Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 332

Chapter 332: Shameless

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“Quickly tell me, otherwise don’t blame me for not being polite.” Mo Wen pushed Gu Jingman against a large tree, pretending to put on an evil look.

“Don’t you dare!” Gu Jingman’s eyes widened in an instant, glaring fiercely at Mo Wen. This brat was rebelling against the heavens. She still did not believe that he would do anything to her.

“What have I not dared to do? You better not regret it.” Mo Wen placed a hand in front of Gu Jingman’s chest, making a demonic claw gesture.

Gu Jingman said, “You are shameless. If you dare touch me, I’ll chop off that claw of yours!” Gu Jingman’s face was slightly red. Although Mo Wen had not really done anything, this gesture was really too… too impudent…

“Then you’d better quickly tell me. We can talk business. Otherwise, I will take you right here. After all, we are not really sister and brother. You know me. I dare to do anything.” Mo Wen continued to threaten her evilly. Of course, he was only bluffing. He wouldn’t really do anything to her.

“You dare touch me even once, I’ll… I’ll…” After thinking for what seemed like half a day, Gu Jingman hadn’t come up with what she could do to Mo Wen. In the end, she just said nothing, confronting Mo Wen with a stubborn look. If she gave in to him now, what kind of dignity as an elder sister would she be left with? She snorted softly. She didn’t believe that Mo Wen would dare to do anything to her.

Gu Jingman’s adamance gave Mo Wen a slight headache. So, he decided to be savage. “Sister, you are so beautiful. Who knows how many people have drooled over you? Since you have intentionally given me an opportunity, then don’t mind if I do.” Mo Wen grinned evilly and pulled at the lacing of Gu Jingman’s dress at the waist. He pulled it open slowly. The delicate dress was loosened up bit by bit.

“You dare! Who’s given you an opportunity?” Gu Jingman panicked. Not only did Mo Wen really touch her, he had said it as though she had been seducing him. This shameless little b*stard!

“Then why don’t you say it? Aren’t you intentionally making me to do this? Elder sister, can it be that you have fallen in love with me?” Since he had committed such a shameless deed, Mo Wen simply stuck it out and didn’t mind doing even more shameless things.

“B*stard! Scoundrel! You are shameless…” Gu Jingman’s face reddened with anger. She struggled continuously, but how could she possibly get away from Mo Wen? He had pushed her against a tree, and she could not move a bit.

In the woods, not far away, there were two people standing on top of a rock. One was in black and another in white, forming a bright contrast.

The black silhouette was a girl. She was in a black dress, with a delicate face and skin as fair as snow. The surface of her skin was shimmering as though her muscles were made from crystals and her bones from jade, but her gaze was cold, as was her temperament. Everywhere she went, the surrounding temperature seemed to be affected by her.

Right now, she was staring quietly at the scene happening in the woods, expressionless.

Standing beside her was a man. He was tall and handsome, with an extraordinary temperament. His jawline was distinct, and he had a cold and stern look. He was also staring at the scene in the woods with his eyes wide open.

These two people were Demoness Gong and Jun Wulei. They hadn’t left immediately. Instead, they had followed Mo Wen.

Jun Wulei pretended to be serious, with a calm and steady temperament. He didn’t say a word, but once in a while, he would carefully glance at Demoness Gong. He smiled wryly in his heart. Somehow he had a bad feeling about this. That Mo Wen… he was rather too… too wild…

After he had left the forbidden land, he noticed that Demoness Gong was tailing Mo Wen. So, he hadn’t left immediately, either. Instead, he had followed along because before this, they had heard from Mo Wen that he had some vendetta with the Dafang Sect. They reckoned that there would be a huge battle.

He obviously knew what was on Demoness Gong’s mind. She was afraid that Mo Wen might suffer a loss when facing the Dafang Sect. He didn’t mind spending that bit of time, so he had followed along to be an onlooker.

In the end, they saw neither any vendetta nor huge battle. Instead, they had witnessed a huge scene. Not to mention that it was playing out right in front of Demoness Gong. Right now, Jun Wulei was not sure whether to cry or to laugh. He only hoped that there would not be anything happening later.

“Actually, it’s normal for men to be slightly flirtatious, but they still need to be controlled. You can’t pamper them too much,” Jun Wulei said with an unnatural, wry smile, seemingly sensing that the atmosphere was getting more and more depressed, as though a storm were brewing. Right now, he could only try his best to lighten up the mood.

“The woman is quite pretty! She seems to have a good relationship with Mo Wen,” Demoness Gong said indifferently with her gaze fixed afar.

“Ehem. Ehem. In my opinion, you are still prettier than that girl,” Jun Wulei said, smiling wryly. If the two women fought for Mo Wen’s favor, it would be fun to watch. Moreover, what kind of person was Demoness Gong? If she went amok, Mo Wen wouldn’t necessarily be able to handle her.

“Do you think that I am very angry?” Demoness Gong glanced at Jun Wulei, saying plainly, “Nothing will happen between us. That girl is suitable for him. At least she won’t bring him disaster. Moreover, she stayed on this hazardous mountain for more than ten days waiting for Mo Wen to appear. She is loyal.”

“That’s true…” Jun Wulei replied with a smile, playing along with her. Why did he feel that the surrounding temperature had dropped dozens of degrees? She didn’t seem angry, but it was most likely a different story inside.

