Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 329

Chapter 329: Escaping

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Jun Wulei scratched his head and said incredulously, “I am not sure how I came out. I only remember that the scary person said, ‘Your credentials are too low. You are not qualified.’ Then, he slapped me and sent me flying. After that, I mysteriously came out.”

Gong Biluo was speechless. Mo Wen had just said that Jun Wulei’s credentials were too low. It ended up that not long after, Jun Wulei admitted it himself.

Mo Wen rolled his eyes. Indeed, as expected, the owner of the Primordial Soul Pearl most likely taught Jun Wulei the sword technique from the Immortal Cultivation world. He was an ancient martial art practitioner. It would be unbelievable if he could master it.

Jun Wulei was not like Mo Wen. Mo Wen had encountered the Immortal Cultivation world before. Naturally, Mo Wen knew more than Jun Wulei. On top of that, Mo Wen had learned the alchemy arts of the Immortal Cultivation world. Therefore, when he met an alchemy master like Ji Wuya, he could pass the inheritance assessment by luck. Otherwise, if it had been another person’s inheritance, even if the person was not on par with Ji Wuya, Mo Wen would most likely not have been able to pass.

“Well, my credentials are low, then. To be honest, I have no intention of learning the things taught by that person,” Jun Wulei said disapprovingly. He had no idea how long had he been practicing sword techniques in that space. He was just thankful to be able to escape from it. Jun Wulei didn’t know the value and significance of the Primordial Soul Pearl, so he didn’t take the things taught by the owner of the Primordial Soul Pearl to heart.

“If you wish to become a true strong practitioner, perhaps you could consider looking for a way to complete that person’s assessment,” Mo Wen said indifferently while glancing at Jun Wulei. Sometimes Mo Wen didn’t see eye to eye with this brat. He was handsome, had higher cultivation than he did, and was Gong Biluo’s childhood best friend. However, undeniably, this brat had a rather good character. So, when it came to something that would be very meaningful to Jun Wulei, Mo Wen didn’t play dumb and withhold information.

Even though Jun Wulei hadn’t gotten the Primordial Soul Pearl’s inheritance, it had hidden inside his body and hadn’t left. That meant that he still had chances in the future. It was not impossible for him to acquire the inheritance next time.

“What do you mean?” Upon hearing his words, Jun Wulei was slightly dumbfounded.

“Don’t you wish to break through to the Golden Elixir realm? If you can complete the mysterious person’s assessment, perhaps you could immediately become a peerless strong practitioner in the Golden Elixir realm.” Mo Wen could only explain it to Jun Wulei like that. After all, even if he told Jun Wulei about things from the Immortal Cultivation world now, he wouldn’t be able to comprehend them.

“Golden Elixir realm?” A glint of surprise flashed in Jun Wulei’s eyes. It was obvious that he didn’t quite believe it. It was incredibly hard to break through to the Golden Elixir realm. Completing the person’s assessment couldn’t help him break through to it instantly, could it? Furthermore, the assessment seemed to be impossible. He was thankful just to have been able to escape from it.

“Gong Biluo has broken through to the Golden Elixir realm, and I have broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm.” Mo Wen smiled. With that simple line, he had stunned Jun Wulei.

His breakthrough was indeed related to the inheritance of the Primordial Soul Pearl. As for Gong Biluo’s breakthrough, it was slightly different from his. She hadn’t accepted the inheritance of the Primordial Soul Pearl. Instead, she was possessed by Devil’s Heart. However, in the end, not only did Devil’s Heart not successfully possess Gong Biluo, she had destroyed her own godly spirit, so part of Devil’s Heart’s power was transferred to Gong Biluo, causing her cultivation to break through immediately.

Furthermore, on some levels, it could be said that Gong Biluo had acquired Devil’s Heart’s inheritance. As for whether she could unleash it, nobody knew. Perhaps one day, Gong Biluo would become the second Devil’s Heart, or she might just continue to be ordinary.

“What? Both of you have broken through!” Jun Wulei’s eyes opened wide and stared at Gong Biluo and Mo Wen in disbelief. Could it be that he had been trapped in the space for a very long time, until Gong Biluo and Mo Wen had practiced to a new realm?

“Exactly. Both of us have broken through because we completed the Primordial Soul Pearls’ assessment.” Mo Wen extended a hand. A terrifying power emitted from his palm. The power was akin to that of the later stage Embryonic Breathing realm. To match Mo Wen, Gong Biluo released her cultivation, too. Once she released her power, it instantly overpowered Mo Wen’s. It was the difference between a big tree and a blade of grass.

“Golden Elixir realm!” Jun Wulei drew in a breath. Gong Biluo had preceded him and broken through to the Golden Elixir realm that he had been dreaming about.

“Perhaps you still have a chance. If you successfully pass through the person’s assessment, you, too, will immediately break through to the Golden Elixir realm. You may even become a stronger being in the future. That’s all I have to say. As for whether to believe it or not, it’s up to you,” Mo Wen said plainly. He was merely reminding Jun Wulei that if he had the chance again, perhaps if he valued it more, he would most likely acquire the Primordial Soul Pearl’s inheritance. After all, Jun Wulei’s talents were not bad. It was just that he had never cultivated immortality before. He only knew ancient martial arts.

