Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 331

Chapter 331: Something Happened!

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Jun Wulei didn’t have many friends, but he cherished every friend that he had identified with. Therefore, he didn’t wish Demoness Gong to be in deep water. However, Demoness Gong didn’t take his advice. She gave him an evil smile and shook her head before transforming into a streak of light. Then, she disappeared from the altar into the passage after Mo Wen. Jun Wulei sighed as he also transformed into a streak of light before leaving the forbidden land. He didn’t intend to stay in this terrifying place for a moment longer.

There wasn’t anyone standing guard outside the passage. Mo Wen swept his eyes across the surroundings and found no one at all. However, he gave out a cold laugh and cast a look at the ground. He ascertained a passage before disappearing into it in a flash.

Outside the Dafang Grotto, a cyan figure came out of cave number four and rushed to a high mountain. It seemed to be in a hurry, as if there were an urgent matter to attend to.

He hadn’t run too far before a white figure emerged from cave number four. Without any hesitation, he followed behind that person, constantly closing the gap between them. After a few flashes, he caught up with that person.

“In a rush to divulge a secret?” A taunting voice suddenly resounded from behind. That cyan figure had a shock and nearly knocked into a tree. He quickly swerved to the side, brushing past the tree trunk. Then, he drifted to the ground smoothly as his eyes roved anxiously across the surroundings. That voice just now seemed to appear from nowhere and was so close to him, yet he hadn’t detected him at all.

“I’m here. You don’t need to search any further.” Mo Wen walked out with a smile and looked mischievously at that old man in cyan. Previously, when he was in the forbidden land, he could feel that something was wrong. Since the Jiang Clan knew his strength well enough, how could they send only a few normal disciples to guard the forbidden land?

After that, he indeed discovered that someone who was in hiding had left immediately after he appeared, so he reckoned that the person must be going back to the Jiang Clan to report his appearance. Those normal disciples of the Jiang Clan were merely cannon fodder sent to confuse him.

“Mo Wen, how did… you…” That person glanced at Mo Wen with a sudden tinge of terror in his eyes. He hadn’t expected Mo Wen to detect his existence and even follow behind him.

He was not Jiang Clan’s small fry, so he naturally knew the terror of Mo Wen. Although he was only a youngster, he had been able to kill the Sect Grand Elder of the Dafang Sect. One could imagine how terrifying he was. Almost instantly, the arms and legs of the old man in cyan turned clammy, and he didn’t dare to make any move.

“Relax. You are merely a small fry. If I am satisfied with your answers, perhaps I’ll spare you.” Mo Wen curled his lips into a smile and strolled to the front of the old man in cyan. This person’s Cultivation was high, but he was merely in the Qi Nucleation realm, so Mo Wen naturally didn’t care too much about it.

“What do you want to know…” That person swallowed and moved a step back while looking nervously at Mo Wen.

“Dafang Sect’s Leader Selection has ended?” Mo Wen asked stoically. Although he had obtained the Sect Leader’s Insignia, the Jiang Clan wouldn’t have waited for him to take over the Sect Leader’s position after more than ten days had passed.

“It has already ended.” The old man in cyan nodded and answered the question earnestly.

“The Jiang Clan took over as Sect Leader of the Dafang Sect?” Mo Wen asked with a mischievous smile.

Only when one had obtained the Sect Leader’s Insignia from the forbidden land, was one eligible to be the Sect Leader of the Dafang Sect. If they were to arrange someone casually, that was a violation of the Dafang Sect’s rules set by the ancestors. However, it was not surprising to him that the people of the Jiang Clan would violate the rules.

“It’s… Jiang Mingyun of the Jiang Clan who took over the Sect Leader’s position…” The old fellow’s body tensed, as he was afraid that Mo Wen would kill him in his rage. According to the rules, Mo Wen should be the candidate who took over the Sect Leader’s position.

The Jiang Clan had suffered a great loss in the fight at the forbidden land. Five young geniuses were dead, and even the Sect Grand Elder, Jiang Quanfu, had also been killed. Jiang Mingyun was not outstanding and didn’t have Cultivation in the Qi Nucleation realm. However, as the Jiang Clan didn’t have any other better candidates, he was selected.

In the history of the Dafang Sect, it was the first time there was a Sect Leader who was not in the Qi Nucleation realm. The Jiang Clan had violated another rule set by the ancestors.

Mo Wen nodded slightly. “Alright. Last question. How’s Wang Yinru’s situation now?” Since a person from the Jiang Clan had taken over the Sect Leader’s position, it meant that Wang Yinru hadn’t won the fight against the Jiang Clan. Reasonably speaking, Jiang Quangui shouldn’t be her match. Could there have been some mishaps along the way?

“She… She…” That person appeared so horrified that he couldn’t utter a single word. It was not that he didn’t know, but he didn’t dare tell.

“What’s the situation?” Mo Wen furrowed his brows slightly and emitted a terrifying aura which enveloped that old man in cyan. He felt something was wrong. Could something bad have happened to Wang Yinru? That shouldn’t be possible! With her Cultivation, who else in the Dafang Sect could do anything to her?

The old man in cyan basically hadn’t answered Mo Wen’s question, as he knew that if Mo Wen were to know Wang Yinru’s situation, he would have torn him apart at once. Hence, he decisively turned around in an attempt to escape. If luck had been on his side, perhaps he would have been able to escape from the clutches of this terrifying youngster.

“You’re digging your own grave!” Mo Wen quipped while pointing his finger. A streak of terrifying golden light flashed. The next moment, the body of that old man in cyan, who had fled dozens of meters in the blink of an eye, stiffened before falling onto the floor. A big hole the size of a fist appeared in his chest with all the internal organs burned into ashes. An ancient martial art practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm had died instantly at Mo Wen’s hands.

