Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 330

Chapter 330: Leaving

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Mo Wen had become completely relaxed. It was simply so lucky to be able to escape from that frighteningly dangerous place. Gong Biluo’s gaze was complicated as she looked over at Mo Wen. Nobody knew why, but she was a little quiet.

“I swear! We will never come to such a place ever again!” Jun Wulei sat his rear down on the ground and did not care about his image at all.

“Let’s go, unless you want to spend another night in this place. Don’t forget that we still haven’t completely left this dangerous forbidden land.” Mo Wen took big steps towards the periphery. He did not have any intention of stopping. He knew that the outside of the Underground Palace may not necessarily be any safer than the inside. It could perhaps even be more dangerous. That was because in this space, there were restrictions everywhere. Many places were still not stable and were in zones of chaotic energy storms. The moment they set foot into those places by being careless, nothing good would happen to them.

The three of them traveled in a line and continuously ran towards the outside of the forbidden land. They were all advanced ancient martial art practitioners with very high Cultivation. When they performed their Qinggong, it was like a wind that could reach over dozens of meters. Within a short hour, a black sacrificial altar had appeared in front of them. It was the sacrificial altar constructed by the Dafang Sect. It was outside of the entrance, and the area was basically not very dangerous.

With a flash of all three of their bodies, they landed atop the sacrificial altar. At the moment, all was peaceful around the sacrificial altar. There was no chaos like there had been with the Jiang Clan. The bodily remains of those few talents of the Jiang Clan had essentially all been cleaned up.

“Who is that?” Just as the three of them had appeared on the sacrificial altar, a voice loudly rang out. Evidently, they had been seen, and many people dressed in traditional attire started to stream out from all sides, quickly surrounding them.

Mo Wen’s gaze scanned through the crowd and noticed that those people were from the Jiang Clan. They were all dressed in their coordinated Jiang Clan attire. Their Cultivations were not very high, and the stronger ones were merely in the Sea of Qi realm.

This land was the forbidden land of the Dafang Sect. All through the year, there were people guarding it. The fact that some intruders had gotten in was not a trivial matter.

“You are all people of the Jiang Clan. Do you really not know who I am?” Mo Wen looked calmly at those disciples of the Jiang Clan. By right, he had just caused such huge chaos in the Dafang Sect, that even a Sect Grand Elder in the Embryonic Breathing realm had died at his hands. Hence, the people of the Jiang Clan should be able to recognize him.

Currently, only a few days had passed, yet these people seemed as though they had forgotten about him completely. They were really daring.

It had only been about ten days or so since the sect leader selection. He did not know just what kind of situation the Jiang Clan was in at the moment. That day, when he had killed off Jiang Quanfu, the Jiang Clan had suffered a great loss. Thinking about it, Wang Yinru should no longer be threatened by the Jiang Clan.

It had been completely coincidental for him to have met Gong Biluo in the forbidden land and to have experienced the series of things that happened after. The moment they happened, ten days had passed just like that. He was unsure what consequences his disappearance had brought to the mission of revenge against the Dafang Sect with Wang Yinru. However, he was not too worried about Wang Yinru. After all, she was an ancient martial art practitioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm. Her Cultivation was amazing, and Jiang Quangui alone would simply not be a match for her. If no powerful people appeared in the Jiang Clan, nothing should have happened to her. Even if things were not good, she could have retreated.

“I am the external Executor of the Jiang Clan, Hong Jinyuan. I am in charge of guarding the forbidden land. It is a death sentence for you to barge into the forbidden land of Dafang Sect so daringly.” A middle-aged man stepped out of the crowd and looked at the three of them on the sacrificial altar solemnly. This person had the highest Cultivation at the peak of the Sea of Qi realm.

“So, what do you want to do?” Mo Wen smiled and looked teasingly at the external Executor of the Jiang Clan.

“What to do? Of course, I will bring you all back to stand trial.” Hong Jinyuan laughed coldly. With a wave of his hand, the people behind him surged forward, preparing to capture Mo Wen and the others.

“You guys are nothing but a bunch of waste abandoned by the Jiang Clan.” Mo Wen looked at the exit thoughtfully and shook his head slightly. Previously, there had been a light that had flashed past mysteriously. However, he had not missed it. The three of them were masters in the Embryonic Breathing realm and above. There was even one in the Golden Elixir realm present. Trying to pull out tricks in front of them would naturally be almost impossible.

“You’re looking for death.” Upon seeing how Mo Wen was looking down on them, the external Executor of the Jiang Clan immediately flew off the handle. He was prepared to personally take down this youth and teach him a good, torturous lesson.

To Hong Jinyuan, the three of them were just youths, so they could not have much capability. Even if they trained in ancient martial arts, they would be of very low Cultivation. However, before he did anything, a wave of cold air rushed over. The surrounding air temperature dropped drastically, and it became frighteningly cold. The dozens of people from the Jiang Clan immediately froze on the spot. They looked like sculptures. There were layers of ice on the surfaces of their bodies emitting the cold air.

Their expressions were frozen into the ones they had in their last moments. However, their bodies were dead. The life in their bodies had been completely frozen over, and they had become nothing but cold corpses. Perhaps they had not even had time to realize that they had died.