“I will remember it.” Jun Wulei nodded thoughtfully. He was not dumb. Mo Wen’s words were clear. Seemingly, it was not a hindrance as he had thought. Instead, it was a rare opportunity. After all, Mo Wen and Gong Biluo were examples. Mo Wen had revealed that the strange thing might happen to him again. If he had another chance, he would surely value it.

“Can you find the exit?” Mo Wen asked, staring at Gong Biluo. Just now, while the two of them had been chatting, she had indicated that she seemed to know the way out of this strange Devil Demon Palace.

“I seem to know. Now, we can only try.” Gong Biluo wasn’t sure. Just now, a thought automatically popped up in her mind when she was thinking of leaving. The thought was how to leave. However, she was not at all familiar with this place. By right, she shouldn’t know the way out, but somehow she did. She understood how to exit as though she had gained an extra slot of memory. However, she couldn’t be sure. After all, she had never tried it to find out whether it was true. What if it was just her imagination?

“Let’s go then. Try to lead us out.” Mo Wen glanced at Gong Biluo thoughtfully. If a part of Devil’s Heart’s inheritance had been transferred to her, then it was not strange for her to be familiar with the Devil Demon Palace subconsciously.

After so many obstacles, the three of them had finally escaped from death and were leaving the Devil Demon Palace. Gong Biluo led Mo Wen and Jun Wulei back to the garden outside of the palace. Then, she found a small altar in a very hidden spot. The altar was in the shape of a pentagon, with various mysterious runes carved on it. It subtly gave out a wild aura. With a glance, one could tell that the altar had been there for a long time.

“Teleporting stratagem?” Mo Wen glanced at the altar quizzically. If the altar could bring them out, it would definitely have the function of teleportation. However, there were many types of teleporting stratagems with different functions and purposes. Mo Wen had no idea exactly what kind of teleporting stratagem this was. After all, his knowledge was limited.

Gong Biluo walked onto the altar, as though she had done it many times. She had never been to this place, yet she sensed a strange familiarity, as though she had seen everything around them countless times before.

“The two of you get up, too.” Gong Biluo waved her hand, signalling Mo Wen and Jun Wulei to get on the altar. However, when the three of them stood on the altar, Gong Biluo was a little troubled. What should she do next? She seemed to have forgotten…

“Can you do it or not?” Jun Wulei stared at Gong Biluo helplessly. She hadn’t done anything after a long while.

Gong Biluo frowned slightly. After pondering for a while, she suddenly put her finger into her mouth and bit down. A drop of blood dripped out from her index finger. When the drop of blood fell on the altar, a shocking scene occured. The altar suddenly emitted dazzling lights. The lights were bright and colorful, enveloping Mo Wen and the rest in an instant.

“Indeed, it can teleport!” A glint of joy flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. He could sense that the surrounding space was changing, and the rippling of air was getting stronger. It was the sign of teleportation about to happen.

Gong Biluo gnashed her teeth and dripped another drop of blood on the altar. Immediately, the lights on the altar became brighter, and the rippling of air became even stronger. Enveloped by the spatial energy, the three of them had lost the ability to move. However, Mo Wen was not worried, because he knew that it was a sign of impending teleportation.

Indeed, the surrounding space began to slowly collapse, and the surrounding lights became blurry. Just when the three of them were about to disappear completely from the altar, a beam of black light suddenly shot out from the top of the Devil Demon Palace and appeared on the altar for a moment. Then, it transformed into a rune and slipped into Gong Biluo’s forehead in the blink of an eye, disappearing in an instant.

Mo Wen could vaguely see that it seemed to be a small and delicate black chair. The style of the chair was domineering and ostentatious, filled with a stern aura. It seemed to be a throne.

The Black Jade Throne!

A glint of surprise welled up in Mo Wen. The strange Black Jade Throne had come out on its own and hidden in Gong Biluo’s body! Mo Wen’s thoughts only lasted for a split second. The next moment, he disappeared from the altar.

The sky and earth spun around, and all they could see was darkness. It was as though they had traversed endless time and space. After who knew how long, his body slowly regained consciousness. A glint of light slowly appeared before his eyes. The surroundings were getting clearer. He looked around and realized that they had appeared in a wasteland. The surroundings were barren and emitted a desolated aura. There were hardly any plants around.

Mo Wen instantly knew where he was. “We are still in the forbidden land of the Dafang Sect.” The barren land and the desolated aura… where else could they be? The teleportation just now hadn’t sent them far. It had only teleported them out of the underground.

“We are finally out.” Jun Wulei took a deep breath, feeling the refreshing air in the surroundings. Everything seemed so dear now. He wished he could lay on the ground and kiss the land. They were lucky beyond imagination to be able to escape that absolutely perilous place. They were indeed very lucky. If it weren’t for Mo Wen’s eight trigram appearing all of a sudden, they would most likely have been killed in the mysterious underground palace.

Gong Biluo exhaled deeply, too. Her heart lightened up instantly. However, she was not too happy. She had mixed feelings.