Mo Wen hadn’t spared the person, as he realized that something must have happened to Wang Yinru. He would naturally discover what that was when he reached the Dafang Sect. In just a few blinks of an eye, Mo Wen’s figure had disappeared from his original position and rushed frantically in the direction of the Dafang Sect. As he was worried, he didn’t want to delay a single moment.

He didn’t know what exactly had happened to Wang Yinru. If she were to die at the hands of the Jiang Clan, he would definitely be guilty for a long time. After all, if he hadn’t had the accident along the way, the Jiang Clan wouldn’t have been able to do anything to them while they were partnered together.

With Mo Wen’s speed, he naturally didn’t take long to reach the bottom of the mountain where the Dafang Sect was. However, before he could go up the mountain, a figure emerged from the bushes and obstructed Mo Wen.

“Mo Wen, you can’t go up.” The slender and charming figure was obviously a woman.

“Gu Jingman!” Mo Wen recognized her in one look. It was none other than Gu Jingman, but why is she still in the Dafang Sect? The Sect Leader Selection ended more than ten days ago. She should have left.

“Mo Wen, listen to me. Leave this place immediately. The people of the Dafang Sect are looking all over for you now. Don’t let them find you.” Gu Jingman grabbed Mo Wen’s hand and turned around to walk out.

“Wait!” Mo Wen pulled Gu Jingman, who appeared to be very anxious. He furrowed his brows asking, “What exactly happened? You stayed here solely to wait for me?”

“Oh come on, don’t be foolish! It’s too dangerous here. Let’s leave this place before I tell you everything.” Gu Jingman simply ignored Mo Wen and pulled him outwards with all her might. At the bottom of the mountain, where the Dafang Sect was, wasn’t the place for them to talk. If they were found by the people of the Dafang Sect, they would be in deep trouble.

Mo Wen followed Gu Jingman reluctantly for a distance. They made their way into the deep forest one after the other.

“Now you can talk about it.” Mo Wen pulled Gu Jingman back. If she hadn’t been Gu Jingman, he wouldn’t be bothered talking to her.

Gu Jingman said with a grave face, “The Dafang Sect is looking all over for you. Now there are many of their scouts everywhere in Yandang Mountain, but I have mapped out a safe route to send you out secretly.”

That day, something big had happened in the Dafang Sect, but fortunately, Mo Wen was not around, so he had escaped that disaster. Now, Mo Wen had come back. Wasn’t he putting his head in the lion’s mouth?

As she had wanted to wait for Mo Wen, she had already been lingering around Yandang Mountain for many days. She had finally found Mo Wen before the people of the Dafang Sect had. She knew Mo Wen didn’t know what had happened that day. She was afraid that something might happen to him, so she kept staying there.

“Don’t talk about leaving this place. I still didn’t know what happened. You better tell me now.” Mo Wen’s brow furrowed as Gu Jingman looked so tense. Could something big have happened during my absence?

“Well, don’t care about that now. Escape first before we talk. I will tell you all the details after we leave Yandang Mountain.” Gu Jingman didn’t intend to explain to Mo Wen. She merely thought of pulling Mo Wen away from this place quickly. She seemed to evade the subject and intended to cover something up.

“I’ll not leave unless you tell me.” Mo Wen folded his arms and stood there refusing to move. Regardless of how hard Gu Jingman pulled, she couldn’t move him a bit.

“How can you do this? Don’t fool around. Sister won’t harm you. Now you need to believe me and leave this place immediately.” Gu Jingman stomped her foot anxiously. She was trying to save Mo Wen. It hadn’t been easy for her! In order to wait for Mo Wen, she intentionally found an excuse to leave her third uncle to return to Yandang Mountain secretly and lurk there for more than ten days. As the elders in her home had basically forbid her to meddle in this matter, she didn’t dare to defy them. However, she also couldn’t possibly see Mo Wen courting death.

“You should believe me. I am not afraid of the Dafang Sect.” Mo Wen knew Gu Jingman was worried for him. However, he basically didn’t think too highly of the Dafang Sect at this moment. After breaking through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, his Cultivation was almost equivalent to an exceptional expert in the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm. As long as he didn’t encounter the terrifying ones in the Golden Elixir realm, he would be fine.

“I know you are very strong, stronger than my expectation, but even your mother had a mishap. What can you do?” Gu Jingman was so anxious, she really didn’t know how she could convince Mo Wen at this time. His mother was a terrifying expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm, yet she had been captured by the Dafang Sect. With him alone, what solution could there be?

“Something happened to her? You better tell me everything.” Gu Jingman’s words had completely confirmed Mo Wen’s conjecture. With Wang Yinru’s Cultivation, there shouldn’t be anything that could happen to her, yet something did. Could there be something unforeseen that had happened?

Mo Wen didn’t care anymore. He knew that the normal ways of communication were not going to convince Gu Jingman. Therefore, he pulled Gu Jingman towards him and pressed her against a big tree.

“What are you doing?” Gu Jingman looked at Mo Wen. She was terribly shocked and totally baffled.

Mo Wen’s body was completely pressed against Gu Jingman’s body. One of his hands pretended to be placed on Gu Jingman’s sensitive areas, then he said wickedly, “Sister, didn’t you say that I like a go-getter girl? Tell me now, or else… hmm hmm…”

“You… You are sick in the head! You are still thinking of this now…?” Gu Jingman widened her eyes. When had this guy been so brazen, daring to coerce me in this way? Moreover, what kind of timing is it now? He is simply running too wild…