In the woods, Mo Wen and Gu Jingman were unaware that there were two pairs of eyes spying on them. Demoness Gong and Jun Wulei’s Cultivation was deep and profound. Moreover, they were standing so far away. Under normal conditions, if Mo Wen wasn’t specifically tracking them, it would be hard for him to detect them.

Right now, Mo Wen was still confronting Gu Jingman. However, Mo Wen had the upper hand, and Gu Jingman was retreating slowly. Seeing that her dress was about to be removed, and her snow-white skin was about to be exposed, Gu Jingman finally could not take it anymore.

“Stop. Stop… I will say it, okay…” Gu Jingman’s face was blushing, and she was panting. Seeing that she was about to be a little lamb slaughtered by Mo Wen, she couldn’t help but give in.

This little b*stard. Gu Jingman wanted to bite Mo Wen so badly.

“Then you should have said it earlier. Otherwise, I really thought that you liked me that much, so you didn’t care about anything and wanted to give yourself to me.” Mo Wen’s mouth curled up and he stopped his act. However, the lacing had reached its end. Almost at the same time when Gu Jingman said “stop,” the lacing had come undone completely.

Right away, Gu Jingman’s dress slipped down, revealing her snow-white shoulders. Her skin was fair and soft, causing people’s gazes to be transfixed by it. Luckily, Mo Wen’s hands were quick. They pressed against Gu Jingman’s dress, preventing it from completely slipping off.

Mo Wen stared at Gu Jingman. Her clothes were half taken off revealing her ample bosom. It was round and snow-white and soft. There was cleavage! His mind couldn’t help but wonder, and he almost couldn’t avert his gaze. He quickly chanted in his heart: Amitabha. The sea of bitterness has no bounds, turn your head to see the shore…

“Little b*stard, let go…” Gu Jingman held onto her dress, angry due to embarassment. She pushed Mo Wen away. Unexpectedly, she had been bullied by Mo Wen, the little b*stard. She wanted to find a hole to hide in so badly.

Mo Wen smiled wryly, taking a step back, not embarrassing Gu Jingman any further. He had been compelled to do so just now. He did it out of helplessness.

Gu Jingman tidied her clothes with a red face. After she had adjusted her clothes properly, she glared at Mo Wen. She really wanted to press this b*stard onto the ground and give him a good beating!

“Now, are you satisfied?” Gu Jingman’s eyes were reddened. She felt wronged. She had been hiding in these mountains for more than ten days for Mo Wen’s sake. Yet this little b*stard had treated her so. Her tears couldn’t help but fall.

“Don’t cry, I was just playing around with you.” Seeing that Gu Jingman was tearing up, Mo Wen realized that he had gone overboard. Just now, his method to get information out of her had been indeed too evil.

Gu Jingman snorted softly, turning her head aside, ignoring Mo Wen. “Okay. After this, I will make it up to you, alright? Now you tell me what happened in the Dafang Sect.” Mo Wen held onto Gu Jingman, wiping away tears from the corners of her eyes.

They walked towards the direction of the Dafang Sect. He had to make a trip there. No matter what happened to Wang Yinru and how terrifying the opponents were, he wouldn’t leave it alone.

“Make it up to me how?” Upon hearing his words, Gu Jingman stopped crying instantaneously. She stared at Mo Wen with her twinkling eyes. There were still tears hanging on her long eyelashes.

Mo Wen stared at Gu Jingman, speechless. This transformation was too fast!

“No sincerity at all.”

Seeing Mo Wen remain silent, Gu Jingman snorted softly, turning her head to one side.

“Whatever compensation you want,” Mo Wen said helplessly.

“Really?” Gu Jingman looked at Mo Wen.

“Of course.” Mo Wen nodded generously. He didn’t think that there would be a request of Gu Jingman’s that he couldn’t satisfy.

“Okay. I haven’t thought of it yet, but I will tell you in the future. Don’t you dare deny it!” Gu Jingman’s tears had melted into smiles. The weeping beauty still had tear stains on her dainty face. How could she still smile in such a situation?

“Now, tell me what happened in the Dafang Sect. Exactly what happened the other day?” Staring at Gu Jingman’s expression, Mo Wen had a feeling that he had been conned.

“The other day when you were in the Preliminary Selection for sect leader, for some unknown reason, a terrifying old man appeared in the Jiang Clan. He didn’t care that everyone else from the ancient martial arts world was there. He captured your mother on the spot. The whole Dafang Sect was chaotic at that time.” A glint of fear flashed in Gu Jingman’s eyes. The battle the other day had been too horrifying. She had never seen such terrifying strong practitioners exchanging blows.

Affected by the battle, the whole Dafang Sect was thrown into chaos. Many people were injured. There were even some dead. It was like doomsday. Other than people from the Dafang Sect, many guests who had come were hurt, too. If it was not for the fact that she had been very far from the battle zone and had retreated immediately, Gu Jingman would most likely have been affected, too.

After that, the terrifying old man captured Mo Wen’s mother. She didn’t get the chance to run away.

The battle that day caused the Dafang Sect’s Preliminary Selection for the sect leader, which happened once every 20 years, to stop abruptly. Therefore, the people from the ancient martial arts world, who came to congratulate the sect, left the Yandang Mountain range. After that, the Dafang Sect sent out many people to blockade the Yandang Mountain range.

Gu Jingman knew that their goal was to capture Mo Wen. They wanted to prevent him from escaping after he came out from the preliminary and heard the news.