Mo Wen glanced over at Demoness Gong and muttered to himself about how scary she was. She did not even hesitate when killing people.

Just now, he had not taken action. Jun Wulei had not, either. In reality, even Demoness Gong had not attacked. She was simply releasing all the pent-up cold energy within her, and it had gotten these people of the Jiang Clan killed. An ancient martial art practitioner of the Golden Elixir realm was scary, indeed! They could kill people silently with just a thought.

Mo Wen looked at Gong Biluo and said a little helplessly, “Kill less people in the future.” With her temper and disposition, there was no knowing just how much trouble she could cause. She did not think twice about killing entire sects. Not only did she end up making many enemies, but her killing intent was also too strong, so it was easy to get carried away.

“Mm.” Gong Biluo nodded, and her lips moved a little. However, she did not say anything else.

The people that she normally killed were all her enemies. However, she had too many enemies, so it was impossible for her to kill them all. Hence, she maintained such a strong demonic presence in the ancient martial arts scene. In reality, she did not like killing innocent people. It was just because she knew that the Jiang Clan was an enemy of Mo Wen’s that led her to kill all of them.

Jun Wulei was standing to the side with his arms akimbo and had a surprised look flash in his eyes. He understood Demoness Gong’s disposition all too well. Ever since the mishap in the Gong Clan, her personality had morphed completely into that of a mad woman.

If anyone had dared to gossip about her, it was very possible that they would immediately be slapped so hard that their flesh would become like minced meat. Yet, she was actually still listening to the opinions of others.

“Let’s go. We can all go our separate ways. There’ll only be opportunities if we remain alive. I still have unsettled business in the Dafang Sect, so I’ll make a move first.” Mo Wen looked over at the exit and weaved through the passageway to reveal the outside world. Everything that had happened before had come to an end.

He exhaled lightly, and his figure flashed without any hesitation. He appeared at the mouth of the passageway almost instantly, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared within.

There were many things that were not his business, even if he wanted to care about them. The only thing that he could do now was to settle the things that he could. The thing with the Dafang Sect had not ended. He had left for such a long period of time, it was akin to ditching Wang Yinru. He felt bad, so he had to go back to the Dafang Sect again at once.

Moreover, he was also a little interested in the position of Dafang Sect Leader. If he had some kind of power in his hands, it would be much more convenient to maneuver his way around the ancient martial arts world in the future. Currently, he had achieved the Embryonic Breathing realm. Perhaps he could try to rebuild the Ming Clan and gather its dispersed powers.

Mo Wen could not forget Chang Qingfeng’s last wish. Since he had obtained the inheritance of the Ming Clan, he naturally had the responsibility to do something.

On the other hand, Jun Wulei was in no rush to leave. He glanced over at Gong Biluo and asked, “What do you have planned for the future?”

He knew that the moment Demoness Gong walked out of this forbidden land, it would be hard for the ancient martial arts world to be at peace. Moreover, she had now broken through into the Golden Elixir realm. The destruction she could cause was now even greater. At that point, the Huatian Palace would definitely put much more emphasis on her.

“What plans can I possibly have? I’ll just live day by day,” Gong Biluo said calmly. She had never thought much about her future.

Jun Wulei sighed and said, “Rest a little. If you continue to cause chaos, it will be almost impossible between you and him.”

No matter how strong Demoness Gong was, could she actually beat Huatian Palace? The Seven stars Executors in Huatian Palace were basically all masters of the Golden Elixir realm. In fact, there were even Eight stars and Nine stars Executors. The moment she caused too much trouble, the Huatian Palace might treat her as their top target.

He could naturally tell that Demoness Gong had developed feelings for Mo Wen. Previously, he could see the slight sadness in both of them. He understood that when Mo Wen left without hesitation, he already knew of Demoness Gong’s decision in his heart. However, since the two of them so obviously wanted to be together, why were they still so stubborn, not giving themselves a chance?

“Do you think it’s still possible for me to stop?” Demoness Gong laughed cynically. Currently, in the ancient martial arts world, there were dozens of major sects targeting her. The number of masters they were sending out to kill her was increasing by the day. Out of those sects, three of them were among the top ten sects. Moreover, they were constantly strengthening and expanding their powers. She had basically become the common enemy of the ancient martial arts world. Could she just stop if she wanted to?

No matter where she went, danger followed her. If Mo Wen followed her as well, nothing good would befall him. Since she already knew that they were not suitable, why continue causing him harm? She would rather take the chance of killing more enemies while she was alive. Next time, when she went to hell, she would at least have an explanation for the thousands of lives of the Gong Clan.

“You could perhaps find a place to hide,” Jun Wulei suggested. Although he knew that there were people all over wanting to kill Demoness Gong such that there was basically nowhere to hide, overseas might be an option, even if China was not. If she went overseas to hide and didn’t appear for five or six years, perhaps things would die down.

He knew that overseas was a vast area, and it was very difficult for the powers of Huatian Palace to cover that area. It was even very common for Seven or Eight stars Executors to lose their lives in missions overseas. If Demoness Gong could find a good place overseas, even if Huatian Palace was after her, it would not be easy for them.