he has passed the assessment. You see, we are both awake, while he is the only one who is still unconscious. Isn’t he an idiot?” Mo Wen said with a grin. He seemed to enjoy belittling Jun Wulei in front of Gong Biluo.

Gong Biluo rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. “Very few people in the ancient martial art world can compare to Jun Wulei’s talents. He is not as stupid as you think.” Always hearing him belittling Jun Wulei… how could anyone be so petty? He just happened to be her playmate since they were young. Neither of them had anything at all and had not seen each other for many years.

“Why are you always defending him? His talents are of some use in the ancient martial art world, but it is difficult to say if that is the case in other places.” Mo Wen rolled his eyes at Gong Biluo. Jun Wulei was not even 40 years old, yet he could practice to the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm. That was indeed talented, but that was only an achievement in the ancient martial art world. When placed in the Immortal Cultivation world, they were completely two different concepts.

“Oh well, I can’t be bothered talking to you.” Gong Biluo shut her mouth. Otherwise, he would continue to pick on Jun Wulei. A guy who was absolutely not magnanimous… what could she do?

While both were talking, a white light had flashed in the main hall. Jun Wulei’s body tumbled from the air directly and plummeted to the ground. The loud thud gave Mo Wen and Gong Biluo a shock.

Gong Biluo looked at Jun Wulei, who was prostrate on the floor like a dead dog. Helplessness surged in her heart. Just now, someone had been talking about him, and in the end, he was indeed disappointing.

However, Mo Wen was secretly delighted. This fellow, Jun Wulei, was reckoned to have suffered many setbacks. It was normal, as he was an ancient martial art genius but had absolutely no knowledge of immortal cultivators. When he was encountering the immortal cultivator’s assessment, how could he not be at a disadvantage?

He could almost be certain that Jun Wulei hadn’t passed the Primordial Soul Pearl’s assessment. Otherwise, it would be impossible to tumble from the air like that. If he had passed the assessment, the power of the Primordial Soul Pearl would have pushed his Cultivation to the Golden Elixir realm, and he wouldn’t have ended up in such sorry state.

Jun Wulei’s fingers twitched, and then his head began to sway a little before he slowly stood up. There was a tinge of bewilderment in his eyes, like he was not completely awake.

A few seconds later, he began to regain full consciousness. He surveyed the surroundings and realized that he was still in the secret palace. His eyes landed on Mo Wen and Gong Biluo, then delight suddenly flashed in his eyes. He had thought he was still trapped in that weird space and would never, ever get a chance to get out. Now, he was finally out, so he naturally was elated.

“Mo Wen, Gong Biluo, I encountered a weird thing just now. I am still fearful thinking about it now.” Jun Wulei wiped the perspiration off his forehead. It was just a false alarm. Indeed, he was still having some lingering fear. If he was going to be trapped in that place and couldn’t get out, he might as well kill himself.

“What kind of weird thing?” Gong Biluo asked curiously. Just now, she was still apprehensive about Jun Wulei being unconscious and had been wondering whether they should wait until he was conscious before they left or bring him along and leave this weird place. In the end, Jun Wulei woke up on his own before they could decide.

“Just now, I don’t know why, but I suddenly appeared in a weird space. That space was very scary like hell…” Jun Wulei gasped, as he still had some lingering fears even just recalling it.

At that time, he didn’t know why he had appeared inexplicably in that space where he had met a man. That man was very strange, and had grabbed him and taught him seriously about the practice of the sword.

If he didn’t practice the sword, he was punished. With much reluctance, he could only practice the sword. However, the sword method that the person taught was so strange that he basically couldn’t master it, regardless of how long he practiced. After every failure, he would be severely punished. It was a vicious cycle. Since he couldn’t master it, he could only practice endlessly.

He didn’t know how long he stayed in that space… perhaps a year, two years… ten years…

The time was endlessly long and slow moving. He practiced the sword almost every second of every moment. It was so long that he suspected he would be trapped in that place for the rest of his life, practicing the sword. However, that horrifying thing didn’t happen. He was back! He, Jun Wulei, had finally escaped from that terrifying space.

“So, how did you come out in the end?” Gong Biluo asked curiously. She seemed to have been unconscious previously, but she didn’t experience the thing that Jun Wulei was talking about.

Of course, she experienced even more. She had experienced the terror of Demon Devil’s Heart. It could be called a moment between life and death in which she survived and returned from the verge of death.